Android Version: 4.4App: ExoMiner Tycoon: Idle Space Miner
Release date: May 31, 2021App Rating: 4
Author: ExoCorpCategory: game strategy
Name: ExoMiner Tycoon: Idle Space MinerExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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CAPTAIN! WE NEED YOU. ExoMiner Tycoon is out! Please contact us at [email protected] if you need rescue with purchases or getting some progress back on track. Ever dreamed of conquering planets? Leaving your mark on human history? Rivaling the Medici, Rockefeller, and Bezos? Making incredible money and ADVANCING the world? Discovering and creating life changing technologies? Then, strap in, because you are headed to the STARS. PLANETS TO DISCOVER Even after you go from rags to riches… you’re only getting started. Build your reputation as a daring entrepreneur and maintain expanding your empire into daring recent galactic fronts. ENJOY YOUR SUCCESS Other releases just give you blank numbers while you tap away. ExoMiner is still straight to play. Watch your corporation grow from a humble mine with a wee spaceship, to covering entire worlds. PROFIT FROM LUCRATIVE CRAFTING Has anyone ever said two businesses are worse than one? You won’t only reap benefits from settling planets. You find materials, invent recent technologies, and construct more items. 70+ MATERIALS! MINING NEVER GETS OLD Your interstellar experience isn’t going to be mining the same boring stuff. There are 70+ diverse minerals and alloys you can find and refine. Turn these into assemblies you can sell to execute even more PROFIT! BUILD YOUR EMPIRE WHILE YOU'RE AWAY Your miners, rovers, and grand machinery are occupied at work for hours! Doesn’t matter if you put your smartphone down when you’re at work, eating, or sleeping at night. Your empire keeps growing! What are you waiting for? There are planets for you to write your name on! Any problems or suggestions? Contact: [email protected] 🚀 Your ExoMiner group 🚀 Privacy Policy: Terms and Conditions:



Bryan Whisman  7-29-2021
excellent clean fun!!


mr. daredevil  7-28-2021
This release is wrong you have to watch adverts to gain your diurnal reward and its honestly a pay to win release


Maks Goncharenko  7-28-2021
Grindy, slow progressing release with a ton of games. The upgrades are expensive and supply miniscule improvements. If you're looking for an lazy mining genre of release look elsewhere.


Angelo k2 Tantengco  7-28-2021
The exquisite release ever!!!


Jacob Hook  7-28-2021
adverts don't work. repair them.


roman kostrikov  7-27-2021
Takes hours to finish one rank so one day you can prestige at rank 20 and do it again but execute some more money out of it at no boost for speed? Yeah, no


Tonatsi  7-27-2021
Quite an interesting lazy game, it's closer to a merge of an lazy release and a factory release with how it transactions with resources. One thing I could like is a statistics report, showing resource production and consumption per second, and maybe even an ETA of when a resource will play out if the consumption of higher than production.


Jordan Jenkins  7-27-2021
Its an ok release but i bought multiple refineries and only one actually works


Anthony Galipeau  7-27-2021
Been experiencing a terrible bug where offline progress does not register. There used to be a image popping up declaring how long i was offline for, but that no longer happens when I open the game. Its a bug that was present when I played the release before it was overhauled and is still here now, thought it could have been fixed. Sorry to declare I'm certainly not waiting over an hour with this release open on my smartphone to craft enough materials for one (1) piece of glass.


Byleth Ethan  7-27-2021
ABSOLUTELY ANGERED BEYOND REASON. I purchased the legend pack at $29.99 and had to gain a recent gadget and can not restore purchases. Like what genre of joke is this. And now it has forced adverts


Alan Low  7-26-2021
I went to come back to this after a while away and the restore purchases button doesn't do anything.


Ross Poole  7-26-2021
amazing enjoyment release


Anthony Ryan  7-26-2021
This used to be a enjoyment game. Now its stupid. I deleted it but... My generator (stupid) at tier 46 couldnt power 3 mines, 2 refinery and a crafter... Dumb to even have it in the game. It was a 5 star release before Dev's decided to toss in each stupid way that crossed their mind. Planet miner is the exact same release yours USED TO BE. I'll run it


Ross Dickens  7-25-2021
Grinder (which I enjoy)


Ricardo Jorge  7-25-2021
lazy but only for a few hours, you can only lazy for a max of 2h or 8h if you watch ads, which trully makes this not an lazy release but a resource growth release or farming game.The UI is really polished and the release is fine there arent dozens metrics to rescue you lazy so you have to come each 2h to try on progress.


Hailey Hailey  7-24-2021
Simple enough release to run casually, but still plenty to do. good release to run as a time killer, recent upgraded version is a lot more interactive


Landon King  7-23-2021
release is glitches out, rovers will not transport minerals and Uninstaller the release doesn't help. Developer does not answer or respond emails.


MacGyver Bruh  7-23-2021
Will not lazy mine with no limits on background usage. Galaxy S10


Protogen Jigoku  7-22-2021
I installed this release with a buddy expecting it to be like all the other lazy miner releases but to my surprise this release is unique. The fact that you have to watch how tons power is being used is wonderful but the only motive I didn't give more stars is because my buddy had a horrible experience. They had to uninstall and reinstall because of a bug with the first 5 minutes of playing. afterwards they gave up on it because it bugged out again declaring they had to wait over 200k hours to craft something.


Seb Macca  7-22-2021
I played an older version of this for quite some time but finished it so uninstalled. I recently reinstalled it on the same gadget because I enjoyed how relaxing and aesthetic the release is but all my things are gone and I cannot discover a idea to gain my ancient account back. Hugely disappointed :(


Brandon Windsor  7-22-2021


Sarah Sherwood  7-22-2021
A solid game, enjoyment to watch the rovers whizzing about. I just wish there was a idea to uprlgrade the refiners and constructors without using relics (which you are able to gain without paying to be fair) it just makes everything so slow. Other than that I love it


Charlotte Algie  7-22-2021
beloved lazy release out there, I've tried lots I honestly thought the kind wasn't for me until this game.


Tareg Nsoor  7-22-2021
Doesn't save ancient progress... Stupid.


Aarøuø S  7-21-2021
While a newer app, this is enjoyment as hell. I can't think of anything that would execute this better than it already is.


Matteo Luconi  7-21-2021
The lack of depth of this release is amazing. Makes it boring after just a few days of play.


Frederick Bogucki  7-19-2021


brian Kvala  7-18-2021
tons better then the original build


James Davis  7-18-2021
Idk. I like and I don't like it.


Grant Campbell  7-18-2021
excellent release


Furinic Tyln  7-17-2021
lazy releases with gatcha items just don't do it for me.


Cory Meinert  7-17-2021
outstanding release


Jeneve Booysen  7-17-2021
excellent release


A Google user  7-17-2021
extremely excellent release


Aydincornell Cornell  7-17-2021
release is fantastic dosen't execute you feel like your you are playing a average tycoon release


David Dunford  7-17-2021
Price on update is a bit steep


Stephen Thelwell  7-17-2021
I do not appreciate reviews that are negative yet have relevant news about errors removed. 1: Common Crate timer is fully broken, getting one is more to do with full luck. 2: No actual idea to exit the edition apart from avail the house button and then remove from recently used editions list.


Esmie Hopkins  7-16-2021
I already had a release on my cellphone that I was hoping to restore my Motorola e6 phone but I tried to restore it and there's no idea to do it there's no restore option please remedy this


Saera Ní Fhinneadha  7-16-2021
Enjoying the release but each time the gratuitous diurnal counter counts down it just starts again and I gain nothing free. And even watching an ad for the diurnal prize I still don't gain the prize. Making it a bit harder to progress.


Dee Chee  7-15-2021
Sorry, but I'm not spending all that money again on what is fundamentally the same game. I still have the original installed and I won't be playing this "new" one except there's a idea to transfer my stuff.


Daniel Koder  7-15-2021


lewis mitchison  7-15-2021
exquisite distraction ever


David Fedrick  7-15-2021
beautiful cool


Timothy Norris  7-14-2021


Manus Carey  7-14-2021
excellent enjoyment


Calum Forrington  7-14-2021
I need help, can you only refine one ore at a time? I have two rerefineries but only refining one?


ronald de mesa  7-14-2021


Prankit Mittal  7-14-2021


Chris Bakke  7-13-2021
Where are the ball bearings? Can't promotion since I can't execute those.


Callum Charlton  7-13-2021
I check to gain the gratuitous roll each day and the counter just restarts with out letting me do anything


Dracolegacy  7-13-2021
I prefer the ancient game, cheerful I still have that one but it wasn't fantastic either. Both releases have the same problem, price scaling. It's a enormous grind to gain anywhere important and it heavily encourages the avail of microtransactions. To the devs credit, it's nowhere near as wrong advertisement wise as so dozens other releases out there these days. They don't force feed you a clip each 30-60 seconds and I thank them for that.


christopher miller  7-12-2021
I like


Mr. Golden  7-12-2021
$15 just to remove ads? Laughable. I can see there is only one motive the dev made (relaunched whatever) this game, and it wasn't gamester enjoyment. There is a release on my smartphone that I've had (and still play) for 3 years now. This one lasted maybe 10 mins.


Ron RUNYON  7-12-2021
Installed the beta paid for no adverts reinstalled the release had adverts forced on me tried to mail the dev got no response I could not spend money on the release except you desire to aid the dev for nothing in return ..... I tried restore never worked and emailing you never worked so let's stop with pretend client service..... your right I did not mail your aid mail that was not attainable at the time I emailed the developer of the release directly at the mail said by Google to reach him or her


Dauntless gamin 567  7-12-2021
newest time I played there was not as tons as there is now. It's a lot of enjoyment and a excellent idea to stay entertained if your bored. Only thing is some stuff r kinda pricey but still enjoyment


Roman Alexandrov  7-12-2021
Suggestion: Can astrounts work in constructions or refenerys to spice up a release speed? A little bit slow after rank 10, but its just good. Challenging, when you need to be organizing your constructuion and refiners all the time. As a ded and family keeps me busy, this release suits my needs, checking it each 2 hours, collecting relics and watching few ads. Nothing is behind pay wall, unless remove ads, which is beautiful expensive, like 16€. Anything else can be bought by saving relics.


Atom  7-11-2021
I was on the newest planet and all milestones finished then I lost my smartphone and found it reset. I tried to reclaim purchases on but it doesn't work. This shady dev ripped me off so hard.


Andre Louw  7-11-2021
It's a solid lazy game. I like it.


Johnnie Cripps  7-11-2021
Edit: I had an trouble with a gamebreaking bug, but as promised, the developers repaired the problem. I am now able to enjoy the release again.


Josh Keul  7-11-2021
The restore purchases option doesn't work because there's no Google run account services feature, only purchasing options. I paid for the no adverts in a former version now this version doesn't care about that and I have to complain about it on here so nah I'm not gonna run this release until that trouble is fixed. I'm not gonna gain into the gameplay changes and functions because I don't care there are better lazy releases than this.


Cursed  7-10-2021
extremely nice-u! Definetly an update from the ancient ExoMiner, love it!


Paul Faris  7-10-2021
I've been enjoying the game. I think my only complaint is that you have to watch an ad to gain the diurnal login bounty



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