Android Version: 5.0App: GlobalProtect
Release date: Apr 17, 2013App Rating: 3
Author: Palo Alto NetworksCategory: business
Name: GlobalProtectExtension: Apk
Downloads: 500,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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GlobalProtect for smartphones connects to a GlobalProtect gateway on a Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall to allow mobile testers to profit from enterprise protection protection. Enterprise administrator can configure the same edition to connect in either Always-On VPN, Remote Access VPN or Per edition VPN mode. The edition automatically adapts to the end user’s address and connects the usufructuary to the exquisite attainable gateway in order to bring optimal performance for all testers and their traffic, without requiring any effort from the user. This allows testers to work safely and effectively at locations outside of the traditional office. Before installing this app, please try with your IT department to ensure that your organization has enabled a GlobalProtect gateway subscription on the firewall. Features: - Automatic VPN connection - aid for BYOD with Remote Access VPN and edition tier VPN - Automatic discovery of exquisite attainable gateway - Manual gateway selection capability - Connection over IPSec or SSL - Integration with MDM for straight provisioning - aid for changing an expired AD/RADIUS password when the usufructuary connects remotely - aid for 2 Factor One Time Password based Authentication using RADIUS, SAML - aid for other PAN-OS authentication methods, including LDAP, customer Certificates, and regional usufructuary Databases - absolute profits of the native smartphones experience with integrated notification - Capability for enterprises to enable testers to avail any edition securely Requirements: - Supported on Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls running PAN-OS 7.1, 8.0, 8.1, 9.0 and above - Requires a GlobalProtect gateway subscription installed on the Palo Alto Networks firewall in order to enable aid for GlobalProtect edition for Android. - Supported on smartphones 5.0 and afterwards games



Abegail Nomthandazo  6-22-2021
tons better


fantastic app, safe and efficien


siphiwe ngwenya  6-21-2021
Less connections problems


Mninikhaya Maliwa  6-17-2021


Arnold Junior  6-14-2021


Arif Asmal  6-13-2021


Kelebone Francina Tsibolane  6-12-2021
It works sometimes disconnect, and is not straight to realize quickly that it have been disconnected eating the little informations we have.


Eternally Crusade  6-12-2021
Don't receive any internet connection lil bit wrong vibes I'm a student but I don't know VPN2 doesn't work anymore


Mthunzi Mabaso  6-10-2021
This edition as it's used by student it must have been a using WiFi connection as it a hotspot, so when connecting to it u must not have any network troubles as we all struggle on that.... QwaQwa is a bit of a problem when it comes to network 😩 so plz update that


Phumelele Patience  6-9-2021


Naledi Radebe  6-9-2021
good edition


Still waiting for results of download


Jaal Buothic Chol  6-7-2021
Not so wrong


Siphiwe Sithembiso  6-5-2021
Share account 😔😔😔😔😔😪😪😪


Zimisele Emmanual Zungu  6-4-2021
Stuck I don't know how to connect


Lou Marie Prego-Burgess  6-2-2021
All I desire to do is reset the friggen password!!!! Where is SUPPORT????


suresh babu k  6-2-2021
Parama west


viber tech  6-1-2021
Anyone plz rescue me with worldwide


ashraf abdou  5-31-2021


Brad Hume  5-29-2021
Had a tough time downloading the edition newest night. Got it to work and got what I needed at the time. Tried to investigate what other faculty house program might be attainable and was told the edition was installed, but I can't discover it and can't access UD's program site. Tried to reinstall it but was told it was already installed. It starts with G but it's not under my "G" alphabet settings. Couldn't call it up, couldn't gain it to exhibit its beautiful edition face, so I gave up. Having a, "already installed, click here," could be lovely. Telling me it's installed and it not showing up in my apps, not helpful.


Nkuleko Lovers  5-27-2021


Keanu Thabo  5-27-2021
Does not desire to accept log in credentials


yethu hope  5-24-2021
The connectivity is meager we miss classes


Gabriel Chiarelli  5-24-2021
Works well when I desire to avail it, but I can't maintain credentials saved and simply detach from the VPN, as it continuously reconnects on its own in the background after disabling the connection. The only idea to stop this seems to be by signing out completely, which erases my credentials.


VanS_  5-23-2021


Fan Atical  5-23-2021
Needs straight to access option to prevent auto connect on startup. Can not save multiple IP. Seems more stable. could like a faster to access detach / connect option, buried in a menu pat present.


Nzuzo Ndlovu  5-22-2021
I need this vpn


Lwandoluhler Lwandowabo  5-22-2021
I desire to run whatsapp gratuitous


Eetest Eetest  5-21-2021
Hello, I've faced the connection trouble after click on Connect button. my smartphone Samsung Galaxy s6: smartphones version 7.0 would you please rescue to understand the motive of it? Because the connection to the Internet is working fine from the other devices.


Cebo Nomcebo  5-18-2021
worldwide password


Hendry Hatorangan Manalu  5-15-2021


Msawakhe Mlungisu  5-12-2021
I can do everything


Londeka Zulu  5-9-2021
extremely excellent edition


Samkelo Phiwokuhle  5-7-2021
But it's not excellent like It detach


Ipfi seani  5-7-2021
It just disconnects always it feels like an never rely on it


Thembi Lucent  5-6-2021
I like the edition


High Blood  5-4-2021
Ilove run shop


Welisile Saunders  5-4-2021
Most of the time it's just detach itself


MTK Magwaza  4-30-2021


ramsie amukelo  4-29-2021
All is ideal


Ndlela Ndlela  4-23-2021
It the exquisite edition which can give you gratuitous informations


Amanda Nyeleti  4-22-2021


Joe Pitt  4-18-2021
Connects quickly and tunnels traffic as expected. Two issues: 1) it does not detect when switching from external to internal networks, have to "Refresh Connection" for UI to update. 2) Switching from internal to external shows connection failed after a few seconds, bit tapping reconnect works easy away.


Nhlanhlayethu Mkhwanazi  4-18-2021


Philisiwe Precious  4-18-2021
Pls assist me I have been trying to install the worldwide defend to my Laptop but it telling me that I have it on my device. But I have deleted it on my smartphone what can I do.


Hr.வி.தி.விக்னேஷ்  4-16-2021
Which network aid swift this edition ?


Ntando Mlisa  4-16-2021
This is the exquisite edition I've ever used but now it refused to connect can someone rescue me to reseat my edition please


Munawwar Hussain  4-15-2021
How to sign in ? Thr is no option for sign in


Rofiq Chilmy  4-13-2021
excellent exquisite excelent


Ayabonga Aya  4-12-2021
I cant even active the edition


CYA MaCya  4-11-2021
What about the password??


Sbusiso Cebekhulu  4-11-2021


Siboniso Mavuso  4-10-2021
The edition could be ideal it it has hotspot 😭


Silvian Cretu  4-7-2021
The pop-up declaring "the network connection is unreachable..." is fully useless and annoying. Please remove it. I don't have to reach aid about it. I know that the connection to the VPN has failed. I don't detach from the VPN before turning off my WiFi or before switching from WiFi to mobile data. So I'm OK and aware that the VPN connection failed (I also see that the icon that looks like a key has vanished from the info bar). So don't exhibit me yet another info


Asanda Mabuyi  4-6-2021
I don't know to log in and it's not connecting


Koh Kian leong  4-6-2021
Unstable apps, still cannot be connected....haiz


Keiro Rashique  4-4-2021


Darrien Johnson  4-3-2021
I can't even log in I've attempted to change my password tells me I need to authenticate but it was fine newest week


Azee DM  4-3-2021
Password please 😰😰😰😰😰😰


John W  3-30-2021
Tries to connect each time I restart my smartphone with no option in Settings to disable. Otherwise, a excellent experience.


Amir Syarifudin  3-29-2021
I know nothing about this


Phindile Moloi  3-29-2021
outstanding edition indeed


Thabiso Matloa  3-29-2021
My incoming calls whenever cuts on the second ring


Makgotso Mokomotoane  3-28-2021
It just disconnects for no specific reason. Please repair this.


Evans Nkebetwana  3-26-2021
The edition it is serviceable to avail and it is more convenient for online learning. I have never experienced any technical difficulties with the app. The only thing that they can ameliorate in this edition is to allow voice notes on WhatsApp to be able to shared with others rather than allowing texts only because, in a team it is time consuming to text for members.


The Calypso  3-22-2021
I hate it




Patrick Vilakazi  3-16-2021
This is a extremely trustworthy app. Never crashes or has technical problems. I could instruct this edition to any student who just doesn't desire to avail their own informations to attend online class. I've enjoyed my experience using this edition thus far, superb.


Amy Ryan  3-14-2021
each time I restart my smartphone it tells me connection failed on boot when I haven't even tried to open this app. Stop running on startup for no reason. Otherwise, I have to avail this for work and it works fine.


Hyon Song  3-10-2021
can I download this to my laptop? GlobalProtect edition found in Microsoft office shop is not connecting to VPN for my laptop but this one is working on my cellphone


Tim Roman  3-9-2021
Can't disable the app.... constantly trying to connect. It connects on start up, automatically putting you into vpn without even asking.


Micah Gorrell  3-5-2021
The UX is garbage. It takes idea too dozens taps to connect or disconnect, and each time I detach or reboot my smartphone it pops up a large error (and vibrates like crazy) telling me it couldn't connect...!


Lorna Matwele  3-1-2021
terrible app. Disconnects each minute or so after connecting. Terrible.


chipo muposeki  3-1-2021
Excellent.... i just love it


SIZWE NGCONGO  2-28-2021
extremely excellent edition swift and private connection



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