Android Version: 4.4App: Gold Digger FRVR - Deep Mining
Release date: Apr 12, 2021App Rating: 4
Author: FRVR LimitedCategory: game adventure
Name: Gold Digger FRVR - Deep MiningExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Gold Digger FRVR is the exquisite digging game, for both gold rush veterans and mining fans. Take your pickaxe and your helmet and start drilling! Let’s dig day and night, let’s discover much of gold and some treasures, let’s put them on the earth and execute some money! But aware of the enormous rocks, execute smart avail of your pickaxe and dig wisely, otherwise they will fall on you and you'll lose all the gold! Instead of that, check to connect three or more rocks to blast them and gain even more gold! Explore each corner of the cave and do not leave a rock unexcavated. Who knows what would you discover in the depths of a gold mine? Dig up old dinosaurs bones, valuable gold nuggets of even shiny diamonds. No stone can stop you from your mining mission! Be careful of underground explosions and avail the checkpoint base to save your progress. Start mining and fill your sack with gold and diamonds in the exquisite gratuitous digging release ever! Can you become the speleology tycoon?



Nikki Davis  5-13-2021
release is frozen have tried reinstalling and clearing edition cache nothing works can not run


Roy  5-13-2021
The lag will kill you


Blanda Sue Penn  5-12-2021
repair the bugs and this will be a 5 star game. When you die sometimes is doesn't exhibit you where you're body is at to recover So basically you start all over!!! Not good; after hours of play.


aLmO  5-11-2021
repair it .. slow ...lag


Ian Hughes  5-11-2021
relaxing release


Naughty Boy  5-11-2021
Too tons lag during release play.


Santiago Dutil  5-10-2021
too adictive and to unstable... Lost all progress 2 times... enjoyment when it works though. Update: it won't work even reinstalling it.


Dormie Baca  5-10-2021
ancient version was little better then the upgrade version


Việt Lê Xuân  5-10-2021
This release is enjoyment but lag a lot


Brandy F  5-10-2021
could be fantastic if I knew what all the recent stuff in the upgrade is all about. I have no way what the point of the recent bubble mine shafts are for. It's a fantastic release just need some guides or notification on all the recent stuff.


TAMIL GAMERS  5-8-2021
meager graphics


Louis du Plessis  5-8-2021
extremely good and addictive release but the lag is horrible and I actually stopped playing. I have a Samsung A31 so there is nothing incorrect with smartphone hardware or speed .


Luis Soto  5-7-2021
I love this game, bit had to uninstall and reinstall after newest upgrade because it wouldn't open


Angela Cody  5-7-2021
Just upgraded now it freezes constantly. WHY OH WHY DID YOU TAKE AWAY THE LADDERS!!!


Phillip Weisse  5-7-2021
A ever excellent release


Chrissy Liu  5-7-2021
Addictive release but a lot of bugs once you go down a certain depth. After I found the tomb, all the things previously had disappeared. Close the release and restart to discover the tomb again and still no former stuffs. And that's the only tomb. So I gave up and started over again. Died another time and same bug happened.


Roni Marie Wocknitz  5-7-2021
I discover it relaxing... but just lost over 400 000 gold. Usually, you gain it back after recovering your dead body. extremely frustrated 😤. Now I'm kicked out... it froze.


Ali Moustafa  5-7-2021


Manolo Gamboa  5-7-2021
It's enjoyment digging gold


Vincent Ray  5-6-2021
release was fantastic for a long time but the newest upgrade makes everything frozen when I open it


Davie  5-6-2021
release has frozen, I've lost all my progress. extremely laggy recently and constantly freezes when large explosions or water moving . could be a 5 star release if working properly. Deleted for the newest time.


PRINCE SINGH  5-6-2021
An outstanding release I played it online for first time in my chrome browser from golddigher.frvr but tis edition version is better than the online version.


Andy Hill  5-6-2021
extremely enjoyment mining game. My beloved one. extremely extremely enjoyment game.


Dina Ramadan  5-6-2021
good toy


Yvonne Magill  5-6-2021
Never had a pro lemon when on instant run ... now so glitchy it's not even playable


suzanna kalman  5-6-2021
Since newest night update I can't play. release extremely slow and crashes.


Sleman Gerdy  5-5-2021
i got addicted to the beta in samsung, downloaded the absolute version and played for a bit, it was so glitchy, then afterwards i kept playing it and found so dozens coold recent featurew till at one point the release just froze to like 1 frame per 20 seconds, i closed the edition and opened it again and it wouldn't open, wish it wasn't so glitchy and crushing, otherwise i woupd give it 4 stars minimum.


mei mei  5-5-2021
still experiencing lags everytime i play. hope you can repair it


janet davies  5-4-2021
extremely frustrating everytime you gain crushed you go back to begining so annoying ,,,please change so we at least maintain our progress


7 Watson  5-4-2021


Charmaine Hamilton Hall  5-4-2021
Crazy amazing Stress Relief, fantastic enjoyment to ameliorate your mood, pounding away, finding gold and digging.


Kamil  5-4-2021
Before upgrade it was some what smooth but after it was absolute of Lag.


Devon Smith  5-4-2021
I've played this release long before it was an app, long before there was a mining shop. There's no adverts except you jump to the top. I can run for hours uninterrupted and happy. extremely fundamental and fun, with a goal in place. It's good that there's still development to the game. For what it is right now tho, I love it.


Sv Sapatu  5-3-2021
dig dig luv it


Daniel Wormsbacher  5-2-2021
Relaxing 😌😌😌


Charmaine Hall  5-2-2021
I love it


Kirsty Donaldson  5-1-2021
it's abit laggy


Nona Inaya  5-1-2021


Neeraj Raju Chamarthi  4-30-2021
Neeraj kummer raju chamarthi


Craig Cuneo  4-28-2021
Would've 5 if there wasn't a bug with when you are selling the stuffs u find, the icons suddenly drop out of image view when the newest element was sold off in the thrift store. Have to re-open it to execute the icons return back to where they are supposed to be. May I propose a inventory scroll bar for the thrift shop & a inventory spot update row on the miner character sheet?


Edgar Guchko  4-28-2021
Lags a lot. every time have water in my newest location. Freezes all the time when something explodes or when water goes. I came here from instant plays, and there were no lags at all. Selling items- also a large quest, as they are disappearing all the time and you need to go out of the store and gain back. Also not "obvious" what abilities are going to do when you study them. could be fantastic to have notification on skills. By tapping on skill itself must be a excellent option.


marie milord  4-27-2021
i like it but i maintain dying


Kathleen McDonald  4-26-2021
I love it


Pauline Watts  4-26-2021
I can't stop playing


Mehs  4-25-2021
there are bugs compared to instant run in Samsung (im using pixel) but still a excellent release


Dan Wilson  4-24-2021
What is new.. a recent tier in game? Right? Tks..


Phillip Weisse  4-24-2021
excellent release to run with buddies


RUTH LAREDO  4-24-2021
not the exquisite of games. if he dies you loose all your loot.


Nichole R. Wells  4-23-2021
it makes me mad, but I like the game.


Norma Brown  4-23-2021
LOVE IT ❤!!!👍😄😀


Ankit Kumar884  4-23-2021
So excellent release


Mohammed Alshehri  4-22-2021
My 600k money vanish for the second time For no motive Plz repair


James Anderson  4-22-2021
My experience is entirely good 👌


Jason Kyrouac  4-22-2021
enjoyment game. What are the tickets found used for? Just to sell?


Jeremy wade Nawara  4-20-2021
fantastic time


Loren S II  4-19-2021
enjoyment game, just has several glitches (like the found elements jump around when you check to sell them) and there needs to be some idea to whittle clip definition of it starts getting laggy. fantastic time killer. cheerful I found this version after the instant releases version crapped out with the "can't run adverts now" thing.


Lillian Thompson  4-19-2021
extremely genuine.


sandhyarani behara  4-17-2021


Muhammad Rawat  4-17-2021
Why doesn't this release sync with the Samsung instant run version, I am I expected to start all over again


Cino Dice  4-17-2021
extremely addictive


Darrin Lia  4-17-2021
could be a great release if it wasn't for all the bugs - constantly freezing and crashing; image starts flashing then crashes. You really shouldn't offer an edition if it doesn't work properly - how about actually ensuring it works please, because at the moment it is trash


AR - X MGL  4-16-2021
good and top good and liked release top good 100% working liked release like release good release


David Crow  4-16-2021
Doesn't work😦


Graeme Russell  4-16-2021
Can't stop playing it


muhammed tajudeen  4-16-2021
good release


a extremely enjoyment app, especially the version where you can share stuff that you found, with buddies that you run with, I hope to see that in the future. I like it that you can download the release from the Google run store, and upgrade it that idea also. thank you.


Jane Simpson  4-15-2021
I like this game. my only problem with it is after the first 'tutorial'you have to figure out how some things work on your own.


Mustafa Mamdouh  4-13-2021


Justin Ritchie  4-13-2021
fantastic release idea; poorly executed. extremely buggy. Was hoping the installed version could be better than the Samsung Instant Play, but it's actually a fantastic transaction worse. Lags constantly, the found elements step around (off the image sometimes) while selling at thrift store. I'm playing on a Note 9, which is beautiful beefy in each way. No excellent motive for such a simple release to run so badly.


Ravi Gorle  4-13-2021
extremely addictive good game🎮 in the world😄😄😄



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