Android Version: 4.4App: FroggieChat
Release date: Feb 26, 2021App Rating: 4
Author: StupidPlusPlusCategory: communication
Name: FroggieChatExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Stupid++ proudly presents FroggyChat: A loyal redo of Pictochat for Windows and Android. Featuring: Faithfully handcrafted visuals derived from the original. 👀 Four chatrooms. 💬 Drawing suggestions. 📝🤔 Chat with up to 65535 dependents at the same time (theoretical limit). Up to 4 colors. 🎨👩‍🎨 Disclaimer: You have to be on the same network/WIFI to chat. Stupidplusplus and FroggyChat are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any idea officially connected with Nintendo Co., Ltd., or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates.



Edward Crawford  6-15-2021
Love everything about it unless I can't send words? Anything I category just doesn't send for some reason. Drawing sends fine though???


Batora_ The_Bat  6-3-2021
its lovely and all but i cant communicate to everyone, i tried leaving and joining again but it wont work, please repair this..


tr4umac0re  5-26-2021
If you made a Japanese language, that would've made it alot better:) it's really lovely though And you must also add a Landscape style


rantaro  5-9-2021
gives me nostalgia from using a ds, hoenstly missed this


Sabina  4-27-2021
I can't tell to anyone and I don't know why (。•́︿•̀。)


Aimee Fiske  3-29-2021
can't send messages to others? my edition permits me recieve messages from others but they can't see mine when i send them, through multiple gadgets


Alice de Pasquale  3-27-2021
It works only in the same network. The keyboard is too slight to category anything with.


SinderPop  3-26-2021
So cute!! I've been searching for a redo of pictochat for the longest time, when I heard this was made I entirely freaked!! It's super lovely and pretty. My only problem is not having landscape style on mobile :( portrait style is intractable and gets annoying and making it be able to have a landscape style could be the brilliant thing ever!! I will definitely instruct to buddies and family.


Melvin Timado  3-23-2021
Please execute this on ios 🥺


javaman7  3-15-2021
Look ING excellent


Fyter  3-14-2021
I can't seem to be able to connect to any rooms? I don't know, I just press the buttons to connect to a room and nothing happens. Still leaving a decent review since I have tried the Windows edition and it works just fine.


Christopher Spring  3-10-2021
Unfortunately you can't step around where you category or step letters and symbols in general. And a internet based chat option, probably using peer to peer connections.


That Guy Andrew  3-7-2021
This edition is amazing! Absolutely love how loyal it is. maintain it up, guys!


Tax Evader  3-7-2021
fantastic app, extremely loyal redo of pictochat, however only being able to chat with others on the same network makes it less serviceable than it would be.


Тhrаshеr146  3-5-2021
Quite enjoyable and incredibly faithful, shame you have to be on the same network as Quarantine kinda undermines the novelty.


Dylan Barker  3-5-2021
10/10 remake. Messaged my crush and got denied, just how I remember it.



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