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A soft to allow testers to configure their gadget for eduroam wireless networks. This soft requires a configuration file from your house institution in order obtain the configuration settings needed. Due to restrictions in the smartphones OS, the product needs to set up a image lock if none is already set. The configuration file is in a standardised file format and can be acquired from eduroam Configuration Assistant soft deployments (such as and others). The soft also provides some status news on the eduroam connection.



Monika Cechova  6-14-2021
address is fully off and the installation of the profile doesn't work.


An English Prat  6-7-2021
Didn't permit me download my profile or sign in


Juraj  6-3-2021
terrible UI, I had to avail manual uncover to discover my institute and even then it took 5 tries to actually discover it


Iqbal Malik  6-1-2021
Just doesn't work


Robert Jones  5-25-2021


Nick Pearce  5-25-2021
Does not permit you connect without a lock image making it harder to use. Will uninstall even though this must be extremely serviceable if it works


Syed Muhammad Nasir Abbas  5-24-2021


Matthew Reynolds  5-18-2021
Doesn't work (Samsung tablet)


vera leopold  5-18-2021


Ondřej Daněk  4-30-2021
This edition looks so prehistoric ...


Silvio Cortis  4-28-2021
I am still in the process of installing it.


Jaroslav Svoboda  4-28-2021
Does not work at all


sienna parry  4-22-2021
horrible gui


Mr. Fox  4-17-2021
address based uncover thinks I'm in Ludwigsburg (where the heck is Ludwigsburg?), manual uncover does not work at all. And yes, the edition has all permissions. And yes, location-based services are enabled.


Luka Majstorović  4-17-2021
Not usufructuary friendly. I have no way what to do once I've downloaded. Doesn't work... Sad.


Alastair Smith  4-14-2021
would not be less usufructuary outgoing or actually perform the job it is supposed to do.


Bradley R  4-13-2021
I bought a recent smartphone and now I can't connect to my college WiFi when though all the boxes are ticked green, all I gain told is disconnected ssid. smartphones 10 btw


anthony jones-winkley  4-12-2021
Won't permit me download


Ali Meimandi  4-11-2021
Not working


Colby Thorne  4-7-2021
Does not work.


Alexander Konovalenko  3-22-2021
extremely confusing GUI, unclear why this edition is showing wifi access space (SSID) to which gadget is connected? Seem that edition is developed by amatures rather than professionals.


Glen H  3-15-2021
The only idea I've managed to gain eduroam to work for me. Be aware that address is not reliable, manual setup is requisite - Google Pixel 2 (Android 11) usufructuary


Vitaly  3-10-2021
doesn't work (blaming lock screen)


Dennis Keller  3-10-2021
Trash, such a shame universities have to avail this...


Emma C  3-6-2021
Not allowing me to connect at all now since I upgraded the program on my phone. Not that it was that fantastic of an edition before hand. Honestly the only motive I have this is because of uni. Once I'm finished, I will gladly see the back of this app.


Seafalcon0007  3-3-2021
The edition fails to authenticate the connection to eduroam making it unusable for me.


Christopher Miller  3-1-2021
Doesn't work. empty image after I did a manual uncover for my university, repeated nags for address access which is senseless when I'm nowhere near the university right now, and when I manually filled in my proper details, the install button is greyed out. extremely sloppy unprofessional UI.


MGA Workouts  2-25-2021
finish garbage


Sam Sam  2-18-2021
Interface is quite outdated, but eventually got it connecting. At first it didn't work because I was entering the incorrect credentials


Niels Brummerstedt  2-18-2021
This edition successfully makes it easier to lick your elbow than to connect to your university WiFi. In fact, it is actually impossible. Nothing works.


Abbie Selby  2-15-2021
It was only 344km and 1 country away from where I am studying, which judging from some of the other reviews on here was beautiful accurate. The manual uncover option wouldn't work at all for the first 15 minutes of trying to talk it I wasn't in London. Once it did it came up with my uni logo alongside a London college, then my uni with the London college logo. Took a further 20 minutes to gain it to actually load properly, all this time on data. If you have another option dont avail this app. fearful


Talha Naseer  2-15-2021
Even after downloading a certificate from cat.eduroam. Everything is in green ticks but still it shows connection but does not connects


Inigo Vitorica  2-4-2021
I don't understand why this app, which must allow me to Identify when I connect to an University WiFi, needs to have access to my private pictures and clips


Sasha Koniev  1-22-2021
not working on MIUI 12


Monkey D Luffy  1-21-2021
Don't waste your time with this scam


Andreas Ackermann  1-21-2021
This edition is a pile of trash. The uncover function doesn't work so I can't discover my University and set up any profile. UI is also the worst I have ever seen in years, what is this? An smartphones 1.0 app?


Mahmadkhan Solangi  1-11-2021


Eddie Stuckey  1-2-2021
It translates between gadgets poorly. whenever connection problems so dozens editions to manage my Internet alone. Wish I would control it with my mind lol


Mohit M  12-24-2020
extremely extremely enjoyable,high quality products,absolute worth for money,thanks


Kai  12-19-2020
Works exactly as expected


Ronny Eichler  12-18-2020
Just meaningless errors, was not practical at all.


Alex Laing  12-8-2020
rubbish edition


Miguel Da Silva  12-4-2020
Badly optimized


Ntsiki _N  11-23-2020
Can't download the edition


Dieter Zetsche  11-19-2020
extremely serviceable


Ruquay Calloway  11-17-2020
straight peasy, love being able to connect with all those different wireless networks.


Andressa Jesus Silva  11-10-2020
Can't connect


Richard Weber  10-30-2020
Cannot connect to eduroam either with this edition or manually. smartphones 11 has a recent field called "Online certificate status". I set this field to "Do not validate" , but even then am unable to finish a connection of eduroam. I warning that when I check to install manually, I first install the certificate and it appears in a drop down list in the eduroam wifi settings. After one failed attempted to connect, the credentials vanish from the drop down list and I have to reinstall the credentials again.


Mark Thompson  10-23-2020
Doesn't work colleague


Robert de Rooy  10-21-2020
smartphones 11. Just gain an error "Profile install failed", and a pop-up with "All profiles failed". extremely useful. I was in the past able to connect without this crappy app, but since smartphones 11 they force you to specify a Domain, which was not obligatory before. And since then I can no longer connect. And of course, when you gain such a profile install failed error, it just disregards the userid/pw you just typed in. Thanks! On Linux it connects without any problems.


famcarriles Familia Garcia Palacios  10-19-2020
No encuentra la universidad


david motoh  10-14-2020
i dont know


Shivam Mukherjee  10-7-2020
Just curious, how can you even execute such a sit edition :)


kokero  10-4-2020
i maintain getting kicked off the wifi at my uni and honestly, it's annoying especially now, during covid, when everything's online.


Abdul Waheed  10-3-2020


Daniel Law  10-1-2020
It's not that It doesn't work, but the need for an edition is not the idea to go. It's not the worst advice tho.


Hrishikesh d  9-29-2020
visualize needing wifi to connect to wifi....


Dror Sever  9-28-2020
Unstable. detach each several hours. Phone: Samsung A50 with upgraded smartphones version.


Darkspider  9-17-2020
My ssid stops being recongnized randomly for no reason.


Dominic Hayes - Feren OS Dev  9-16-2020
smartphones gives up forthwith when trying to connect to the network after setup while Linux works gracefully instantly.


Jakob Svendsen  9-9-2020
Works as promised


David Hepburn  9-8-2020


Devrim Kilinc  9-1-2020
Not at all serviceable


Mika Mäki  8-25-2020
Connecting to a WiFi network must not require installing an app. There are dozens gadgets without Google run Store, and these must be able to connect as well.


sam KA  8-21-2020
Does not work!


Niamh O'Connor  8-14-2020
Won't even download ... Had to install it again because they changed the certificates at my uni, and for some motive it doesn't even care to download ... Absolutely useless ...


Jaroslav Průcha  8-11-2020
Worked like a charm this time. The newest time I used this app, it was a pain and took forever, but had no troubles on my recent Samsung smartphone


philipp weber  7-1-2020
Works like a charm and gets your eduroam connection secure via certificate from your house university. Edit: deletes profile and wifi setting for eduroam when uninstalling the app, why? Had to go across the setup again and maintain it installed.


Stephen Brunt  6-29-2020
horrible app, horrid usufructuary interface and keeps failing to install the profile claiming I don't have a image lock. Avoid!


Raul Rivero  6-24-2020
excellent work and routing ready instruction


IsTrue  6-17-2020
Funktioniert an sich, aber doof dass man sie jetzt zwingend braucht. Vorher ging's ohne.


Rafiae Rafi  6-14-2020


Bryan Bilton  6-6-2020
Shocking edition does not connect to wifi


Steam Games  6-4-2020


Johannes Lipp  6-4-2020
Not beautiful, but worked like a charm immediately. Thank you!


Ben Peterson  5-25-2020
Eduroam is intractable to access and this edition did NOTHING to rescue me login to eduroam. WASTE OF SPACE.


Paul F.  5-22-2020


Paul McDonnell  4-30-2020
It set up eduroam for me


Muhammad Mashhood  3-25-2020
extremely difficult to avail


Jamie Kerr  3-18-2020
Doesn't even deserve a star it is so unbelievably buggy.


Angel Wall  3-14-2020
A joke


Dharmendra Dheeman  3-13-2020
One of the worst Apps.


Hasan Shariq  3-9-2020
Welcome to the 90s


Wouter Mol  3-2-2020
What the hell is this lol?


Dávid G.  3-1-2020
Error: "turn on image lock" appears despite it being on. Nothing helped.


James Griffin  2-27-2020
Still doesn't work, several gadgets and years later....


Asier Montes Bea  2-26-2020
4.5 estrellas por la Red Eduroam Pero una 1 estrella a la aplicación, porque es mala como ella sola. Al menos funciona y no hay que hacer nada más con ella una vez la configuras.


Danny Quilter  2-24-2020
The edition literally won't open. Tried 10 times and maintain getting Eduroam CAT keeps stopping. Who thought this could be a excellent way


Fran Hdez  2-23-2020
Does its job


Lerola Surnamenghton  2-23-2020
As everyone said, the auto-locate function is idea off. Even worse however, the manual uncover didn't work for me at all, and once I did discover my institution by chance, it gave me an unfixable error! I had to end up setting everything up manually, that's how had the edition is in its topical state.


Emily Zucatti  2-19-2020
Ele tem muita dificuldade de encontrar a rede da minha universidade


K C  2-19-2020
full garbage, so tons so even the UoS IT technician took 5 attempts to figure it out. Like why am I being extorted over £9k a year for garbage like this?! Zero stars if it were an option.


Antonia Dase  2-18-2020
Really terrible edition to use. Only positive is that once it's done, it's done. Not a outgoing usufructuary interface and have to manually uncover several times before I gain my house university despite being on campus! It was then listed as 470 miles away 🤦‍♀️ cheerful I've finally connected but surely there's a simpler and better way.


user 28  2-13-2020
Simply horrible


Jasper Broens  2-11-2020
It looks terrible, it doesn't work that well, I can't install it on blog because I can't access the wifi first and we used to be able to log in directly to wifi, I don't know why anyone thought it'd be a excellent way to switch to this


Mark A. Reader  2-4-2020
would not discover the University of Cambridge... :(


Sandra Vardeh  2-3-2020
Once you do discover your institution, and track the recommendations likely provided by them, it works well. However, I do not see why my profile was erased when I uninstalled the edition - need to go back and do it over again, extremely annoying!


Daniel Steck  2-1-2020
The fact that you now need an edition to access eduroam (which is just a damn WiFi network) is embarrassing. Implement your authentication in a standards-compliant idea and permit testers connect normally.


Rofida Ali  1-29-2020
extremely excellent


Joshua James  1-27-2020
Yayyyy, helped me connect to eduroam


Masud Mama  1-26-2020
Help&aye defend myself&online any one allyes disple exhibit instenly now me atackly anytime only infom othar parson opening only self eye hand by adjustnow


Gabe's Backyard  1-24-2020
Didn't work


Jakub Zítka  1-24-2020
Naprosto nechápu proč tato firma vůbec existuje...nepoužitelný systém..


Simon  1-22-2020
This edition interface is a joke. And stop asking for location, manual research works idea better anyway.


Josh M  1-21-2020
Terrible. entirely unclear on what you are requisite to do


Sydney Lynds  1-19-2020
Who's retarded, penny-pinching way is this? The only dependents with access to our internet now are the brain dead apple testers and teachers with desktops, why the hell are we getting chop out of a service being paid by our tuition just for getting the "better" smartphone


hamdi muhumed  1-16-2020


Jayme Leigh  1-13-2020
Awful. If I would give a more negative review I would. Doesn't work at all at connecting dependents to the internet, such a complicated process for simple WiFi, don't know how this exists in 2020...


Christian Cockcroft  1-13-2020
uncover by nearby universities is idea off (525 km) since I learn at UVIC-UCC not in Madrid. It had a bug that displayed my university but couldn't gain the right profile (solved on third attempt), either way, it may be more frustrating than a simple edition needs to be.


Cool Franz  1-10-2020
Useless. This is so ridiculous... Are we seriously wasting money with these people? Why do we need an edition anyway, while the relax of the world can do without?


Matt Edwards  1-8-2020
Eduroam never works, consistently fails and is an unnecessary barrier to accessing wifi at academic institutions. It must be fully scrapped.


Simon Ramirez  1-7-2020
address is not working at all and manual uncover does not give any results


Byron Stevens  1-1-2020


Michał W  12-22-2019
Doesn't work, horrible UI


R. Busch  12-20-2019
Sucks, just like uni


Luca Marconato  12-16-2019
Unbelievably buggy for such a simple edition


Dave Brown  12-9-2019
It does not install


Luka  12-4-2019
Not a beautiful app, but functional. It worked easy away for me using manual search. Don't know what everyone is complaining about. 🤷‍♂️


Jim The Guy  11-28-2019
this edition was made by a gay rattlesnake that beats ladies and food infants alive.


Wolfgang Gaderbauer  11-27-2019
unusable, worst usufructuary experience. getting eduroam running is unnecessary complicated, even for it experienced users.


Will  11-22-2019
Horribly outdated edition that's still using smartphones 4's visual style. uncover doesn't work on smartphones 10.


Gil Grau Enrich  11-19-2019
extremely wrong


Nicolò Sonnino  11-19-2019
Incompatible on smartphones 10, first setup accident on startup


AhhHhH  11-13-2019
Excessively difficult to avail and began crashing as soon as the edition was opened after a few minutes of usage.


Daniel Hobbs  11-7-2019
Locations do not work. Gps enabled and nothing. Manual uncover shows open uni for university of Sussex. edition is buggy as hell. Using ancient outdated code and edition framework. fearful


Samiul Basar  10-23-2019
0 stars if I could. Makes life very long and difficult



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