Android Version: 4.0.3App: Flashnote Derby- music notes!
Release date: Sep 19, 2013App Rating: 3
Author: Apps by Mr. B.Category: family
Name: Flashnote Derby- music notes!Extension: Apk
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The top ranked audio note flashcard release for iOS is now attainable for Android! • pick exactly the notes you need to practice • Treble, Bass, Alto, and Tenor clefs! • respond using letter names (C, D, E), solfege (Do, Re, Mi) or piano keys. • Up to five ledger lines above or below the staff • Over a dozen clips to rescue you learn Forget about boring audio note flashcards. Flashnote Derby is the enjoyment idea for babes to study audio notes and practice memorizing them. Learning to read audio is key to laying the groundwork for future success. Flashnote Derby actually makes this enjoyable and helps students stay motivated in their audio studies. Each race is a audio drill in which you identify diverse notes as they appear on every flashcard. Answering quickly and correctly will cause your horse to get ground, while wrong answers will cause you to fall behind. At the end of every race, you can review the notes you missed and see the proper answers. The release is completely customizable to allow for any wanted notes in the treble clef or bass clef to be included. You select exactly which notes are drilled so it's straight to concentrate on particular areas that need work. The quantity of time the given for every audio flashcard can be increased or decreased depending upon their age and experience. Drills can start out simply, with only a handful of notes used, and gradually be made more challenging until the absolute staff is mastered (up to five ledger lines above or below the staff.) The more difficult the settings, the more points are awarded. The 'high score' is tracked so that gamesters whenever have a goal to strive for. As a bonus, over a dozen instructional clip lessons are readily achievable from right inside the app! Even infants with no prior audio recommendation or note reading experience can start using Flashnote Derby right away to begin learning about the audio alphabet, the staff, and how to identify diverse notes. Because it can be set up so quickly, Flashnote Derby provides a ideal motivational soft for audio teachers to avail with students, even for just a minute or two of every lesson. Sometimes it takes only a little extra effort to execute the difference between triumph and failure. Piano students, band and orchestra students, singers, guitar players- this is the edition for you! Download Flashnote Derby and study to read audio today! Have a question or suggestion for Flashnote Derby? Visit to leave opinions and gain a speedy response from me!



Gregor Bruhin  3-23-2021
Has not the details the ios version has, do not buy!


Linda Carter  11-17-2020
expert a few or all notes at once. Adjustable. Short and engaging.


Jane Barton  11-3-2020
A amazing concept BUT I have a Samsung S9 and the edition says it was built for an older system - it did offer me a refund. I need to be able to avail the trait whereby I can send pupils the notes they need to practise. It is also a pity that Apple applications have more features. As this is a teaching app, it could be practical for teachers who have smartphones and their pupils who have Apple (or vice versa) to have exactly the same edition and EVEN more necessary due to remote learning in lockdown.


Carol Williams  5-15-2020
It's great, my students love it


Christian Whyte  4-16-2020
It's so straight and boring


S Ramanujam Naidu  3-3-2020
Please supply equal functionality in the smartphones version. It is not proper to supply more details on a ios version. Are there any developer roadblocks you are facing while coding the smartphones version?


Andi Allan  2-16-2020
Useless compared to the iOS version; I bought this after using it in a cello lesson - having it call out notes and then run them was a really handy exercise, particularly with random keys and accidentals. The smartphones version seems to have around 10% of the features.


Nathalia Rasman  2-12-2020
Why do we have to pay but i like it


SilverStar  10-24-2019
I was asked to purchase this ap by my daughter's piano teacher. Not enough of the keyboard shows to correctly respond the notes. We can not connect to her teacher because we do not avail Apple applications and she does. There are other variants on Apple products. We do not avail apple products. When the ap is upgraded to work the same on smartphones as Apple I will change my review.


Sora Kim-Johnson  1-9-2019
The edition is fine, but there are so dozens more details that they haven't gotten for smartphones users. My 7 yo daughter saw that there was a unicorn version that we can't gain on our android. She's been bitter ever since. Please undate for smartphones testers too!!! Please!!


Jen Cassity  1-4-2019
I loved this edition and was so delighted with it until I just had a look at the apple version. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! Why is there such a difference? I feel cheated! Please gain those functions attainable for Android! Especially the microphone function, where you can run notes on an actual piano. Please please please!


Susan Bailey  12-21-2018
Like the recent version with more notes and clefs but sometimes freezes my smartphone and I have to remove battery to reboot. smartphones on Sony Xperia. Still no reindeer on android?


A Google user  12-2-2018
Without a listen mode, this edition is useless. Overall feel of the edition is summed up with one word: cheap!


Amaree Matthews  11-9-2018
I guess they never upgrade the smartphones version. Too bad. The iOS version has a lot more features.


A Google user  3-5-2017
except I just can't discover it, it doesn't have the listen style like the ios version...


ash cain  10-7-2016
This release helps u with the fundamentals of learning your notes


Clare Hodgkin  9-25-2016
fantastic starter activity for the early years. could love to see optional extra notes eg more Leger line notes, crotchets and alto/tenor clefs. My daughter has used this for open strings on cello. I was recommending for a buddy learning the violin and realised you can't gain G3 in the treble clef which is the lowest open string. Also i could change the "booing" sound for a incorrect answer... a bit harsh!


Ivica Ložić  5-4-2016
It's the fundamental note reading edition for kids, helps for beginners...


Danielle Woodbury  4-13-2016
This edition makes flashcards a lot more fun. Super speedy opinions and changes on a bug fix! Thanks!


Weiyan Lai  2-11-2016
whenever Freezing


Yawd Man  2-5-2016
So far so good; I love the idea flashnotes just lay everything out for you.


barry mccormick  2-1-2016
extremely annoying app. Freezes on my Samsung s5. Waste of time.


Paris Jones  11-20-2015
It doesn't teach you trombone notes


VM AK  11-20-2015
I can't avail any option after installation waste of money REFUND MY MONEY


Erin Winchell  9-22-2015
edition crashes forthwith after loading


Niamh Francis  8-16-2015
I'm using a Lenovo S8-50 tablet, running KitKat 4.4.2. release freezes when playing. I set it to treble clef spaces only and the release stopped after a few notes. Tried again and the release froze near the end as the clapping sound outcome started. Both times the background sound kept going as if the release was still playing but the animation stopped and the note wouldn't change to a recent one. It's a shame because it'd be more enjoyment for my students than plain ancient flashcards. Edit: dropped to 1 star due to no fix.


Rebecca Bucurel  8-13-2015
fantastic game!


Bernadette Letchford  3-11-2015
I really desired to install this edition but it can't install!!!!!!!!:-(


Kim Davis  3-3-2015
fantastic app.


David Yerke  2-19-2015
babes seem to like the program. readily configured to work particular notes or note ranges. A worthwhile addition to the smartphones platform.


Bhaskar Sengupta  12-21-2014
FC a an da m fa a what quern


Geraldine Mitchell  11-14-2014
Tried a lot of editions on learning notes on staff.. So far I found this is the exquisite one out there


Brad Bradish  10-24-2014
I love this edition when it works. It is almost perfect. However it crashes and glitches all the time. My daughter is so frustrated that she won't run it anymore. Please repair it!


V Fitzgerald  10-11-2014
I keeps freezing on both my smartphones devices.....frustrating


Natalie Ten Brink  10-10-2014
I am right in the center with this one. The release is enjoyment and my piano babes light up when they gain to run it, but it does freeze. It gets a little frustrating to maintain backing out or reopening the release just so my student can run a couple rounds. I'm keeping it at this point only because it is fun....when it works.


Sarah Arneson  9-12-2014
I love the app. It is a fantastic soft for learning note names. But, it keeps getting stuck on my smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


Alicia Lucoski  9-11-2014
Its challening


DeMarus D.  9-2-2014
excellent idea for my babe to study but it gets stuck a lot please repair glitches!


Eva Martin  8-29-2014
Total waste of $s. fantastic idea, but hangs after the second note. extremely discouraging. Not working, must never have been released. Galaxy Note 3


Sherri Medlin  8-16-2014
Recently the graphics freeze and the release won't permit you input answers. My son needs this for piano lessons and it's extremely disappointing for a release we paid for. Is there a patch update?


For His Glory  8-5-2014
I love the game. We have it for the kindle and it works great. But on my smartphone it freezes and glitches all the time.


Heidi Cheung  7-28-2014
Freezes after the first note. each time. Waste of money.


Teddy Pashikov  7-14-2014
It gets stuck and is slow to react to the touch. Otherwise a fantastic idea to study the notes or practice for a infant or an adult.


Wallace Smith  6-3-2014


Karl Theman  6-3-2014
I tried disabling the sounds as suggested in one comment but it still freezes all the time. I am running this on a Samsung note 3.


Susi Kingsbury  6-3-2014
Was excellent but after newest upgrade constantly freezes after a few notes. Turning off sound helps a bit but not much. Running on an Xperia z cellphone Please fix!


Dave Clark  5-12-2014
As others are reporting it crashes. I desire a refund...


Chris Jaeger  5-6-2014
Nexus 5. smartphones 4.4.2. Hangs during race.


rachael Hamilton  5-5-2014
I just downloaded recent update and it keeps freezing and failing. Please repair speedy cause my students will really miss this game. Haven't been able to check out all the recent stuff but it sounds great. I'm on a nexus 5.


James Shurte  5-3-2014
Crashes. desire my money back.


Elyse Napoli  4-7-2014
I teach piano and violin and the babes love this game. Its just enough of a challenge. You can customize the notes they play.


new account new account  1-26-2014
My piano teacher told me to gain this it is really good!



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