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Englitina is an straight to play, authentic-sounding virtual English Concertina. Similar to an accordion, a concertina is a button-based reed based instrument with bellows. Because English Concertinas run the same note both on a shove or a pull of the bellows, it is a extremely straight instrument to run on your device. Simply touch the buttons on the image to run the notes. Demo clips can be found by clicking on the "Visit Developer's Website" site below. Englitina's button layout and spacing matches the middle portion of a standard Wheatstone Engish Concertina layout, providing all chromatic notes in the two octave range between D4 and C#6 (one octave lower when set to Baritone range). To play, hold your gadget between your thumb and little fingers of both hands, exactly like a veritable English Concertina, and press the buttons with your index and center fingers. Scale patterns alternate between the fingers of the right and left hands. Notes are higher in pitch as you step from the outside to the center of the screen. Multiple buttons may be pressed at the same time to run chords. Touch the "?" icon to exhibit all the button notes. Touch the 'i' icon to change the skin and range (treble or baritone). The edition uses very high-quality per-button music samples recorded from my personal concertina collection. Graphics on "Classic" skin based on a 1924 Lachenal Edeophone 12-sided concertina. The range of pitch is perfect for playing traditional Irish dance tunes, and the edition must be readily playable by both veritable English Concertina and accordion players.



James Planey  3-23-2021
Was delighted to see this exists,a practical reference for me while learning.


Matthew Q  11-22-2018
Just started playing around with this and like it. All 27 notes are space on with my tuner. Only drawback for me is that I was looking for the absolute 48 keys, but I guess it's not attainable for the Samsung cellphone I have.


Richard  8-30-2018
Wonderful! As others here have said, could be even better if it were possible to adjust the size of the keyboard and number of keys. I'm using it on a cellphone and it's massive!


Peter A Verity  10-18-2017
I have just downloaded this, with some uncertainty... BUT - it is extremely straight to avail - and it sounds beautiful good! Possible improvements? Well, I have a Galaxy Note, with a big (114 x 73mm) image - this means that the buttons and layout are 50% bigger than the original. This makes starting easy, but limits range. I propose - the edition is "26 key" - on the Note it would be about 42 key at "original size" in the present layout - the width of the image could allow a "parallel" (like the iPad version) rather than the present "end-on" layout, with (I think) all 48 keys. They would be reversed so you can read them more easily. Please execute these changes. Please execute them soon! Please please can I experiment them for you, as soon as possible!?!?!? And I made a mistake; I first thought that the note names were "upside down" in the natural playing positon, when seen from above. Remember that the 26 keys are the center of the absolute concertina range & you won't repeat my boob... Reloaded this October 2017 in hope of smaller keys & bigger range - i.e. more like standard 'tina layout. large mistake -it now plays ONE note then goes mute. Worse than it was!


lee craig  10-24-2015
fantastic edition - until I can afford a veritable one...


Irvine McLevy  11-21-2013
excellent app, but would be improved. On a big image phone, the whole range would be accommodated at the proper scale. Secondly it could be fantastic if you would rotate the keyboard 90 degrees as this could execute it seem more like the hand/button relationship on the veritable instrument.


Max Spicer  11-17-2013
enjoyment and surprisingly straight to play. It's no substitute for the veritable thing (especially as the range is limited) but is a fantastic idea of getting used to where the notes are on an English concertina. If only the 48 key version was attainable for smartphones tablets.


A Google user  10-12-2012
great app, l had hours of amusement. May I propose changing the " i " button as a speedy switch of the tone instead of flipping across variants as now. In my opinion it shall execute it easier and faster to perform between diverse octave. Even better if we can have this function on both sides working independently. Looking forward to have updates, cheers.


A Google user  9-3-2012
fantastic edition on the s3. excellent buy and lots of fun.


A Google user  9-2-2012
fantastic app, I'm having a lot of enjoyment with it.


A Google user  7-6-2012
Lots of fun! fantastic sounding and multi touch is great on my Galaxy S3.



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