Android Version: 5.1App: Golf Impact - World Tour
Release date: Apr 30, 2021App Rating: 4
Author: NEOWIZCategory: game sports
Name: Golf Impact - World TourExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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activate occasion Coupon Code! *COUPON : IMPACT 100% gratuitous REWARDS for recent Player! ■Get a hit of satisfaction when hitting the ball! Clash versus competitors and enjoy swift 1:1 PvP matchmaking. Dynamic ball trajectory due to in-game weather! Beautiful and realistic graphics and courses. Championships where fantastic prizes await! The most realistic mobile golf game! ■The easiest and most realistic idea to run golf. Drag the golf ball back, and permit go! Intricacy vs Power, which one do you choose? Easy to run with realistic controls! Putting made straight for everyone. Enjoy golf anywhere you go. ■The most pretty and exciting idea to run golf! New York, Paris, Maldives, and Dubai! Beautiful golf courses themed after renowned landmarks. Various weather effects that initiate varying putting conditions. With wonderful 3D graphics, Have enjoyment playing veritable golf on your mobile device! ■Various golf release modes. Improve your abilities and go on a World Tour! Enter Championships and gain the exquisite rewards. Challenge yourself and become the glorious winner! In the thrilling long distance mode, Be the exquisite at hitting long shots! ■Train and become better. With a training system, Train your gear in your own style. Birdie, Eagle, Albatross, Hole in One! Check out the exquisite plays of testers all over the world. Anyone can hit a ideal shot! If you are looking for a recent sports game, Install Golf Impact Now!



George K Stanton Jr.  5-4-2021


Ricky Adams  5-4-2021
I give this release a thumbs up


James Kavanaugh  5-4-2021
Better than the others less BS Fun🤪


Scotty Diehl  5-4-2021
enjoyment golf game. Jump on and run if you desire to run for enjoyment 😃


Brian Jennings  5-4-2021
OMG this is nuts I JUST installed this release & played 2 matches after it FINALLY loaded!!REAL enjoyment but makes NO sense how wrong this edition glitches!!Literally just waited over 10mins AFTER being matched up & NEVER loaded!!GOLF RIVAL shuts their's down for maintence & DON'T do THIS!!I'll be cheerful to give 5stars cuz release is enjoyment and killer graphics but it's NOT if I CAN'T run it!!Fix the troubles or gain off Google Play!!EVERYONE on here is same comments!!Can't stop glitching!!!What a waste cuz it's fun!!


Carlos Molina  5-4-2021
good release excellent


Shawn Tate  5-4-2021
fantastic release run


Kathy Gross  5-4-2021


David Tillman  5-4-2021
I love this guy


like and subscribe  5-4-2021
Where to start the code IMPACT doesn't work glitchy release unrealistic as it can be . Storage not value it informations waste.


Emilio Laboy  5-4-2021


John Stone  5-4-2021
This is cool


Jedi Kasep  5-4-2021
Lot lag.. But excellent standard


Aaron Aftanas  5-4-2021
I really really do love this release it's a outstanding release to run


Kim Johnsto  5-4-2021
Love. It


Joseph Yager  5-4-2021
fantastic release enjoyment so far


AJ313  5-4-2021
Damn bruh so far so excellent cant wait to see 20 million downloads I love it thank buddy


Titus Asberry  5-4-2021
It maintain starting over in a center of a game!!!!


Caryl McCarley  5-4-2021
release won't open


Carlos Santiago  5-4-2021
Awsome release


Kat Palmer  5-4-2021


Karl Mason  5-4-2021
It's ok. It's super bugger and really laggy. The release drops out alot forcing you to reopen the app. And whenever seems to lag when you are taking your shot


Angelina Rodriguez  5-4-2021
Relaxing release


Paul Fleet  5-4-2021
enjoyment straight to use, keeps me busy.


wesley rodgers  5-4-2021
Problem I've never had before. check to.load the game. After about 30 seconds my smartphone switches off. So.I'll have to uninstall 😦


Mike Mpo  5-4-2021
I have to ask myself, is the same guy writing these golf games? Golf Rival, Golf Clash etc, now Golf Impact. Think up a recent name and write the same release again. Is there no recent idea to write a golf game?


Russell Pearson  5-3-2021
full rubbish. Unplayable. Installed tried to run 3 releases all glitches to house image 3 losses and never got to swing a club. Bloody pathetic. Reinstalled. Same thing .Wasted 2 hours. Delete!!! Never to return.


RTX Off  5-3-2021
It's a clone of another game. Golf Clash is a far more polished version of the same thing. This is not a spam rating, I'm just ill of seeing blatant copies of older releases advertised as "NEW!" As I said in my first deleted review, don't waste your data.


Jawad Hussain  5-3-2021
good release but already playing like this release so overall excellent release


Kevin M  5-3-2021
Really excellent release


Sean Tipton  5-3-2021
Crashed a bit.


James Nichols  5-3-2021
extremely enjoyment release and is exceptionally fantastic to run graphics are outstanding as well as the clubs


Billy Bertoniere  5-3-2021


good bounty for recent gamesters and GENEROUS diurnal run bonuses enjoyment release to run audio sucks but the release is decent even uploaded on youtube...thats how excellent it is Klingon Gamer YT


Rishabh Madan  5-3-2021
extremely good graphics and smooth gameplay.User interface can be a bit better bit all in all a extremely excellent release


Mike Hewitt  5-3-2021
Been waiting for a decent golf release on smartphones and it got of to a excellent start but sadly problems and I have excellent internet but locks trying to discover server so have to uninstall Shame


James Read  5-3-2021
Grt release straight to run


Vance Devenport  5-3-2021
fantastic release putting is a bit glitchy


D Graham  5-3-2021
Loving the release well made experience.


Nishit Soni  5-3-2021
exquisite but it's suchlike as a former release who's name is something "Golf-World tour". So good release & better improvement. I desire to talk you that you can do a better graphics of the release so it can become most famed golf game. Or else each thing is best.☺️☺️


John Weldin  5-3-2021
Putting is difficult but I like a mission and you can gain so dozens clubs to start off without paying based in the rewards they give you with their pass and trophy


Fedond  5-3-2021
straight to play, excellent fun.


Birdbrain FPV  5-3-2021
Really enjoying this more than any other golf release I have played on here.


Mark Ramos  5-3-2021
Me gusta mucho ese golf por que tiene mas cosas y tiene de todo 😀❤🇵🇷


Neville Holland  5-3-2021
Disappointed... you guys might need to update from win 95 servers. Paying money for a release to not permit me run is fantastic business plan


Shahzad Ahmad  5-3-2021
Awesome,everything is ok but some details like diurnal reward in add club sack ,cards, cash + tourney + lucky shot more etc i also appeal to gems must be less it is extremely high gems purchase in return will not enough. I will give you more suggestions but must be recognise across me


Alex K  5-3-2021
Fun. But needs a setting to turn off music. I don't desire to turn off all sound, just music.


Lloyd  5-3-2021
So far it's been the exquisite golfing release yet.


matthew vincent  5-3-2021
So far so excellent


Belphi Bhi  5-3-2021
Simple and straightforward, love it


bhavisheya sehgal  5-3-2021
Plzz ameliorate graphics and control


Kevin Tryon  5-3-2021
fantastic game. maintain up the excellent work


J R  5-3-2021
Asian hackers whenever ravage the release


LEGO City Live Stream PS4 And PS5  5-3-2021


Chuck McCormick  5-3-2021
fantastic Golf


Vahid Gh  5-3-2021
Thanks for the explanation. 🙄👍


Da Man  5-3-2021


Sawan Ghodke  5-3-2021
Server troubles .. release disconnects often. repair that


Robert Thomas  5-3-2021
Love it execute another golf release


Scott Edmonds  5-3-2021
release run is so far beautiful smooth and plenty of upgrades finally a really excellent golf release to play.


Halli Suresh  5-3-2021
su per


Patrick Allison  5-3-2021
So far this has been the perfect golf game. You adjust for wind and higth/depth, there's weather, the rewards are given out idea better than most releases would. If I didn't gain the season pass then I could still feel contented with what I received. Graphics are good, courses are well thought out. Simplistic release run with lots of depth and plenty of room to grow. It feels like how I could desire a golf release to feel. I'm hooked! fantastic job to everyone involved. I'm actually impressed.


Jalagadugu lakshmi theja  5-3-2021
If the time can be more while aiming it could be great. For some motive the golf ball looks too large when its near the hole.


Bigboyzie Mbhele  5-3-2021
Its a excellent release but its genre of glitchy sometimes and can you please check to repair it, and also when it changes the gamesters it went dark for a seconds maybe you can put something else instead of just dim.Overall the release is really promising to be the exquisite in this field,keep up the excellent work 🙏🏼🙏🏼


Jayesh Ubhale  5-3-2021


Raghunath Ishwar  5-3-2021


Eric Shokes  5-3-2021
good graphics... might have kept it if I would invite buddies to run a release


Anthony Ashley  5-2-2021
release lags wrong uninstalling


Tal Griffin  5-2-2021
I like it because its more of a mission than other golf games.


The Comer  4-30-2021
Greeaaatttttt release


Heidi Sweet  4-30-2021
Love the release wish I would run my friend's


loob12  4-29-2021
Not too wrong but extremely glitchy, especially putting. This release needs a absolute overhaul with the graphics, timer and putting glitches.


Christopher Gore  4-27-2021
Can't connect after upgrade


Ken thorack  4-27-2021
release was fantastic loved it did upgrade and now can't connect to server


Andy Kincaid  4-11-2021
They cheat


Joshua Large  4-6-2021
Dope release


Scott Grundy  3-30-2021
enjoyment release


bryan nelson  3-29-2021
It the exquisite golf release I have played


Rob  3-29-2021
fantastic release ! But...cant figure out how to run with buddies .


Anonymous Incognito  3-29-2021
When you upgraded your release it requisite me to reinstall it, resulting in my losing all my past history and over $100 spent on it.


Francois Lavallee  3-28-2021
Not wrong but a bit disapointing All starting releases are versus predetermined games. You are not live versus an opponent.


Sheila Ross  3-26-2021
fantastic game. excellent clean fun.


Mitchell Duckworth  3-23-2021
Something is going on can't connect to the server on wifi or mobile informations have tried on my iPad as well I remember this with a former golf release from you guys is the release going to be removed?


Sadie MacDonald  3-23-2021
release stopped working...loads to 3% and quits


johnjr mcdonald  3-22-2021
Aesome fantastic enjoyment


Wayne Emms  3-18-2021
Another release that let's you gain so far then desires you to spend $$$ to stay competitive... Waste of time


daniel bourgeois  3-16-2021
straight run and enjoyment


Douglas Jmc  3-16-2021
Another of fun.


-  3-8-2021
Horrible. meager functionality. Not extremely realistic. extremely glitchy.


James Brown  3-3-2021
enjoyment release so far, but I have one question. How come beginners clubs can hit just as excellent as a fabled club? I just had a guy with a beginner's driver hit for the same distance as my updated legendary? I dont spend money on releases (I have) but if you desire dependents to invest coins to gain these bigger clubs, then give em what they pay for.....a better club 😉. Wheres my Royal golf sack for registering with facebook?


JC Nichols  3-2-2021
Kicks butt this game. Mmmm someone's closer💥💥


None Private  3-1-2021
Your release doesn't function properly. I was on the green playing versus Emmanuel for a 1000 coin match. Lined up the shot with the hole perfectly and it rolled past the hole instead of into the hole. There was no motive for this. Your release robbed me of 1000 coins.


Doug Larsen  2-28-2021
Now it gets one star keeps disconnecting and taking my money cant wine money cause it keeps taking it


Brad Zwaan  2-26-2021
Decent game, a bit slow.


cy p  2-26-2021
Lots of Golf releases out there....I think it comes down to Personal Preference..I avail to run Tiger Woods Desktop Golf ...was playing in a league .... I Enjoy this release .. its usufructuary outgoing unlike WGT but it's more Virtual than this release ..However this release is Fun...and that's what Golf is all about ...Having enjoyment !!!!


Gary McKendrick  2-23-2021
enjoyment release


YuSuhk Man  2-18-2021
It's enjoyment but not so realistic, therefore less challenging. To name a few, my adversary must not see my aiming point & power of my shot. 2nd, there must be no club indication to the green, just aim point. 3rd, in the putting green, slope grids and aim point must be used, not a ball channel to the hole! You can sink a ball from 20+ yards. Unrealistic.


Michele VanKuren  2-17-2021
I do love the tourney setup. I purchased the impact pass for $13.99 not realising you have to do this each month to gain rewards and I only got about 2 weeks out of it since I purchased it mid month. It's impossible to gain the fabled reward at the end of the month without the pass because it makes you wait like 17 hours to gain the next reward. Today it kept glitching on a qualifier and dropped my score from - 10 to - 4 and their client service does not rescue you and came through as rude.


Fernando Z Francisco  2-15-2021
Sure it's a money release but execute it realistic. Your adversary must not see your shot preparation. Clubs, more so putter, must not have ball guides, only aiming point. Only clubs can spin a ball, not the ball itself but balls can have diverse distances. Winds affect all balls the same way. Green must have only slope grids.


Jason Barnes  2-15-2021
outstanding release


Brandin Titanich  2-15-2021
No ads.


Dan Cole  2-11-2021
Just desire to run it


brenden salter  2-10-2021
fantastic game. Well designed and reasonable for those who don't pay to play. Generous rewards for continuous run that makes it a release that I whenever come back to. Only disappointment is the two driver bags I've purchased with red diamonds has resulted in the most fundamental drivers. As a strategic spender of my gratuitous resources, its a bit of a bummer to take that risk and be disappointed. But otherwise a fantastic game!


Johanne Cote  2-8-2021
diverse and enjoyment 👍


Andrew Jackson  2-8-2021
enjoyment as hell and exiting


shawn thompson  2-7-2021
enjoyment release


Don Scott  2-4-2021
In the greenland championship. Hole 8 i took a birdie as shown on my replay. But my scorecard says 3 over par. It's really affecting my standing in the tournament. If they answer as speedy as normal i'll gain a response in the summer of 2021


Steve Dvernichuk  2-1-2021
So far so good. I have only played maybe an hour, hence four stars. fantastic detail!


rod oldfield  1-31-2021
excellent release


Tony Mellegers  1-30-2021
Wow same as before I'm a 87 playing a guy who's 414 fair I don't think so I lost alot of money on the newest golf release this brand ran Dont run thisbunless you desire to lose money Had to give it a star or it won't post so I had to give it a 1 star ( not my choice) same as golf challange lousy clubs and extremely little money dont spend any money on this release you will loose


Bruce Milam  1-29-2021
fantastic game!


RDSg0blin187  1-29-2021
Decent release would avail more courses per tour


Bernhard Rausch  1-28-2021
No excellent on Huawei MediaPad


Mike Evans  1-28-2021
release does not supply decent prizes for wins. Their algorithms will extremely rarely permit you win 2 releases in a row. You can talk when you are playing a bot..the wind has no outcome on their shot. This release is only a money grab for better clubs. client aid doesn't conform to troubles in a timely manner. Golf Clash and Golf Rival are tons better games!


Louise Bertolin  1-27-2021
great release graphics


richard Leveck  1-26-2021
So tons enjoyment


Kyle T  1-26-2021
I enjoy the release thoroughly but... diurnal login day 2 rookie and didnt gain my 100 diamonds even though I claimed them plus secured my account with my facebook and no royal sack reward either?!? :( not sure if you guys can do anything about that but...all around fantastic game.


Doug Chambers  1-23-2021
veritable gamesters like rematching sorry haven't found one


Daniel74  1-23-2021
Really enjoyment to play. Starts out fantastic until they decide you need to spend money and winning becomes impossible. When you gain to the point where you can no longer beat all of the "pay to play" adversaries it's time to uninstall the game. upgrade it's not about it being intractable to advance, the release is 100% repaired to check to squeeze out money from players. All shots turn out poorly in + levels. And no, you are not playing versus other players, just try out the phony pictures. Also freezes up constantly.


Jeff Stead  1-21-2021
fantastic game. In my opinion there's some dependents that have written reviews that are just a bunch of whiners. The release is excellent and its fantastic to enjoy a release without having to waste your day on getting better and upgrading clubs or spending money...just run the release and enjoy it! And for those who complain about how long it takes okay to play....stfu it's the world you live in and you desire desire desire but patience whenever prevails.. Welcome to the world of golf you idiots.


Wayne White  1-21-2021
1st day so far so good, more later. Found 1 problem the server goes off a lot and it's not my internet service because it only happens with this release please fix. Well still playing and enjoying this golf release which I discover to be a lot better than a lot of the others and have no more problems with the server woohoo!


dorothy blackbird  1-18-2021


Billy Bean  1-16-2021
Be- A- dutiful.... exquisite in the .... where eve


Craig Barnes  1-15-2021
fantastic golf release run


Leanne Mcguire  1-14-2021
Dont waste your time down loading you rarely win. Its rigged so other gamester wins wich i think are bots. I dont know how dozens shots i have taken that either.end in bunker or river when i am no where near either one. Or my ball is right at he edge of the cup i take shot it bounces in and right out OR it goes to the left or right of the cup. If you desire to run a excellent sincere release of golf a release rhat doesnt cheat. check GOLF RIVAL


Jim Rehel  1-13-2021
enjoyment to run


Steve Barbuto  1-11-2021
enjoyment enjoyment enjoyment


Tim Conrad  1-10-2021
excellent so far a little slow for upgrades



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