Android Version: 4.4App: FNF Battle Flippy vs Pico Mod
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How To run Flippy vs Pico? Just tap the arrow when they perfectly match to gain the highest score. Feel the great funkin rhythm. stone the beat. And, you better must beat Pico as soon as possible to defend your Girlfriend with his unbelievable power. Because of unforgettable memories, he can’t forgive her. Flippy (or also known as Fliqpy, the evil side) is the major character that appears in the Friday Night Funkin' Mod VS Flippy. It is a absolute week with 5 songs. Flippy originally appeared in delighted Tree Friends, an internet series created by MondoMedia, known for its lovely characters suffering grotesque and terrible deaths; some that are caused by Flippy himself. Flippy is outgoing and friendly to others. However, when certain sounds or stressors happen, he has PTSD episodes from back in the conflict (Gunshots, Fire, Planes Or Anything associated To War). This causes him to become Fliqpy (his turbulent side and alter ego) and kills all those that are around him in unimaginable ways. DISCLAIMER: Unofficial friday night funkin mod complies with the United States copyright law "fair use." All content and all copyrights in this friday night funkin release are owned by copyright holder. If we violate copyright, permit us know and we will forthwith delete them. Enjoy FNF Flippy vs Pico Mod



Dark tanjiro  7-19-2021
Fake style I hate this It doesn't even sound like a flippy style



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