Android Version: 4.1App: Gin Rummy - Offline Free Card Games
Release date: Sep 22, 2016App Rating: 4
Author: SNG GamesCategory: game card
Name: Gin Rummy - Offline Free Card GamesExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Gin Rummy is now attainable for smartphones mobile smartphones and cellphones with its high quality graphics and release play. Download now and run for free. You can run Gin Rummy - Offline anywhere you want. There is no need for an internet connection. You can earn millions of chips and run in high-bet rooms versus artificial intelligence if you are a really excellent Gin Rummy player. Gin Rummy Offline is a card release for two players, combining items of the card releases Rummy, Cribbage, Carioca and Euchre. The major contribution of our release is playing offline gin rummy plus its bet and room structure. You never play out of chips. We whenever send you millions of chips as gift. By this way, you can whenever run in high-bet rooms. Play the exquisite gratuitous offline release and ameliorate your skills. Gin Rummy is intended for adult audiences and does not offer "real money gambling" or an chance to win veritable money or prizes. Practice or triumph at our release does not imply future triumph at "real money gambling".



Michelle Ren  12-7-2020
enjoyment gamme


Sandy E.  12-7-2020
Relaxing pastime; especially during the pandemic, elections and other stressful occasions


james pinkham  12-6-2020


Courtney Fitzsimons  12-6-2020
Scoring is entirely incorrect


Sarah Lamora  12-6-2020
Its a excellent release .


Liam Gilgar  12-5-2020
I like the release but an amazon audio ad keeps popping up which won't close so I have to close the edition mid game, then the whole release is lost. illogical


Richard Bishop  12-5-2020
I seem to win alot. would be more difficult.


Mona Byrd  12-4-2020
Love it


EnsembleMusic Studio  12-4-2020


mrmercator  12-4-2020
Just started playing this after I just dumped another release that cheated me of layoffs on the computer player. I am not having that trouble now. Getting used to the release functionality but so far, everything is fine.


Firullah Abdullah  12-3-2020
Not so excellent for me cause you lose the collection as well cheating the release cheat you. 5 to 6 moves the adversary can run you watch


Marilyn Motley 1  12-2-2020
I desire to run my release on tonight


Jessie Camara  12-2-2020
I discover difficult to win lots times because my adversary seems to be idea better than me. Its difficult to remain interested when I loose so dozens hands i dont kniw if my adversary is more skillied than me or is just lucky.


abdul khan  12-2-2020


Riyaan Xuseen  12-2-2020
Is excellent release but it's confuses for the calculations or miscalculations


Sandra Petrizzo  12-2-2020
This release is great. I've had no problem winning releases and I think the deck is shuffled fine. The adverts aren't that wrong as far as pop ups go. Hey, Nothing is free, you have to pay one idea or another. For something you aren't paying coins for this is beautiful awesome.


Forever LED  12-2-2020
Lots of enjoyment


Wayne F. Wilson  12-1-2020
Biginner not enough explaining the scoring


mohamad hafis hashim  12-1-2020


K Ch  12-1-2020
Bug - when the adversary knocks, I have cards in my topical hand that finish either a play or 3 of a kind, and the release treats them as deadwood just because I haven't sorted them jointly in my hand beforehand. When the adversary knocks, the release must automatically realise these cards go together, as it does when it compares both my hand and the opponent's hand once someone has knocked. I've lost so dozens releases because of this bug - had gin but because cards weren't sorted that way, I've lost.


Dedra McCoy  12-1-2020
Love this game.


Jennifer Gray  12-1-2020
Love it ... run offline love it...


Nat Norton  12-1-2020


Harry Johnston  12-1-2020
extremely excellent


Mohamed Shamhood  12-1-2020
good release


Raven M  12-1-2020
Was fine when it first started. Now it cheats at each game! Time to go bye bye. Will discover a better one out there than this one!


Brenda Burrus  11-30-2020
Love the release


Matthew Gullo  11-30-2020
release closes too often by itself and you lose the money you had wagered seriously considering uninstalling this game!


Rex Brown Jr  11-30-2020


Patricia Browning  11-29-2020
extremely addicting...


Steve Darnell  11-29-2020
When I tap the deck to draw, it nearly never does. rubbish game. Don't waste your time.


sarah kinsey  11-29-2020
It's annoying when a pop up ad interrupts the deal. Have pop ups after every game.


Paula Wallace  11-29-2020


Power 4us2  11-29-2020
Keeps winning 😀😀😀😀


C.G. A  11-29-2020
Mass adverts


Craig Creager  11-29-2020
A lot of enjoyment to play, but but now it's all I run


Diana Delle  11-28-2020
Five star


Sam  11-28-2020
I ❤ this game! straight to use. Solid graphics. Addictive. Relaxing. Fun. 👍


sondra steinberg  11-28-2020
Love this release


Evelyn Jefferson  11-28-2020
I miss playing gin rummy with my teenage childred they got teenage childred now this release remind me of the fantastic enjoyment of gin rummy i have not played in a long time Thank you


Faye  11-27-2020
It's a enjoyment enjoyment release


Zaw Nyein  11-27-2020


Bob Robertson  11-27-2020
Lots enjoyment


Matthew S. Bubar  11-27-2020
As one plays hand after hand of this classic card game, you gain the way the competitor through the table knows your next three moves...almost like chess.


Peggy Lee Stringer  11-26-2020
I am having issue with some of your ads. Locking up the image for more than 5 minutes (this is the longest I have waited). I have to gain out of the release and restart it losing my bet and reducing my score. This is my beloved game. Please help. IT'S GETTING WORSE! I run 2 hands, an ad comes up and I am kicked all of the idea out of the release loosing my bet and my excellent mood. Maybe you must audit your ads!!! I will be forced to uninstall. So sad.


Anthony Douglas  11-26-2020
I love the offline option. I can enjoy it without the pressure of time limits and other gamesters


Lawanna Sachse  11-26-2020
Really enjoying this release but it has a glitch in it. Sometimes when i draw a card from the deck, the newest discard jumps down from the discard pile into my hand. If I run on, the card stays there and won't permit me put it back...its like its not there. But it prevents the knock/gin button from appearing. Thank goodness it only happens each so often, and not that, or I wouldn't run anymore.


Kim Washington  11-26-2020


Connie Davis  11-25-2020
I love it


Jennifer Borum  11-25-2020
Love this ❤️


Aaron Rice  11-25-2020
Had over 20 billion coins. smartphone got smashed. Will het over 20 billion again!!!!


Donna Reaves  11-24-2020
Some glitzes that are cruel during playing a computer. I am sure once they repair them it'll be that fantastic competive game.


Marlene Keith  11-24-2020
excellent release


Benny B  11-24-2020
Love the release


rosalie mackey  11-24-2020
Love it


Mel Smith  11-24-2020
I could give 5 stars but twice now, I have won the hand yet the points went to the other "player" Please repair this!


Rittu De  11-23-2020
What a release year


Toni Mattheisen  11-23-2020
I love this Version. each now and then there'll be a glitch where it'll transaction a couple cards at once. I really with they could add emogi's so you can permit your adversary know you're sorry or how outstanding they played...


Aminath Thahmeena  11-23-2020
good 😊👌😊👌


Bill Horgan  11-23-2020
extremely excellent game, usufructuary friendly, enjoying extremely much.


Wayne Felts  11-22-2020


Clvr ACRES  11-22-2020


isnin jaafar  11-22-2020
outstanding release


Marilyn Barreto  11-22-2020
Smooth play, excellent wins. One of my favorites.


Kubashnee Moodley  11-22-2020
Love it 👌🏽


rich sexauer  11-22-2020
excellent Job All


David Sylvester  11-21-2020
Lots of enjoyment


Aminath Muxna  11-21-2020
Love it


Grass Hopper.  11-21-2020


Saeed Mohamed  11-20-2020
good release


S M  11-20-2020
A excellent escapist game. adverts can gain a bit tons especially when music is on by default.


Jim Kivlehan  11-20-2020
fantastic release for learning Rummy


Glenn Williams  11-19-2020


Indranil ghosh  11-19-2020
I desire a online gin rummy


Dixie S  11-19-2020
I love this game. So tons fun!!!I love playing this release but does too dozens adverts


Raymond keep it coming Pamphile good  11-18-2020


Zeenath Ziva  11-18-2020
I do not love it


John Marshall  11-18-2020
I enjoy playing this release extremely much. The commercials are not as wrong on this release as some others.


Mary Sparrow  11-17-2020
fantastic playing no problem with a lot of adverts


Natalie Justice  11-17-2020


Windy Henson  11-17-2020


Jim Monical  11-16-2020
Like the release because you have to think more - you have to manually operate the cards. Don't like the ads. Is there a idea to gain rid of the adds?


Lonnie Greenaway  11-16-2020
fantastic release


Sandra Alston  11-16-2020
So far I've been entirely enjoying this game!


david izard  11-15-2020
Top release to play.


Andy Owens  11-15-2020
repaired to lose almost each hand, load of shite


Kerry Potter  11-15-2020
extremely enjoyable


Stephen Grantom  11-15-2020
One of the candy crush adds, locks the release up. extremely frustrating when playing.


Betty Watson  11-15-2020
excellent release


Alfio Gangemi  11-14-2020
No good, I think this release uses bots not veritable people, sometimes you can guess what's going to happen, played it a month nearly ready to uninstall it, for a few better than this.


Irawan Dikdik  11-14-2020
excellent appl


chris dyson  11-14-2020
To tons advertisement going to remove


Brenda Tynsky  11-14-2020


B.S.Y. B.S.Y.  11-14-2020


Razali Jaffar  11-14-2020
straight to run


Lham Tashi  11-12-2020
excellent release


Rajeskannan Rajes  11-12-2020


Manjil kumar Sonkar  11-12-2020


Seenu Kavi  11-11-2020
Super time pass game.


Monir Hossain  11-11-2020
Md monir


Annatjie Scheepers  11-11-2020


Edegeranna Trent  11-11-2020
I enjoy playing Gin Rummy.


Cheryl Gaushas  11-10-2020
Love this bingo game! Love the graphics and themes. Lot of enjoyment and everyone can play, if your fast!



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