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Release date: Jun 3, 2019App Rating: 3
Author: Food Lion, LLCCategory: shopping
Name: Food Lion To GoExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Time is money – save both with eats Lion To-Go! Browse 1000s of applications you love from your regional eats Lion shop at the same low prices you count on. Simply schedule to receive your groceries for pickup at the shop or delivery right to your home. Then place the order and we’ll do the shopping – getting fresh, affordable groceries has never been easier! - It’s straight to uncover your beloved grocery elements or browse by department - View additional application details, photos, and nutritional information - Enjoy MVP pricing on elements you and your family love most - readily reorder your beloved elements any time you need them



Sharon Howell  12-3-2020
I loved the edition when it works but the newest few times I have tried to avail it I can't gain it to open. I gain a image that says "still cooking please wait"


Shawn Miller  12-3-2020
My bill came to around 131 after taxes and the 1.99 fee. I got a comfirmation mail showing the same price. However,... my bank was debited 155. No where was there anything said the price could go 25 dollars higher. And before foodlion blames instacart. THEY chose them to handle the middleman spot. In my mind foodlion lied to me. They must refund the overcharge and then handle the trouble with THEIR business partner. I did business with foodlion not instacart. Foodlion took my money.


Suzanne Wrenn  11-28-2020
Tried to download mobile edition on my phone, could never open. Google / run acknowledged eats Lion edition as being installed on phone. Read other reviews posted by other customers. November 2020 reviews were the same troubles I also had.


Councilor Brenda S. Pelham  11-28-2020
Okay but I thought this was digital coupons to avail in the shop while you're shopping in the shop in person. So Uninstaller


Cindy Hall  11-28-2020
I love 💖 it.


Chris Graham  11-27-2020
edition is intractable to gain around in and you can't edit or add anything to the cart once you place the order and it can't be used to try in at the shop I can go in and gain my stuff in the time it takes to avail the edition


frances bryson  11-24-2020


Kedra Farlow  11-23-2020
Useless for me since I have to avail eats profits due to the fact that I am disabled. Can't even store ahead for pickups. Only if you have credit cards.


Sammi Solmonson  11-22-2020
I can literally never approve or disapprove exchanges when the shopper needs to switch elements for me. This results in me not getting elements I needed and having to execute a journey to the shop anyways.


carol mccowan  11-21-2020
For the most part the delivery person do ✔️ dates on elements and is acceptable.


Tammy Drosick  11-21-2020
I go across the process of ordering groceries...through the app. Just to be told to sign in, I'm in my app, why doesn't that automatically sign me in? Whatever, I sign in (or attempt to) only to discover out I do not know either my usufructuary name or password...long tale short finally got signed in my cart is empty. Screw this app. Oh and BTW the password requirement is more involved than my bank's 🙄


Carol Barwick  11-21-2020
I desire to love this app, but I can't. The one time I used it was value the aggravation of the inadequate uncover feature, but it won't permit me log in to place a 2nd order. It says password is incorrect, even though I know it isn't. It won't send an mail when I pick forgot password. I tried making a recent account. It won't take the verification code. I have uninstalled & reinstalled several times. Didn't help. Delivery fee is reasonable, but fee to deliver out to automobile is too high. Walmart is free.


Jeff Demarais  11-20-2020
edition is now useless to me as I actually go to the shop to choose my own groceries out. No sale add now on the edition I would see.


Kacie Hughes  11-20-2020
To-go edition is improving but...a fee? Really? Even Dollar General doesn't do that afaik. Mom says she's having troubles placing an order at all.


Parker Mozingo  11-11-2020
This is the 2nd time I've been over charged bc after checking out, the advertised discounts are no longer applied to my account. I was told by eats Lion client service (after holding for 40 minutes to gain a veritable person) that the problem was not eats Lion, it was InstaCart. I then talked with InstaCart, who said the trouble was with eats Lion. There is no accountability for the $40 overage charged to my card. I spend a lot of money to feed a family of 6, but will be taking it elsewhere.


Scarlett Dennany  11-3-2020
fantastic variants !


Toya Larrymore  11-3-2020
Like it so far and excellent quality .


Janet Hawkins  10-26-2020
How do u access digital coupons?


teri gargan  10-24-2020
Set up on smartphone but cant log into on any other gadget wrong mojo


Jennifer Stegall  10-21-2020
Never worked for us


Mari Co  10-20-2020
I can understand charging for delivery, but for pickup??? Ridiculous, just order from Walmart where pickup is free!


Penny May  10-14-2020
They communicated with my as they were pulling my order, and delivery was expedient


Tina Osborne  10-8-2020
edition needs fixing. The only motive I place an order is because I don't have time to go to the shop sometimes. So after placing my order someone from eats lion is asking to substitute elements across text the whole time, I mines as well go there myself if I have to stay by my smartphone to execute each choice. But the exquisite part is most the time I'll ask for another company and they don't even have it in stock. Hopefully these will gain repaired


William Wudarczyk  10-4-2020


hartz7 Hart  10-4-2020
I cant gain your AP to even load . Walmarts starts up immediately. What's incorrect ? I was going to check it again. No luck.


Calvin Langley  9-25-2020
I have just looked at the editions and it is extremely good for a person like me a senior person,it,s a blessing to have such a ery fantastic shop for eats like eats Lion. Yours Truly, Caley Babe.


Melinda Rosica  9-25-2020
So tons easier than going to the shop in person.


CJ  9-21-2020
This edition was good. But it stopped working. It just will not load. I ensured the edition was upgraded but it did not help. I have uninstalled and am reinstalling. I hope that works.


James Turner  9-17-2020
excellent edition thus far


Shawn Newton  9-16-2020
I love eats line to go


Lisa Fisher  9-15-2020
Like the other editions you have developed this one don't work either. I put in my zip code it said no shops were found. We have a excellent lion. Then l put canned pumpkin in the uncover bar and it had hundreds to show. None of which was pumpkin. Waste of time. Quite doing all this mess and lower prices and you will get more business.


Jennifer LaRocco  9-12-2020
Doesn't load...


vicki bouton  9-11-2020


Anne Slusher  9-1-2020
This was awesome. So convenient. Staff was awesome. I will do this again.


Angie Parker  8-29-2020
Terrible, they charge a fee to pickup. I'm staying with Walmart pickup


L C  8-28-2020
The edition keeps freezing up. I had 45 elements in my cart and they disappeared. You are unable to enlarge an element to really gain a excellent look at the product. A description is not given for every item.


Tabitha Briggs  8-25-2020
Will not load page when I arrive for pickup and I have to call the stores, which never respond the smartphone in a timely manner. Card process errors occur frequently. Out of our 4 cards, only 1 card it will actually process now, which is frustrating.


Julia Avalos  8-24-2020
No EBT option. Wish it had the option to pay with it. It will execute my life easier to avoid going to the shop with little ones. Also edition is slow and a little complicated to navigate. Maybe needs an upgrade


Anjelica Estrella  8-24-2020
Out of all of the grocery shop shopping editions I have used, eats Lion is the best. That doesn't mean it is perfect. There are some glitches like my shop coupons and credits will not load in the checkout, however, I am still able to avail them when I go to the shop without problems. The low prices you discover in the shop are attainable here and you can even rack up on those credits I mentioned earlier. I was extremely thankful to save a bit of time and money with this app!


Human Person  8-16-2020
The links sent by the picker are supposed to exhibit what has been substituted. They don't work.. elements dont have a field for instructions!!! We should be able to state preferences such as, "the greenest ones" or "no substitute" or "if they are all tool I don't desire any". See the Instacart edition for a better model.


NoKe Warriors  8-16-2020
uncover doesn't work well. I had to do several searches to discover Diet Pepsi in 6-pack bottles, and also ended up having to uncover by the flavor of yogurt I desired because it didn't come up when I entered the company name. It also allowed me to select elements that were not in stock so there were several substitutions and 2 elements that I just didn't get. Now I have to go to the shop myself so it was a finish waste of time. Also, the links in the texts don't work.


James Collier  8-15-2020
could rate zero stars if I could. Password requirements are totally too complicated, and cannot log in with the same password I just reset 5 minutes ago. major menu SPECIFICALLY STATES "*RESERVE* A TIME SLOT", then that menu says "PREVIEW", and that you can only select a time slot at checkout. totally too ridiculously complicated. Whoever designed this edition needs to go back to school.


Maria Feisner  8-13-2020
excellent shopping for families.


Susan Driggers  8-11-2020
I avail the "Food Lion to Go" edition for grocery pickup orders, it's free; and the address is close to home. They whenever start working on my order right away and it's ready for pickup idea before the two hours promised. eats Lion has dozens of the same applications Walmart has at the same or lower prices. I liked eats Lion's service when I used them on Instacart; but the "Food Lion to Go" edition doesn't charge the $1.99 pickup fee that Instacart charged.


Katrina Gabbert  8-7-2020
This is absolutely wonderful, with this store -n-go you stay in touch with the individual that is getting your order. As they are picking your groceries, how wonderful is that, I am disabled and this is a blessing for someone in my condition. This is so amazing and straight to use, I love it.


Gina Flowers  7-30-2020
It is very slow. Ive had to reorder twice due to timing out


Barbara Meadows  7-27-2020
Love it


Travis Humphrey  7-26-2020
Needs work


Christina Cantrell  7-24-2020
edition does not allow you to avail eats lion donation cards.


Bryan Kirkman  7-21-2020
The edition is buggy. Inconsistent speed of interface. It consistently hangs with a "spinning wheel of wait" trying to confirm payment. Going in and out if the edition multiple times is frustrating. Doesn't seem to be consitent with smartphones either.


gail sanders  7-17-2020
It stinks! idea too intractable to use.


misturr whispurr  7-12-2020
This is supposed to be convenient? It was a nightmare. I ordered 40 dollars value of eats and we were missing several elements from our order. I put that I could take substitutions. No substitutions were given. I called a place and they said I had to come gain the refund. It is like 101 degrees outside. That's extremely convenient to send me again to gain a refund on their screwup! And I got no apologies.


Willie J. Mc Cormick  7-11-2020
Dont understance


James D Hill  7-3-2020
excellent safe on eats


Charles Albury  7-1-2020
Can't discover my regional eats Lion. It keeps coming back with a extremely long list of stores. Don't expect me to look across a list of each eats Lion in the country to discover the one 2 miles from me. This edition is the slowest, klunkiest edition I've ever seen. should have been developed by the guy who brings the carts in.


Michele Hedrick  6-17-2020
Its okay, but porn showed up.I know, goodness well, this wasnt me.


Devan Harris  6-16-2020
Not only is the edition incredibly slow and difficult to navigate, but after the first few uses I became unable to order anything. each single time I'd check to order it could talk me there was an error processing the card with any card I used even if it worked everywhere else perfectly fine. This has been an trouble for two months now and there's no where readily visible on the edition to reach a person about problems.


Dana Norris  6-15-2020
Works beautiful excellent


Nathan Sewell  6-13-2020
extremely excellent edition and I love the store. Even better that since the times.we are in I cant be house right now so I can gain groceries ordered for my wife and she can gain them instead of having to shop.


William Paradis  6-11-2020
Your fuquay varina , shop is 11.9 miles from my home and NO shop listed! Your Lillington shop is 13mi from my address and that shop isn't listed. gain your act together!


Brian Harrison  6-7-2020
dont use, connected to instacart and edition stuck several times, then order was delivered fine, but next day a 2nde order was delivered and left on doorstep for 3 hours., everything duplicated, and now afraid milk , dairy and meat are bad, 80-degree weather, and duplicated charge on my card on a tight budget. ridiculous seems like they shoudl review mulitple order within 24 hours.


kristie pseventy  6-6-2020
It won't even open. Don't waste your time with this slug of an app.


Heather Vee  5-26-2020
Will take your money whether the groceries are in stock or not. They took out $150, when my total was $111. Never got momy money back. Won't avail again.


Darnell Anderson  5-25-2020
Can excellent thnk


Jennifer Spilker  5-21-2020
This edition is awful. It's fully NOT usufructuary friendly. You're supposed to be able to pick a pickup time, but it absolutely won't. It tries to talk me a time, rather than letting me choose. I've tried dozens times & no change. client service told me to uninstall & reinstall, but no change.


Cathy Snyder  5-12-2020
Too dozens bugs! Can never gain order across even weeks at a time.


robert cline  5-8-2020
It seems choose up isn't attainable at my regional store. I looked at the map and noticed that there's a lot of stories missing. It's no surprise that those shops happen to be in low income/high minority areas. I'm close enough to stroll to the closest shop but if I desire to order for choose up I have to drive about 5 miles to avail that service. Thanks for nothing eats Liar.


Robin Kaye  5-6-2020
great Experience with TO GO pickup. straight edition to navigate, speedy texting from my "picker" when she made a substitution, which I allowed. fantastic fantastic service. I'm spoiled now! Update: I've used them about 6 times now. The shop I have been using is in Banner Elk, NC and they are doing a REALLY fantastic job. I am so appreciative to have this service during Covid-19. The edition is smooth and extremely straight to use, p.s. I am using an ancient smartphones smartphone for my ordering and zero problems. Love it!


Sharon Roseboro  5-6-2020
Thanks you


Cindy Hall  5-5-2020
I love it.


Dorothy Mullins  5-4-2020
This edition didnt have my reg shop on it 😩


Dee Marshburn  5-2-2020
The pages need some work. More organized.


Tiara Reed  5-1-2020
Just put over 34 elements in my cart just to have it freeze and close. I lost my entire order. Tried to do it again and now I can't even select anything.


Saturn T  4-27-2020
Shoppers Beware! I used the eats Lion edition for the first time today. When my groceries were picked up minus several items, my total due was $174.00 When I checked my bank account I was horrified to find that eats Lion had charged my card $295.00. I was given a number to call which was answered by someone in another country who barely spoke english, and told me that I could gain my money back in 10 business days. BEWARE! OF eats LION!


Eileen Hales  4-26-2020
Cant gain only part of my ordet in


Kathy McKay  4-26-2020
Have spent time placing orders and then dont have any choose up time pot IP ons .. only shows two days out. Frustrating to spend time and then can't gain order. must give more date options. I Know that your occupied w virus troubles but .....tired of trying.


Brenda Goens Taylor  4-25-2020
shop employees helpful, patient! This edition has to be busy, tons needed! Takes time to gain it geared to our needs! We're not the only customer, relax! We're often too anxious! The system will offer tons in the future for many! Time, takes time! Thanks for being there! We need alternate services! Stay safe!


Rachel Edwards  4-24-2020
meager unable to gain my order in due to password.keep putting in recent password will not take.


Shanitra Johnson  4-24-2020
This edition won't permit me place my order repair it please! Thank you


Jennie Cox  4-20-2020
I love neighborhood shopping. Most of the larger shops are just to large and they don't have the sales that eats Lion has.


Alan Wells  4-18-2020
Disappointed that i was requisite to wait 5 days before being informed that the elements selected were out of stock. I have uninstalled the app.


Dorothy Hiatt  4-17-2020
I am so unhappy I have got eats from you over 40 years and ordered on line after weeks not buying to aid everyone then when I gain low on things you category out no attainable time slots I am your regular client text me and I will order .


gwen wong  4-16-2020
I have tried to avail this edition on 4 diverse events 3 times I couldn't sign in declaring name, password and card# was wrong or not valid. After sending in a complaint I got a mail to call their 800 number ,well all I got was a recording declaring to call later. After 4 days of this I was finally able to sign in and shop. Then when I tried to pay it could not accept my credit card or my debit card so now I just pay whoever I can and pay them to store for me ,when I can discover someone. disappointed


MadDogg Twentytwenty  4-15-2020


Tagonn's Let's Plays  4-15-2020
fantastic edition


Betty Kallam  4-14-2020
good service.


WF  4-12-2020
Absolutely had a opportunity to do something fantastic with covid but entirely missed the mark. The interface with instacart flat doesn't work. The pickup times selection option works one out of FORTY times. If your shopper refunds and asks you to review, instacart doesn't load, so you can't review the item. It lags terribly (maybe traffic volume, but), and you can't set a house shop so you constantly have to uncover for the shop you'd avail anyway. excellent idea...F in veritable world application.


james Saunders  4-11-2020
They dont bring all your eats and then you cannot reach anyone..


Deane Phelps  4-9-2020
Won't open!


r Rxtechabd  4-9-2020
Little selection and they dont do pickup or delivery anywhere near me yet this is the shop I store nearly each other day


Nancy Mueller  4-8-2020
As a senior citizen trying to avoid COVID-19, I desired this to work. I figured out how to gain into the shopping part, which had no clear sequence or instructions, shopping was great. 0nce I completed it gave me a projected pickup time, then said they had no pickup times available, try back later. I understand they are dealing with high demand but the communication was confusing and frustrating. I have checked back repeatedly. There is no possibility of getting a human onthe shop phone.


Steven Outen  4-7-2020
A few problems with this app. The most annoying is the pickup time selection. Gives you nearly no selection and when it does it's only about a one day window. The allow substitutions choice is clunky as well. Work on these problems to start with and please don't execute me go back to large W. Update: After another attempt and further frustration I'm taking away one star. Please, developer, repair this app!


Jackie Carranco  4-5-2020
This edition takes forever to load and return to the former page. Thanks but no thanks.


Shannon M.  4-5-2020
This edition is horrible! It frequently times out. You can't add your MVP number to gain deals. You can barely sign in. If I would give it less stars I would.


Amber Lee  4-3-2020
I'm delighted to aid eats lion even though the groceries are over priced, but the edition doesn't work efficiently and right now that's a little necessary...


Jane Hogg  4-3-2020
Uninstalled this. Doesn't do me tons excellent if delivery isn't attainable for my zip code. The edition description must note that it's not attainable for all shops


Jessica Maleckar  4-2-2020
Uninstalled within 5 minutes of install bc a failure to load or open. What the heck???


tamika wood  4-1-2020
Tired of changing my damn password. Deleted the app. Sad😔😔😔😔


Karen Bincarousky  4-1-2020
domain not up to par. Took 40 minutes to gain to the place order button. Promo code? What promo code? Never asked for VIP number. What's up?


Sarah Walls  3-31-2020
Grate shop excellent neighborhood shop


Tom Turner  3-31-2020
extremely disappointing. I typed in for a certain element and got something else. For example, typed in canned cat eats and it showed me all canned vegetables.


Gloria Minton  3-28-2020
edition doesn't recognize our mail location or password. extremely frustrating.


Barbara Maines  3-27-2020
fantastic eats delivery of eats on time and latest


Jose A. Martinez  3-27-2020
I don't like the fact that when you actually desire to order the eats it opens my google chrome. If that was the case I might as well searched the edition on google from the start and kept from using up spot on this edition on my phone.


Grayson B.  3-26-2020
fantastic app!!!


dianna bromaghim  3-25-2020
Can't gain thru to eats to go, been waiting 29 min on line ,, !them call was dropped !!!


Curt Leblanc  3-25-2020


Richard Howle  3-20-2020
It SUCKS!! I have a cart full, remittance set up for my credit card and the stoopid thing will NOT permit me try out. Refuses to take the transaction.Little box in the bottom that says "place order" stays greyed out... refuses to turn blue and TAKE MY DAMNED MONEY!!!


Jamie Neri  3-19-2020
My first time using this edition and i did not gain my order at all tonight. I do not reccomend this edition to anyone at all.


Judy Barefoot cameron  3-19-2020


New ErA  3-17-2020
Highway robbery theyll take your money but wont execute sure you gain what you desire but desire to charge crazy numbers fools...never order online they dont care after the take your money


Jessica A. Weiss  3-15-2020
Nothing for regional store. Need more eats Lions to participate if they desire to compete with Walmart pickup.


Teresa Hicks  3-12-2020
downloaded the edition ordered my eats and it said i cant gain my delivery until F riday.Also they only had three shops that offer the service .They are behind and can not meet their clients needs.


Luanne Nicks  3-12-2020
Couldn't gain there


Aly Lanette  3-10-2020
This edition sucks.


Richard Evans  3-7-2020
I am so tired of services like this. I go to the shop and idle dependents are sitting in their automobiles getting groceries. Well normal dependents are inside interacting and shopping. Not to mention it takes up serviceable spaces for dependents who are handicap. I'm not declaring a service shouldn't be attainable for those who are unable to drive to the store. Grocery shops must supply regional delivery for the infirmed.


Monica Fabela  3-5-2020
good shop


Marc Casedonte  2-27-2020
Really Foodlion? Charging for pickup? Really? Well that isnt going to fly.


Miguel Angel Rivera  2-11-2020
eats Lion on road 21 and regent pwy doesn't exhibit


Allison Hilbert  1-10-2020
I love this! I have a disease that makes physically shopping impossible some days. This service has been invaluable.


Sandie Kay  12-29-2019
Amazing!!! The edition works great, my groceries are whenever latest and top quality and the staff at my regional eats lion are very practical and extremely fast!!


Amy Linkous  12-29-2019
Will not permit me enter any news in my profile


Christian Forlines  12-28-2019
Share List function does not work


Trivia P.  12-28-2019
I would never gain the order to go through. client service couldn't gain it to go across either. Uninstalling this app.



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