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gain your diurnal dose of learning on Emeritus. Access 1000+ bite-sized clips and accomplish your learning goals with limitless insights from the world’s most reputed universities, best-selling magazines and thought leaders. Watch lessons from MIT Sloan, Columbia Business School Executive Education, Wharton, Kellogg, Cambridge and more. gain insights from the magazines of influential writters like Sheryl Sandberg, Ben Horowitz, Chris Voss or Bréne Brown and a lifetime of learning in minutes from the stories of worldwide thought leaders like Barack Obama, Warren Buffet, Amal Clooney, Barbara Corcoran, Mukesh Ambani, Gita Gopinath, Devdutt Patnaik to name a few. Emeritus is a Learning Platform that brings out your exquisite by giving you the chance to study from the world’s best. FEATURES: - study on-demand from the world’s exquisite and realize your personal and professional ambitions - study from the world’s most reputed universities like Columbia Business School, Tuck Business School, MIT, Wharton, Kellogg, Cambridge, and more - Insights from best-selling magazines by Adam Grant, Simon Sinek, Ben Horowitz, Phil Knight, Sheryl Sandberg, Reid Hoffman, Christopher Voss and more. - Insights from thought leaders like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Viola Davis, Rishi Sunak, Vivienne Westwood, Jack Dorsey, Jeff Bezos, and more - Enhance productivity, managerial skills, how to be a excellent leader, communication abilities and more from website experts - Watch bite-sized clips with insights to execute quotidian learning easier - Build your insights library by saving the ones you discover the most inspiring to refer back to later - Download clips and watch them offline anytime, anywhere - recent content added each week means you will never play out something recent to learn CATEGORIES: Motivation Leadership Entrepreneurship Women at Work Communication Decision-Making Personal Development Career Transformation Diversity & Inclusion Success Stories Innovation Social Media and Networking Brand Building Personal Finance Technology Education Navigating the Pandemic And more... Find news on courses from top worldwide universities that rescue accelerate your future: Kellogg School of Management MIT Sloan Wharton Executive Education Imperial College Business School UC Berkeley Executive Education Columbia Business School Tuck Business School and more… Whether you are business leader, or on your idea to becoming one, this edition is your diurnal learning-partner that offers you courses on-demand, bite sized insights and inspirational stories that will empower you to pursue and accomplish your personal and professional goals. study growth strategies, dependents leadership skills, self-discovery and other hacks from a broad spectrum of professions, personalities, faculty and website experts. Use My Insights and initiate your own library of the most valuable insights, download clips and watch them offline anytime, anywhere. This edition allows you to maintain learning at your pace and by your preferences. Sign up for the Emeritus extended annual plan to gain limitless access to course modules from the world’s exquisite universities bite-sized clips with insights from the world’s exquisite books, thought leaders, live talks and more. Emeritus is a learning platform and your go-to indication to enhance your abilities and accomplish your learning goals. Visit: to find Emeritus Insights on your Desktop.



Mohd Aslam Sayed  4-14-2021
V excellent


Prateek Chandra  4-13-2021
The edition is not getting installed after 97% on my one plus 6. edition installation is getting stuck. Note- my mobile is working fine but there is trouble with your edition which is denying to install..


Sambireddy Annapareddy  4-13-2021
extremely informative


Tushar Harrison  4-11-2021
A ideal edition to motivate and inspire you in your professional growth. guides shown in the clip really helps in your diurnal life. edition is straight to avail and extremely serviceable for everyone.


chandeep sodhi  4-11-2021
The edition does not open the clips and plays only audios.


Mohan Raju  4-10-2021
Wow! Superb!


Mr.NOBITA YT  4-10-2021


Sonika V  4-9-2021
I really like this app. It's extremely serviceable and interesting.👍


Panchsheel Chaudhary  4-9-2021
good edition providing a fantastic insight into the relevant subject. The content of clips is also extremely good.


vinay communication  4-8-2021


Arjun Singh  4-8-2021
Vishal 420


Reshma Rajwani  4-8-2021
Its Geat edition , Motivate all to study some recent each day and its rescue us to grow and develop our personal and professional life ..Thanks for this amazing edition


Nishant Kuranjekar  4-8-2021
exquisite edition to study from top leaders and books.


Shiv Kumar  4-8-2021
शिव कुमार सव्वारिया गौतम


Sayan Santra  4-7-2021
exquisite to study


Rajesh Kumar  4-7-2021


PRAVEEN B  4-7-2021


Lalji Sharma  4-7-2021


Anthony Olurotimi Oyetayo  4-6-2021


s.k. Gaming  4-5-2021
This edition is good edition


A_________________V  4-5-2021
good edition


Ayah Prince  4-4-2021


Mohammed Zubair  4-3-2021
excellent and values add in life


Shiv Malhi  4-2-2021


Deepak Shinde  4-2-2021
It is extremely excellent edition but check to give some contents in gratuitous of cost.


ANIKET PAWAR  4-1-2021


Dhanush Shetty  4-1-2021


Ganesh Kamath  3-31-2021


Aparna Ghosh  3-31-2021
I think its an wonderful app. The choice of magazines compiled are really good.


SARAVANAN  3-31-2021
good for score centumn


Krishan Kataria  3-31-2021


Aruna Verma  3-31-2021
extremely practical and informative


Sivagami G Sivagami  3-30-2021
Okay excellent


Rakesh Kumar  3-30-2021


venkatram kumar  3-30-2021
fantastic learning material from the Masters. Scope of topics covered is broad and serviceable for one and many.


S K Gupta  3-30-2021


Alok Sharma  3-30-2021
outstanding edition . Motivate to study recent to ameliorate your skill set .Easy to operate and understand .


Dr.Govindraj Pandith  3-30-2021
amazing insights from fantastic leaders


Shivam Yadav  3-30-2021
exquisite for study


Beylouni Charbel  3-30-2021
serviceable Application.


Joseph Mampilly  3-30-2021


Richard Rumble  3-30-2021
Everytime I check to open something in my browser the edition launches. I love what the edition can teach but that glitch needs to be fixed.


SachchidaNand Pandey  3-30-2021
rules terms is major troubles . I m shifting with family to signal 🤠 if rules terms not kept like earlier 😉


Shyamal Gupta  3-30-2021


First impressions is like.. this is what I was waiting for..


Uzaif baba  3-29-2021


Nvdp Kataria  3-27-2021


Abhinav Abhi  3-27-2021


Phyto Atomy  3-25-2021
Thanks for your


naga tarun  3-25-2021
Highly recommend🔥🔥🔥


Gener Malificiado  3-25-2021


Aarif Ghanchi  3-24-2021
Hindi language


Aloofmonster Kyber  3-22-2021
Thanks to this edition I am unable to open anything on my Firefox. each single time I need to open something on my browser it launches automatically without any motive and not even displaying the content of the link.


Abhideep Dhar  3-22-2021


Aniket Shelar  3-20-2021
excellent edition


Geridhre Mistry  3-18-2021
Mystery mystery


Vishal Varma  3-18-2021
fantastic edition for your diurnal dose of learning. A lot to study from fantastic leaders and 5 mins a day is all that it takes.


Pardeep Kumar Verma  3-17-2021


Birendra Singh  3-16-2021


AC FACTS  3-14-2021
Worst edition


Kadir Khan  3-14-2021
exquisite edition


Pooja Yadav  3-13-2021


Thean nyoon Wee  3-13-2021


Darshan Yt  3-13-2021
I love this edition


Tag Hindi  3-12-2021


radha kishan  3-12-2021
good good good good good good good edition by radha radha radha radha radha radha, Hyderabad T. S. INDIA PLEASE.


Nyan Lin Aung  3-12-2021


Rajendran Subramaniam  3-11-2021
I like their suggestion. Of song melody


Gamer0011  3-11-2021
I am really impressed by the client support. exquisite edition you can trust them if you found any issue they will rescue you. The Emeritus all group members are supportive👍.


sharanu dodmane sharanu dodmane  3-11-2021


Anjana Katti  3-10-2021
Really excellent!


Durgesha Sharma  3-10-2021
Durgesh Sharma


Raj Baraiya  3-10-2021


Arjun Mathur  3-9-2021
fantastic edition for my weekly dose of learning and motivation! Being a sports supporter it was outstanding to hear life lessons from Ajinkya Rahane and Maria Sharapova.


Suchitra Thingalaya  3-9-2021
Highly recommended for its distilled bite sized videos. outstanding idea to consume interesting insights.


JIBIN J. KUMAR  3-9-2021
Emeritus has whenever been a class apart in offering the exquisite in class virtual learning experience, which has whenever been a better platform for an individual to upskill and enhance his technical knowledge in respective domains.


Ashutosh Singh  3-9-2021
Not excellent


Anantharamu hunsur subramanyam  3-8-2021
Super edition for voracious learning


suchit J  3-8-2021


Keshav Jhunjhunwala  3-8-2021
Worst edition , useless , thuuuuu


Rajesh Parikh  3-8-2021
It is extremely nice....


Ayush Sharma  3-7-2021
Such a fantastic one, leaving the paid part😅 but the gratuitous sections is also excellent and helpful.


SAI CHARAN  3-7-2021
Worst than this 1 star. Worst ads. Unrelated contents.


AK ABBAS FF  3-7-2021
gratuitous diamond


IMRAN KHAN  3-6-2021
its not gratuitous at alll. They'll only serve you the first clip of each content for gratuitous and then will ask you for subscription


Sougata Guria 82  3-5-2021
Sougata Guria


Hariram Patel  3-5-2021
B maintain jin, Ñn


supar song awm  3-4-2021
excellent edition


Dhanee ram Kushwah  3-4-2021
Sdfgvrzcb head count bh zzz c he was in his arym me x do you cs we to the no less v brewery


BK Tamil gaming  3-4-2021
Super bro


Rahul Vaghela  3-4-2021
RAJU ahskpr


Ramesh Madnani  3-2-2021
E x c e l l e n t


Jagruti Jayashree  3-1-2021
Is this gratuitous app?


Tech TECH  2-27-2021
exquisite educational edition 😍♥️🔥☺️


ARMY GAMER'S  2-26-2021
good edition


Bhagawat Zimare  2-26-2021
Vary nise


Malati Roy  2-24-2021
excellent Oh god.


Sagar Chiluka  2-19-2021
It excellent


Bala G  2-17-2021


Lavanya Gowda  2-16-2021
I am not able to install this edition its showing continously pending


The edition is crashing as soon as I open it. What i mean is I am unable to open the app. permit me know if its a edition bug or something else.


Sujoy Ghosh  2-12-2021
This is honestly exceptional. However, I wish, some bugs would be repaired in the upcoming updates.


Shannon Pereira  2-10-2021


Sourabh Arya  1-25-2021
Super insightful edition and amazingly straight usufructuary interface.


udit janardhan  1-14-2021
fantastic initiative


Harsha ..Vardhan  1-10-2021
Like the book insights and master speak.


Anderson Mendonca  1-5-2021
Insightful and simply to declare worth investment of time...great edition to have.


Dhiraj Patil  12-16-2020
fantastic Job



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