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Release date: Jul 15, 2015App Rating: 5
Author: getirCategory: shopping
Name: getirExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Getir brings happiness! We bring more than a thousand diverse applications and hot eats within minutes day and night! Time is valuable, so we are here to execute your life easier. We bring you the applications you avail the most with Getir, your bulk groceries with GetirMore, your eats orders with GetirFood and water orders with GetirWater, in minutes. Don’t annoy with going out to the store, marketplace or the restaurant for shopping. At the tap of a button, we will deliver you your needs; we are here to serve you. Why Getir? · Delivery Within Minutes: We are at your service with a vast network of warehouses, vehicles and motorcycles. We bring your quotidian needs and groceries to you in an average of 10 minutes. There's no stopping us. · Live Order Tracking: Place your order and follow your courier live on the map, so you know when to receive your applications or food. · GetirFood: Order pizza, hamburger, lahmacun, kebab, doner, dessert and dozens more meals from your beloved restaurants and follow your food. With Getir Delivery option, sit back, rest and watch the arrival of the Getir courier on the map, live. Oh, with this option, the eats is whenever delivered hot. · Online remittance and Pay on Delivery: execute payments in two ways: online or on delivery. Once you register your card, no wallet or card will be needed again! Moreover, no one can see your credit card information, including Getir. Your card's news is protected by Mastercard's remittance infrastructure Masterpass or BKM (Interbank Card Center). Pay on Delivery option is only attainable for your Restaurant Delivery orders at GetirFood. The restaurant's courier delivers the eats and can take your remittance at the time of delivery. · Day and Night Service: marketplaces and shops do close at some point, but we never call it a day. We are attainable day and night, and we deliver it wherever you are. · client Service: Our client Service is attainable 24/7! You can contact our client Service at 0 850 532 50 50. Download Getir now and gain more than a thousand diverse applications and hot eats delivered to your door within minutes!



bob  11-11-2021
getir is fantastic


Yahya DJ  6-22-2021
First few orders were fantastic and then all of a sudden it won't permit me order as it says the queue is too high. At least put me on a waiting listing or something so that I can maintain track.


Mayowa Sarah  6-22-2021
quick delivery and fantastic snacks


tracey wallace  6-22-2021
Highly instruct


Abdulrahman Babelli  6-22-2021
fantastic usufructuary experience, thank you


Margaret Murray  6-22-2021
quick delivery and greatest discount


Salim Mohamed  6-22-2021
Fantastcially cheap and fast. The exquisite so far. Will maintain using again in the future.


Michael Jackson  6-22-2021


natchos m  6-22-2021
Edit third experience: I have been trying to place another order for the past MONTH and it says that the queue is absolute due to high order volumes. I've been trying a couple of times! If you cannot scale it to more than a couple orders then it's not a extremely feasible business model. extremely smooth first experience but second one disappointed me.


Abdül Rahman Şamaa  6-22-2021
This is the exquisite edition ever


Behrouz Bozorgi  6-22-2021
good edition


Shu San Manley  6-22-2021
Made an order, and paid via ideal. Delivery has not shown up, and there's no order history in the app. could give no stars if that was an option, can I gain my money back??


Mangi Mehta  6-22-2021
nearly gratuitous eats :)


Empressive Oshun  6-22-2021
whenever receive intimations of promos that are none existent when you gain to the checkout


Arda Saydam  6-22-2021
Better than yemeksepeti obviously


Life time  6-22-2021
One of the exquisite grocery edition 100%


Tiffany Shum  6-22-2021
Says that you can gain £15 off first order but they didn't give me that offer - false marketing


ACE BUGARIN  6-22-2021


Ezra Fermanis  6-22-2021
It's just getting ridiculous now. Can never buy anything. Uninstalling


Fanica Bicher  6-22-2021
extremely straight and speedy


Reza Yorghi  6-22-2021
extremely niceeeeee excellent deall


Amir Muhammad Al-Yemani  6-21-2021
extremely convenient but not enough choices


Tracy Spraggett  6-21-2021
Impressive service


Ing Dur  6-21-2021
My first time what an good service. There are dozens times I would have used this service but never knew but now I do know. Thank you


İQ in 10 minutes  6-21-2021
İt's extremely swift And all my orders are with out mistakes ☺️


Optima1222  6-21-2021
Super swift delivery, super courteous courier


Devrim Köklü  6-21-2021
Unfortunately they are literally scam dependents with fake promotions. Do NOT avail this fearful edition and do NOT risk your money and personal information!!!!!!


karaoke qween  6-21-2021
great and swift


Saurabh Kumar  6-21-2021
excellent app..


SAS  6-21-2021
Error occured when adding card, don't know why this is circumstance Edit: Now always I check to order, it says 'Payment can't be made. Please check again later.'


baran barani  6-21-2021


Joel Ball  6-21-2021
trash client service, order never arrived and client service has been slow and unhelpful, still haven't got my money back


Katarzyna Buchta  6-21-2021
Really excellent quality of veggies


antony Crickmay  6-21-2021
fantastic service and fantastic transactions


rafatul alam  6-21-2021
It's really practical edition to buy eats faster


Muhammad Waqas  6-20-2021
Really Quick. Delivery within 10 mins Super speedy


Berkay Türkgeldi  6-20-2021
Berbat bir hizmet Tam 3 defa sipariş verdik 1 saat bekletip iptal edildi demek nedir yahu bu nasıl bir hizmet bir daha asla kullanmayacağım


Xaerias  6-20-2021
outstanding edition 👍😁


Deniz Demirbas  6-20-2021
getir is bringing you sadness even this sadness is coming late :) already 1 hour past nothing came. sadness is on the idea ;)


Ahmed Sahal  6-20-2021
Delivery was extremely speedy definitely will avail for ever no more mini trips to regional stores hahahah


Maimoona YE  6-20-2021
speedy delivery. latest eats


riham tw  6-20-2021
good and swift service


Haci Akmaz  6-20-2021
Tam bir fiyasko 2 saattir yemek bekliyorum. Kendi kendine sipariş teslim edilmiştir yazıyor. Siliyorum şimdi. Yemeksepeti çok daha başarılı.


nikita chauhan  6-20-2021
extremely pretty varicoloured blog like a computer release not attainable in my territory


aziz hasib  6-20-2021


Sayeed Muquith  6-20-2021
20/06/21 - downloaded the edition but nothing works, registered and added my location but it gives me no option to buy applications


Emre AKÇADAĞ  6-20-2021
Canlı destek diye bot koymuş yarım aklını sevdiklerim, dert anlatıyoruz bota. Hey allahım


Hasan Yarol  6-20-2021
Koyu tema gelirse iyi olur, harika bir girişim bu arada!


ammar albakri  6-20-2021
I faced a bug in the application, i desired to initiate an account but i made a mistake when entering my smartphone number and i couldn't launch my account, and i can't edit mu smartphone number from the profile menu, please repair this bug.


Emad Suliman  6-20-2021
good servies


Orhan Saglam  6-20-2021
Hizli ve etkili


Muhammad Ali  6-20-2021
extremely smooth edition to use. straight to navigate. good interface.


tracy perry  6-20-2021


Shenel Ozyildirim  6-20-2021
Çok hızlı çok memnun kaldım herkese oneririm


Darren Maynard  6-20-2021
Love it. Well value using.


Hani Aljarboue  6-20-2021


Anton Chigurh  6-20-2021


Orianta Marline  6-20-2021
They take a long time in delivery


Mohammed Uddin  6-19-2021
extremely swift and fantastic offers


Chynna Browne  6-19-2021
At first I was skeptical. But it ended up the little bags they come in to...they definitely gotir!!


Er Ol  6-19-2021


Emek Turan  6-19-2021
Normalde 13 dakika da gelmesi gereken siparişin hazırlanması için 70 dakikadır bekliyoruz. Sipariş verirken sizi 1 saatten fazla bekletecegiz deseniz sizden sipariş vermeyiz... Bu süreçleri iyileştirmenizi öneririm.


nesar miah  6-19-2021
Superfast delivery within 15 mind


Hüseyin Batı  6-19-2021


odok san  6-19-2021
Not wrong


Anthony Rae  6-19-2021
extremely delighted with the edition ☺


Ufuk.F. Gokdeniz  6-19-2021
Getir yemekten dolayı iki yıldızı kırdım. Getir muhteşem çalışırken getir yemek bir o kadar başıboş. Verdiğiniz siparişin iptal olmasından, teslimat sürelerinin gerçeği yansıtmamasına hatta yola çıkmamış yemeği iptal etmemeye kadar her konuda sürekli topu restorana atıp, biz aracıyız demekle yetiniyor. Yemek konusunda muadellerini kullanın.


rola mostafa  6-19-2021
extremely excellent


Aziz NUR  6-19-2021


Gemma Birch  6-19-2021
Fast, excellent choices & got a excellent promo! 👍🏻


Toastiee e  6-19-2021
So excellent !!!!!


Mostafa Parwas  6-19-2021
very Elated and contented using this edition for my first order! I will maintain a look out for more peculiar discount offer and avail this edition more frequently


Sofia Stoe  6-19-2021
Has its bugs but works quite well tbh


Kaan  6-19-2021
Has a fantastic range bit missing some elements like more range of cereals and healthy variants (vegan, protein items)


J Wickens  6-19-2021
good app. I'm loving using the app. They have fantastic offers and the service is good at a excellent price I could l Highly recommended


Uju Tettey  6-19-2021
extremely speedy and drivers are outgoing and trustworthy


Oleg Prosianyk  6-19-2021
Keine 15E Rabatt für erste Bestellung.


Hasan Asfour  6-19-2021


Paul McCoy  6-18-2021
Was on time so pleased


Cooking With Kalsoom  6-18-2021
swift service


K1369  6-18-2021
Fotoğraflar koy bende ve sadace karakterleri gösteriyor :(


Reece Alderton  6-18-2021
Not extremely good. Cant order anything without it declaring 'queue full'


リース  6-18-2021
Queue absolute simulator. It's been like this for 5 days now. edition is fully useless


Rami Sakr  6-18-2021
I downloaded the edition one year ago and it was fantastic at first, then dozens things started happening: 1- Messing up the orders and receiving the incorrect elements or missing items, dozens times I'd warning missing elements that I order and never received 2- Getting charged twice or even three times on the same orders and their aid takes weeks to respond 3- Live aid chat are sometimes rude and will leave the chat while you're talking Uninstalling...


KORHAN YILDIZ  6-18-2021
Getir yemek çok kötü aşırı rezalet bir uygulama puanlama sistemi yanlış yorum yapabilme olayı yok restoran fiyatları çok abartı indirimler yalan


Abdulkader Khouja  6-18-2021
They do not have control over the restaurants they add, restaurants gain late and they do not trust clients to annul the orders before asking restaurants, their KPI's are useless


canalp baybörü  6-18-2021


Vivienne Gayle  6-18-2021
It was speedy and easy..even tho stock is limited..ETA was on point


Nevzat Balli  6-17-2021
AVOID AT ALL COST What a joke each time I check to order something sorry we cannot put you in the queue due to high volume of orders whatever I am uninstalling and never using this trash excuse for an app.


Ioan Biticu  6-17-2021
They are changing step stuff for the better.


Batuhan Enes Çağlayan  6-17-2021
Yeterli kurye olmadığında tekrar denememi söylemesi çok can sıkıcı. Neden uygulama kendisi beni sıraya ekleyemiyor ki?


Brian Butterworth  6-17-2021
Given that my quite simple location of flat XX, YYYY house, ZZ something gardens, London failed at the first hurdle - won't be using this delivery edition if I can't enter my address!


Smriti D  6-17-2021
First Delivery & on time. excellent service overall, alerted me when courier on road or arrived at address. Definitely could avail service again.


Ovesh Bham  6-17-2021
great service excellent driver delivered on time excellent offers whenever extremely extremely excellent quality eats


Abdullah Nazari  6-17-2021
Çok başarılı bir uygulama tavsiye ediyorum


Blub Deblob  6-17-2021
Leider seid ihr noch nicht in Mitte und mit Paypal kann man auch nicht bezahlen 😭 danach gibts 5 Sterne


Rose Stevens  6-17-2021
fantastic service excellent dates on latest produce


Michael Kissoglou  6-17-2021
Do not avail this. Its a waste of time. When their warehouse actually has anything (I central London), then their discount codes do NOT work properly. Rather avail the edition called Gorillas, they whenever well stocked and their codes actually do what they declare they do. Don't waste your time with it, it's nonsense. Rather avail Gorillas.


Ahmet İçer  6-17-2021
After I upgraded the edition it's become useless. It was working extremely well but now each time it's gives errors about out of the service area. After I close the edition and open it and repeat this 3 times it's realize where I am


M B  6-16-2021
Expensive Not any more...


Varun Shetty  6-16-2021


Fatih Pişkin  6-16-2021
Kendi kampanya kurallarına kendileri uymuyorlar.


Tahina 147  6-16-2021
Needs main improvement. dozens times at checkout it comes out with a message declaring 'The queue is too full' and to check again afterwards (which I do, but still the same thing) this has happened over 5 times and I might just delete the app. Also, promo codes dissapear at checkout which is really annoying plus a enormous waste of time, this needs to be repaired or you'll honestly just maintain losing customers..


Random Video Man  6-16-2021
Previously I gave a excellent review but from past 4 to 5 days I been trying to buy things from their edition but their not allowing me and it says the queue is too long and can't place my order and asked me to come back afterwards and when I came back afterwards or next day their declaring the same thing. I think its because I added the discounts thats why their not allowing so they think maybe out of frustration i might order it with absolute price which I wont 👎👎👎👎👎


Manisha Varsani  6-16-2021
straight to use, and delivered when the edition said it could


Mark Sadla  6-16-2021
greatest service 👏


H K  6-16-2021
I love the delivery speed. All the couriers are polite. It's better to increase the diversity of the products. contented in overall.


Allan Fernandes  6-16-2021
excellent offers, speedy delivery


lisa marie  6-16-2021
Can never seem to order from here now no matter what time of day i check


memmedemin  6-16-2021


Elifnur UNKAYA  6-16-2021
SMS GÖNDERİLDİ DİYOR AMA GÖNDERİLMİYOR HEP BÖYLE YAPIYOR. Kartla online ödeme için hep sms istiyor ama göndermiyor canlı destek desen yok iletişim numarasını defalarca aradık çıkan yok böyle gereksiz ve eksik bir altyapıyla nasıl alışveriş yapacağız söylermisiniz?


Liban Mohamed  6-16-2021
The exquisite of the exquisite edition in turkey insted of demand and delivery


Faisal Said  6-16-2021
extremely swift


Linda Ayanwale  6-16-2021
They don't bring to region 3 and I had to download the edition before I would find. I'm blocked from doing anything in the edition and gain annoying pop ups. Looks like I'm going to delete this. meager usufructuary experience, surely you must try address before allowing the installation.


Anisa Khan  6-15-2021
So excellent


Bman robinson  6-15-2021
Your frozen chicken gave me eats poisoning


Roz Miles  6-15-2021
Absolutely fantastic.i could have liked birthday cards tho not just father's day.ive searched all of London for my favoriteTurkish biscuits, Biskrem, and Getir have them!!!!Yeayyy got 5 packets to binge on glorious turkish refreshing cologne, they sell as 'Selin', wonderful.brings back memories of amazing turkish holidays.will definitely avail them time&time again xxxx


Chelsey Bediako  6-15-2021
fantastic service. could instruct Also the things you order are of quality and come quickly


Tarek AlNajjar  6-15-2021


Shar Shar  6-15-2021
quick and great, excellent eats fir decent price.


Sanjeev Uthayakumar  6-15-2021
extremely speedy service. Will avail again.


Mike Allen  6-15-2021
Scammers take to discount away before you desire to pay


Emre Bozdağ  6-15-2021
Her 10 siparişin 4 tanesinde iptal problemi yaşıyorum haber bile vermiyorlar. Açık ve net olarak getir bu işi beceremiyor. Uygulama da devamlı kilitleniyor.


Same Likeyou  6-15-2021
Upd: they have provided me with a promo code to cover missed amount, but the promo code can't be used in conjunction with any other promos. I don't like so tons restrictions, and wll not avail this edition on a weekly basis. The prices are also higher if you take in account regular discounts in supermarkets, for example Gail's bread I made a first order yesterday, but forgot to include a promo code. I'v tried to reach client aid or annul the order, with no luck.


SPARKS 108 FM  6-15-2021
good stuff these guys are a fantastic service. I could instruct to anyone.


Paul Wilkie  6-15-2021
First time using and got the £15 promo which is amazing. Exceptionally excellent eats applications and reasonably priced (even without discount 😉). Delivery was super fast, delivery guy really pleasant. Def recommend.....


Trevor Wright  6-15-2021
Fantasticservice all the time


Mert Egemen Çalışkan  6-14-2021


Oscar Serrano Oria  6-14-2021
Got fundamentals delivered easy to my boat in Victoria park. Will Certainly be recommending!


jason bourne  6-14-2021
Made me sign up and upload my bank details, after 2 orders my account is maintain declaring occupied and i must check again later, its been circumstance for a while now which makes me think they have blocked my account without any motive or explanation. The promo code also changes at checkpoint. When i call them they declare they will look into it but no one does. They talk me mail them and no one replies to them. Waste of time. Dont bother.


B v  6-14-2021
Fastest delivery and extremely practical client servicr


Jayde Hatcher  6-14-2021
extremely outgoing fantastic service extremely speedy have recommended to family and buddies cant wait for next store :)


Yahya Bulbulia  6-14-2021
Doesn't allow me to add another remittance card. Keeps declaring error. So can't buy anything


Nazia Mansoor  6-14-2021
Need to widen the service


Alper Tarik  6-14-2021
Yemekten memnunum, marketten 2 sipariş verdim ikisinde de eksik var, geri dönüş yok.internet alışverişlerine güvenmeyenlere sesleniyorum, haklısınız.


Novida Barnes  6-14-2021
I see no applications whatsoever


Fahim Rahman  6-14-2021


N. Dilruba Yüksel  6-13-2021
Az önce getirbüyük'ten verdiğim sipariş "teknik bir aksaklık"tan ötürü iptal edildi. Saat 00:01'de mi arayıp söylüyorsunuz bunu gerçekten, ihtiyaçlarımız vardı ve dımdızlak ortada kaldık. Sorduğum sorulara da takılmış plak gibi" teknik bir aksaklık"tan başka bir şey söylemeyen müşteri hizmetleri mi çözümünüz? Kuzeyden su ile anlaşmanız olmasa gözümde bitmiştiniz, ki onun da 2buçuk-3 saatte getirildiği oluyor. Hayal kırıklığı yaşattınız, umarım ileride hizmet kalibrenizi yükseltirsiniz.



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