Android Version: 4.4App: Dragalia Lost
Release date: Sep 26, 2018App Rating: 4
Author: Nintendo Co., Ltd.Category: game role playing
Name: Dragalia LostExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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■ An action RPG forged by humans and dragons Dragalia Lost is a swipe-controlled action RPG about the bonds shared between humans and dragons. subdue your foes using an array of mighty attacks and peculiar abilities and even by transforming into a dragon yourself!" ■ A story of heroes, legends, and allies, together Over 60 voiced characters are ready and waiting to support your quest!" ■ audio by DAOKO Dragalia Lost details audio by the Japanese artist DAOKO. Her captivating musical score enhances the upbeat gaming experience!" * This product is gratuitous to download and offers some optional in-app purchases. * Internet connectivity requisite to play. informations charges may apply. * We let our third-party partners to gather informations from this edition for analytical and marketing purposes. For more news about our ads, please see the “How we avail your information” section of the Nintendo rules Policy. * May include advertisement for Nintendo. * You should be at least 13 years ancient to run this game. *The release will request permission to access your address informations when playing multiplayer style with nearby users.



Angelia Brown  12-6-2020
This release is outstanding


Sidath Senevirathne  12-5-2020
They used to be known as the most generous with summoning currency but now they divide banners and decreased summon currency intake by 80%, making summoning for characters tons more difficult. Also, getting enough rupees is impossible late release except there's a 3x money event, which only happens during the anniversary, so you're forced to wait an entire year until you can actually progress. TLDR: the anniversary is the only time of the year the release goes back to being generous and progressive


Aaron Enriquez  12-5-2020
The release is enjoyment but is ridiculously buggy, it constantly freezes or bugs out and I've had to restart my smartphone several times just to gain my smartphone to work again.


SquareBrain  12-5-2020
extremely good, it's so enjoyment to run


Ahnorn Vhulkergoirn  12-5-2020
Since the revamped 2.0 update, the release has gone downhill. Sure, it looks pretty, but that's about it. They've put more concentrate into random Gala banners to entice dependents to spend more money. They used to be bimonthly but more they happen twice a month at minimum. They used to give more gratuitous summon tickets as rare drops in fights and they have stopped them from dropping outright. They are turning towards greed. I've spent a fair quantity of money on this release and after these changes I'm done.


Daniel Delano  12-5-2020
Srandard summoning system and gear is just enough depth one thing that is wrong could be the movement of characters


Mister Fleischer  12-4-2020
Edit: Heard they chop currency so I lowered the score accordingly. Reviewed based on pre 2nd anni.......Top level mobile game. extremely excellent gacha game. extremely straight to gain the character you desire from gacha even without spending money. Endgame content intractable for dependents that don't desire to take the release too seriously or interact with other gamesters (speaking as one of these people). The pure gacha aspect about it though is perfect. Takes up idea too tons spot even without voices (at least 4 GBs).


Christopher Hurly  12-4-2020
fantastic game, good story, definitely not p2w and generous in giving out wyrmites (gems for gacha), characters, and their equipments. exquisite gacha mobile release i have ever played


Chief 8017  12-4-2020
I can't think of any better mobile release that care about their players, everything is just so excellent the music, the story, the alberiant combat now is better than before too, each single aspects are wonderful and since the game of legend volk the hardship is just ideal 2 days for clearing legend volk in legend and i wasn't even tired you just desire to maintain on going until you beat him good work for the legend agito and the audio in this brawl is just beautiful. aid this brand 👍🏻


Sasha Stagman  12-4-2020
Played for a year and got bored. tale is extremely stock anime tropes which isn't necessarily bad, but here it's just boring. Feels like devs don't know what to do with the tale and just maintain drawing it out instead of using recent ideas. Gameplay is quite enjoyment and straight to figure out. Never had tons trouble with draw rates and they have quite a few events. I just got burned out and bored.


Dex 842  12-4-2020
The gamester base has been greatly diminished. I understand that this release is bleeding cash, but if they charged less for their extended currency a lot more dependents could be willing to spend money on it. Covid has effected everyone and nobody can afford $25 for a tenfold summon. Most other gatcha releases charge around half that for the same. They used to be extremely generous with the gratuitous summon currency, but it seems those days are over. If it was $10 for a tenfold summon, I could buy that each week.


Brandon Bowman  12-4-2020
enjoyment to run in the beginning but gets boring extremely quickly - and also this release has been getting worse for f2p gamesters just as a notice if you dont whale.


pizzawiz504  12-3-2020
beautiful enjoyment but it lags and cutscenes sometimes break. Though that may be due to me using an older smartphone


MasterKurow  12-3-2020
It better now


Riley Carter  12-3-2020
fantastic game! Revolutionary mobile gameplay. Been playing since day one and have had a blast ever since. Alot of dependents complaining about the new summoning resource cut. Dissapointed in the community backlash when they know that their former generosity could not maintain the release funded. Love sparking though.


Zachary bickel  12-3-2020
Man, the developers listen. My newest review really complained about the filter system for Wyrmprints, and what do I discover one day while group building? A repaired filter system. Add on top of it the ever evolving gameplay, and there's going to be years of content to come. Most dependents seem upset at some sort of chop in Wyrmite (The game's limited currency). Personally, I didn't warning it. However, these genres of concerns are legitimate, and I'm sure the Dragalia group will location them, just like all of the other troubles that have cropped up in the past. For instance, we used to have to summon for Wyrmprints, this not only made the summon pool more diluted, it also falsely got our hopes up when we saw the fabled rainbow summon circle. The dev group noticed, and changed it. Wyrmprints were moved to loot drops. But that was still too rare for a basic element to the game, so the devs again changed it so that we would avail eldwater to buy them from the shop. This was AGAIN changed with the fresh update, now, you can just buy a single copy of every Wyrmprint, and then worry about getting more copies and upgrading them in their own menu, instead of having to maintain follow of what Wyrmprints you have, how dozens you have, and how dozens you need to buy. TL:DR: If it's broken right now, send in a report asking for a fix, the dev group will gain to it.


A Google user  12-3-2020
sarisse is on the case


Koko  12-3-2020


dereggirt  12-2-2020
This release is beautiful 👌. Offers a beautiful unique experience and provides a broad variant of occasions that all work around the Gacha and co-op aspects of the game. I'm loving everything this release serves me right now, so I hope it keeps going.


Karl  12-2-2020
It used to be great, but it has really taken a hit recently. The generousity that DL was known for is diminished, and they quite literally just copy pasted an ancient boss into recent content. Avoid for now


Akimito Haruo  12-2-2020
getting dupe 5* feels so unrewarded 8,5k eld water aint match with freaking 2% draw opportunity


Azure Attempts  12-1-2020
Doesn't work, I've been trying to download it and run it since I used to run it a few years back, but now it doesn't work and just sits on a quiet title screen.


youngelton9 Gameing  12-1-2020
Even know what when I post this I haven't installed it yet but I actually might have a excellent time that's why it's a 3 🌟


Nice Guy Will  12-1-2020
I've been playing the release for 2 years, I've spent no money on this release and I don't intend to the release give you enough gratuitous stuff for you to set off on your adventure I have nearly all the exquisite creatures and dragons this release is enjoyment a far (in my opinion) if you enjoy releases like Pokemon Dungeon or ultimate Fantasy World then you will enjoy this release


Trung Nguyen  12-1-2020
Gameplay, art, animation, audio are all amazing. major tale was meh but is getting better, and occasion and character stories are good. Characters are interesting and diverse. dependents complain about updates but most of them are too idle to check to understand them. It doesn't actually set dependents back as tons as they think, they just don't know the release and upgrade well enough. However, the release is not as generous as before with summoning currency. Everything else is fantastic and it's still value playing


Tim Quing  12-1-2020
Returning gamester here. Cant login because of empty image after nintendo and cygames splash screen. Can I gain a refund instead?


Bryan McBride  12-1-2020
excellent release but suddenly greedy with summoning currency. could not instruct to recent players.


ThatGuy BT4  12-1-2020
The gacha has gotten bloated and its harder to gain newer creatures now. Not to mention they have chop the quantity of gratuitous pulls down due to taking away ticket/wrymite rewards that you gain from events. Really disappointing after the 2nd year anniversary. ALSO, PAYING $40 FOR A SINGLE 10 ROLL must BE ILLEGAL. WTH GAME, LOWER YOUR PRICES JEEZ!


Fae Reveck  12-1-2020
Used to be a fantastic release with fantastic generosity toward gratuitous to run players. Then they sneakily removed 90% of the typical rewards of summon tickets and in spite of much of gamester demonstrate to this step pretend nothing has changed.


PrinnyHero Dood  12-1-2020
I played this release for two years. I loved this release when it first came out. It was a lot of fun. Now it is a diverse game. More emphasis on boss fights. infinite boss fights. Repeat content is getting dull and boring. Pvp was added and its good I guess but I personally never cared for it. I desire the adventure back. Anyways, I had enough. I hope you enjoy the release though. It has a lot of charm and heart.


Jumble  12-1-2020
I've been playing this release since the fire emblem collab in april and I loved it! However the new summoning currency chop is really hurting this game, I understand it's because of the sparking system but there's just so little currency in occasions and in general now I just don't feel motivated to play, I hope this gets addressed because I really do like this release and it'd be unhappy to see it go down in flames!


DeltaLeader89  11-30-2020
Day 1 gamester here. Since the 2.0.update and 2nd year anniversary the release had recent life brought into it, but since the anniversary occasion ended we were left with some shocking changes. Cygames has drasically increased the cost for upgrading weapons and leaving little option to farm for rupies in game. Lastly, the summon currency, Wyrmite, has also been cut. This now makes decisions on what banner to summon on slightly harder with the limited currency.


Anya Melick  11-30-2020
Gutted summoning resources


Spaghetti Sammich  11-30-2020
I have been a faithful fan since day one. Cygames is typically extremely generous with their distribution of rewards and information, especially with updates, patch notes and the such. What really confuses me is that cygames after the second anniversary occasion after introducing a spark system, decided to fully gut summoning based reward elements and replace them with paltry rewards that only work for the last of players, especially regarding the weapon update/smithing costs. Revert the wyrmite.


eu s  11-30-2020
Greatly reduced gratuitous summons after 2nd anniversary.


ツYan  11-30-2020
Hey the maker of this release please marry me is super outstanding and Cool😊🥳 I hope you Have a good day everybody and stay save😸


Orkun Koçyiğit  11-30-2020
Become very stingy and not rewarding. Will not recommend.


TheClassicnathan TCn  11-30-2020
Love the release but I hope we can soon gain an upgrade where you can run the release with voices without it taking up to tons space. Also why do a lot of bosses negate my resistance abilities and have unavoidable one shot attacks that I can't dodge or I frame?


Kevin Yi  11-30-2020
After sparking, cygames have been disgustingly stingy with occasion rewards


anon zun  11-30-2020


Fancy Clown  11-30-2020


Dayton Rogers  11-30-2020
Used to love this game, was my beloved release to run for two years. Then they gutted rewards for their occasions so we can't summon anywhere near as much, all while requiring ridiculous grind requirements for endgame. And did it all during their anniversary so we wouldn't notice. could be a five star release if not for that, don't aid these genres of practices.


Kyle McD  11-29-2020
Love the tale and characters and the occasions are extremely fun. straight 5☆ review but sadly dropping to a 3☆ because ever since its 2nd anniversary summoning resources have been chop in half and its begining to harm both veteran and beginner players. Especially now with seasonal occasions and collabs coming up. Hopefully this changes back soon.


Oliver Todd  11-29-2020
The art mode is extremely cute. but I couldn't even download the game. After the trick it tried to download but kept getting errors I've checked my internet connection multiple times and restarted multiple times as well. It's a shame I wasnt able to even really run the release


knuckklejoe joe  11-29-2020
strong drop in gratuitous extended currency.


Noucheng Vang  11-29-2020
I can't gain back to my ancient account it could not work will you developers rescue me gain back to my ancient account.


Alexandra Prange  11-29-2020
Dont run until they location the bogus diurnal rewards change


Kima gmail Buduh  11-28-2020
Garbage piece of trash.. 1) Laggy, low fps 2) release has no goal, like whats the point of playing this garbage? 3) Again, garbage release


Lawrence Montgomery  11-28-2020
great RPG game. motive I dropped to three stars because we having less wrymites


spicyboi memes  11-28-2020


Jackson Likings  11-28-2020
repair the bugs creator i hate the bugs its not letting me even run


A Google user  11-28-2020
It's cute, fun, and got a fantastic soundtrack. good job Cygames.


king kai  11-28-2020
It's beautiful enjoyment and the release is more stable now than when it first came out. I do love this release but it's not as f2p as it used to be


Rain Trimble  11-27-2020
fantastic game, lovely dragons outstanding art. enjoyment to run much of events. Interesting tale fantastic comic strip. They work intractable to execute the release better and better.


Haxnite  11-27-2020
I love this release but it will not stop crashing no mater what I do


Jose Mendoza  11-27-2020
Don't gain me incorrect I love the game. But things have been going downhill for a while now. The Devs has continuously check to execute the release easier. Making it rather boring in policy of content. Even agito fights are like that. Its either you can beat the content or you can't. 90% of the time you can. They do a fantastic job at making creatures though.


Justin Flechsig  11-27-2020
Anniversary upgrade is a mess and wyrmprints are a horrible usufructuary experience. The combat royale is a half baked coins in on the genre. This upgrade clearly didn't go across usufructuary testing. All that said, this is the most generous mobile release I've ever played in policy of summons.


Adam Collins  11-27-2020
outstanding game. Love the upgrade on weapons and wyrmprints. Was wondering though whatever happened to dragon augments?


Joshua Hwang  11-27-2020
I have to drop a star despite it's a excellent game. I never gain any Gala creatures and only gain it if i buy it and do platinum summoning. It needs to be checked.


Tenacity X  11-27-2020
It could be a 5 star but the problem is that sometimes when I'm not doing anything, the release will accident for no motive and everything i did before didn't save. But other than that, a extremely decent game.


Geki Kudo  11-27-2020
excellent game, but the devs have decided to neuter the currency distribution while rapid firing banners.



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