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Wanna listen to youtube audio clips while doing something else? Stream is the exquisite advice on the marketplace so far! Stream gives you access to all of YouTube clips (+100 Millions videos) without any adverts and permits you run them in a handy floating popup for a multitasking audio listening experience. Search your beloved artists, initiate your own playlists, find recent audio kinds and browse the diurnal Top Charts of your country: limitless audio streaming! You can readily add clips to your topical listening queue to get time and schedule your listening experience. No need to download your melodies anymore, you finally have a gratuitous YouTube gamester that permits you try your newsfeed or respond your messages while watching your beloved videos! NB: we had to remove the possibility to listen to your audio in lock image in order to honor YouTube's policy of Use. Stream is a audio streaming app, not a downloader, and cannot run your own mp3 files FLOATING POPUP PLAYER - clip player: watch your clips in absolute image or avail the floating popup for multitasking - Customize the size of the floating popup to your needs - step the floating popup gamester wherever you desire on the screen YOUTUBE CONTENT - uncover among millions of ads-free YouTube audio clips for free: smart uncover with suggestions - Browse the diurnal Top Charts songs: USA, Brazil, UK.. - Access 100 audio genres: Electronic, Soul, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Rhythm & blues, Disco, Jazz and more - find our peculiar radios: whether you desire to sleep, party, focus or do some workout, there is a radio for you - Start a radio from any clip for hours of gratuitous music, no need to download your tracks anymore. - Access in a click dedicated tabs to your audio with content you've recently watched and liked - Enjoy simple one touch and drag&drop gestures to manage and listen to your music PLAYLISTS & topical QUEUE - initiate your own playlists - readily re-order your playlists with a simple drag and drop - Share your playlists and the audio you love with your friends - initiate your Stream account (through Facebook or Google+) to save and access your playlists from any device - Import the playlists of your YouTube account on Stream - Add melodies and manage your topical queue easily WIDGET Set up to 3 widgets to access directly from your house screen: - the Top Charts melodies list - the recently watched and favorites videos ADDITIONAL FEATURES - Customize your Stream experience with Themes: dark or light (free), gold, blue neon, or emojis world (in-app purchases) - Schedule your audio stop with the Sleep Timer: 5 min before bedtime or 10 min break? Stream will automatically stop when needed. - Battery Saver: automatically reduces the brightness. PLEASE NOTE - Stream is a third party audio streaming gamester app, not a downloader. It does not allow to listen to your own mp3. All the content is provided by YouTube services. Therefore, Stream does not have direct control over the content displayed. - Please avail the following site to report any content that may infrige copyrights: - Stream is not a mp3 downloader - You can stream and listen to limitless melodies but will not be able to download them. - According to YouTube's policy of Use, we are not allowed to display clips when in lock screen, nor to permit you download songs. - By using Stream, you agree to be bound by the YouTube policy of Service: PERMISSIONS INFORMATION You will be asked to authorize two accesses within the app: - one to allow Stream to modify the brightness of your gadget (for the Battery Saver) - one to enable the floating popup player ABOUT US: - track us on Facebook: If you are experiencing any troubles or have comments and suggestions please reach us at [email protected], we will do our exquisite to rescue you!



David J  12-10-2020
idea better than Youtube, no adverts , straight to use, good design, straight to initiate playlists and I love how you just press the heart and the melody is added to your playlist. Absolutely love it and instruct it.


Ian Francis  12-10-2020
Flexible and thoughtful details


jimmar rivas  12-10-2020


Selena Rodríguez  12-10-2020
Really excellent edition


Djin Aizawa  12-9-2020
good dudeeee hahahaha


Atari  12-9-2020
It's one of the exquisite YouTube stream audio gamesters out there.


Leila Faiz  12-9-2020


Gift Buthelezi  12-9-2020
It wonderful edition


Lin Alex  12-9-2020


malith perera  12-8-2020
gratuitous audio P


isabel_ sscookie  12-8-2020
I desire to add stuff for my vids but no I can't gain one melodies on my vids


Angie Wheeler  12-7-2020
I like


Ginger Newell  12-7-2020
The exquisite 24 7.


james Frazier  12-6-2020


Kritsana Pongpotong  12-6-2020


walengamina abwe  12-6-2020
It's really excellent to listen to audio


Youssf Abdullah  12-6-2020
really usefull wjile on edition


Mandy Robinson  12-6-2020
Love it!!!


A.H Gani  12-6-2020


Mar Quiring  12-5-2020


Alejandro Rodriguez  12-5-2020
Love it all You desire to hear is all in this product all melodies ideal ..


Zowie Mullins  12-5-2020
fantastic stuff


Nellie Woods  12-5-2020
My beloved audio edition


Rasheedah Davis  12-5-2020
Still beautiful good...luv it.... Pls don't change anything...opt questions below....all excellent thank u for this app.....🔱Akti🔱


Shubham Jagtap  12-5-2020


Aldi Mulia  12-5-2020
annoying pop up adverts


Michael Holliday  12-5-2020
excellent stuff extremely serviceable to have in the background


Shagi Perez  12-5-2020


Marcus Philhower  12-5-2020


Mario Madrigal Jr  12-5-2020
So far so good... I'm a fan!!!


Mary Michelle  12-4-2020
Decent app, just too dozens ads, it repeats songs, I check to skip to next melody and another ad pops up. I'll delete once I discover something else to avail


Merry Habte  12-4-2020
extremely excellent editions


Warlita Dique  12-4-2020
Love it


Adam Hadaller  12-4-2020


Vernard Smith  12-3-2020


Desiree Gomez  12-3-2020
My go to, i lovee it :)


Alnius Cabasal  12-3-2020
its the best!<3


Josie Blane  12-3-2020
amazing! hardly any adverts , all the melodies i desire including underground melodies which spotify and other famed audio editions dont include , ability to run in background and also initiate queues of whatever melodies in whatever order you desire without even having to pay a penny. changed my life!


Nichole Massey  12-3-2020
Plays clearly with no complications and you can examine your playlists from youtube and its entirely gratuitous I love the edition and could highly instruct anyone to download the edition enjoy.😂


Jen Eh  12-2-2020
love it, can import youtube playlists


Diandre Spatessr  12-2-2020


Elena Dasalla  12-2-2020


Saint Neal  12-1-2020
Helps with being able to write/work on my audio and be able to go back and jam some of my favorites hits


Habibur Rahman Mukul  12-1-2020


mubashir haroon  12-1-2020
its a really excellent app,i love how they got productive and i can run releases as well while listen to my supporter melodies and tik toc songs!


Tik Toker  11-30-2020
Iwant grow my account


Muhamad Rifa'i  11-30-2020


Domenica Rodrigues  11-30-2020
Love it😍😘😗 download it now


Hijaab Hijaab  11-30-2020
This is exquisite


Sabrina Mohammed  11-29-2020


T Faith  11-29-2020
I used to love this app, now its just too annoying. An ad plays each other melody and some of them are 30 seconds which is ridiculous. At this point, might as well gain YouTube back.


Rue Lutea  11-29-2020
Been using this edition for years


Gerardas Usevicius  11-29-2020
exquisite edition ever to listen audio but could be a bit better if the thing wouldn't be there but still okay.


Michael Haraeb  11-28-2020
brilliant edition ever guys, maintain it up.


Madieu Timbo  11-28-2020


Fiona Duggan  11-28-2020
If u desire youtube backrond audio on ur phone/tablet/etc this is the edition for u! U can watch live/music and more! This edition is a 5 for me! U can check it out for urself! I hope u like it! (Its the exquisite youtube backrond for audio, its a 11/10 for the quality,) have a fantastic day :)


Charlie F.  11-28-2020


Panji Sumirat  11-28-2020
excelent edition


Spectrum Genesis  11-28-2020
Honestly the exquisite audio edition I've ever used.


미소_btessam  11-28-2020



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