Android Version: VARYApp: Dr. Panda Town
Release date: Mar 29, 2017App Rating: 4
Author: Dr. PandaCategory: education
Name: Dr. Panda TownExtension: Apk
Downloads: 5,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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What is your advice for the beginners? ANSWER

For beginners there are no suggestions just try jumping in and click around, first off there are 7 give or take free places, sometime it will give you a free place dependent of the time. You must pay for a lot of things tho, I suggest a different game Toca Boca   1

How to get promo code or bonus? ANSWER

Could you mention pros and cons? ANSWER

Some pros and cons Pros: you can create your own home, nursery is free so is the school, three story home, grocery store, hair salon, and a few more things, you can video your creations Cons: have to pay for most things, can’t create own character, maps are not that good If you don’t like this game I suggest a game geared more towards an older kid Toca Boca, yes you do have to pay for some things but your possibility’s to create a story are endless with the things that are free, you can even create your own home and character.   1

any codes to get stuff for new people ANSWER

What are some codes I can use? ANSWER

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Now all your beloved Dr. Panda municipality editions have come jointly in one wonderful app! Break boundaries, examine and search the dozens wondrous adventures that are waiting to be had in over 30 unique locations! INFINITE ADVENTURES!   Will you fight crime as a police officer, run your own hair salon or be the world’s brilliant vet? In Dr. Panda Town: Collection, everything’s up to you! If a vacation’s what you need, grab your swimsuit and head to beach for the trip to remember. Be a thrill seeker and enjoy a day out at the amusement park! In this town, the possibilities for adventure are endless.   30 ACTION-PACKED LOCATIONS! Explore your house before taking a walk down the avenue and visiting a supermarket, park, restaurant, school and police station.   Visit the mall and go on the shopping spree of your dreams and splurge across four floors with a clothes store, toy shop, arcade, playground, film theatre and more!   Time for a vacation? Grab your suitcase and sail away on the cruise of a lifetime visiting more than 7 exotic islands and other locations!    For the ideal day, invite your buddies to Pet World, a pet-themed amusement park. heroic the roller coaster, stay in the pet-hotel and visit the magic turret and enchanted café.  Key Features: •Monthly updates with recent locations, characters and more! •Tell your own stories •Play in 30+ locations •Play releases in the arcade and gather tickets •Explore the old ruins and underwater borough •Hatch dragon eggs in the enchanted café •35 fun and different characters to run with  •Discover much of hidden secrets and enjoyment interactions •Safe for kids  •The ideal edition for inquisitive kids!   Subscription details: •Subscribe to disclose more areas to run in in Dr. Panda Town: Collection •Subscriptions of Dr. Panda municipality Collection can be purchased on either a monthly or annually basis, whichever suits you best. •Your subscription will auto-renew except you switch off auto-renew at least 24 hours before your topical subscription period ends. If you don’t wish to auto-renew, you can switch it off at any time via your Account Settings.  •If you start a gratuitous trial, your account will be charged at the end of your trial period for the monthly or annual subscription term chosen. Any unused portion of a gratuitous trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the usufructuary purchases a subscription to Dr. Panda Town Collection, where applicable.  Need to gain in touch? There’s whenever someone from the Dr. Panda group on standby ready to help, drop us an email: [email protected]  Privacy Policy  We know how significant rules is to you and your family.  Learn more about our rules terms here:   Terms of Service: About Dr. Panda Dr. Panda is a developer of releases for kids. We develop releases with educational values that rescue babes study about the world. All of our releases are safe and do not contain inappropriate content. If you’d like to know more about us and how we’re designing editions for your kids, or you just desire to declare hi, visit our domain or gain in touch at [email protected] or on Facebook (, Twitter ( or Instagram ( ).



Maria Munroe  12-7-2020
release used to be enjoyment before all of the updates made, takes away all but 3 gratuitous areas and when they permit you go on a gratuitous land it gives you no warning that the land is going to close soon so whatever elements you have on the land are locked there and you can't gain to them except you buy the extended version.


Hailey Tyrell  12-7-2020
I' do not like it thst m .(


Edumali Alepio  12-7-2020
I love this release it is so tons enjoyment


Umer Khan  12-7-2020
Dr panda is the exquisite panda ☺😊😀😁😃😄


Samar 10upoupiggypiggy2  12-7-2020


Taz Az  12-7-2020
This release is a exquisite release I like this release


Rani Singh  12-7-2020
So excellent release I love it opinions is five star🎊🎊🎉🎉👍👍👌👌


Jis George  12-7-2020
Very. excellent


Marjorie Norbe  12-7-2020


Paige Boreland  12-7-2020
This was my beloved release then i forgot it but i remember


Aljohn Kristofer  12-7-2020
love it!


B C  12-6-2020
its excellent but i cant gain into the camping plz repair it


queen nuget  12-6-2020
Its cool its wornderfull its grate to run but one thang can it all be gratuitous than 24 houres gratuitous


Daly Paz  12-6-2020
I don't desire a gratuitous trial


you ahalee  12-6-2020


iamthegamer590  12-6-2020
24 Hour gratuitous for infinity time I Uninstall and do all the residences then I run in the home a lil then quit the 24 hour gratuitous TRIAL 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ I LOVE IT Edit: I just gain everything for gratuitous BC i just gain all residences and then go to a random gratuitous map then go then quit that map then yay gratuitous trial!! And add Hand cuffs at the police station


Claire Tamplin  12-6-2020
excellent release to run because you gain a 24 hour of releases 😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😂😂🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😅😅😅👍👍👍👍💩💩💩💩😺😺😺😺👽👽👮‍♂️👮‍♀️


Klara Bader  12-6-2020
Barbe mail


Gurjeet singh Dhillon  12-6-2020


Rohima Begom  12-6-2020
extremely good wow wow wow wow


Aqeel hussain  12-6-2020
I love this release so tons but in my iPad it takes really time to download,but it's really 🆒 🎮


Usha Rani Dash  12-6-2020
Give me dr panda school release give😡


Rupali Sharma  12-6-2020
extremely good release


Milagros Rodriguez  12-5-2020
I avail to really like this release and I still do but I desire to run this release again and it doesn't have a button to open the release and it unhappy 😞😞 soooo can you please repair this please please please please give five still💗


Zyme Mejia  12-5-2020
Wow kinalbo po ng kuya ko


Paul Eroja Playz  12-5-2020
This release is safe for me and babe


Troy Mayne  12-5-2020
A bit Birling "" ZZZ I FALL ASLEEP IN THIS release


Bonso Kanku  12-5-2020
Please add that you can build your own home so they can be gratuitous so please add that you can build your own home but the release is so enjoyment I love it so tons


Amelia Rochester  12-5-2020
It is such a rip off


Mia Hollero  12-5-2020
The loading when you step in each one place is so slow and so long.


Llovylynn Sendico  12-4-2020
I no eliv toys got this gqme


ika n  12-4-2020
excellent job


Jalayia Etheridge  12-4-2020
there's nothing incorrect this is just a question can you add a christmas territory since its a december?


Kim Hodges  12-4-2020
THIS release IS AWESOME:it gives u a 24 hour gratuitous trial and it's gratuitous u must run this release but the thing is that why do they not permit me choose stuff up and if u step a person it gets stuck in the earth but I still like it in all:the person who made this worked intractable on it and all but not all releases have bugs but some do.


Zahra McKenzie  12-4-2020
It's outstanding but I wish all the places were gratuitous but overall it's good 😘😘😘 I love it it's like a magic place


Imad Sohaib  12-4-2020
good and enjoyment im delighted that some places are open


Shanith Km  12-4-2020
I love this thank you Dr panda group for this amazing release lot of enjoyment how can I declare thank you is amazing and thanks for the 24 hours please add some more areas such as circus wedding and more thanks we are supporting you a lot


This is my childhood beloved game.even now im teenager i still love it


Myxialle Yricka Morada  12-4-2020
Hi po


Arnel Mayo  12-4-2020
This release is so enjoyment 😄😁


Itz Keyla  12-4-2020


Adwoa Gyamfi  12-3-2020
I love this edition it is so cool 🤩


nacho venice  12-3-2020
I will give this for stars because it does how you don't have all the world and you don't have the boat and don't have the clothing shop with I whenever need I give this four Stars☺ I love the release but only if all of them were gratuitous that is what I wish but I still love the game😀


Body Atta3  12-3-2020


Olivia Coetzee  12-3-2020
I love the release


gabie vargas  12-3-2020
I gave this release five stars cause this release is awsome!!!!


Shirin Soni  12-3-2020
More norin becus I like but its just not my tiyp and also I like the pete becus


jade dunkley  12-3-2020
This release is amasing i love all the Dr panda municipality but this one is my faivrot


Linda Yacoub  12-3-2020
This release is enjoyment theres gratuitous stuff like they give us 25 hours im mean its not that wrong yeah what wrong is the releases that have to pay for is really rude what if dependents have to waste there money on it an ik like wow an this release is extremely excellent


Beverly Matheson  12-2-2020
This release is enjoyment but not a lot of the stuff is unlocked but it gives you a 24 hours but if you desire to disclose everything it will a lot of money and its genre of a ripe off


Joy Iang  12-2-2020
I love it I wish there is a recent upgrade where we can gain cash around the map and minigames to earn cash 1500 cash equal a gratuitous 24 hour of everything gratuitous


A. Mikel  12-2-2020
I love this release so mush


Yasmeen Sultana  12-2-2020
Its an wonderful game!


Hello  12-2-2020
I have 1 problem with the release is that , always I go in to some places it took like 5 mins of waiting , it just takes too long and I extremely bother by that , other than that everything was fantastic but I couldnt run it peacefully because of how I need to wait for 5 mins to gain into one places and other places , I could give 5 stars but pls repair it.


Talha Juty  12-2-2020
each tingslock lhate this release


aziz hassan  12-2-2020
I love it you examine so dozens other places and it's for all ages ☺️


Abbyplpp Wallaceppp  12-2-2020


Aretha Sandy  12-1-2020
What happened to the dog in the release ????


Hamilton Jose  12-1-2020
I don't like it


Georgia Housey  12-1-2020
excellent luck


wolf life  12-1-2020
greatest but just a bit glitchy


Raegan RaeganB  12-1-2020
I love this release to hart no hat


lance ortiz  12-1-2020
... aeiouy


j a z a n c  12-1-2020
Strip releases


bunga matahari  12-1-2020
This a awsome release i like


hirdawati isa  12-1-2020
I love you release


Salma nadia  12-1-2020
This release is good but after some hour if I will click a option then it will take so time to enter so pls repair the problem 🙄


Jyotirmayee Nahak  12-1-2020
WOW!!♡THIS release IS AMAZING. I LOVE IT. I'm 11 YEARS ancient BUT I STILL LIKE THESE category OF releases ,THE CHARACTERS ARE SOOOOO lovely AND THE upgrade IS extremely good 💖😄♡(◡‿◡✿)🍫


Aisyahrania Zulkepli  11-30-2020
𝙎𝙖𝙮𝙖 𝙨𝙪𝙠𝙖 𝙜𝙖𝙢𝙚 𝙣𝙞 🤩


Tiffany Palmore  11-30-2020
You gain a slight


Emily Rose  11-30-2020
Absolutely great but I have one trouble can we watch a lot of adverts to disclose everything for 2 or a few more hours you will earn money and a lot of dependents will be delighted can you please do this?



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