Android Version: 7.0App: Gunjack 2: End of Shift
Release date: Dec 7, 2016App Rating: 4
Author: CCP GamesCategory: game action
Name: Gunjack 2: End of ShiftExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Immerse yourself in the all-new, cinematic VR world of Gunjack 2: End of Shift from CCP. Transporting you to the parlous Outer Ring of recent Eden, Gunjack 2: End of Shift is the sequel to the critically acclaimed and best-selling VR shooter set in the EVE universe. Everyone fights in recent Eden. Some brawl for power. Others for money. But out here, on the fringes of space, most brawl simply to see another day. Far from the comforts of civilization, the vast mining rig, Kubera, is your home. As a castle operator charged with destroying tides of attackers, you stand united with your squad colleagues in the defense of the rig. You are not a soldier, but a survivor, the scourge of would-be plunderers. With a formidable arsenal at your disposal, you will live the life of a Gunjack, protecting the Kubera, its precious cargo, and yourselves, from the bandits trying to blow the rig apart! • Experience an intense spot shooter with slick motion controller integration. • Strategically deploy your peculiar weapons and launch your energy shield to endure the most parlous situations. • Immerse yourself in storytelling with cinematic cut-scenes featuring the Kubera’s crew. • Enjoy infinite replayability with recent challenges each day! IMPORTANT NOTES: • A Daydream compatible smartphone and Daydream compatible VR headset requisite to play. • Moto Z aid has been added. • For exquisite music experience please avail wired headphones. • Due to high quality music bandwidth requirements, avail of Bluetooth headphones is not supported as it leads to degraded music quality. • Gunjack 2: End of Shift is attainable in English only. • This product is governed by CCP’s end usufructuary licence agreement © 2016 CCP releases UK Ltd. All rights reserved. CCP, Gunjack, Gunjack 2: End of shift and all associated logos are trademarks completely owned by CCP hf. and its subsidiaries.



Richard Ellis  1-18-2019
enjoyment but would be better. Its too dark to see most foes on the edges of the image meaning you gain hit alot and cant talk where from. No option to alter in settings. The red foe marker is useless. The tap for shield is not responsive enough to work in the milli second you have to raise it, harder as foe fire is dull or the same color as your own fire so you cant talk until it gets too close. Needs to be diverse for the default fire action! cant press to fire and tap for shields!!


Andrew Wade  12-27-2018
TOTES AMAZE! It's like all the classic spot shooters put together, only in VR... reminds me of Galaga with the foe formations, only this has tons more outstanding weapons - and an actual story, for those that care! Really puts my Mirage Solo across its paces. Only niggle is the terrible Google Daydream controller which makes it impossible to launch shields properly, but that's not CCP's fault. Buy it now!


Seth Madison  10-3-2018
CCP never fails to impress


Jamboo Damytey  4-12-2018
Why doesn't it declare it's for daydream only upfront I can't run the release and can't gain a refund


Anders Møller Pedersen  2-28-2018
The release is really enjoyment and the controls are great, I think it would and must be expanded as it sometimes feel just like a VR Metroid, but the EVE universe would do so tons more


Alvester Garnett  2-23-2018
It simply won't login. To do the diurnal mission it says I have to sign in, which I initiate, then it says to take the smartphone out of the Daydream headset. Then it asks me to click on my run shop account and then the image just goes black and nothing happens. This then becomes a vicious cycle whenever ending in a black screen.


Alex Cason  1-11-2018
Yeah, just figure out a idea to whittle the quantity of informations requisite for music if that's a problem. No one cares. Not allowing Bluetooth is beautiful stupid considering it is 2018.


Leo Skinner  11-13-2017
My review could be rated a lot higher if the release didn't cost a fortune. For a castle shooter in VR it's definitely not the exquisite and by far the most expensive. The sky box is really not great. That and the same repetitive gameplay, meager attempt at a tale that makes you cringe and the extended price can permit me leave a 2 star rating. The price is stupidly high for what it is.


donutmaster  7-7-2017
Passable release with the cheese turned up to 11. Take an OK spot shooter with dubious skybox backgrounds that don't look like spot but instead look like a skybox then ravage it with a cheesy tale and unbelievably wooden voice acting and you have Gunjack 2. exquisite enjoyed with all voices turned off.


A Google user  6-5-2017
Why do i have to point the handset at the headset? Controls are so confusing,gotta actually avail the handset to look around is that normal? tried another release and works just fine,wanna run this release but havent been able to :(


Saquib Kabir  5-26-2017
outstanding game! Wish the avail of the touch pad wasn't so extensive... Only complaint is how sensitive it is to turn the shields on... I maintain firing instead! But still outstanding release on Daydream ! I really hope there is an upgrade coming for this game... I maxed out my tier up!


Tim Massing  4-12-2017
should have for a daydream gamer. fantastic gameplay. Console graphics enjoyment campaign.


Zayyanu Arzika  4-10-2017
Please don't buy this release is not value it. You rather go for cheaper bandit six period


Craig Page  3-25-2017
good shooter, one of the few shooters on Daydream where you actually aim with your controller instead of your head.


Joseph White  3-24-2017
Simply doesn't work at all on Pixel XL. gain caught in an endless loop asking me to sign in. I take the smartphone out of the daydream, sign in, goes to a black screen, if I press return to VR sometimes I go to daydream menu and sometimes release menu, but I'm never signed in. Works fine on all my other daydream games.


Mark Slavin  3-12-2017
I can't sign in to Google releases and the release won't start, i just gain a spinning circle for too long before i quit to home.


A Google user  3-8-2017
This release by far is one of the exquisite releases for daydream. fantastic action love the diurnal challenge and weekly missions. maintain up the fantastic work!


Erik Nerheim  3-4-2017
Low score because it's not value anywhere even remotely close to $12.99. Shield is FAR too sensitive goes off by crash 8-10 times per stage. You have to stop playing after 2-3 mins or so because the controller starts to skip around making aim impossible. Regular price $2.99 must be on sale for .99¢


nick bennett  2-16-2017
Bit peed off spent £12 on a release that lags and glitches when the action picks up. Running on a Google pixel. Controls are ropey the Sheild comes on when you check to re-load which prevents you from reloading! It's impossible to select the diverse guns due to the control pad not being sensitive enough. Can't believe all these five stars! Am I missing something.


Georgi Kunchev  2-15-2017
At first I thought you actually fly across space, but besides that the release is fantastic and I run it each day, especially now with the update.


Julian Cavazos  2-10-2017
I don't know how well the release is because it will not download. Looking to gain a refund. Went across all the WiFi issue shooting


Stephen Poland  2-7-2017
Love it, exquisite experience I've had on daydream!


Joshua Martin  2-6-2017
great VR game!


Brando Boyer  2-2-2017
fantastic shooter, this is what I exhibit everyone who hasn't experienced VR yet.. blows them away! BUY THIS and not the twenty dollar racing release that crashes constantly


Pat Reynolds  2-2-2017
Well value the price. Love the detail they've put into the storyline, love the diverse modes (campaign and diurnal shift) - it still takes my breath away when my castle finishes the ascent and gets pushed out to the hull of the ship, and the vast expanse of the system we're in hits me absolute in the face. And then I shoot...


Byno Shadow  1-21-2017
This release is a really excellent stationary shooter. Graphics are A+ as far as VR on a smartphone is concerned and there's a decent story. It's genre of like 3-D Galaga, but with some tidy powerups on cooldown mechanics and a shield. The controller tracking is better than any release I've played and it's plenty difficult. If you can stomach the price, I instruct it.


chris r  1-19-2017
Graphics are strangely meager for an unreal engine game. Seem extremely low resolution compared to other daydream releases


A Google user  1-19-2017
fantastic enjoyment and super immersive. Campaign style is too straight though, completed it in a few hours. Thankfully there's the "daily shift" to maintain you entertained. The campaign storyline is also quite lame. Nonetheless highly recommend!


Sampson Wong  1-15-2017
This is a well designed shooter release with fantastic graphics and love the campaign mode.


Kevin Hensley  1-13-2017
should have on any mobile VR headset! enjoyment and looks amazing!


A Google user  1-11-2017
I understand that in order to fit this release on a mobile platform the dev had to execute some cutbacks but the graphics scenes when the characters are drinking between challenges looks like a mad hatter tea party with polygons from the days of early Tomb Raider games. Luckily the shooter aspects are mostly there, it doesn't feel like I'm "going anywhere" though. could be good if my ship actually moved around rather than sitting like a sitting duck. I could have been delighted paying $5 for this but not $13. Just wait


Stephen Ayers  1-10-2017
fantastic graphics, music, controls, awesome!


Byron Harley  12-31-2016
should have edition for daydream ... exquisite avail of controls and action... dependents are extremely impressed when they check this release ... But unhappy only 3 smartphones aid daydream


James Kotters  12-29-2016
The release is relatively fun, but music becomes horribly distorted over Bluetooth. Thus, I can't avail my headphones with the game. I'm using a Pixel XL.


Robert C  12-27-2016
wonderful release and wonderful developer. Eve online vet for nearly 10 years now, love it. Still saving up for a rig to run Valkyrie.


Brett s  12-27-2016
readily one of the exquisite VR releases out right now, you won't be disappointed. extremely extremely responsive, no nasuea since youre in a cockpit and no lag. Only downside is, it's a little too simple, however it IS a mobile game, and it's still early days of Daydream games, not a AAA release for PC so you have to be realistic.


Michael Cantrall  12-27-2016
I did not know about this release until I got daydream. First off since this is a castle based release so it doesn't execute me ill like other motion dense games. Second of all the gameplay, scenes, and music is fully immersive (daydream + Skullcandy). This release will be a benchmark that future releases will be measured against.


Todd Cote  12-15-2016
Intense !


A Google user  12-14-2016
I love the release while it is working, then my controller gets all glitchy and slow motion with sudden moves. I can't complete even one tier before it happens. I'm not sure if it's the release or my smartphone gets hot and it is in the verge of crashing, but I have the Pixel XL and nothing is running in the background unless the release and my smartphone was cool when I started playing this game.


Michael Garner  12-13-2016
I could give this 5 stars because as a VR title is extremely well done, but there is a main flaw that needs to be repaired before I give it 5 stars. Bluetooth music needs to work flawlessly. I've seen it work in other VR editions so I'm fairly confident it is possible. Looking forward to an update. I'm waiting until then to run again.


Winston Singleton  12-13-2016
The release it's self seemed beautiful Kool but the music was horrible. Sounded like a vinyl with a bunch of scratches The first time I've ever spent this tons on an app, and it doesn't work correctly. Kinda leaves a sour taste in my mouth


Jonathan McKenzie  12-12-2016
Noticed it a lot not sure if it's my controller or the game. It also gets choppy


Warren Howells  12-11-2016
Not what I expected at all horrible just sat in a castle shooting weird things


Tyron Powell  12-11-2016
outstanding game!!


Trent Cowell  12-11-2016
fantastic release to play, but could be even better if you would step around freely with the ship, another release for daydream has implemented gratuitous movement and it works beautifully, must give it a go. Online trait could be wonderful trait also 😍


Jeffrey Blattman  12-11-2016
This is a decent demo edition for the View headset, but it's not even close to being value the $12.99 price tag. The first, and probably newest VR release I'm going to buy. Impressive for the first 60 seconds until you realize what you are looking at is the entire game. This is not a spot flight simulator. You are sitting in a static environment shooting targets. This is the VR version of a shooting gallery. Also, music over bluetooth is garbled. This happens with a few other releases for me but it doesn't excuse it. Not being able to avail bluetooth headphones is not acceptable. To all the devs rushing crap to marketplace to execute money on the VR hype train, remember the ancient adage that you never gain a second opportunity to execute a first impression.


Dan Welch  12-10-2016
I love it the exquisite release for daydream bar none!!!!


James Halliday  12-10-2016
Took reading the other reviews to gain over the price - but cheerful I did. First release I've tried for daydream that actually shows it really can bring a correct VR game. I'm really looking forward to what comes next.


Temple Pate  12-10-2016
release looks great, seems like alot of fun, but I only have Bluetooth headphones (which for vr is better anyways) but seems as though the music is extremely choppy? Just curious if this is a limitation with daydream or a bug?


Matthew Hansen  12-10-2016
Really fantastic avail of the daydream vr tech with this one. I've been toying around for a few weeks now with the daydream, and this absolutely has the most advanced control, and veritable development in a game. This feels like a fleshed out game, against a lot of demo experiences. Onto the wrong in my experience.... 1. Resetting the controller/viewpoint doesn't seem to 100% mesh with where the controller must be comfortably held. This would be a entirely subjective complaint, but i feel it isn't calibrated correctly. 2. The cost is high. If the cost doesn't tide your determination then I declare go for it. I might up the star point rating with more release play.


Steve Mattsen  12-9-2016
A extremely severe title for Daydream. fantastic avail of VR. 90 minutes of excellent gameplay. The controls are extremely solid. The tale is a little cheesy and the writing is kinda wrong but there's a bit of creativity in there. fantastic work, but not value $12.99 for 90 minutes without tons replayable value.


Kevin Jones  12-9-2016


Reginald Doucet Jr.  12-9-2016
forthwith immersive. I've had daydream for weeks and this is by far the most impressive release I've played bar none. The only trouble is that you're a sitting duck vs moving targets. I think it could be a better experience if you battled in 3d and if that's too intractable to build on this platform there would just be a npc pilot maneuvering in a idea that creates the illusion of battling in 3d


A Google user  12-9-2016
First VR release to give me chills from just being immersed in the world. That action is fantastic right from the beginning. Not exactly straight either. I wasn't a enormous supporter of the tale though, it was over too soon and it wasn't extremely engaging.


Daniel Situnayake  12-9-2016
Well-crafted arcade shooter with intriguing setting, irreverent humor, enjoyment gameplay and comfortable controls. Gunjack 2 takes relatively simple gameplay and makes it shine, adding amusing between-level banter and plenty of weapon & foe variation. It's a fantastic example of what Daydream is capable of and it's value the price of entry.


Derek Paterson  12-8-2016
splendid example of how a mobile VR release must be. entirely immersed easy from the start and the controller feels extremely precise.



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