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Playing a release of Digimon TCG and forgot to deliver your memory gauge? With DigiGauge that is a problem of the past! DigiGauge is a digital memory gauge especially made for the Digimon TCG. WEBCAM MODE With webcam style you can mission another gamester to a release of Digimon TCG and sync your memory gauges remotely using DigiGauge! 2PLAYER MODE Start a session with 2 players, throw a coin who goes first and let's battle! ROUND INFORMATION Keep follow of memory gained, cost payed and round/turn durations. INTERACTION Behold the pretty and completely hard memory gauge. You can also avail the bottom buttons to pass your turn, get memory or pay cost. KEEPING COUNT Which gamester got the most wins? With a convenient score counter you can readily see who is the better player. You are able to forfeit a round or state that you won using the menu button. AUTO SAVING Sessions are automatically saved on your device, so you can choose where you left off. Facing another adversary today? You can also start a recent session using the menu button. FEEDBACK Please maintain sending your opinions to [email protected], thank you! Privacy Policy: Terms and Conditions: Disclaimer: DigiGauge is a supporter made edition and is not affiliated with BANDAI ©.



Crashing Kuribo  2-20-2021
it excellent


Stephen Adams  2-3-2021
works well offline haven't tried the sync function yet


Cameron Bowers  1-27-2021
Does everything I need it to for the release excellent job!!!! Maybe execute the highlight colour different. As a color blind person seeing the orange gamesters count on their turn is difficult other then that fantastic app!



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