How it works?

Search app or game to see promo codes, tips & tricks, guides, discounts, Q&A, trailers, official cheat codes, rating, reviews and much more. Find secrets, watch tutorials, get bonuses & awards, check hot deals, ask questions and write answers. You can publish coupons, hints or walkthroughs. Uncover detailed info, see gallery, read advices, write reviews or join the discussion. Everything is free and you get full access to site resources without registration.

Why should I add coupons?

After you submit promo code, all users will be able to visit link at the bottom of the screen, download your app and use coupon, so it's a good way to promote your business and get potential customers. Our service is a free advertisement for your app or game. You are allowed to publish information about discounts or hot deals and start discussion, answer the questions or write tips. You can also add short guide, official cheat codes & information about updates.

How to add content?

Use search engine at the top of the screen to find game/app you're interested in, open app page and click ex. ADD button to submit promotional code, tutorial or tips. Enter the text, fill captcha challenge and finally click SUBMIT to save your content. You are allowed to publish tricks, coupons, guides, reviews, answers and ask questions. Please don't attach outgoing links in message, do not use profanity and follow the rules.

Is this free?

All features are available for free. You can search for coupons, read guides and promote your business without hidden payments. Registration is not required, so you don't need to enter your personal data. Thanks to it you stay safe & you don't need to waste your time or money.

Why my text has not been added?

We use 24h cache system, so if you still cannot see recently published promo code, tips, guide or answers in Q&A section, please visit us next day and just check again. Submitted content should appear after 24 hours.

How to remove app?

If you're app developer and would like to remove your item from our collection, please reach us via email or use contact form and send us details such as app/game name and reason for deletion. We try our best to remove the release and answer you in 24 hours.