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Release date: Jan 1, 1970App Rating: 4
Author: Chartcross LimitedCategory: tools
Name: GPS TestExtension: Apk
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With this app, you can try the GPS reception in your territory and upgrade AGPS informations for faster repair times, whilst being able to view other GPS and sensor data. The edition acts as a one-stop place for viewing: your altitude, accurate UTC plus regional time, your compass heading, the moon stage and daylight hours. It supports GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, SBAS, BEIDOU and QZSS satellites. The edition has diversified diverse colour schemes which can be changed according to your tastes, including a night mode. The colour schemes can also be used to match other instrumentation alongside the app. GPS experiment has six diverse screens: •GPS signal (SNR) bar chart, showing the signal strength for every satellite, as well as the exactness and status of the GNSS network •Satellite positions in the sky (sky view) shown on a rotating compass •Your topical address on the ground shown as text and on a world map. The topical position of the sun and the day/night transition curve is also shown •Compass •Your topical speed, heading and altitude are shown as text •The topical time read from the GPS and the regional time in your topical time zone, as well as the dawn and sunset times at your location Coordinate Grids supported by GPS Test: OSGB, UTM, MGRS, USNG, CH1903, Maidenhead Datums supported by GPS Test: WGS84, NAD83, NAD27, ED50, AGD66, AGD84, SAD69 plus more The edition is compatible with all image resolutions from smartphones to big tablets If you like this app, try out GPS experiment Plus, the enhanced details include: * Simple Navigation. * address Sharing (email, SMS, Twitter etc.) * Dials (Altimeter, Speedo and Compass) * 7 segment LED font * Dot Matrix font *HUD mode Alternatively, this gratuitous edition contains in-app purchases to update its topical details when you need that little bit extra Check us out on all of our platforms to discover out more and maintain up to date: Twitter: @chartcross Instagram: @gps.test Facebook: * Internet permissions are only requisite for analytics and advertising, the edition will work without a WIFI or informations connection.



Patrick Wieland  6-19-2021


Sam yoyo  6-15-2021
I cant update the edition ,its suddently will jump out the edition when I touch update


陳祤繽  6-15-2021


Amroel Vlg  6-13-2021


David L  6-9-2021
Did not work


A Google user  6-8-2021
Still the exquisite GPS tooling.


Hiren Paida  6-7-2021
From newest 5 days I was trying to solve my GPS problem but nothing work for me I had uninstalled google map and reinstall ,phone firmware program reinstalled ,wiped my phone,nothing helped me. I downloaded your edition and each thing now going smooth in GPS connection thank you for making this App.


tekabe haile  6-6-2021
extremely excellent


Felix Obete  6-3-2021
straight to avail


Reza Ruad  5-28-2021


Nick Roman  5-28-2021
It was a (Great app). Add simple follow log (and offline kmz import and display one day ;-) ) L.E. I asked for this back in... 2015, Feb. 14! After 6 years I downgrade you to 3 stars.


Dave Lawler  5-27-2021
I love other peoples idea's, look where it has lead me. Thank you


Phil Kiefert  5-24-2021
Has not worked in over one year


A Google user  5-20-2021
software maybe Russian. Please, attention!


Tim Riener  5-18-2021
I'll start off with a "back handed compliment"... I've given up looking for motives to like this edition and I'm now searching for motives to dislike it -- and so far I am unsuccessful. I really like the simple, logical layout and trait offerings from simple Long/Lat to GPS time to address mapping on a world map (showing daylight and nighttime regions). I was also offered 4 hours of absolute details (i.e., the update version). Near as I can tell, the profits are modest, but I be paying anyhow.


Lorenzo Vodani  5-16-2021


Rahul  5-13-2021


shankar k  5-10-2021


René HEYER -Rasch  5-8-2021
The Layout of this edition is absolutely wonderful. It's ideal for my Samsung S5e Tablet. I also like being able to customize diversified features and the colours. The ability to quickly turn to Night View is extremely helpful when on route. What I don't like is the functionality of the compass. I've been trying to calibrate for well over an hour. The compass allways exhibit 180° in the incorrect direction. My other edition the "GPS Status" from com.eclipsim.gpsstatus2 shows the compass correctly. CAN YOU rescue PLS.


A Google user  5-5-2021
I have no problems


Kailash Bhindwar  5-2-2021


Bradley Fisk  4-30-2021
extremely practical in the backcountry.


Habtamu Wimago  4-25-2021


Michael  4-23-2021
I have this?


Kishor bhoinkar Bhoinkar  4-15-2021


javad elhami  4-14-2021
چرا شمال نقشه رو نشون نمیده


excellent app..


577 Jersey Customs Adventures  4-9-2021
Works great!!!


Bill Clark  4-4-2021
My go to edition to execute sure my GPS is working.


Jie Yu  4-4-2021


Muhammad Naseem  4-2-2021


omoniyi ogunmoye  4-1-2021
excellent app, good wherever i go


steve r  4-1-2021
Well designed and straightforward GPS app. No fluff here.


FK Broker  3-31-2021
Exelent edition


Michael Munthali  3-28-2021


mohamm sh.h  3-27-2021
کار نمیکنه است و دوبار نصب کردم ولی کار نکرده


TREVOR HEWITT  3-27-2021
Exactly describe pinpoints of GPS


Asif Rashid  3-24-2021
Not working


Godana Neto  3-22-2021
It requires upgrade. What does it mean?


Jonah Parkinson  3-16-2021
fantastic app. I could definitely instruct it.


Chris Sobo  3-14-2021
You're still trying to charge me for something I paid for.


Khosro Yazdani  3-12-2021
I avail it more time at work for getting UTM , extremely excellent


Aklance Dave  3-10-2021
Works excellent


Mihai M.  3-9-2021
excellent app. Does what it's supposed to. extremely good to experiment smartphones gps with it


David 2045HA  3-7-2021
Used to work well. But now unable to stop the app. Keeps re-opening itself. Uninstalled. Jeees, program engineers mess up yet again.


Felix Fehr  3-3-2021
Simply great, extremely straight and useful. avail it since years. Registeted it.


Steven Dear  2-26-2021
fantastic edition - showed I had assisted gps problems. I have had wrong GPS lock problems in Google Maps for the past year or longer (older smartphone - Galaxy S4 i9506 Lollipop). The skyview in this edition started to execute sense of it. I gain excellent signal even for satellites low on the horizon and the GPS tracks well but if I manually reset and upgrade a-gps using the edition the skyview changes radically and i can no longer gain a lock for hours. When it happens the mapview address changes to lat/long 0,0 (africa). My guess is the recent skyview is also for that location. which is causing my lock problems in Australia!! . If the developer can repair the a-gps problem with my smartphone I will happily buy the paid version.


Jordyn Wolrige  2-24-2021
extremely serviceable details and straight to use. usufructuary interface would look better visually.


Ajay Naskar  2-23-2021


Luke Flex  2-13-2021
repaired my GPS issue.


John Monter  2-12-2021


Hamed Nik  2-10-2021


Endemo The Walker  2-4-2021
Is interesting


Hailu Ijara  2-3-2021
It is an good and accurate ap. I used it for more than two years. But now address setting is not possible.


Vladan Stojanovic  2-3-2021
Just awesome!


NaveeN N  2-2-2021


A K  1-31-2021
fantastic app, I just purchased the pro version. One trait request to the developer, can we please have an automatic address saving feature. A image where we select how long we desire to save the address (next 1,2, etc hours or unlimited), address file settings (name, folder, etc), and the frequency to capture the address (every 1/n seconds, minutes, hours etc). Txt file had 1 entry per line. This would be extremely useful.


sam si  1-29-2021
repaired gps problem.


Waheeb Ilobi  1-29-2021


Iain O'Connor  1-28-2021
Really good ui. Had no hesitation to upgrade. Pity no widget, but not a transaction breaker, cute edition all round.


Nader Naderi  1-24-2021


Prabin Chandra K C  1-22-2021
Reading is perfect. Work in remote territory too and also in completely urbanized area.


Horatio H  1-19-2021
Seems to do exactly what it says it does. Extra details attainable in the extended version of the app.


Amir Ahmadi  1-18-2021


Dyana Kropf  1-18-2021


Alireza Mehdipor  1-13-2021


kim dickinson  1-11-2021
had no experience. No instructions. No introduction. No anything.


Miko KPP Palembang  1-10-2021
I liked


Mehrdad Karimpour  1-9-2021
excellent gps


Dailey Hayes  1-8-2021


Andrew Fennymore-White  1-7-2021
fantastic soft for veritable UT Time perfect for Sextant sights


Abass Sulaimon  1-7-2021


SJeanette Via49  1-6-2021
Don't know about this App?🤔


Mark Baker  1-5-2021
Works good, compass & heading alone nearly value it. Gives you coordinates, sunrise, sunset, speed, UCT, altitude. Definitely value a try!


Waleed Saab  1-3-2021
Works fantastic


Sukhram Bishnoi  1-1-2021


ED Ranil  12-29-2020
exquisite app. No interuption by advertisments.


Chris A  12-28-2020
Excellent. Everything you need from a GPS experiment app.




Rita Surya  12-21-2020
excellent edition


Tecmessa Amazon  12-20-2020


Sabaruv Vqasanyan  12-19-2020
Yeni il bayramı və ya digər formada qalmağın sirrini açıqladı siyahı hind


Níall Martin Delaney  12-18-2020
This is a fantastic GPS piece of software.. Kudos to the Dev, and please please maintain up your awesome work 😁👍🏻


[1HP] Tuna Gaming  12-14-2020
exquisite GPS testing program


Ken  12-12-2020
I have been using this edition for 6 years. It is the exquisite in its field. It completes my convergence of having all gadgets in one single handheld unit.


Sami Meth  12-12-2020


Mike Falkenburg  12-8-2020
Simply good


Yunze Wang  12-8-2020
A excellent edition in general, quite serviceable when experimenting with GPS signals. However sometimes it fails to lock to a location, it could be really practical to have a prompt to declare why it can't gain a lock on, so that I can repair the problem


Abdulfatai Agbegende ,A  11-25-2020
Love it


Shimoga Rakesh  11-25-2020
Requires paid version to display coordinates.


Altek  11-24-2020
would not figure out why my girlfriend's pixel 4a wouldn't connect to gps. Used this edition to experiment which told me it wasn't working as expected. Didn't know this edition could rescue me repair it too. Cleared cache for something and updated, boom, waze and google maps work without trouble now.


John Kidley  11-19-2020
Not used it


Topel Tanchangya  11-7-2020
Topel tan kaptai


K Tripathi  11-5-2020
Not working properly fake edition


Gokul Gartia  11-4-2020
When we will have navic aid here?


John Law  11-2-2020
This is an good edition , whenever on my list of favourite apps.


Jergen Ross Estaco  11-2-2020


Willian Fakri Bratkauskas  11-1-2020


Frix  10-31-2020
I am afraid i see 5 unknown just jumping from 5 to 60 and then to 40 veritable speedy but fantastic edition tho


tabrez  10-29-2020
It's a fantastic app. Kindly enable it on smartphones Auto ASAP. execute it compatible for smartphones auto.


Alessandro Carini  10-28-2020
Nice, but you can't buy extended version if your paypal mail is diverse from your google account


Tesfahun chekol  10-28-2020


Charles Bush  10-24-2020
Couldn' t gain most functions to work on my smartphone (Unimax U693CL). Hope you have better luck.



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