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Author: C. Skyler YoungCategory: tools
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Research Gematria and numerology with a mobile optimized usufructuary experience. Made with thought and care by the minds behind ** details include: ** - readily input diverse sized text blocks with single line "word" mode, or multiline "paragraph" mode. - exhibit any numbers of active cipher values at the same time for the same text. - Drill into a cipher for features including letter values, word values, total values, cipher worth chart, and alternate letter values. - Streamline your interface with show/hide variants for numerology values, letter values, and cipher charts. - Works offline, no internet connection required. ** Includes the following ciphers: ** • Simple English Gematria (Ordinal Gematria) • Pythagorean Gematria (Reduction Gematria) • Reverse Simple English (also called Reverse Ordinal) • Reverse Pythagorean (also called Reverse Reduced) • Sumerian • Reverse Sumerian • Francis Bacon • Franc Baconis • Jewish Gematria • English Extended • Satanic • Septenary • Chaldean



Kieran Huisman  5-31-2021
straight to avail and convenient. Thanks for the work.


1 RomanT  3-30-2021
My apologies for the 2-star rating. The edition itself appears to have it all, as far as numerous ciphers, etc. I tried to input a phrase, and it constantly autofilled...very frustrating. I know I should'nt complain, being as it's free, and all.


Sarah Hukill  3-23-2021
Hey! Does this edition have a bug/virus? I downloaded it from the Google run Store, and ever since all of my editions maintain crashing. I've deleted everything and reinstalled it, but the editions maintain crashing. From the little I've been able to avail this app, it seems great! But strange that it gave my smartphone a virus (if it did, seems highly likely).


Awaken by a sleeper !!!  2-9-2021
Absolutely greatest gematria calculator. exquisite idea to see how rigged scripted the system is!


The Color black.  1-30-2021
It could be unbelievable if it could work been experiencing ongoing troubles with (search category bar) will repeat the word or letters of of the word.


mighty mo GP  1-24-2021
fantastic edition and helps with learning gematria


Dawon Capers  1-19-2021
It dosen't work after upgrade


edzer rene  1-10-2021
Love it


Eric Johnson  1-2-2021
edition doesnt work right after upgrade


Il B  12-31-2020
Great! could propose adding a trait which allows you to see days since and days between, date numerology, life lesson number etc. Overall amazing!


Top 5 App.


Phil Richards  12-1-2020
Love your work man.


Ilrbn  11-24-2020
So serviceable


YalaD Mara'ashA  11-23-2020
wrong assignment of letters to numbers in the jewish gematria,which is gematria,


A  11-8-2020
exquisite Calculator Ever, Z Hubbard maintain up the excellent work!


Ready.fg5  9-22-2020
Zach is the man. All praise due to god lol


Xaesen  9-21-2020
fantastic edition even shows the numerology


DeAndre Meriwether  9-20-2020
extremely convenient


Melissa Tally  9-19-2020
The recent upgrade makes it simpler to compare multiple words; however, to start over, you have to close the whole edition and relaunch it. It needs a RESET/CLEAR button, and then it could be stars.


Pan Sixty Six  9-17-2020
The Best!!!


thash1127  8-30-2020
excellent calculator, Well done Zach Hubbard for helping to gain this on run store! Offline no connection needed!


Johnny Cash  8-28-2020
Love this thing. Thanks Zack. You do fantastic and significant work. dependents we have consented to permit the wicked rule over us, we should understand the law and principal of contract and consent. We musnt consent any longer. We are God's infants and we all have equal rights to live as gratuitous human beings..the wicked have come to demolish our mommy ground and God's infants and we should stop them. The truth is bearing witness to itself. We should rise and take back our consent and not participate in it.


Sailor Arun  8-3-2020
Hi, C. Skyler young I'm from India. It's really extremely good & tricky edition to avail lot's of variants there to straight idea discover numerical values all at once. Numerology + Pythogorean Shows ideal and all other Systems extremely serviceable . Five Star. Thank You lots.


Earth Angel  7-17-2020
Thank you for a amazing edition


Shai Yehudi  7-4-2020
"J" in "Jewish Gematria" is offput wildly and incorrectly as 600. STUPID. DO NOT gain THIS.


krisko21  6-29-2020
Just getting into learning about Gematria recently and this edition is such a speedy and straight idea to look up anything and track along.


Flamez  5-31-2020
idea to go Zachary


Kevin Keller  5-1-2020
Finally! thanks a lot Zach!


Louie Bagelz  4-25-2020


Cayotic_Prophet TikTok  4-7-2020
This Calculator has 4 base ciphers, until the elite initiate another cipher, since we are on to more than just the traditional alphabetic order; that we all used before stumbling upon "Gematria." I know I can't be the only one decoding before they found Zack Hubbard! Why did I have to wait until the age of 41 to study what the public school system failed to teach me? Is it possible that Zack's teachings, caused the shut down of the NBA as well as the public school system? #KobeDidNotKillHimself


Ali DatAss  4-5-2020
Zach and everything hes doing at gematria outcome information is a god send everyone needs to aid him, and whoever dev the edition did a fantastic job its smooth and has all that you could desire without an overflow of notification flooding the screen, if one thing would be added it could be a date between calculator. But still a 10000/5 edition


Jayson Anderson  4-3-2020
This is fantastic for exposing the FREEMASONRY CABAL FAKE JEWS


danny neil  3-31-2020
The exquisite


Kyle Berezan  3-24-2020
fantastic app! Everything u need plus more


Ms FireHorse333  3-23-2020
Simply ideal no crashes gives you what you need when you need it promptly


Happy Corona-Virus  3-23-2020


Nikita Surr  3-21-2020
outstanding soft to decode fake information and what's hidden from sheeple


ChrisFromSouthJersey  3-21-2020
fantastic work. Will be sharing


Fernando Padilla  3-20-2020
fantastic edition highly instruct it


joe trans  3-20-2020
The exquisite


Hakeem Douglas  3-19-2020
good edition Zach... Just another example of your dedication to the cause


Mike Bowling  3-19-2020
5 ⭐


GematriaGoon  3-19-2020
fantastic work on the edition works fantastic


Yi  3-19-2020
slight hats rule the world by using Gematria


Mr. Splash  3-19-2020
permits goo


Brendan Baker  3-19-2020
fantastic app! Appreciate all the work you do!


Fantastic... #1


Eloy Garcia  3-19-2020
outstanding soft to avail to wake up tha masses


L E  3-19-2020
One of the realest eye awakening app. aid Zach and his work. With this knowledge we can execute a difference


Antwaine Wilson  3-18-2020


Tanya Lortman  3-18-2020
Love it


Nemi  3-18-2020
fantastic app!! large fan of Zack!!!


Royal Gush  3-18-2020
fantastic app! should download NOWWWWW!!!!


max ily  3-18-2020
outstanding calculator! Will be using a lot.


Michael Geist  3-18-2020
outstanding calculator! dependents need to wake up and study Gematria!! It's the language of the Cabal.


Wax 989  3-18-2020
outstanding and straight to use. Thanks


John Doe  3-18-2020
They live we sleep. Thanks to Zachary K Hubbard and his group


Out her Space  3-18-2020
5 stars maintain waking up the sheep


Cesar Vasquez  3-18-2020
We're on to Jew


J.R. Zavala  3-17-2020
Highly recommended. A speedy and straight edition to use. Toggle across the cyphers for a custom application. Thanks, G.E.N.!


Trap Mason  3-17-2020
Works just like a gematrinator edition should. Invaluable soft to have!



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