Android Version: 5.0App: FaceLore
Release date: Nov 6, 2021App Rating: Not rated yet
Author: Inam RanaCategory: social
Name: FaceLoreExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Mumtaz Ali Bukhari  1-4-2022
Superb. It will soon replace facebook....


Shakir Bukhari  1-4-2022
good Facelore. Fantastic. Lot of prayers for facelore


Nawab Khan  1-4-2022
exquisite choise


Ali Zaib Ahmad  1-4-2022
exquisite alternate edition for Facebook


Hussain Malik  1-4-2022
سرجی انسٹال کیا ہے لیکن اوپن نہیں ہو رہا بند ہو جاتا ہے


Iftikhar Ahmed  1-4-2022
fantastic edition


TECH ZOO  1-4-2022
Not opening in smartphones 11, please repair it.


Syed Mohammad sami  1-4-2022
یہ ایپ اگر کسی دوسرے شخص کی طرف سے لانچ ہوتی جسے ہم نہیں جانتےتو شاید ریوو کی ضرورت نہ پڑتی مگر انعام رانا صاحب کو میں دو ہزار چودہ سے جانتا ہوں جس میں برداشت کا مادہ نارمل انسانوں سے بہت کم ہے اس کے مظاہر ہم انکی ویب سائیٹ مکالمہ پر دیکھ چکے ہیں جہاں صرف انکے منظورِ نظر لوگوں کے بلاگ چھپتے ہیں اور اس سے بڑھ کر انکا پبلک گروپ مکالمہ جہاں اول تو انکی منشاء کے بنا کوئی پوسٹ اپروو نہیں کی جاتی ہے اگر ہو بھی گئی تو اس قدر بندشیں کہ مارک زکر برگ کی روح تک شرمائے سو دوستو بہت ذرا سی پروموشن کی دیر ہے


Nusrat Fatim  1-4-2022
fantastic product for us


Sadaqat Ali  1-4-2022
exquisite alternative ❤️🥀❤️ exquisite of luck ❤️ Hope edition will prove an true forum


Inzi Global TV Network  1-3-2022
It excellent Effort versus Sluggish Fb.. But it to need to be execute some improvements itself its edition close and open . There is a problem to register an account on it.


Cricket Feelings  1-3-2022
MashaAllah.. zbrdst edition hai.. Allah isko kamyab karain.. ta keh Facebook sy logon ki jaan chot jaye.. yak tarfa terms sy


entertainment and education  1-3-2022
Hi sir Miri pas mob huawei p30 lite hi. Is mi yi edition install ho gya hy likn open nahe hota. Open ho k band ho jata hy per automatic reopen ho k band ho jata hy


Muhammad Hussain  1-3-2022
well done inam ŕana you did a fantastic effort


kashif abbasi  1-3-2022
excellent edition


Sheraz Taimouri  1-3-2022
Is edition mai Mary name sy I'd nhi ban rahe h waja kia h ..Sheraz taimouri


Sohaib Iqbal  1-3-2022
straight and good edition


Jameel Institute  1-3-2022
It will be a fantastic apo in future in shallah


Punjabi Records  1-3-2022
Cha gaye ho rana sb


Waleed Khawaja  1-3-2022
Useless edition loot of bugs.


Yasir Jalal  1-3-2022
السلام علیکم ورحمتہ اللہ۔ میرے پاس موٹورولا زیڈ فور ہے۔ یہ ایپ میرے پاس نہیں کھل رہی ہے۔


SHAKEEL RANA  1-3-2022
excellent initiative


Akmal Chaudhry  1-3-2022
exquisite edition


Muhammad Habibullah  1-3-2022
بہت بڑھیا ۔۔۔ رانا صاحب


Adeel Chohan  1-3-2022
Although it's bitter difficult and have some problems, but with time it will easier than Facebook . excellent luck ❤️


Shafeeq Ahmad  1-3-2022
cheerful to see a Pakistani social media edition finally. usufructuary outgoing and a excellent alternative to Facebook. Please download the edition and initiate your account. You will discover it amazing.


Sadaqat Ali  1-3-2022
ماشاءاللہ بہت اچھی ایپ ہے اللہ پاک اس کاوش کو قبول فرمائیں


Nafees Raza  1-3-2022
fantastic edition insha'Allah the down fall of facebook had just began cause they ban I'ds without any motive


Faris Productions  1-2-2022
Kamal app.


Waqar Muhammad  1-2-2022
exquisite wishes for our country excellent initiative by fantastic sir inam rana ♥️♥️♥️


Knowledge Affairs  1-2-2022
A fantastic initiative and a platform that can compete Facebook that has biased boundaries for American and Indian cause.


Muhammad Adnan  1-2-2022


M Azhar Ahmed Abbasi  1-2-2022
Love to Inam Rana


M.H Khan  1-2-2022
excellent alternative to known renowned app...


Smun Khan123  1-2-2022
Mast mast & bast edition


abdul Wahab  1-2-2022
Its amezing ☺☺☺


Malik Usman  1-2-2022
Unable to login. edition not open. message appeared "your certificate is not valid" please reach support.


Azmat zulqarnain Sikander  1-2-2022
This is amazing app..and this is the outstanding platform for Pakistani community and we can raise our troubles here without any assumption..and Facebook block our account and we don't have there any power ..i really appreciate and aid this approach.


Javed Akhtar  1-2-2022
extremely excellent edition


Saba Shahzadi  1-2-2022
ہم آپ کے ساتھ ہیں شہزادے۔ وجدان راؤ رانگھڑ


Muhammad Junaid soomro  1-2-2022


waseem akram  1-2-2022
fantastic initiative Rana shaib.. ,


Safi Niazi  1-2-2022
excellent Effort


Abeeha chaudary  1-2-2022
Absolutely good.. Same like Facebook..


shahid ali  1-2-2022
excellent effort


Faheem Akhtar  1-2-2022
fantastic edition for round the world to connect and have fun.


Najiullah Jiskani  1-2-2022
Really extremely excellent product


saqib ahmad  1-2-2022
extremely good edition I am 100% contented with the quality


Рузлан Еланов  1-2-2022
Why asking too tons permission? Its also like Facebook and other black mailer apps. 😢


Aghanayyar Latif  1-2-2022
نئے سال کا خوبصورت تحفہ۔ شکریہ #facelore۔ ابھی ایپ نئی ہے اور آہستہ آہستہ صارفین بڑھ رہیں ہیں۔ امید ہے بہتری ہوتی رہے گی۔ ابھی تک بہت شاندار تجربہ رہا ہے


MXD Farms  1-1-2022
Feeling independent 😊


Fact Finder  1-1-2022
I am excited guys to play this application, may my god defend this product and Inam Rana.😊 Ameen


shfqat ahmed  1-1-2022
ربا مہر کریں😍


Muhammad Saad  1-1-2022
exquisite alternate of Facebook


yahya khan  1-1-2022
maintain it up


Raja Atif  1-1-2022
its just wonderful


Md Sajjad  1-1-2022
A excellent alternative of face book.. @inamrana maintain it up


Ghazi Durrani  1-1-2022
excellent Efforts.Good Luck Rana G


Abdullah Rana  1-1-2022
I'm wonder how i can using it so readily just like any other social media edition in its first edition. Even it's more user-friendly then known renowned edition in the world. fantastic work Inam bhai. Appreciation and blessings to you and your Team.


Iqbal Tareen  1-1-2022
fantastic edition for everyone


Muhammad Sohaib  1-1-2022
بہت زبردست اقدام ہے رانا صاحب کا ان شاء اللہ کامیابی اس ایپلیکیشن کا ماتھا چومے گی


Amjad Abbas Mufti  1-1-2022
A excellent social media app. A excellent alternate of FB.


Muhammad Bilal Official  12-31-2021
ماشاء اللہ ایک بھترین ایپ ہے یہ


afridi 242  12-31-2021
A recent donation on recent Year to connect your buddies and family.. Appreciate your efforts sir ..


Muhammad Haroon Hashim  12-31-2021
A tons needed app. Hope it will grown in future. exquisite of luck Inam Rana bahi


rana gulzar  12-31-2021
extremely good and straight to avail


Kangla Rapstar  12-31-2021
God work rana sahab ❤👑🇵🇰


U LøzX  12-31-2021
محترم انعام رانا صاحب آپ کی محنت کو اللّٰہ چار چاند لگائے آپ نے وقت کی ضرورت کو سمجھتے ہوئے بہت اچھا پلیٹ فارم مہیا کیا


Muneeb ur rahman  12-31-2021


Amir Sohail  12-31-2021
excellent initiative.


Fazal Afridi  12-31-2021
#2022 Belong to Facelore. The recent Born infant have dozens interesting features.


Tanzeel Tullah Bosal  12-31-2021
fantastic effort Face Lore will be an significant platform for social networking. pretty interface, usufructuary outgoing and the registration process is extremely simple. Install it, register yourself, initiate a profile, execute buddies and express your thoughts.


Nadeem Khohara  12-31-2021
exquisite and straight to avail application, extremely good and fashionable design. excellent alternative to Facebook.


SAJID MEHMOOD  12-31-2021
انعام رانا سر کی بہت اچھی کاوش... کاش یہ فیسبک کی مناپلی کو توڑ سکے...


Syed Imran Gillani  12-31-2021
exquisite recent edition to connect people.


Saif Khan Baaghi  12-31-2021
فیس بُک جیسا ہی ہے


Huzaifa Khan  12-31-2021
اللہ کامیاب فرمائے رانا صاحب انشاء اللہ جلد ہی ہم سب یہاں اکٹھے ہو جائیں گے۔۔۔


asif ali  12-31-2021
swift and trustworthy to socialize with your love ones


Naveed Alam  12-31-2021
exquisite wishes


Ali Khan  11-7-2021
A excellent alternative of social media platform. No biased or racist policies. Open for conversation on any social and political issues.


abdul G Rana  11-6-2021
A extremely good platform to connect with buddies and family



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