Android Version: 4.4App: Empire: Rising Civilizations
Release date: Aug 10, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: OneGame Holding LimitedCategory: game strategy
Name: Empire: Rising CivilizationsExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Empire: Rising Civilization is a real-time strategy simulation release based on the center Ages. Here you will build your own kingdom, avail unique strategies and tactics and lead fearless knights to subdue the territory! Come on and collect your partners to build a Glorious Empire! #GAME FEATURES: ● Build Your soldiers Matrix in a gratuitous Sandbox Real world map with the original Medieval style. different terrains such as deserts, lakes, forests will change the situation of war. Expand your area to station more forces. ● different roads in Technology Tree The most interesting and characteristic system in the release is no other than the Technology Tree. diverse technologies in national Affairs and soldiers can rescue you accomplish your goals quickly. diverse roads of technology will initiate diverse genres, leading to changing the situation of war. ● Train Exclusive warriors to brawl in Siege Construct a borough to accumulate resources and train warriors rapidly. Thousands of forces combined with unique champions makes the combat variable and fun. Dispatch army to capture towns and loot wealth. execute your kingdom stand out worldwide! ● Members of the same Bloc rescue every Other It is impossible to subdue the Whole World on your own. Joining the Bloc to brawl with your allies. Scout, attack and defense are seamlessly connected. Once your capital is attacked, you allies will be informed and you can brawl jointly versus the enemies. - Your Legend is yet to be written, gratuitous download today to enjoy the pure war!!! CONTACT US: Facebook: Reddit: Discord:



Mrfunny Cheese  12-8-2020
wonderful just Amazing.


Will Ogdin  12-7-2020


Glenn Carlo Dela Cruz  12-7-2020
This release is just my entertainment at the start. However as I continue to play, I feel like it's veritable just like I am leading my troops. Love this release because I need to think of strategy and tactics to beat foe blocs. I instruct this release to all gamesters who love to run strategic game. This one is excellent for you. Classics for champions are outstanding making me love to run this release and share to my friends. The updates are excellent and makes the release more interesting and enjoyable.


Robert Brown  12-7-2020
Enjoyable whenever something to do. I run on 4 diverse servers but really cant maintain up with one. Now 5 servers exquisite release ever.


August Chua  12-7-2020
Quite good to run


chelliz c  12-7-2020


CalebR123  12-7-2020
This could be a beautiful excellent release if it didn't interrupt you each 5 seconds. It seems like the trick never ends. I'm tier 41 and it's still going. each time you do a major quest you're forced to do something that you're sometimes not ready for or not prepared for. I could like to do things myself after a while.


Alan Plumb  12-7-2020
All enjoyment to run


Sierra Blair  12-6-2020
I enjoy these releases unless for the part where dependents attack you. Can't you execute a gratuitous option for dependents to run your release who do not desire to brawl other players?


stephen ereka  12-6-2020


Ernie Bolanos  12-6-2020
Ok so far


Ade Erman  12-6-2020
fantastic gameplay!


Multi Tehnik  12-6-2020
Give me champion mistick and give me a lot valor, please GM


Richard Tharp  12-6-2020


Randy Ritttenour  12-6-2020
It's an ok release so far haven't uninstalled it yet. release run is excellent


A.j. Tyson  12-6-2020
the bomb exquisite release so far


Brayden Krueger  12-5-2020
It's a excellent release


Bradley Thompson  12-5-2020
It's excellent enjoyment


Matthew Roberts  12-5-2020
I love it, but I could really like a timer on how long until my resources are collectible again. (If it's there, then I'm just blind 😂)


Emile Gagnon  12-5-2020
extremely excellent release


Jim Post  12-5-2020
excellent but time consuming , $ wins,


irene brylewicz  12-5-2020
fantastic release


Roderick Tedjuk  12-5-2020
Not bad,fun


Michel Muny  12-5-2020
8g release


Duong Kha  12-5-2020
can't gain Mulan


Conrado Duran  12-5-2020
I like this release but have excellent animation


William Gibson  12-4-2020
Its ok


Kevin Esau  12-4-2020
release is decent. large time killer but addicting. All depends on how excellent your group is and how well they work jointly


Anthony Velez  12-4-2020
Its been enjoyment whenever stuff to do and its well balanced even though some pay money in game.


-len rl  12-4-2020
Just like any other game.


Dylon Ferguson  12-4-2020
Execlent client service


Dennis Torres  12-4-2020
Love this game! Can run for hours and you don't really have to blank your pockets to enjoy it. They've done a fantastic job with this one.


Kennedy Smith  12-4-2020
wonderful and a recent experience!!!


Tim Riley  12-4-2020
So far excellent little release with what little time i have played


Jason Ellis  12-3-2020


John Cooper  12-3-2020


Dennis Luedtke  12-3-2020
fantastic tutorials


huang daiyu  12-3-2020
excellent to run


Scott Erwin  12-3-2020


blockboy mir  12-3-2020
yo yo enjoyment


Liam Burgess  12-2-2020
excellent release


Al Esposito  12-2-2020
put jointly extremely well


Danny Rosenbaum  12-2-2020
fantastic release


Juan Lisboa  12-1-2020
Its outstanding I like it


Glen Engebretson  12-1-2020
The gameplay is simple. Maybe too simple. That's the end of the excellent The bad. Communication sucks. It costs diamonds (game currency) to send messages to whole team??? Why? It costs diamonds to send messages to individuals from other teams? Why You cannot pick or switch alliance once release is started. You guess and select at the start then your stuck. tons of the release is group based. If most of the group quits or if they all live on the other side of the world, oh well, your stuck.


Arjun singh  12-1-2020


Rohit Pawar  12-1-2020
release is good.. I've reached 41 tier uptil now.. let's see what more the release has to offer!


sandra driver  12-1-2020


Thomas Svendgard  12-1-2020
I have played releases as well a long time since releases started I'm not a gamer lol just enjoy a excellent release this has crazy potential its really in the features their needs to be defined villains and excellent guys the ability to change sides and to be solo if you desire little more variant in shop and the worth of a dollar would stretch that a bit recent gamesters need a opportunity to gain into the release before having to buy invest in the tale and the back tale should execute the little guy believe its possible to be large


gg  12-1-2020
Felt more like the release was playing me.


Mark Parlow  12-1-2020
So far so excellent just started playing


John Krul  12-1-2020
So far so good, have been able to promotion without spending money or getting beaten up by established gamesters


Charlene Boothe  11-29-2020
outstanding release


Amir Rezazadeh  11-29-2020
extremely good


Sharulnizam Kasim  11-29-2020
What a fantastic game..those who are feel desire to be like a monarch must check this game..make an option to join which bloc..built up your town..raise up your monarch and go for kill with no mercy..


David Ball  11-29-2020
fantastic enjoyment does what it says on packet


Colin Galway  11-28-2020
beautiful enjoyment actually


Khang Nguyen  11-28-2020
fantastic release


Suvrajyoti Chakraborty  11-28-2020
Loved the game. Reminds of the age of empires used to run so tons in college days... ideal in topical form. Only advise if we can initiate some slight objectives based win loss occasions to execute it engrossing .


Ok u 0 me i 0 u


henry paras  11-28-2020


Kasheen Hardy  11-28-2020
It's ok,just started..may upgrade Update..well tried playing for a day's bad. I'm a 20 yr strategy release gamester n this was unplayable. Grind builds from jump. extremely meager reward system except you buy,but packs are expensive with no veritable worth. No alliance or clans but a lame ineffective *faction system were ya never understand were or who your faction color is. meager troops mechs,no hospital so when you gain hit you can't heal your army . The beginner shield is less then 24 hrs .0 stars


Blubber Boi  11-28-2020
Its a extremely well paced straight going game, runs really well and is extremely excellent to gain things off your mind.


gary montney II  11-28-2020
This release is a extremely excellent strategic game. I like this more than most suchlike games.


Cris Mark Talondata  11-28-2020
extremely excellent fascinatinh release have opportunity to run without spending too much🥰


Pat Hayes  11-27-2020
fantastic release


Robert Garber  11-27-2020
great game. fantastic strategy, fantastic collaboration amongst multinational buddies


Jeremy Starkweather  11-27-2020
fantastic release


Angelica Gracilla  11-27-2020


Mike Flannery  11-25-2020
Need to remove diurnal kill limit of 300 rebels. Otherwise a fantastic game; lots of uprades, research and fighting.



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