Android Version: 4.4App: Drop Battle : 1v1 PVP
Release date: Aug 28, 2021App Rating: 4
Author: SUPERBOX.INCCategory: game puzzle
Name: Drop Battle : 1v1 PVPExtension: Apk
Downloads: 5,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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■ Join Official Community ■ The object is to execute a bigger number by merging the same numbers. Drop your number puzzle in combat style and merge! It is the original 2048 number merge puzzle that you can run easy!! It is time to tease your brain. The exquisite 2048 Number Merge release is Here and it is gratuitous to play! ■ Battle/Tournament ■ Only the same number blocks can merge together. The number on the floor will merge towards the dropped number. [Merge Attack] When128 blocks are made, a steel block is created on the opponent's tile. [Combo Defense] Energy is charged as blocks are merged continuously in a row. When charging is complete, one metal block on your tile is automatically removed. [How to Win] If the opponent's number blocks contact the ceiling first, you win the game! ■ details ■ - release will permit you know the next block - Time killer but makes you smart - Displays your world ranking and high score in leader board - Vibration system applied when you drop blocks (Find in the pause button) - Simple and modern graphic design - No wifi connection requisite



Elk Maädn  9-15-2021 waiting for further improvement. Congrats!


Zero_The_Trap  9-14-2021
The release is beautiful enjoyment just wish there would be clans and stuff to execute it more interactive you know? It may rescue the release get popularity.


M. Rizki Iqbal Nasution  9-12-2021
This is quite intractable game. The concept is good. straight to understand. More like thinking while fighting than just like other fundamental PvP combat Overall it was a excellent release maintain up the excellent work


William Belgard  9-10-2021
Really just average but enjoyment pvp.


Vahid Gh  9-7-2021
The adversaries are bots! How is it possible that in a few seconds the adversary can execute 15 blocks of 128 ?!


Urushiba Rinka  9-3-2021
This release is playing extremely hard. This release has one release lenguage why alot of gamesters are playing first and cheap phase playing and a lot of excellent gamesters are crushing recent and noobie gamester why this release hasnt recent gamester protections why this release havent futures.


Robert Thomas  9-2-2021
Love it


Dylan Rathbun  9-2-2021
30 sec advertising up to 5 times per match.


Cameron Velez  8-31-2021
beautiful excellent game.. few to dozens adverts but hey it's 2021


khaki  8-30-2021
Please add another row for battle.. Its actually too swift and the strategy don't work if there's a limited number of row. nearly ideal release only this is the flaw.. This release has alot of potential and unique.


Kevin Niemira  8-30-2021
wrong game. Slow response, random ad interruptions. Seemed fine, but quickly proved to be a wrong edition


Zahri Anshori  8-30-2021
Sound promising. Need cloud save data... No option for restore progress from other device...


Dylan Rathbun  8-29-2021
idea too tons advertising and you can gain endless quantity of gold watching ads.


Arkfury Dragonmane  8-29-2021
Good. But it has no audio :((


Mistik  8-28-2021
Loading image extremely buggy but besides that it's good. And gamesters are extremely tryhard lol


Enchilada  8-28-2021


Andrew Cooper  8-28-2021
It keeps declaring there is an upgraded version and won't permit me play. So 1 star for now.


jessy 76  8-28-2021
I just played one release and won seems beautiful simple lovely graphics the relax idk yet


ELLZER  8-28-2021
When i tap on this release it's delayed like crazy and the release is so boring so damn repetitive the fact that this release is delayed and dose not react properly when I am playing even with 5g internet don't waste you're time on this release don't listen to the bull💩 reviews and the bull💩 response from the developers This is a FACT


Erik Hasselwander  8-28-2021
Lose without getting a absolute stack, wrong matchmaking, powerups cost veritable money in pvp release and they are too strong. Stay away.


Hezar Rt  8-28-2021
The worst release I ever played. Uninstalled :/


Bhavani Mamidisetty  8-24-2021
exquisite release 1st dowloader


Jiten Chhabhaiya  8-23-2021
combat making sucks extremely badly even if upgrade were came, give attention on it otherwise this release gonna out of market.


Random Guy 111  8-22-2021
I installed in the morning finished the trick and tried to run a veritable game, it keeps searching for minutes so closed the release tried again in the evening same thing happening. I don't know if there are enough gamesters fo matchmaking. Will check again someday


Cardfight Pokemon El Za  8-21-2021
It's a cool game, but I don't think you can add buddies and run versus them right? Please add that


Negi Bipul  8-21-2021
good release



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