Android Version: 4.4App: Energy Billionaire
Release date: Mar 22, 2018App Rating: 4
Author: PAMPAM LLCCategory: simulation
Name: Energy BillionaireExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Energy Billionaire is the release for the authentic protectors of nature. There are nine diverse sites in the Valley of Power Plants - these are deposits of unique renewable energy sources. The sun, water, wind, gas, coal, oil and dozens other natural resources are used to build plants for the production, collection, and sale of the clean energy. One of the brilliant inventions of mankind is electricity because it is impossible to visualize modern life without it. At the same time, this resource is a extremely particular product. Its major characteristic is the coincidence of the time of production and consumption. The accumulation of energy is difficult and very limited. Do not wait for suitable conditions for use, the concept of "here and now" is important! Previously, energy production would hurt the environment, but now, with the development of recent technologies, this can be avoided. That's why the major goal of each gamester is to maintain the planet and save nature from the harmful emissions into the environment. In Energy Billionaire everyone can become a veritable energy tycoon and rescue the world to discover the harmony! Features: 1) Build unique power stations on nine diverse sites. 2) Hire workers to increase your income and produce even more electricity. 3) If you desire to gain more profit, follow the changes in the efficiency index style and execute the right decisions to increase it. 4) update your power plants! You will need drawings for this target that can be found on the sites or ordered at the Scientific Center. Some of them are extremely rare, so finding them will not be easy! But you can whenever visit the in-game store and buy the missing piece of the puzzle. 5) Invite your Facebook buddies to run together! Hire them as workers at your power plants and give them gifts! Compete in the quantity of energy produced and discover out who will become a veritable power tycoon! 6) Producing as tons energy as possible and using the "Recycle it!" function - doubles your income! 7) gather your lazy benefit with modern energy storage! 8) Take part in the "Trading Day", sell your power plants and gain shares. Do not be afraid to take risks! It's the only idea you can build modern power plants and produce green electricity. Help nature and humanity to live in harmony!



joaquin  6-2-2021
This release is awesome, i can gain so tons money and i purchased a lot of workers and got to trillion


Rushiraj Thakar  1-31-2021


Stefanos Georgadakis  9-18-2020
Thats not even a game. Watching adverts 90% of the time spent. Thanks


Felix Happy Cat  9-5-2020
crashing billionare


Nemanja Markovic  6-28-2020
Waste of enormous potential...


Hammad Aslam  1-11-2020
good release


Shade Heart  12-16-2019
To be sincere worst tycoon I've played 8 pound for a boost 16 pound for the exquisite boost in the trick I have 4 areas all ready and they execute you watch 2 ad's "for the tutorial" I could instruct this release


Sam Warman  12-13-2019
Dont like all the pop ups on the side


Noahsama Smith  12-12-2019
I can't connect internet?


Mikes Cobb  12-12-2019


malcorn77  12-10-2019
excellent game.


Gustavio  12-9-2019
You have to watch adverts in the tutorial.. I dont think I need to declare more..


Cliff Cagle  12-7-2019
Being forced to watch adverts in the trick is very lame! Atleast wait til we gain oit of the trick before the greed starts!


N G  12-6-2019


Vivek Poddar  12-5-2019
excellent release


Dusan Loncar  12-4-2019
fantastic release


Mel V.  12-3-2019
Forced adds


Steven Tyree  11-30-2019
Forced ad = uninstalled


LT2 p22  11-30-2019
Has an add in its trick terrible uninstalled as soon as I could.


Andy Febrico Bintoro  11-29-2019
need something diverse here


adam heim  11-29-2019
So dozens forced adverts to gain across the tutorial.


Tyler Hoover  11-27-2019
Forced ad during trick ruined the release for me


Miloš Anđelković  11-17-2019


Alan Fotheringham  11-14-2019
Buggy. I deleted it. excellent riddance. Maybe if they upgraded it, and addressed some of the troubles dependents are having, it could be a excellent game.


David McMahon  10-27-2019
enjoyment little release


Chris Grobler  10-7-2019


Islamic Status2021  10-7-2019


Vanita Patil  7-29-2019
extremely good 👌👌


Red Bat  7-18-2019
Brilliant... Attention to detail is overwhelming. The Power Utilities Executives must avail this as a soft to strategise their energy fleet index.


Jt Cloete  5-9-2019


fredrich auman  4-26-2019
since i was playing its extremely good. but now i can't open the release it will stop loading please repair it.😓


Jason shelby  3-24-2019


ULTRAFAN2005  3-12-2019
I could like to have more residences for energy in the release


A Google user  2-6-2019


Jorge Alejos  2-5-2019
extremely good game.


Sean Bob  2-5-2019


Sy Mon  2-3-2019
Their advert contains inappropriate sex scenes and they are deleting my reviews highlighting it.


A Google user  2-1-2019


Victoria Blevins  1-31-2019
fantastic release


A Google user  1-30-2019
its okay


Kathy Burks  1-30-2019
the release just stopped


Kerry-Ann Hayden  1-29-2019
excellent release and addictive


TWISTED KL0WN  1-29-2019


A Google user  1-29-2019
gd release


A Google user  1-29-2019
Love it


Wayne  12-10-2018


Cole Kudzia  12-1-2018
I love this release you gain money super super super straight


michael widner  11-11-2018


Caleb Budd  11-2-2018
fantastic release and time killer


Tyler._. Smith  11-2-2018


falconfan 1233  11-1-2018
enjoyment gratuitous


A Google user  10-27-2018


Brandon Manning  10-27-2018
enjoyment if you like releases like this!


A Google user  10-11-2018
Love the release execute more


Brittany F  10-1-2018
beautiful fun. It has little drawings that you gather to update the residences but their appearance doesn't update, which kinda sucked but otherwise a beautiful nifty game.


Kenyon Eisner  9-28-2018


Lori Ruiz  9-26-2018
It keeps me interested and that's all that matters 😀


A Google user  9-25-2018
dozens adverts ..


kriotex  9-23-2018
I love this release I think it could be loads better if there was more residences to work with


Conor Burchett  9-22-2018
fantastic game! Unfortunately at tier 25 of the trick the release asks you to 'double income on all plants for bucks' which if you have none you're forced to buy them. I enjoy the release but I've been put off playing by a gigantic floating finger on my image pointing at the god damn bucks button. Please remove the finger or give us an option to disable the tutorial. Edit: since the upgrade that brought tasks you're able to get the dollars legitimately. Hence I've changed my review to 5 stars. Still not a supporter of the enormous finger though. 👍


Billy Nolen  9-22-2018
To tons work. Have to watch clips for every individual property. No idea to buy multiple workers at a time. And played for a week and no showers scenes like the preview


Lucas chong  9-22-2018
Everything in this release is soooooo cool should play,and its freee!


Joseph Waite  9-21-2018
It is a enjoyment release


Trevor VanHoozier  9-21-2018


Paul Thrasher  9-21-2018
It kills time


Chantel Feliciano  9-21-2018
What happened to all the juicy stuff


Michael Nixon  9-20-2018
A cool release to run


A Google user  9-20-2018
I liked it


Tyler Jones  9-20-2018
Its an ok release


Nancy Shelton  9-20-2018
Its excellent


bethany Owen  9-20-2018
It keeps crashing always I go to gain a gratuitous bonuse from an ad


BIGDRAGON1975  9-19-2018


Dave Eaton  9-19-2018
Can be a enjoyment game, but does it really need a 21 move tutorial? You don't tons gain to promotion until you go across the tutorial. It's like you are being guided across the game.


Jason Tolliver  9-19-2018
Enjoy the release but after I installed and played for one day and got really far the release has become unresponsive and won't load


Cheryl Brown  9-18-2018
The release is amazing to run


Robert Withers  9-18-2018


Ricardo Mejia R.  9-17-2018
extremely enjoyment release


Wendy Morgan  8-28-2018


Dean Hyman  8-28-2018


Lynn Mackenzie  8-23-2018
outstanding i love it


sarah-jayne jenkins  8-22-2018
extremely addictive I run this release each time I gain opportunity to do so


Dave Stobbart  8-21-2018
good little timewaster


Tyler Jerome  8-21-2018
good release


Tyler Hempel  8-21-2018
tier 25 makes you spend veritable money


Crazy N8  8-19-2018
enjoyment release needs more ingame clips to watch


The Ballerz  8-19-2018
Its excellent


A Google user  8-19-2018
I like it


Hyperion WhiteStar  8-19-2018
enjoyment game, needs either a ton of watching ads, or a while spent on upgrading..... One, main downside: residences don't change, when you increase levels. That's a star lost.


Richard Hunt  8-18-2018
Forced to watch so dozens adverts


A Google user  8-18-2018
It's really enjoyment and amusing


Jack Crompton  8-18-2018
When pressing the button it seems unresponsive and have to be pressed multiple times other then that fantastic edition


Jeremy Ashcraft  8-18-2018
fantastic time killer


April Bisiar  8-17-2018


Daisy  8-17-2018


Connor Paton  8-16-2018
I love this release


James Nadin  8-16-2018
Highly addictive


AnOwEv30  8-16-2018
fantastic time waster release only thing I don't like is how the trick gets you to spend 200 coins for a X2 boost on all



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