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Release date: Dec 15, 2010App Rating: 4
Author: E*TRADE FinancialCategory: finance
Name: E*TRADE: Invest. Trade. Save.Extension: Apk
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Welcome to E*TRADE. No matter your tier of experience, we rescue simplify investing and trading. Our award-winning edition puts everything you need in the palm of your hand—including investing, banking, trading, research, and more. Download now and start investing today. Invest on your terms • Enjoy commission-free online US-listed stock, ETF, and variants trades • Trade mutual funds • Take the guesswork out of choosing investments with professionally built portfolios • gain rescue from veritable dependents always you need it Invest with confidence • gain streaming quotes, charts, and portfolio information • Access education, comprehensive research, tools, and screeners to space investment opportunities • Set alarms and initiate watchlists for the investments you’re interested in • Stream live Bloomberg video • Chat with client service in the app Bank and save • Deposit checks, pay bills, transfer money, and more • gain limitless ATM fee refunds with your E*TRADE debit card Feel safe and secure • Fraud protection—you're not liable for unauthorized avail of your account Disclosures Investing in securities applications involves risk, including possible loss of principal. 1. Read more about the awards E*TRADE received in 2019 Online Broker Review: 2. E*TRADE charges $0 commission for online US-listed stock, ETF, and variants trades. Exclusions may apply and E*TRADE reserves the right to charge variable commission rates. The standard variants contract fee is $0.65 per contract. The retail online $0 commission does not apply to Over-the-Counter (OTC), foreign stock transactions, big block deals requiring peculiar handling, transaction-fee mutual funds, futures, or repaired income investments. Additional regulatory and exchange fees may apply. For more news about pricing, visit 3. With Max-Rate Checking, E*TRADE Bank will not charge you a fee for withdrawing funds from any institution's ATM nationwide but the owner/operator of the ATM may. These fees will automatically be credited to your account. E*TRADE Bank does impose a charge equal to 1% of the deal quantity (including credits and reversals) for non-U.S. currency transactions. In the occasion E*TRADE Bank in its sole discretion determines that there has been either fraudulent or excessive avail of the trait on a given account, E*TRADE Bank reserves the right to remove this trait and not refund the ATM fees. For additional news and significant features about how the ATM fee refund will be applied, please visit The E*TRADE Financial family of brands provides financial services including trading, investing and banking applications and services to retail customers. Securities applications and services offered by E*TRADE Securities LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC, are not insured by the FDIC, are not guaranteed deposits or obligations of E*TRADE Bank, and are subject to investment risk, including the possible loss of the principal invested. Banking applications and services are offered by E*TRADE Bank, a federal savings bank, Member FDIC, or its subsidiaries. E*TRADE Securities LLC and E*TRADE Bank are separate but affiliated companies. View End-User licence Agreement: System response and account access times may vary due to a variant of factors, including trading volumes, marketplace conditions, system performance, and other factors. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. avail of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions. © 2020 E*TRADE Financial, LLC. All rights reserved.



Chang Lois  12-7-2020
This is my third time uninstalling and reinstalling the edition after the upgrade because of countless glitches including logging me out for no motive in the center of placing orders. It is so horrible that I'm even considering transferring my whole brokerage account to another one.


Susan Taylor  12-7-2020
So convenient. No atm fees no overdraft fees. protection is awesome. Git it while working for lowes and got lowes stocks across them for 13 years and now since I retired from lowes I am still with them. Online banking made simple. 👍🏾 My bank for life!


James Gilbert  12-7-2020
this edition used to be ok, but with the new update it's been terrible.


Vieen1810  12-7-2020
exquisite edition ever


Scott Cosnowski  12-7-2020
Keeps crashing and will freeze up.


Jefez Plt  12-7-2020
Hate the recent app, layout, colors etc. Looks like a unicorn threw up on my phone... give me an option to go back to the ancient one ... please!!!


wm shaksper  12-7-2020
Update. After two and a half years, I'm removing my money from E-Trade. I've had enough. downgrade of an unbelievable app. Stunning. You literally cannot see the topical bid or ask price without clicking on another stock and then going back to the stock. There is no refresh button. upgrade as of December 7th. extremely difficult to trade if you are swinging or day trading. I have lost money using this app. I never once thought I could declare that about E-Trade.


Newtina Mitchell  12-7-2020
Please change it back to the former version. This version is disgusting and is making me mad everytime i open it.


Jacquan Manphonsy  12-7-2020


Wyman Bey  12-7-2020
fantastic job and straight flowing across images


Scott Long  12-6-2020
That ancient app. was easier to navigate.


Richard Rubin  12-6-2020
They are a bunch of doodie heads.


Mike Powers  12-6-2020
My problem with the ETrade editions is there is not one that does it all. To discover diverse features, all of which are necessary to day trading variants like I do, I have to jump around to three diverse platforms, one of them at a competing company. This is crazy. Power ETrade doesn't allow me input price triggers for selling positions. ETrade Mobile doesn't allow speedy movement between images because it doesn't have the shortcuts through the bottom of the screen. Surely, more can be done.


James Cho  12-5-2020
The edition doesnt seem to work well with the functions attainable on the website. I had opened a brokerage account to start transitioning my coins reserves here for investing. Doesn't seem possible by this app. The bank account I linked on the domain doesn't appear as an option on the edition to set up recurring transfers. The watchlist from the domain doesn't carry over. The research tabs are organized differently so I can't readily discover the investment funds again. Seems this edition is worthless to me.


Alfred Lam  12-5-2020
Cannot trade, add stock to watch list...


Kevin Haggerty  12-5-2020
recent edition is cluttered and to busy. More news is not whenever excellent if it is of no use. former edition was more user-friendly.


Alphonse The Dog  12-5-2020
Only excellent for clicking buy and sell. Now it won't notify you on your alerts, whether it be price, or order alerts. fully useless now. I whenever have alarms turned on in the edition settings, and the smartphone intimations turned on for this app. Been using the edition for dozens years, now its not value it. I just avail it to close or open a position when I can't gain to the computer. avail a diverse edition to recieve intimations and alerts.


Kevin Perez  12-4-2020
This suck can't even gain instant deposit have to wait to long


Kristen Trevey  12-4-2020
Just a clunky, awkward, and non-aesthetically pleasing app. It doesn't display my portfolio columns correctly, and it's intractable to swipe through them. I wish they had an option to quick-view balances without logging in every time. It's night and day compared to my Fidelity app.


Peter Janak Jr  12-4-2020
fresh upgrade seems to execute it impossible to buy stock. Clinking the symbol section doesn't allow you to enter the symbol for the stock you desire to buy. It's supposed to.


sano dono  12-4-2020
Enabling 2 factor authentication has been the biggest garbage option i have ever seen. How can you not implement 2 factor auth like everyone else? Append it to the end of your password? What is this monkey business


G B  12-4-2020
This recent upgrade is junk. outstanding setup and look. Cant see all text and informations clearly. It gets crunched together. Please repair or put it back as before.


Jody Garza  12-4-2020
fantastic financial edition


A Google user  12-4-2020
Do your developers even experiment their editions before release?!?! Everytime I open a chart to today, 5 day, etc.. edition logs me out and I have log back in and navigate to the protection from scratch. USELESS!! Trying to roll options, it will not lwt me roll all of the options. So if I am rolling 2 options, it will buy the 2, byt only sell 1. This edition is horrible.


C V  12-4-2020
It's a excellent app. I only wish I would hide my secondary account.


Deborah Ann McMahon  12-3-2020


princess fludd  12-3-2020
upgrade sucks edition doesn't work whenever frozen now


Innee Rem  12-3-2020
Crashed all day today when trying to avail graphs


Reginald Cole  12-3-2020
fantastic edition


Jesus Perez  12-3-2020
outstanding app, but has hiccups loved the former version


Chris Duncan  12-3-2020
No longer can avail Fingerprint! After upgrade it just says "No biometrics enrolled" this was working just fine before the update......


Joseph Michael Vitug  12-3-2020
The upgrade was worse than the ancient one. Everything is laggy, and prices dont upgrade as swift as before.


Krishna Atreya  12-3-2020
Keeps logging out. Please fix.


Larry Proctor  12-3-2020
The newest upgrade is exceptional. news readily accesable with finish detail.


D0PEB0YMARK  12-2-2020
extremely slow app, slow to upgrade prices, slow to upgrade balance, extremely late on price alerts.


Federico Garcia  12-2-2020
The recent edition upgrade is terrible! The former version was more versatile. I can't even predetermined my trade preferences with this version.


jeff sedler  12-2-2020
Why isn't there an option to save usufructuary name and password. I hate typing it in everytime. The ancient version had it.


Fred Johnson  12-2-2020
Slowest client service in the history of client service.


Jason Wedel  12-2-2020
The edition won't permit me set a recent external bank account to step my money to. Waited about an hour for aid and was told it could be there the next day. It's been two days now and nothing so I guess I wasted an hour and a half and I'm back to square 1.


Aaron Farmer  12-2-2020
So before the recent update, I enjoyed this edition alot. Sure it was a bit dated but overall it functioned well and I would do and see what I needed. Now though since this recent up date, the edition simply freezes after I log in. And does nothing. Its been freezing since it first updated. Not allowing me to access anything at all. Honestly I'm very dissatisfied with this. Not only am I NOW forced to go back to my laptop to do trades but I cannot even LOOK at my account on my phone. This is not good.


Austin Iler  12-2-2020
Absolutely nothing on this edition or domain works. Impossible to gain ahold of anyone to actually help. Super straight to transfer money into your account but impossible to transfer funds back into the account you used in the first place.


D Pat  12-2-2020
It doesn't allow to see chart detail and when i click on chart, it logs me out.


Elmo Hong  12-2-2020
edition have issue, topical not able to login / initiate account as it is hang. Visual is there but not able to interact. Using samsung note 9 here using smartphones 10


Hemant Rathi  12-2-2020
Please include diurnal portfolio performance graph as well.


Dwight johnson  12-1-2020
Awsome platform straight to understand and practical


T E  12-1-2020
****update - Can not add to watch list**** It turns out I can, you have to hit the plus button and a THEN put your finger in the uncover bar, it's two manual steps you have to do which is ridiculous, but it works.


Ryan Novak  12-1-2020
The upgrade has been a finish downgrade from the former version. It seems like they desired to simplify things but in reality just made it more cumbersome to navigate. It takes twice as tons time to see your portfolio and then you have to scroll sideways constantly to see the relevant data.


marco huera  12-1-2020
The edition got upgrade for android. It's better than the ancient version. It is same as apple now. I upgraded to a 3 star. On my variants tax lot. I check to sell the ones that are in profits. It sells the ones that are not. It sells the ones I didn't choose. It happens ones so I thought it was me then it happen a second time.


Ruben Pierre-Louis  12-1-2020
This version keeps crashing, also filling up my internal storage spot causing it to be unstable.


Gary Kline  12-1-2020
excellent edition however there's an trouble with the Mobile Deposit trait on the fresh smartphones release. Whatever it is involves some sort of common scanning functionality because the same trouble appears in some other banking editions I use. On those domain those banks specifically declare there's an trouble using their edition with the fresh Android. When you go to take a photo, the screen is skewed and distorted in its proportions. Other than that, love the app.!


A Google user  12-1-2020
Updated. recent upgrade 12/01/20. -sucks now, adds gyrations to trades that weren't there before. beautiful purple though. Three stars.


David Brewton  12-1-2020
terrible update, keeps logging me out, difficult to navigate and gain all the news that used to be easily available. I hate it enough to be switching companies. I lost benefits today because the stock prices could not update. A truly terrible app. When these funds setlle I will be moving the relax of my money to Ameritrade. excellent riddance ExTrade!


Doug Shotyk  12-1-2020
Changes made to this fresh version of the interface are a very cumbersome And are not adjustable to meet the need of the user. Columns are to broad spread out in all the news needed to be seen at a glance campy after scroll from end-to-end of all the news in the table. I can't even reposition the columns of most importance to me to be the 1st 4 that are visible .


D Chalow  12-1-2020
Not useful. former version better.


Kathbath 9000  12-1-2020
The edition is unresponsive to touch and will not even allow me to scroll down the page or click on icons. After re-installing, this is still an trouble so I can't log back into my account.


Philip Kelley  12-1-2020
Miss the ancient app. Where is the information in the major page? Where are the graphs? This recent edition sucks man. Feels cold and stripped down.


Larry Wang  12-1-2020
Why annoy releasing an app, if it's basically a webview, plus UI (for example, drop-down and loading indicator) from 10 years ago (Android 2.3)?


DAVID MEZA  12-1-2020
This recent layout is hideous. And the widget is even worse.


Chuck Evans  11-30-2020
Portfolio view is entirely broken - no idea to discover out how dozens shares I have! Mobile edition chat is not working. Called the smartphone # for help. 30 min afterwards still on hold.


Jose Vega  11-30-2020
terrible app. i literally cannot take my money out


Shonette Skeete  11-30-2020


John Simon, Sr  11-30-2020
The recent version is horrible. The look, the feel, the information, basically everything was a enormous move backwards. As state above, the idea to ameliorate the edition is revert back to your prior version's look, feel, color scheme, and organization of the information. Also, mostly importantly, return the font back to a size that is readible without using a magnifying glass. Lowered you to 1 star because of your BS automated generic response. It's obvious that a person did not read the review and respond.


Robert H.  11-30-2020
This is a mess. I couldn't completely initiate my account. I couldn't reset passwords or request my username. The fundamentals don't seem to work, so I have no way if anything else does.


Roman Check  11-30-2020
horrible update, edition fails to function when trying to open diurnal graphs. Trading button has also been downgraded, previously you would open option chains from an individual stock ticker, now it requires you to switch to variants trading and discover the ticker again. UI color schemes are lackluster and worse than pre-update. Considering switching to a diverse platform if troubles are not resolved.


Todd Fowler  11-30-2020
recent edition is constantly freezing since the update. Is entirely unusable.


Chris Woodall  11-30-2020
With the upgrade it's just a dead screen. I can't click on anything so it is fully useless. At this point I'm losing money.


JSmitty  11-30-2020
Review part1: Awful. fully unresponsive. I'm forced to avail browser to try on my account. edition used to be reliable. But quality control was nonexistent with this edition update.horrible. Of course etrade blames me. I did as they suggested uninstall reinstall restart phone. Nothing changes. edition entirely unresponsive on extremely 1st page,(sign in page). Tap Tabs and no effect. check to sign in. Nothing. I h ave 200+apps on gadget and each one is responsive. Only recent version of etrade edition has issues.


Harold Mesina  11-30-2020
The recent upgrade makes buying selling variants a lot more inconvenient because you have to mindlessly click and look at every particular date to see the price for an option contract instead of just having it listed like they previously did without having to click the date... I could call this a downgrade!!!


Jordan Zoll  11-30-2020
The simplicity being removed takes away from the trading experience. Changing order category doesn't just give a dropdown now its a absolute popup menu and takes longer. Making 250 trades a month makes details like this quite a nuisance.


Eddie L  11-30-2020
horrible update. Now the edition constantly signs me out when trying to open charts. veritable time charts frequently not working. Can't open any charts. Also no overlaying charts for the marketplace indices. Why could you force an upgrade with such a buggy software. Allow choice to revert back to ancient version. This is ridiculous QA.


Thien Vu  11-30-2020
The recent upgrade is not good. each time I click on the chart to view, the edition could log me out declaring your session has ended. Can't view charts.


BlckPwr 007  11-30-2020
I'll give it the 5th star after I execute my first million trading


Desmond WRIGHT  11-30-2020
$% ?????


Point  11-29-2020
edition update is not visually appealing. Liked the former version better. could Uninstall upgrade if I could. Otherwise does exactly what is supposed too


Mike Thebado  11-29-2020
I have been using etrade for a extremely long time. They just upgraded thier edition and I'm impressed. They clearly needed an update and they delivered. 10x better then robinhood.


Henry Huang  11-29-2020
The fresh version of this Etrade edition is actually trash, is it possible to gain the ancient app?


Brian Young  11-29-2020
Ever since the upgrade the edition is frozen. I tried to uninstall and reinstall with no change. Does anyone else have this problem. I have a samsung s10 plus


Shapikai  11-29-2020
You can not open account if you live in UK.


Thom Linzmeier  11-29-2020
Don't know what you did but ancient system was better.


Project True Love  11-28-2020
I liked the ancient app. I was used to it. Did someone gain bored?


Gus Rodriguez  11-28-2020
fresh upgrade was a good change and a fantastic improvement. Thanks!!


Richard Dahlstrom  11-28-2020
Interface doesn't feel right on mobile.. feels more like a desktop ui.


Bryan Kelly  11-28-2020
Love the update, recent and modern UI plus the side scrolling on the portfolio view is fixed! I'm not sure why I need to click confirm on the biometrics sign-in but it's not a large deal. good job!


Matt Peterson  11-28-2020
upgrade is garbage. Was so straight before.


Ray J  11-27-2020
The recent version is buggy. The ancient version was beautiful solid. They need to do better quality control.


Ant Man  11-27-2020
The edition is buggy. Its a little bit better since the new update, but still lots of weird little quirks with navigation and temporarily freezing. The graphs are difficult to read too with practically no softs for analyzing. I can only converse for the app, haven't tried the absolute web version on PC. However, deposits from linked bank account take forever to process. I transferred funds from checking on Monday morning, it is now Friday and the funds still aren't completely available. That's ridiculous.


Bernard Weiss  11-27-2020
Impossible to navigate


Don Camp  11-27-2020
Well I'm not sure who made the decision to green light this fresh version of the app, but you went backwards as far as end usufructuary experience. terrible design and not straight to navigate. I deleted my original 5 star review.


Julie Kuhlmann  11-27-2020
Watchlist does not site from desktop site.


John Dellinger  11-27-2020
I liked older version that permit me follow my performance directly overlayed on Dow NASDAQ and S&P... Nothing better on this version.


B MC  11-27-2020
I'm loving this recent app. It's only day one, but the look, speed, and functionality seem to be superior to the prior one. I'm especially thankful for the swipe down refresh. I'll never know what took them so long on that.


P G  11-27-2020
A more unappealing and cumbersome upgrade would be intractable to imagine. In short: this upgrade edition is a total mess.The former edition was simply perfect. The recent upgraded edition is entirely confusing and intractable to navigate. Too tons going on and a nightmare to use. Why didn't you give us the option to maintain the older version? Truly wrong update.



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