Android Version: 4.4App: Dynasty War - Hero Clash
Release date: Jul 5, 2015App Rating: 4
Author: i3Fun Hong KongCategory: strategy
Name: Dynasty War - Hero ClashExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Dynasty conflict is an SLG release with a slightly suchlike gameplay! Featuring hundreds of renowned dynasty soldiers from the Three Kingdoms Age. Build your borough and summon your own warriors, train your formidable troops, execute the brilliant alliance and subdue the world within your palm! Discover your beloved formation and subdue the world with your own unique strategy!



Aria  2-13-2021
Bien mieux par rapport aux autres jeux de même kinds les plus joués qui sont merdiques comme le graphique trops enfantin!!!!!!! ( je fais références notamment à clash of clan), que du classic populaire que les gens pour se faire voir. ps : commencer en 2015


Da Grinch  12-16-2020
My account is gone bs


Rashad Abdullah  10-19-2020
This release used to be enjoyment when it was NGames. Since it was sold to i3fun the release run has become clunky, unpredictable and unbalanced. Too dozens flaws and glitches lead to wasting resources and ingots unwantingly with no recompense. Alliances that cheat the conflict matching system are ignored fully by i3fun. Yes that is correct, when dealing with i3fun prepare to be ignored. They do not care about the release or the gamesters or being fair. They only care about money.


andre bryant  7-17-2020
Cool game!


Just A Random Guy  7-7-2020
extremely enjoyable and exciting, it is excellent how it takes a diverse approach


nawaz king  5-18-2020
No words, permits run


Saeid Duski  2-24-2020
Anyone can told me how I can gain my ancient release ? I'm tier 119 but after that recent upgrade can't load it open in recent release


Cooper Johnson  2-14-2020
Out Of This World


clinton becker  12-8-2019
Can you guys add the option to trade 7 star hero's can there be a tier reward occasion


Justin Maron  10-21-2019
A technical trouble caused me to lose what amounts to hundreds of dollars value of resources. aid group acknowledges the situation and ghosts me instead of resolving the issue.


Vasant Kumar  8-27-2019
I love this release


A Google user  8-4-2019
since upgrade I can no longer run as just says dynasty conflict has stopped.. said to devs and now see a lot of dependents here complain same thing so they aware but done n said nothing


Panna Anna  5-5-2019
5/4/2019: edition no longer works on S3 Tablet. so disappointed.


尺丹ム丹  4-28-2019
ever since the most new upgrade i can no longer run the game, just crashes. Tried to reinstall and now it makes the run shop crash. Have contacted the devs on fb and they havent responded to my msgs, even though they have viewed the msgs. Frustrating, will be asking for a absolute refund if not sorted out soon.


Chaima Ché  4-26-2019
I loved this release but the newest time I desired to upgrade it I had to re install it but now I can't download it on my tab :(


Aaron Titko  12-20-2018
fantastic game. it is crashing to black image since the newest upgrade always the image rotates on a galaxy s8


ericson carino  11-8-2018


Nickle Hill  6-30-2018
extremely enjoyment game... very fun, but after a certain point it takes a long time to update - I'm talking around 4 years - to gain to the same tiers that dependents who paid are at. -and i know dependents who've played that long


dewald pretorius  6-12-2018
extremely unhappy. My gadget got stolen a year ago and i finally got a recent device which can run the game. I forgot my password and email. Now i cant use my major account. I have been waiting for 40 days for a conform but nothing has happened so far. Obviously im not significant enough to attend to


ahmed adel  6-6-2018
The tab says to me:''this edition may not be optimised for your device.My tab is Samsung galaxy 7 and I run on ipad4 and he says me the same.Please,anyone talk us what have happened and please,try to repair the problem


Jeffrey Carlington  5-17-2018
Basically pay to win now except you have really excellent luck or put 6+ hours into the release each day.


Ben Durjoy  4-22-2018
Nice...I Love It...


NIBIZz WRLD  4-1-2018
Stupid junk


James Dean  3-22-2018
I think it's unhappy Asian gamesters with Bases tier 60 to 70 with absolute ascended champion tier 70. I'm not Asian in my Bases tier 90 and I don't even have ascended champion cause everytime I update champions it takes 15 to 20% which is about 20 champions to update once this is a joke. advise dependents not to play. If this isn't the case about the Asians then I'd declare there's a lot of Asians cheating in this release


Alan Heney  3-1-2018
Is it just me or is the release not even loading for other ppl as it was working one day then the next it won't load up


New Guru  1-12-2018


Megh RVkar  11-30-2017
Cant sign in using quick..on level56 there....dont desire to start from 0 again


kevin  11-12-2017
Adictive release awsome loadscrren buffers if info not been read but reload and sorted works ideal on s6


Alex Erhardt  11-4-2017
I love it


A Google user  10-27-2017


William Pegg  8-21-2017
Can take a few goes to gain the release to load I'm either getting a empty image or the waiting circle forever. Also gain the circle in release as well. repair it please. Using samsung s6 on smartphones 7.


叶昌隆  8-17-2017
The summit conflict is the worse style ever. whenever meet 100lvl adversaries and above and my and my group whenever 100lvl and below... I just wonder how the release work...


Zizzie ab  8-6-2017
Okay release I guess, just like turret clash. Unfortunately it's no my kinda game. Sorry.


A Google user  7-19-2017
fantastic lots of stuff to maintain up occupied


ahmad khajehpoor  7-13-2017
بازی بدی نیست از کلش اف کلن بهتره در کل خوب است


quinton williams  7-6-2017
Finally a 3 kingdom release i can play. Coc run mode with a twist. desire perks & 5 Star general in the game. . Please avail my invite code : tusrsut


Ninh Nguyen  6-30-2017
release is so laggy on my galaxy s7 especially while attacking the frame rate is horrible. I also run this release on my iPad 4 and my wife iPhone 6 and its doesn't lag at all.


Ovidiu Corpodean  6-28-2017
I think it is a fantastic release actually I'm sure it is the exquisite release


A Google user  6-15-2017
This release champion Dynasty . I love release champion


Manjori Sadhu  6-13-2017
I actually like the release but its a little intractable to gain 6star heroes... Without that i like the release


Chrmz & Dotaaz YT  6-6-2017
It was excellent but the release won't even permit me run anymore. I've had it for like 12 days or so, now always I check to play, it freezes on the first image and does not go any further.


Mylesjn  6-6-2017
This is an wonderful release which kept me hooked for months so, maintain working on the game.


Karthi Keyan  6-5-2017
The release is extremely tons addictive with lots of occasions to occupy the day and graphics wise little bit dullish you guys better work on graphics other than that it's sweet....


清原朔彦  5-26-2017
exquisite release


Mark T.  5-25-2017
idea better then Clash of clans


brandon heberling  5-24-2017
The release is fantastic


Minh Trinh  5-24-2017
extremely enjoyment and fantastic game. excellent repair it no longer crashes. diurnal combats and stuff are enjoyment but there are too dozens recent additions. Just ameliorate the details that are already implemented.


Dae Hwan Kim  5-23-2017
Freaking well made game..u deserve my


Gede Sentanu  5-23-2017
fantastic release


Jim Max  5-12-2017
Like this release


hammerhead jay  4-22-2017
Yet again copyright here's another release that nearly even avail the whole name of Dynasty soldiers LOL


Yong Nick  4-14-2017


shrif ahmed  4-10-2017
One of the exquisite strategy releases and soo diverse



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