Android Version: 5.0App: Dragon Champions
Release date: Aug 1, 2019App Rating: 4
Author: AppQuantumCategory: game role playing
Name: Dragon ChampionsExtension: Apk
Downloads: 500,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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A fantasy adventure of epic champions in Dragon Champions, a gratuitous fantasy-themed turn-based RPG on mobile. Familiar graphics, an engaging storyline, tactical battles, PvP, PvE, and a few more outstanding things for you to enjoy! Are you an avid MMORPG fan? Do you miss the vibe of ancient computer games? Download Dragon Champions, and we'll exhibit you the authentic dragon magical quest! Take part in the fabled RPG multiplayer combat of the Dragon heroes versus demon soldiers and the mysterious Reflections. Recruit soldiers and lead an action crew of great champions to combat and determine the destiny of the conflict in the world of Korador using the exquisite battle strategy. Humans, orcs, elves, pandas, goblins, beastmen, or demon soldiers are some of the warlords to pick from to initiate the most mighty squad! Assemble and update your epic group and save the medieval world of Korador, become the strongest hero in the arena, and study the secret of the immortal dragon defenders in this role-playing quest. The myth tells us the tale of the old Gods describing how they exterminated every other, leaving this world to the dragons as their heirs. The dragons swore to defend the races of Korador from conflict, thereby becoming the defenders of the races. Centuries passed, and dragons eventually stopped meddling in mortal fights. Now, orcs and humans are waging an infinite war, elves and goblins are all-time enemies, while pandas and the beastmen hide in their faraway lands. That's when an troops of demons invade the world, leading to the return of the mythical dragons. Become a part of this dragon legend RPG simulator! Prepare your exquisite soldiers tactics to protect yourself and surmount your foe soldiers in the Arena! Do you have a veritable soldier soul? DRAGON heroes - soldiers combat RPG: THREE ENGAGING ACTION tale CAMPAIGNS: Enjoy the memorable tale of Dragon heroes in the spirit of classic fantasy, filled with humor, fights, and a ton of pop culture references. The tale of Crown Prince Darian and Tromgar, the orc khagan, is like a high-quality blockbuster, starting with a personal magical tale and ending with global-scale conflict events. initiate an troops of dragon heroes ready for the combat in a great multiplayer dragon simulation campaign! PLAYER VS. gamester RPG BATTLES: Assemble the exquisite heroes’ crew in your combat to participate in the raid PvP Arena battles! Your results will be recorded in worldwide rankings in this gratuitous adventure RPG. brawl until victory! MANY champions AND soldiers TO pick FROM: More than 50 soldier characters from seven playable races and diverse rarity tiers will join you in the final raid adventure! discover 'em all, acquire and craft equipment, and don't forget that you have a world and buddies to save! DYNAMIC combat SIMULATOR: Work out your own action tactics in this gratuitous multiplayer turn-based RPG strategy with dynamic battles, time speedup, and a convenient warrior autobattle feature! Clash your legion soldiers versus the foe in an epic conflict without limits! JOIN troops GUILDS AND PARTICIPATE IN RAIDS: The wise strategists and soldiers leaders of Dragon heroes join guilds, chat with other gild gamesters and combine their efforts to win raids. Participate in raids and attack to encounter the most mighty beasts of Korador and surmount the elder dragons. endure at all costs! GET READY FOR WARFARE: finished the raid campaigns? brawl tides of epic foe army in the rook to experiment your mettle. every combat is more difficult than the last, but you gain generous rewards for every combat you finish in this magical multiplayer simulator! Ready for adventure?



John Appleby  12-7-2020
extremely amusing


Tim Ellis  12-6-2020
I am having an trouble with the release crashing when it hits 8% and it will only restart the game. I cleared cache and release data, no change. Uninstalled/reinstalled the game, no changes. rebooted the phone, no changes. I have uploaded logs and supplied news 6 times over the newest 3 days and have not heard back in any way. I paid for the character occasion that I am missing right now and I am going to loose my guild. Please repair my issue.... Still no reply, no assistance, nothing.


Ryan Carruthers  12-6-2020
So far so good, so tons to do, gather and upgrade. Im really enjoying it. If you are looking for a recent release to run on your phone, this is most definitely value a try!


Nick Xiong  12-6-2020
extremely enjoyment game. fantastic campaign. straight to understand release play. They do a great job easing you into the game. Its not heavily pay to win either. But if you do pay, prices are extremely reasonable with lots of deals. I felt this release has probably one of the exquisite competitiveness balance of pay to win gamesters and gamesters who do not desire to pay. Only downside is finding an active gild as a lower lvl gamester but it is possible. Artwork is like WOW which I also like.


Psy Baby  12-5-2020
Ho ho ho Mery Christmas!


Merlin Wagner  12-5-2020
Its a enjoyment release overall so far. Storylines are interesting..


Spyros Petsotas  12-4-2020
Haven't been playing for long but chars, gameplay, and abilities really look awesome. Not too tons and not too little. Congrats! That said, if I had the luxury, I could invest a little more time and/or money into improving the jokes and voiceovers. It could be a shame to have everything going towards the right direction and lose credibility because over of some poorly delivered jokes. You would just maintain the same ways and just tweak them just a little bit. release is outstanding nonetheless. dozens thanks!


jeyaraman subramanium  12-4-2020
amazing release


Richard Prunty  12-4-2020
Cartoony just not my thing but im sure others will love it


Ava Johnson  12-4-2020
really delighted about this release


Gabriel  12-3-2020
DANI adni?🤔🐭


Ben Johnson  12-3-2020
It's early days yet, but so far enjoying the release greatly. There is a lot of aspects to this release which keeps it interesting.


Rocky Kahosed  12-3-2020
outstanding havent played my ps4 in days because of this release


Nicholas Boley  12-2-2020
This is a fantastic game, thats a lot of fun.


Mitchell Tosti  12-1-2020
exquisite edition


Gloster OP  12-1-2020
Really excellent release with excellent Graphics and excellent Controls. I really loved the release


TheOne&Only BeastlyD  12-1-2020
fantastic alternative to Raid! HellHades got me to check it and the release got me hooked!


Jenn Lacey  12-1-2020
fantastic release


frank mardel3  11-30-2020
Smaller universe than SWGOH (less modes, intertwined tribes, etc.), but can actually f2p climb over time... Something that's near impossible on SWGOHs.


Timothy Pietrzak  11-30-2020
Put missions in the release which are stupid hard.. most are impossible with max tier and gear.. developers don't experiment or run their own game.. seems like the goal is to upset gamesters into spending money.. also idea too tons pvp..was enjoyment at first.. probably not going to see a auspicious 2nd year anniversary.


Jen Davis  11-30-2020
gratuitous cash


lawrence silvey  11-30-2020
enjoyment even if you do not spend money. There comes a time if you do not spend a little cash. That you will be starved for Gold however the creators did a excellent job. I didnt spend money till tier 50. Was never number 1 however there were still plenty of dependents to beat up and alot to do. The dailies unlike alot of releases are not confined to should purchase to accomplish. check for yourself its really fun.


Ghaith Albeshri  11-30-2020
I love the release


Fabien Suliin  11-30-2020
each time I do something it has to download uninstall pathetic devs


DAN Moses  11-29-2020
I'm combats with a champion group that is identical to mine,but my group of champions are over 8000 group power stronger and I lose the combat with out even killing one of the apposing groups heroes. This release advertised that the stronger group wins. Something is terribly wrong, repair it!!!


Daniel Burton  11-29-2020


james kirstein  11-29-2020
Enjoying the release extremely tons so. Like the twists on it that execute it diverse from other releases in the same genre. Definitely value a shot it you like turn based strategy rpg's.


Isaac Barker  11-28-2020
extremely cool i am digging it


Krisztics Emil  11-28-2020
A kategóriában az egyik legjobb játék. Folyamatosan fejlesztik.


John Luis Padilla  11-28-2020
Hey you dont respond , dependents having troubles in the release ...... Just made a purchase that was not credited in the release ..... Pls conform


Arthur Kissee  11-28-2020
Interesting release feels like a prequel to world of Warcraft


Dawn Whyte  11-28-2020
Love the game, closets release to world of warcraft I found for a edition game.


Joe Per  11-27-2020
Heh... it's ok. I'm just tired of playing releases that requires me to join clans/ guilds in order to survive. It's all about luck. If you discover a excellent guild, you're ok, otherwise your screwed. I hate to depend on others for a excellent game. Especially if the other guilds have someone who has developer access, or spend a lot of money. Makes the works of those of us who grinds, useless.


Chad Ihnen  11-26-2020
enjoyment release so far


Renz Rosado  11-26-2020
To me, this was one of the exquisite games. Lately, they have been increasing hardship steadily, but in uneven big jumps. I had a solid group that could sweep the tower. Now, even though I have the same group but tons stronger, I struggle with it. Sometimes I wipe halfway and sometimes I come up one short. The constant drive to purchasing with money is jarring because this used to be one of the most generous games. I threw money at it several times a month because of it. Now I refuse to. Shame.


sadegh hemmaty  11-25-2020
سلاممنرهام استم


Mark Brook  11-24-2020
Storyline is different. Gameplay ok. slight early purchases, reduced price were worthwhile. I am talking less than £1. Early doors yet, but enjoyable enough to maintain me playing for a few hours, before I jump back into another release to see how that is. whenever trying recent games. If I really like a game, well, let's see; Skyrim had me hooked. Over 5000 hours gameplay in two years lol. So yes I love to play, a d this is a release I am coming back to. permit you all know I. A few months.


Rajat K  11-24-2020
Downloading to dozens resources. Takes too tons time to load.


Joel Sparling  11-24-2020
excellent release


John Reagan  11-24-2020
12 days before I quit this game. I cannot beat the intractable rook mode. I've used the YouTube recommended teams. Its still to hard. Lighten up the intractable style so I can gain across it. I desire to maintain playing. Otherwise I'm done.


Marc-Michel Henaire-Caron  11-22-2020
fantastic release for a F2P Game!


David Olshaski  11-21-2020
beautiful fundamental but enjoyment for short term distraction


Adrian Sheridan  11-20-2020
Still learning but extremely enjoyable


Mortisha Lee  11-20-2020
the exquisite


Josh Randolph  11-19-2020
fantastic Game!


cha baoui  11-19-2020


Grumpy138  11-18-2020
release used to be fun, but now it's dieing quickly. much of monetization and lack of promised content are causing dependents to quit left and right. The alliance I'm in used to have 13 guilds now we're down to 7 and we have had enough dependents quit in newest day or 2 that it's gonna drop to 6.


Dakota Prieto  11-18-2020
Decent grind, good time waster


Carol Robinson  11-18-2020
release has gone downhill completely. except you can spend at least a hundred $ a month dont even check it. If you desire to succeed be prepared to spend alot more than a hundred. Seriously sad. Used to be the best.


Stuart Wright  11-15-2020
Battlegrounds matchmaking has got worse. Matchmaking works versus expansive rosters like mine. Tournaments doesn't work extremely well either. It needs a Blitz category mechanism to work. Also whoever created Mor'Doom disclose tier is plain evil.


Darrin Yilek  11-15-2020
outstanding & a extremely enjoyment game!


Todd McCoubrey  11-15-2020


Stephen Cannon  11-14-2020
The graphics are fantastic the champions look cool also


J Thomas  11-14-2020
fantastic release



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