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Fit! is a fitness community connecting the exquisite fitness trainers in the world with dependents looking to ameliorate their health. The edition provides enjoyment and gratuitous fitness challenges, coaching and training from top trainers and is the #1 trusted fitness edition recommended by elite Los Angeles-based trainers. β€”β€”β€” Fit! Premium: Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions renew automatically except canceled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription. Any unused portion of a gratuitous trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase an additional subscription during that period. You can manage your subscription in iTunes Account Settings. β€”β€”β€” Subscription durations: 1 Month 12 Months β€”β€”β€” Learn more at Terms of Use: Privacy Policy



Paco Soto florido  12-9-2020
The experience with the edition is satisfactory.


Leah Scully  12-9-2020
clips on auto replay, workout recommendations on separate clip from the workout routine


Dee_everything_man  12-9-2020
I have been cali for nearly an year at my own pace . This defination pushed the limita . Moved me out of conveniences zone. I was looking for this


Daniel Aichberger  12-9-2020
During the one month of avail the edition used up 19GB of data. Apparently the edition downloads the workout clips everytime you avail it instead of just saving them on your phone. That's fully unreasonable and I didn't discover out until I got my smartphone bill, which has trippled now. I'm really disappointed and won't be using the edition anymore except they change something about that.


Adonai Mulugeta  12-8-2020
The edition doesn't work


Shane Gilligan  12-8-2020
1st lesson, fantastic programming, on the way!


Karl Baldwin  12-7-2020
Had the edition for a while and maintain coming back.


Ramiro Sanchez  12-7-2020
fantastic simple sets


Yogesh Kodkani  12-7-2020
Lovely. extremely considerate while getting the exquisite out of you


Lion River  12-6-2020


Todd Wells  12-5-2020
fantastic tutorials and straight to follow. It's helping me build a severe foundation! Thanks!!!


ricardo Roestenburg  12-5-2020
fantastic content!


Milestone Property Management  12-5-2020
Just started the program, but so far so good.


Wendell Moore  12-5-2020
fantastic first wo. I'm 61 and needed to start focusing on handing my own body weight.


Jim Moyles  12-2-2020
After the first session this auld guy feels motivated! πŸ™‚


Hani Salloum  12-2-2020
I love this app, have been using it for a while now, doing Simon's program. This edition helped me a lot with my training and trick clips are straight to access.


abel leal  12-2-2020
straight to use.


FernΓ£o Morato  12-2-2020
Good, but needs a pre download workout option, so you don't spend your plan informations while in the gym.


Carmine  12-1-2020
So far beautiful great. easy forward, simple, with speedy tutorials without the fluff, but really stroll you across the necessary basics to build strength for future progressions. Will upgrade going forward. But definitely check it out and track the recommendations


Jacek Krzysik  12-1-2020
extremely understandable and straight to follow, for me personally is a intractable job because of age. I'm 73 now.


Matthew Dean  12-1-2020
Just started but beautiful excellent so far.


Animal Flow  12-1-2020
excellent timing for the exercise, extremely effective. Hopefully it's does not hang or automatically log me out when I'm too occupied to avail this app.


Abraham Casas  12-1-2020
A extremely enjoyment edition to not only gain a correct exercise but a software to really mission yourself. I really look forward to results and the potential I will find in the future!


Joe Constancio  11-30-2020
This is fantastic was looking for something like this with my 61 yr young body.. I'm gonna maintain on keeping on πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²


Austin Harris  11-30-2020
I am with doing Simon Ata's calisthenucs program. So far I have not had any issues. Some other testers report that they can't rewind clips and if they miss something they have to wait for the clip to loop I think? I think it is every individual software that has it's owm quirks - not the app.


CANO OFAR  11-30-2020
Niece so far....Level 1 following the instructions/techniques.


Naji Music Library  11-29-2020
This edition is great! Love the programs, and love the layout of everything. Only qualm is that I wish the clips had a pause or rewind trait without going absolute screen, so I don't have to rewatch the whole tutorial.


Brocodile Hargreaves  11-27-2020
straight to track along to and pleasant to listen to. One suggestion to ameliorate it could be a list of equipment, if any, needed before every session. That idea I would concentrate fully on the workout without having to uncover for things in the opening seconds of every set. I do like that every workout loops for when you fall behind the pace of the on-screen model.


Simon Chang  11-27-2020
good Calisthenics App.


Liam Daly  11-25-2020
Love it! Bought so dozens softwares on this app, thoroughly enjoying them all so far. Definitely recommend!


Andrew Ternes  11-25-2020
so far so good. trick clips reset when switching orientation which is a bit frustrating. But overall extremely informative.


Mike N  11-25-2020
So far so good, but its early still


hfx240  11-24-2020
First workout down. I attend boxing 4 times a week but am getting more and more iffy with the covid numbers rising. I've only got a double end sack at house and even then I don't have to avail it to finish the workouts to their fullest ability. Dripping sweat and excited to start doing these workouts at house too


Petr Andres  11-24-2020
Not extremely smart, indeed... The relax counter only works when the image is on and the edition is in use, I cant even switch to try other app. And in 2 weeks it used a outgoing 12GB of data, having it open for 45min tops a day. (Just the exersise!!!) complete workout doesnt work each time, load times are slow and usually its a pain to avail it. Too wrong I paid for a software that uses it.


Collin Rillamas  11-24-2020
Not Free!


Jens Van Den Eeckhout  11-24-2020
I'm about to become super aesthetic because of this app. Thank you!


Andrei Dumitras  11-23-2020
fantastic timing. An edition that was improved a lot: the exercises are visually and well explained, clear and concise. Tha progress bar also helps to indication the participant over the training. The structure is intuitive and organised. Well done. I am delighted with it :)


Elijah Hope  11-23-2020
This edition is amazing, I instruct it for dependents to check this edition because it is amazing. It is the exquisite edition I ever downloaded on my phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dependents who download this edition I swear you will like it extremely much. You must download this edition and do it for the relax of your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amos Belmaker  11-22-2020
Just started so still learning my idea around the app. The major trouble I encountered is that the tutorials maintain skipping to the start so it's intractable to pause


utsav desai  11-22-2020
wrong edition don't download


Stephen Quimby  11-22-2020
I love this software and the edition design. With gyms closing again I need something like this to stay in shape. I've whenever desired to study calisthenics, and there's no better time than now.


Joss the Boss  11-21-2020
beautiful good, I originally just bought the softwares but it's quite serviceable and convenient for them all to be in the one place


Heidi Rocke  11-21-2020
fantastic first day! Accessible. Not confrontational at all. fantastic idea to start!


Ajay Pal Singh  11-21-2020
Worst edition Everything is locked


Mduduzi Shelembe  11-19-2020
fantastic training edition


William 3D Artist  11-19-2020
outstanding app. Simon Atta is extremely informative and im so excited to gain stretching as part of my workout routine!


Alexander Ehlert  11-18-2020
intractable but manageable and I can do it all in an 8*7 room in my house.


ana poirier  11-18-2020
Simple but effective


Rikky Goblin  11-18-2020
This has been transformational for meπŸ™


Lincoln Muaulu  11-18-2020
Re residence myself after a few years of Finding this extremely practical and straight to fellow πŸ‘Œ


Athanasios Kotsanas  11-16-2020
Just started the software and the edition is amazing and extremely professionally made!!


Michael Birk  11-15-2020
fantastic app. My only problem with it is that the relax timer pauses when you step to another edition in between sets.


uncomn selecta  11-14-2020
Thiz iz the shiz


Matt Coyne  11-13-2020
Editing my former review. The Project Calisthenics software is cool and fun, but interacting with certain aspects of the edition on smartphones are a bust. My major gripe is not being able to play/pause, rewind, or swift forward all clips in the program. Also for those of you trying to reset your passwords, ONLY avail the MOST new password reset mail they send you, otherwise you'll gain a empty image that says FIT! with no guide that your password actually was reset. That was my main issue.


Prof. Anil Gotpagar - PHYSICS GURU  11-12-2020
Absolutely beautiful.... All excercise are in depth explained and pre and post workout stretches are also included. Thanks a lot Simonster


Andrew Hope  11-10-2020
Just started the workout. I like the idea it eases you into it and works on developing the fundamentals first


Timothy Fraser  11-10-2020
fantastic edition I did the first session and felt so dozens joints crack it was amazing. Doing the workouts made me realize that there's so tons more I can do if I maintain pushing.


Philip Dobranowski  11-10-2020


Mojgan S. Haji  11-10-2020
I downloaded the edition recently. Forgot my password and I gain an error message when trying to gain a pass word reset request.


36eminemfan  11-10-2020
fantastic exercises with fantastic explanations for any level. I've whenever done cardio and weights and this is a recent world for me but I'm loving it so far. Highly instruct it.


John D'Agnese  11-9-2020
The only thing that could execute this edition better to me is the ability to order the eats from it as well, also neutral colored rings option.


Tariq Cassim  11-9-2020
Better interface than most work out editions


The Gaming Strawberry  11-9-2020
Love it


Mohamad Adil Kassim  11-8-2020
Learnt a lot!


Yodin Yogi  11-7-2020
exquisite workout edition


Siraaj Mohammed  11-7-2020
fantastic trick clips and extremely engaged online community!


Peter Lucas  11-7-2020
Not sure how dozens reps to sets requisite on scapula rows. The exercise Just seems to go on. Do you do 5 reps then rest?


Tommy Cummings  11-5-2020
fantastic so far


Llewellyn Chame  11-5-2020
Holy Cheese and Macaroni! I just finished the first set of exercises. The tension in my back simply melted... beautiful tons like the cheese on the mac! The newest set, CAT-Cow, not only permit me feel the individual knots in my lower back, the knots just unknotted! Love your work Doc and am so delighted and thankful to you and your group for putting this together, thank you, thank you, thank you! Back pain has been the bane of my existence for decade and a 1/2... Such liberty after day 1!!!


D A  11-4-2020
So far so good. The second tier is a little harder than I thot it could be, but I'm pacing myself and trying to do too tons too fast. Does require some fundamental fitness knowledge and ability, but can adjust the exercises to your own liking if needed. And the price is definitely right! Thx


SaReGaMa Piano  11-3-2020
Simple and structured. Actually got me keeping up with workouts


Luis Palacios  11-3-2020
Starting just today. Hopefully updating my experience in a few weeks. The videos are extremely professionally achieved!



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