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Release date: Jan 1, 1970App Rating: 4
Author: doubleTwist ™Category: music and audio
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doubleTwist is a mighty audio gamester and podcast manager with audio sync functionality. doubleTwist gamester has over 100,000 five star ratings and a fast, easy-to-use interface that eliminates the need to jump between diverse editions to run music, manage podcasts, or sync iTunes playlists. Plus, you can cast or AirPlay audio from your smartphones with the optional AirSync purchase! doubleTwist audio gamester has been recommended by the recent York Times, BBC, Wall avenue Journal and numerous tech publications. What's the catch? Unlike other audio players, doubleTwist is a gratuitous download, not a "trial". We upgrade it frequently and listen to your opinions to execute it better. We execute money from an optional in-app update to doubleTwist Pro unlocking the following extended audio gamester features: ♬ AirSync for wireless sync over WiFi ♬ Chromecast, AirPlay & DLNA support ♬ 10-band equalizer & SuperSound ♬ Gapless playback ♬ Album art search ♬ Removal of adverts in the podcast & radio screens. ♬ extended themes ♬ Sleep timer doubleTwist is handmade with ❤ in Austin, Texas, live music's world capital. Thanks to you, we manage audio & podcasts for more than 10 million faithful listeners. Help? Visit Community: Join our public team for serviceable guides & support: Follow us on Twitter: Blog: Use of this edition is subject to the doubleTwist policy of avail and rules Policy:



Jamie Nugent  12-7-2020
Used it before, liked the layout - switched to Google audio for ease, until that was replaced by YouTube audio which doesn't give my downloaded audio a priority (takes 2-3 minutes to deliver up my 'device music') so I downloaded Doubletwist again!


Samuel Makgohlo  12-7-2020
The exquisite musical product


Julio Lopez  12-6-2020
extremely excellent 👍


Tim Cathmoir  12-6-2020
I really desired to execute this work for me - since the demise of google run audio and the nightmare that is youtube audio - this was going to be my rescuer BUT It just wouldn't work with my Moto G7 power promptly says the gadget is out of spot - even though it really isn't and won't sync any audio at all Really disappointed *** I take it all back! My smartphone wasn't set up for USB transfer - so I am to sync my audio now Will review again once I've had opportunity to avail it - but upping the stars!


Sherlyn Lobo  12-5-2020
Just amazing!


Joseph Spencer  12-5-2020
💘 the Sounds, trying to 👀 do it have a mp3 gamester ?


L S  12-5-2020
Really fantastic how this audio gamester sorts by Artist then to albums of the artist. Other gamesters that exhibit each follow of the artist in an alphabetical order are terrible. 5 stars once the changes of melody metadata can be written to the sd card address of the tracks.


David Minta  12-4-2020
Fantastic, only avail this edition to listen to music👍 others fade in comparison.


Paul Franzetti  12-4-2020
edition works really well.


Johnny Miller  12-4-2020
Another edition for audio that doesn't see albums correctly. What a waste.


Domianna Caruso  12-2-2020
I stumbled through this audio edition a few years ago and I haven't touched another one since. it is without a question the exquisite audio edition ever! I love it and I instruct it to everybody.


carlos diaz  12-2-2020
exquisite edition ever


Barry Woodward  12-2-2020
fantastic app! It's given a recent lease of life to my iTunes library after Google pulled the plug on run Music. YT audio is like an after thought. exquisite thing is I can cast to my tv (and turn the photo off if necessary!). One ask tho - when casting to my TV, please would the artwork FILL the image instead of be in a slight circle? After all, album artwork is rectangular not circular!


Aaron II McCullough  12-1-2020
It needs to be more plush and simple, however I am cheerful I can sync my iTunes library to my smartphones phone. The edition needs to be more like iTunes. Simple and open so you can breathe in the edition


Tuyên Mạnh  12-1-2020
I love this would sync all playlist from itune edition and its a fantastic idea to manage you audio if you already used ipod or iphone for music. It does run mp4 general this edition is a musr have for anyone who used to avail itune ipod iphone for music.


Scott D  12-1-2020
Finally an edition that plays all the audio file categories that have accumulated on my phone.


E.O. Odis  11-27-2020
The exquisite and ONLY edition I avail for music! Simple and straight


Grant Lamb  11-27-2020
More money to avail additional features. Not delighted Jan.


Bahle Ntswane  11-27-2020
I love it sooo much, I wish they never update it, I think it is ideal as it is


petekatsop  11-26-2020
Fab app. Runs well. Can't complain for something that's free.


papaGLaBrador  11-26-2020


Kamal Gada  11-26-2020


Robert Miller  11-26-2020
Thank you for saving me from using Google!


Rassem HACHOUD  11-25-2020
I just love this wonderful app, fantastic work. thank you so much!


Md Rashidul Hasan  11-25-2020
Does not upgrade automatically after a recent file is downloaded


LEGASEA Sportfishing  11-25-2020
Love this edition as a audio player...does everything I desire and more


Unagi Sf  11-24-2020
ideal to meld audio and podcasts.


David Pummell  11-23-2020
good exquisite audio edition I've tried and I've tried a few, also imports without any errors on metadata unlike some others I've tried (Samsung Galaxy S10 +) Thanks


bone burner  11-22-2020


Wes Williams  11-22-2020
fantastic replacement for Google run


Bongani Gift  11-20-2020


Will  11-20-2020
Finally my Library on smartphones with an aesthetic design, logical features, and smooth/automatic file finder. After a year without my ancient iTunes library I spent years residence up, I synced the files and it all appeared, artwork and all.


Seth Jayson  11-20-2020
Used to be flawless, now stops after a few melodies for no reason. smartphone plugged in overnight, it won't run a tide sound across the night. Same trouble on wife's phone. Never used to be a problem.


Carlos Fernández  11-20-2020
It is amazing. Clean and intuitive interface, it also remains in the same space you were when you closed the app, making it unvaluable when it comes to listening to long audios, like podcasts or audiobooks.


Anthony Washington  11-20-2020
5 F..KIN STARS outstanding


Itsyo Mama  11-20-2020
extremely straight to avail and understand edition fantastic work in keeping it the same for all these years


Brian Pearcy  11-20-2020
All excellent


Dwight Roush  11-18-2020
It's been a excellent replacement edition for Google. Keeps album ordering and permit you upload artwork if you dont have it already.


Angie Hiew  11-18-2020
excellent as google audio replacement


Taiwo Olajide  11-17-2020
I just got it but I like what I'm seeing


Clemence Makandwa  11-16-2020
The exquisite music gamester I have used so far, idea better than VLC, maintain it up guys.


Ian Sims  11-15-2020
gamester is great... the whole "pulling from itunes" is iffy


Jordan Michael  11-14-2020


Devyonte 1206  11-14-2020
Just what i needed after google run audio ended...thank you😁💗😘


Andrew Sepulveda  11-13-2020
After years of using the software and recommending it to other, I had to finally dump the program. A few updates ago, the software just broke for me. Everytime the next follow plays, the volume just drops. I tried 3 headset and smartphones auto, it does the same thing. I uninstalled and reinstalled dozens times, still does it. I am not going to intractable reset my smartphone to repair the issue.. Goodbye double twist.


Dirty Knees  11-13-2020


Tamim Daoud  11-13-2020
This used to be a fantastic app. Now, even with the paid details active, it can't seem to detect any recent audio files on my phone. Disappointing!


Drew Glendinning  11-13-2020


Rob Workman  11-13-2020
desired something that could readily sync my windows media gamester playlists and melodies to my device. First off, the edition imports all media on your device, which takes a while. Then, in the PC app, you can pick the particular folders to avail as sources. could not discover over half of my media.


Lindsay Millard  11-12-2020


straight to manage


Evan Eugario  11-11-2020
I enjoyed the app. However after the shutdown of Google run Music, all of my playlists turned in to a .pla format with 0 bytes. I spent months residence every playlist and now I am unable to run my beloved songs. Is there a idea to rebuild and transform my .pla playlists to work for doubleTwist?


Alex Sanchez  11-10-2020
Performs as hoped


Nitin David  11-9-2020
When I made the switch from iOS to android, this gamester helped. It's super straight to use, decently customisable and works flawlessly for my offline collection. Has album flow and works with smartphones Auto. Found it easier to avail than Google audio or YTmusic. Never used the air sync as I transfer over cable. My 2 problem are that it imports voice recording into the library and doesn't have floating lyrics. The Artist view is beautiful excellent too.


William Walker  11-6-2020
Handles album artwork well


A Google user  11-6-2020
The first edition I ever downloaded on smartphones and have a tool sport for it. I love Double twist and the wonderful developers behind the app. Still the exquisite audio edition with the exquisite interface and design. Syncing with a diverse edition and iTunes brings in all the news perfectly just like an iPhone. Was using cloudplayer for a while but when downloading melodies from my Dropbox, they have added security on them and it doesn't work in my vehicle. So I'm back to doubletwist.


_ Guestron  11-4-2020
This is by far the exquisite audio gamester edition I have found and well value the purchase. I'm not large on subscription audio services and this is an ancient school audio collectors kinda app.


Albert Levert  11-3-2020
Literally nothing short of brilliant. Period.


John Voigt  11-2-2020
This was a fantastic edition until Google made them stop finding run audio files. I finally had to remove this app, causes smartphones reboots on version 11. Edit: I bumped up the rating a bit but I've already switched to a recent podcast player. I used to avail this edition as a audio gamester but had issues, then I started using it to listen to podcasts and purchased an upgrade. Even though I've paid, I have just had too dozens troubles over the years with an edition that I depended on for diurnal use.


Andrius Mateikis  11-2-2020
extremely slow PC interface so you won't be loading your melodies on the go.


Geoffrey Gulack  11-1-2020
DoubleTwist worked for me to copy over my beloved melodies to my Android... but when I desired to change what I had synced I deleted the melodies off my smartphone using the app. This seems to have caused some "ghost" copies because now I can't sync any of the audio I previously had. The desktop edition still registers there being 4gb of audio on my smartphone when that informations no longer exists on my phone. Deleting this edition off both my desktop and phone, just execute a pc folder and manually copy it to phone.


Chris Zeppa  11-1-2020
Works tons better than any other audio edition I've tried. Syncs to my PC's iTunes library readily and quickly. What's not to love?


Paul Owen  11-1-2020


jerome Stephen read  10-31-2020
I have had this wonderful audio edition for ages it was reccomended by a buddy of mine who works at cex he told me all about it and its value having could reccomend....


sinderella S  10-31-2020
Havent used it yet


Ty Brunner  10-31-2020
Im cheerful this edition is herr to listrn to mu offline purchases that ive stored to my 10e. Goid design straight to use.


Valdir Correa Bueno  10-30-2020
Muito bom


Benjamin Ambrose  10-30-2020
good UI, straight to use, lots of options.l


Balwani Kumar  10-29-2020


Mark Toolan  10-28-2020
Replaces You Tube audio gamester


Stephan Kyte  10-27-2020
The only edition which picks up my synced iTunes playlists. It's also fantastic at picking up my album art


Peter Kamau  10-26-2020
exquisite experience in audio 👍❤️



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