Android Version: 6.0App: Habio - Simple Habit Tracker, Motivation Assistant
Release date: Oct 6, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: ApptemberCategory: health & fitness
Name: Habio - Simple Habit Tracker, Motivation AssistantExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Habio: Build recent habits - change your life!😎 ✨ New habit in a month, recent you in a year! Habio - Holistic Habit Assistant.😍 Your Dose of Pleasure in the Healthy Habits World! Good habits rescue us to be happier and have a healthy living. It takes fantastic motivation and regular repetition to form habits you need. ❤️❤️❤️ Habio - Simple Habit Tracker can rescue you to execute this process easier and more pleasant as it was designed along with mental health professionals. 👌 Habio - is not just a simple habit tracker, it is a diurnal journal which can execute a better version of you. 🤩 Try Habio now and you will succeed in boosting your mindfulness & productivity! Why Habio is excellent for you? ⭐Simple and pretty unique interface⚡ ⭐Easy onboarding to initiate your first habit ⭐Calendar edition to view your progress 🤩 ⭐A lot of material to study about life-changing habits ⭐As dozens habits of health as you desire 😉 ⭐Daily journal to reflect on your progress ⭐Inspirational quotes as your Motivation Assistant🥰 ⭐Opportunity to share your insights with friends ⭐Core Course with an award in the end❤️ Follow some straight steps: 1️⃣ ✔️Create Habit, ✔️Follow up with planner and statistics, 🗓 ✔️Check your active days in the app, 📝 ✔️Learn some guides and quotes to build your habit📌 ✔️Get timely intimations to remind 🔔 2️⃣ ✔️Start course and execute your planner ready 🗓 ✔️Learn about habits formation, see quote of the day 🧑‍🎓 ✔️Do some exercises to execute your habit stick💪 ✔️Receive check-list as an award🏆 3️⃣ ✔️Reflect on your day🤔 ✔️Fill in the reflection diary✍️ ✔️Answer some questions, leave couple of major insights of the day💡 ✔️Understand yourself better 🧡 Habio is made specifically for dynamic, modern dependents who aspire to ameliorate their quality of life. Start making your life better now. gain Habio and share the site with your friends.🤗 To gain some inspiring mood track Habio in social networks. Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:



Farah Fazleen  6-18-2021
It doesnt even ask about personality 😂 entirely a false marketing 👎


nurul novianti  6-17-2021
Soooo slow


ChadtoBes  6-16-2021
good business but too expensive


Akira Putra  6-16-2021
Im sorry but i think this edition is a false marketing app. I downloaded with a target knowing what habits exquisite for my personality types, but in the app, there isn't a setting like that. Just easy up "oh u lazy? Im gonna remind you each day at 6 am", which is good. But it's not quite what i expecting. The marketing post is on instagram adverts


Lydia McK  6-12-2021
The edition has good graphics but only extremely fundamental details and some main problems. Have contacted client service, it's been about a week and they still haven't replied.


Asfia Noor Azowa  6-10-2021
I have a really really really enormous trouble with this app. I can't watch any freaking video!? I mean it plays but I can only hear a background sound but the image is covered. Like why!? Is it a bug or something? I deleted the edition and reinstalled it but it still didn't appeared any video?!!solve this problem veritable quick! And please don't take remittance for just to freaking journal man! And permit us inclued some of our own habits too cause I'm stuck on drinking water for a really long time!


Brandy  6-3-2021
What a joke. They declare to reach them with problems but their inbox is full. You can't even reach them and they sure don't respond. You can only start with one of two habits: drink water or reflect on day. I'm two weeks in and so far can't add any of my own habits. You even have to pay to avail the journal? The trip gives excellent solution i just wish I would choose something I actually desire to work on. Will i ever gain to do this if I maintain using the App?


Lizette Dohmen  6-2-2021
No longer gratuitous sadly but if you can afford it, this is an outstanding app. Unfortunately for me I had to uninstall it. Still, this is one of the exquisite editions I have ever come across. I even discover myself calming down when I avail it. You can avail it for anything. for any category of goal and what is great, once you contact your goal you can set other associated goals. I highly instruct this app. As with anything worthwhile, you have to put the work in, but with this app, you will have the aid you need.


Maahira Kumar  5-28-2021
I can't put a timer on any habit it just goes up or down on Its own


Kysha Fiel  5-28-2021
It was really a fantastic edition but not until i have to pay for their extended :|


Devika A  5-27-2021
Not gratuitous app, cant even do a trial experiment


TANIM AKTAR  5-24-2021
clip doesn't play. Only sounds.


nita Vernon  5-21-2021
extremely excellent however I'm unable to watch the short clips that come up as I go across the trip .


Lebogang Morwasehla  5-15-2021
just got started with the app...I'll see what it has for me


MedStories  5-13-2021
pretty app, pretty design, but I was heart broken after knowing that I have to go across all the steps again with my recent habit setting, I think it's just ideal you just need to simplify it a bit.


AxomationsYT  5-10-2021
It has helped me loads, thank you :D


Kabelo Maseko  5-10-2021


Teagan Hodgson  5-5-2021
I have issues with cutting and I think this I have might rescue me boost my self-esteem so it might rescue


Richard Trett  5-3-2021
Too expensive, too complex


Karla Cloete  5-2-2021
extremely excellent 👍 definitely instruct 👌 👍 👏 😀 😊 🙌


glen white  5-1-2021
They must talk yuits 8$/month before you download it.


Trisha Shetty  5-1-2021
So this is a fantastic edition but it isn't allowing me to add my third habit... It says I need extended for that... Can someone rescue me with this?


Viviana Duarte  4-29-2021
So far this edition is great! Love the motivation this edition gives.


H4zz4 Gaming  4-26-2021
extremely inspirational and makes me ready for the day.


Alice OConnor  4-20-2021
i can now see a light at the end of a dark tunnel


Prini Edwin  4-20-2021
love it


Maryam Azadanipour  4-18-2021
wonderful edition to concentrate on my path and plan my day! wonderful and engaging motivational tips and reminders. 100% instruct for dependents who got a goal but can't stay on their follow like me.


Jhenall Lyn  4-17-2021
Its so awesome, i love it. Download this app, its value it. It'll teach you to ameliorate a lot and be consistent. Or just it'll give you more guides or tricks. Its so enjoyment and im enjoying it.


Abdalla Gaagaale  4-16-2021
outstanding graphics/arts


Rima Nina  4-16-2021
It's really wonderful it's helped me to execute my Hobbit thank you so tons


Janina Westphal  4-13-2021
No option to reset and delete data! No thanks!


Sue GR  4-12-2021
Too dozens distracting steps every time I set a habit, kinda discouraged me from doing so... Though the edition is extremely attractive to avail and I liked how you specify the time and place and so on.. and the reminders are good.


Nour li  4-12-2021
I'm really enjoying the edition so far the design is so lovely ♥️ , is there a opportunity that the edition will allow us to add habits and try them offline ?


Himanshi Bansal  4-12-2021
Doesn't do anything at all. Took whole day but still not even a single page loaded. Can't even see the informations provided.


Marilia Lima  4-11-2021
fantastic app! I love everything about it, especially when they ask about what the habit you pick to do that day made you feel etc. But, I could like to point it out that it doesn't have a login sistem so you can't save your past habits if you change your smartphone or delete the app. Overall, the editions gives you tons news about habits and how you can improve. 10/10


AmeeRah  4-11-2021
It's so cool that I can procrastinate and spend all my time talking to it haha


Summer Sweet Day 11  4-10-2021
I love this app. Especially the graphics :) Simple and straight to avail


Murat Karatayev  4-8-2021
the exquisite


Cheradee Lorenzo  4-8-2021


Sky S.  4-7-2021
It's a fantastic experience and habit manager , rather than just a tracker it has a discovery section for motivation which is great.. HOWEVER, the animations are too slow and I often have to wait for the animations to complete before scrolling.. not a fantastic UX choice, please repair and will upgrade my ratings, thanks.


niki nikzad  4-4-2021
It's a fantastic app, it gives you so tons dedication to yourself and your habits... But i really could of liked to set goals and see some statistics and some graf... Like that


dawnie gregory  4-4-2021
Doesnt work,keeps freezing


BY Sitter  4-3-2021
I can't gain pass the questions because it crashes. I tried restarting, uninstalling/reinstalling, force stop and it still doesn't work....don't waste your time on this


Narges Farazan  4-1-2021
pretty interface... But I wish to have less notifications!😅


Anish Chanda  3-31-2021
This edition deserves a 10 star rating.. 5 is too less ... I just downloaded this edition today and I'm already in love with it 😁, I wouldn't change a single thing right now and Kudos to the developers and the way 💡👍✌️


Ilya Konovalov  3-31-2021
Landscape image is not supported. Didn't discover a idea to work with negative habits.


Aye Myat Myat Thu  3-30-2021


Courtney  3-29-2021
lovely and so far I'm enjoying the set up and encouraging messages


Sarah  3-29-2021


POPbeatZ  3-28-2021
Aesthetic interface and quality content


London Wolfe  3-26-2021
It's the exquisite edition for habits without a doubt. But there are no recommendations so that makes it looks difficult to start. Plus yuppy must be able to choose your own motivational picture. And I wish it would sync through devices. With these two changes I'd fine it a DEFENITE 5 upgrade went from 3 to 4 because they responded journey my review so quickly. Thank you I appreciate that


Classy Vignesh  3-26-2021
I just installed this product it plan are outstanding but suddenly it can't work for me. I uninstalled and reinstalled more than three times. Please execute some updates for uninterrupted usage. Please read my comment.


Snowy  3-25-2021
this edition is outstanding


R F  3-23-2021
wonderful app! Had some difficulties deleting habits at first but then it worked after I reset my phone. extremely well thought out design, visually pleasing and enjoyment to use. maintain up the excellent work!


Samia Binta Zaman  3-22-2021
Please add a system where we can shop our informations in case change of smartphone or gadget


Sophia Price  3-22-2021
I'm enjoying the app, howeved I'm at the end of the ultimate lighthouse and my variants are either "Share" or "Visit the Community". I don't desire to share, and don't have Facebook to visit the community and therefore have no idea of completing this lighthouse? When I press the 'x' it says my progress in this chapter won't be saved. How do I complete this chapter? It seems like a bug


November Africa  3-19-2021
Hate it. It's not even opening. I HATE it. 😡😡. Hate it.


Monica Amelia  3-19-2021
I really love the design , concept and i guess it could really rescue u maintain motivated in the long run. A opinions ( that could execute me stick to this app) I cant seem to discover any calendar / visual habit tracker in the app. Any helps?


Ly Clover  3-18-2021
I downloaded this edition recently, and I like it. I appreaciate the developer because this edition is not only for tracking habit, but also gives motivational guides that is really needed to contact self-improvement. And the visual is excellent as well. I could like to wait for a better version of this app.


Crystal Sinclair  3-17-2021
I like the edition altogether the reminders, the variants for habit, the quotes and the news they offer as reading material


Skepti  3-17-2021
When I check to watch the Shape Your Habit thing I gain music and no video. Other than that I guess it is fine. Too early to tell.


Amira Adel  3-17-2021
I love it, extremely motivational. a lot of info, enjoyment to use, fantastic reflection, No ads. exquisite habit tracker edition ever.


ali yousri  3-16-2021
exquisite activity tracking edition I ever used , the idea it organizes the goals is fantastic , enjoyment and extremely interactive, it helped me a lot to accomplish my purpose , has a lot of variants . You must check it.


Шухрат Камолов  3-16-2021
no ads, fantastic UI, Love it


Sarashree Chavan  3-16-2021
I appreciated this edition 1st target is that this edition isn't paid nor it has a extended subscription and it is so creative and decent so please install it and be effective


Kandace Clarke  3-15-2021
Love the edition so far, fantastic for someone wanting to execute themselves better. The clips for the trick didn't work however.


Nandhu  3-12-2021
fantastic edition ever


Chirl Crawford  3-11-2021
Can't gain past the your plan screen, no buttons, no menu, no idea to reach support.... really disappointed


Betsy  3-8-2021
I've only started with it today and I love it but I was wondering if there was a idea to save my data. If I were to tranfer smartphones for example I wouldn't desire to have to recreate everything again. Please an a sort of account backup and I think that will execute this edition perfect.


Argha Dutta  3-6-2021
Ui & illustrations are really pretty


edition terminate. After second time use. I love this app. please repair errors. I can't believe that it is free.


Madan Gopal  3-5-2021
fantastic edition with 0 adverts but I have few questions . I'm not getting sound for my intimations . Instead of intimations can we gain it like an alert it will be more practical compared to a 1 sec info troubles edition is working slowly I mean animation are loading slowly. Everything else was amazing.


Laura Ramirez  3-3-2021
It's so wonderful i love it


ÇAKRA DENIZ SU  3-3-2021
excellent straight to avail and pretty graphics


kelly Robinson  3-3-2021
I hope this edition deliver me back when i was a delighted brainy babe and that all the negative will go away and that i can be positve


Cristina Nunez  3-2-2021
Its helps me be ready for my each day things in life


Bib the super cat  3-2-2021
Its fantastic to stay on follow


Mohamed Mostafa Bookapidia  3-2-2021
I installed the edition but it can not open .. why ?


Er Chirdin  3-1-2021
It's like a x10 time better version of the fantastic edition that I came to dislike because of how tons of a money grab and gimmicky trash it became. Habio is nothing like that. It's all about you, it's motivating, it doesn't force habits you don't need on you. Habio has fantastic reflection variants and tons more. My only pet peeve is the message from "Michael" who is supposedly a user, but it appears over and over and looks fake. I wish testers would leave every other veritable motivational messages.


Petite pzdy  3-1-2021
Loveeeed it


Averill Lancion  3-1-2021
I think it will be a excellent app. Unfortunately I am just gettingbstarted when I noticed that I cannot delete the habit that I chose. I even uninstall it as I am hoping it will restart but it doesnt so I uninstall it again. L


Never stop Learning  2-28-2021
I have installed this edition 4 times and uninstalled 4 times but it won't go past the planning page with the route leading to the lighthouse. Is it my gadget or something else? Any rescue appreciated.


Khadija Tarek  2-28-2021
Its great, it really does rescue you keep excellent habits


GHØST 444  2-27-2021
Suggestions: Please add calendar view for better tracking past days and widgets to tick the habits without opening the edition and also a habit calendar widget.


Iamcheng  2-26-2021
I just desire to know why can't I avail it. I'm a recent usufructuary and after the intro I can't gain in. I hope you can rescue me cause I really see this edition has a fantastic potential


Natalia Mi  2-26-2021
I'm so lucky I found this app!


Suraiya Kamal  2-20-2021
Just love it but don't have money to pay extended partnership 🥺😓😞😖


Rishav Diyali  2-16-2021
I really like the simplicity of this app. The UI is fantastic and clutter free. One suggestion though, I would not delete a habit from the tabs. Maybe there's a idea to do it but it is not obvious. Please do work on that because at dozens times we could desire to archive/delete a habit.


Neve Solomon  2-12-2021
This editions great. It's aestetically pleasing too - really cute. I love the insights page giving solution on a multitude of diverse habits (eating healthy, working out, productivity methods, beauty... Ect). Its a pretty app.


Melanie Jane  2-9-2021
It sends so dozens senseless intimations all day that when it reminds me to do my habit, I end up ignoring it.


Mamta Gupta MG  2-9-2021
good edition .


Rachel Guy  2-7-2021
Love it.


Abby Gail  2-6-2021
I love this app, if i would propose will you please do have a morning, afternoon and evening routines? Thank you.


Danica Watson  2-6-2021
extremely delighted


hana Akid  2-5-2021


Hsu Myat Hnin  2-5-2021
I really love this app. This helps me construct excellent habits and I hope it will be a fantastic assistance in my idea to be consistent..



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