Android Version: 5.0App: Devil Smithy : Epic Idle Merge
Release date: Feb 10, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: 2DOTCategory: role playing
Name: Devil Smithy : Epic Idle MergeExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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☆ Merge two weapons to execute a more mighty recent weapon! ☆ gather a variant of unique Demon army! ☆ My Demon servant with newly combined weapons! ☆ demolish human units to earn rewards for strengthening more mighty weapons and species ☆ collect souls to grow the dark spirit! mighty abilities and all servant’s power and hp can be obtained! ☆ Enhance the Demon's power with reinforced stones acquired by defeating human heroes! ☆ gather angel wings to gain mighty Legend relic! ★ If you have issue with saving data, please upgrade smartphones version! ★ [Notes] - Warn you do not delete the release without save. [Bug Report and recommendations] mail address: [email protected]



Ronnie Harris  5-30-2021


Aycee Mazu  5-9-2021
Was enjoying the game, then got asked like 10 times in a row to leave a review so here it is. 1 star for spamming me each 15 seconds for a review and I uninstall. Enjoy.


Anime English Dub Lvl 999 Class Sss  3-3-2021
can you put auto merge to a summons and relic that are 100 and above. i have 30k summons class d and i am so idle to click all of it to merge.


Christian Mariano  2-9-2021
Getting relics and servants is just a bit to intractable you need to watch adverts most Of the times to gain the pearls to summon em so why not add a rebirth system where you will start from the beginning but earn gems based on your World phase and rebirthing resets each gold purchases you've made but rebirthing let's you maintain your relics, servants and gem purchases like auto merge and initiate


Mark Jason Pica  1-23-2021
Boooooooooooooooooooo be able too and I'm going g cube to buy it but there is no have MVP yeye you desire me please permit us at Miya be a ride to gain the next day I have a few things and then 😊😁😉😁😊😉😊😊😉😁😁 cz 👌😁😉😅👌😅😁 cz 😅👌💯💯💯👌💯👌😅👌👌😅😅😁👌👌💯😅😁😉👌💯👌💯💯💯😅😅😁😉😅😅👌😅😅 👌😅👌😅👌


Dax Padilla  1-19-2021
Passes time.


jason brown  12-29-2020
enjoyment release


Kirilee Beckford Green  12-4-2020
Enjoying it so far


Gaming Roblox :V  9-19-2020
I love merging releases but this is abit laggy


efren B. Mijares  8-30-2020


Devin Workman  8-8-2020


Wym Wy  7-31-2020
5* for the game.Play it. Now I have a few notes because there is no discord.I found a large bug that stops my game.I gain a message with a 100blue cash for rune summoning ,but the message is in chinese or japanese and the receive button won't work so I'm stuck and I havr to restart apk.Second, your quests will change after you restart the apk.That's anoying...I don't whenever have time to stay more then 10min at a time to finish it and when I open again I have to start a recent one. Thanks!Nice game!


Zalyian  7-23-2020
Addicing and extremely simple toplay. must maintain me entertained for a few months.


Liam J  7-11-2020
Really excellent release but I have no way how to gain more copasty


Marcos Torres  6-24-2020
It is enjoyment to merge and gain cool behemoths but they'res a bug will you watch an ad I don't gain the reward


Cassi Abbott  6-11-2020
Seems fantastic so far, but I have a challenge 'get goldx2 0/2' and I cannot figure out how to do it


Israel Matthews  5-7-2020
excellent pixel merge game. Love the characters, weapons and features.


Eric Whitt  4-7-2020
Your progression slows to a halt after a bit. You can't have a merge release where you can't update the level of your production weapon. Even with my lab upgraded to nearly tier 4, I still execute 90% daggers at a time with supposedly a 25% opportunity to skip one level and a 25% opportunity to skip 2 tiers. There needs to be an update to tier up the base production tier.


Ashley Petrini  3-31-2020
It's a simple and enjoyment idea to distract yourself, especially during this quarentine.


wayne berry  3-29-2020
excellent so far


Kurniawan Kusuma  3-28-2020
Wow,, for me this release uniqe,, love this release


LazyGam3r  3-28-2020


Harkyn, Lord Of The Fallen  3-27-2020
The adverts don't work extremely well, but it's alright since there's alot to maintain you occupied.


hoa truong  3-26-2020
I dont think the release is too bad, but the fighting animation feels so slow it really deliver down my motivation to continue.


Sean Rock  3-23-2020
release is extremely good, has a lot of depth and scaling with excellent features. Needs some sort of tornament or clan or gamester to gamester interaction. A excellent lazy but enough details to nearly be played actively(i.e not waiting for things) would have more explaining the "amp" trait and how you have to hit lv 10 to avail next ore/gem for progression. . Everything can be bought across grinding intractable enough(able to earn extended currency) so the ad dependency makes sense but isnt overkill which is good.


John Miller  3-18-2020
It's enjoyment lots to do


Anton Shishkin  3-16-2020
Interesting little game, surprisingly deep


John Kristoffer Bonus  3-10-2020
Clan/guilds for online details could be fantastic


Jeremy Boyce  3-5-2020
20 min afterwards and it still won't open and that was the 3rd attempt to play, garbage . Flag to execute sure i don't check it again. DELETE


James Tucholski  3-4-2020
Closes when opened declaring that it needs to be updated. Note, this is right after installing it. Here's your 1 star devs!


Felix Happy Cat  3-3-2020


Matthew Holland  2-28-2020
Like dozens other and doesn't stand out. Advert grand if you desire bonuses


Derek B.  2-13-2020
fantastic merge release with lots to upgrade! value it!



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