Android Version: 4.1App: Galaxy Air Fighter
Release date: Aug 2, 2020App Rating: 5
Author: Toxik StudiosCategory: action
Name: Galaxy Air FighterExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Galaxy Air Fighter cheats that work Most POWERFUL & DANGEROUS Fighter Jets In The World

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Galaxy Air combatant is the exquisite classic galaxy shooter spot shooting game. Download and run for gratuitous and kill all enemies. choose your spaceships and you will be face with all genre of foes and large boss. avail all spaceships and check to gather all power ups. Maneuver your spaceship to avoid spot junkies and demolish the foes and step to the next levels! surmount the large bosses and reclaim everspace. Save the planet from galaxy attack. Features: - Multiple spaceships with their own unique weapons and power ups - pretty graphics and sound effects - Simple and smooth control to allow you to maneuver with intricate details - run online or offline - diversified challenging tiers will maintain your heart pumping - update your weapon arsenal for your galaxy strike tactics - Epic combats versus bigger and more mighty bosses Download now and enjoy this classic exquisite spot shooter release that will leave you wanting for more. Galaxy strike attack awaits.



Giaa Noor  8-21-2020
I enjoy playing this release alot


Maria Holcomb  8-21-2020
THIS release IS SO COOL AND lovely


Aarna Mandal  8-20-2020
fantastic time waster - I love it!


Julian Calhoun  8-20-2020
good release I like it


Grayson Wynn  8-20-2020
exquisite release ever. But a little laggy


Oanh Lo  8-20-2020
I love this release soo tons


Aadya Hussain  8-20-2020
enjoyment and challenging.


Ty Wise  8-20-2020
good release and enjoyable


Nhat Cong  8-20-2020
This release is the funnest release that I have


Dung Che  8-20-2020
Yes I desire to run this release but it so tons enjoyment i love it


Dalil Rahim  8-19-2020
I tried this release and it is cool but intractable


Jin Cao  8-19-2020
Enjoy this release on a diurnal basis


Elias Hunter  8-19-2020
Absolutely love it


Brayden Mayer  8-19-2020
It really working


Kendra Navarro  8-19-2020
This its so cool


Dominick Phillips  8-19-2020
extremely Relaxing release good


Levi Marshall  8-19-2020
its a fantastic release


Ella Griffin  8-19-2020
THIS IS A extremely enjoyment GAME!!!!!


Josephine Watkins  8-19-2020
fantastic start to my day - each day!


Lananh Chuong  8-19-2020
Love the game.


Bach Quach  8-19-2020
It is an outstanding release


Miguel Neal  8-19-2020
Love this edition


Eva Vincent  8-19-2020
Good, relaxing and amusing


Shane Ewing  8-18-2020
Love it! exquisite release ever. would run all day if possible.


Jude Bowman  8-18-2020
whenever a mission


Jazmine Beck  8-18-2020
This is an interesting release


Addyson Cabrera  8-18-2020
love the game.


Hoang Doan  8-18-2020
Love the game, extremely addicting


Mai Luc  8-18-2020
The only release I run ever!The only release I run ever!


Tessa Pickett  8-18-2020
victor all the time


Freja Jespersen  8-17-2020
beautiful enjoyment release when your bored


Lola Lane  8-17-2020
I am hooked on this game. I like it.


Giang Ngu  8-17-2020
Is the exquisite release when your bored


Keira Price  8-17-2020
fantastic mission


Shaashwat Manjhi  8-17-2020
I love it it's my beloved release


Callie House  8-17-2020
Really fantastic enjoyment


Adriana Gross  8-17-2020
outstanding release


Drake Oneill  8-17-2020
It's an interesting release


Ha Hua  8-17-2020
Challenging and a lot of enjoyment


Arhaan Sah  8-17-2020
Addictive excellent fun.


Asnee Lee  8-17-2020
The recent upgrade is extremely nice.


Truc Ngo  8-17-2020
outstanding enjoyment to play.


Faith Donaldson  8-16-2020


Cesar Hooper  8-16-2020
edition works well. enjoyment


Tram Chan  8-16-2020
I like your release


Omar Baldwin  8-16-2020
The release is quite excellent but it could be cool if you added some more effects


Serenity Wood  8-16-2020
good release


Mivaan Shah  8-16-2020
It makes me delighted


Drew Gillespie  8-16-2020
Sorry for the wrong review as I know how intractable you dependents work on the release just to give us a gd one but I can't see the point of this you have to pay veritable money for upgrades when you're blown up you just go back to the beginning going to the shop pay veritable money and not a lot changes so absolutely no point to this release sorry but give this a miss


Josue Delacruz  8-16-2020
Thought provoking and fun.


Jada Morrison  8-16-2020
It's so outstanding I love it


Mary English  8-16-2020
My daughter like this


Andre Mcdonald  8-16-2020
This release its grate


Inayat Abbas  8-16-2020
Its an Addiction


Lia Aslanov  8-16-2020
This release is really excellent definitely check it


Ahaan Bai  8-15-2020
I love it! It's outstanding


Quy Dong  8-15-2020
Most positive!


Calvin Nguyen  8-15-2020
I enjoy relaxing with this release


Addyson White  8-15-2020


Quoc Ta  8-15-2020
releases for excitement


Jaden Dorsey  8-15-2020
The exquisite release


Chau Thanh  8-15-2020
I love it such a excellent release


Ivon Winter  8-15-2020


Ashley Best  8-15-2020
This release is amasing and cool


Ira Begum  8-15-2020
Its so hilarious


Sean Garcia  8-15-2020
It's addictive I love it


Gabriella George  8-14-2020
This release Is So Addicted!


Jaylen Burns  8-14-2020
It's good release


Kylie Pennington  8-14-2020
Thank u so tons


Mark Shields  8-14-2020
Love this game!


Cam Che  8-14-2020
I run this all the time


Huynh Phu  8-14-2020
love this release too!


Kylie Camacho  8-14-2020
A excellent app.


Mai Nguy  8-14-2020
Super duper outstanding


Andrew Gillespie  8-14-2020
extremely interesting concept, but I think some things would be executed better


Agustin Prieto  8-14-2020
I love it it's wonderful


Isabel Slater  8-14-2020
Just enjoyable


Tuyen Chau  8-14-2020
This release is so tons enjoyment to run


Laia Caballero  8-14-2020
good edition to enjoy


Giang Lang  8-14-2020
An wonderful edition


Hom Saeli  8-13-2020
It's enjoyment to run


Rio Murata  8-13-2020
good game. Can't wait to see what the developers add with next upgrade


Nitara Pawar  8-13-2020
This is so cool


Brooke Mcclain  8-13-2020
I desire some more releases from that


Lyla Sykes  8-13-2020
Cool I like it


Ayansh Solanki  8-13-2020
It a enjoyment release


Eric Kirkland  8-13-2020
We really love this game.Thank you to the person or dependents who made this release


Kate Klein  8-13-2020
I love it it's wonderful


Lincoln Callahan  8-13-2020
fantastic idea to rest


Mabood Irfan  8-13-2020
Really enjoyment and competitive


Emily Chuong  8-13-2020
beautiful excellent


Cayden Swanson  8-13-2020
Love this edition


Landen Henson  8-13-2020
i like this release


Trucanh La  8-13-2020
I love it such a excellent release


Rylee Vinson  8-13-2020
excellent to pass the time


Grayson Collier  8-12-2020
A excellent release


Belinay Karakas  8-12-2020
Its outstanding


Chris Bonner  8-12-2020
It was super satisfying


Marielle Thai  8-12-2020
Its a excellent game, but it gets boring over time


Samantha Foster  8-12-2020
straight and enjoyment and challenging


Jaiden Cannon  8-12-2020
good release and enjoyable


Jazmine Owen  8-12-2020
This is cool and epic thanks bro


Dominic Wells  8-12-2020
The recent upgrade is excellent


Faith Blackwell  8-12-2020
Is a good release l love it


Lien Han  8-11-2020
Interesting release to run


Evelyn Molina  8-11-2020
I'm a pro of that release


Meher Hussein  8-11-2020
I enjoy playing this release


Taylor Houston  8-11-2020
extremely extremely cool release !!!!!!


Achille Brun  8-11-2020
Love the release run


Loan Mach  8-11-2020
THIS release IS AWESOME!!! that's all I'm gonna declare lol


Dakota Blackwell  8-11-2020
It helps me forget all the termoil


Loan Quang  8-11-2020
good Intresting


Mary Nisha  8-11-2020
I rest when playing this release



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