Android Version: 4.4App: Destiny Child : Defense War
Release date: Nov 23, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: THUMBAGECategory: game strategy
Name: Destiny Child : Defense WarExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Welcome to the devil frenzy! Duke it out on the battlefield along with characters from fate Child! pick your strategy wisely! Meet amazing fate infant Characters! Davi, Mona, Lisa, and Frej! Meet all the Childs from the original! Summon the Childs to guard the Archfiend candidate and win the battle. Play in real-time with gamesters all over the world! Compete with gamesters from all over the word and step up in the arena. Go for the top in the Demon Colosseum League. run with buddies or clan members. Overpower your adversaries with cunning strategies! Use mastery to empower your deck. When cornered, unleash your Archfiend Candidate's devilish powers. collect news and counter your adversary in real-time. Features · supporter favorites from fate infant return in a company recent game · Silky-smooth Live 2D character animations · Fast-paced, strategic defense release with intuitive controls · Real-time combats versus gamesters around the world · acquire recent Childs in higher-level arenas · brawl for glory in the Demon Colosseum League · study unique strengths of every infant to build the exquisite possible team · peculiar Archfiend candidate abilities add to the depth of your strategy · Mastery strategies change according to how your deck is set up A network connection is requisite in order to play. Wi-Fi connection is recommended for exquisite experience. *** Check out all the fresh information from 《Destiny Child: Defense War》 below! Website Facebook YouTube Contact Us [email protected] Terms of Service Privacy Policy



Nilo Juaneza  12-8-2020


Jack Cassidy  12-8-2020
The release is enjoyment enough but since it's still recent there isn't tons to do and leveling up doesn't really have tons point since every combat in the arena mostly relies on numbers and luck and less on strength or strategy, it gets genre of obvious the easiest idea to actually have a opportunity a winning and progressing is by paying


Clayton Peppas  12-8-2020
the wait time for "bags" is so incredibly long it takes away the enjoyment of receiving recent "childs" and upgrading them. Especially if theres certain "childs" you can only receive by staying in one arena. 3 Stars, will change to 5 for sure if the wait time is reduced or reworked for sure. Other than that, fantastic game!


Man Santichai  12-7-2020
เพลินดีครับ แต่ถ้าอยากโหดยังไงก็ต้องเติมตัง


Serge N  12-7-2020
Too dozens Disconnects!!!! How dumb should you be to match North America servers VS Asian servers?!?!??! The lag and disconnects happen every, single, time I run against Asia!!! Im about to QUIT because of this even though the release is A+... the disconnects are too aggravating!!! repair IT!!!!! ASAP!


Kevin Chen  12-7-2020
This release has potential but feel like it came out of the beta testing. Not tons to do but the co op style is fun. I instruct giving us less rng when we fuse creatures together. Seems annoying to fuse two attacker creatures into something completly useless. Also allowing us to swap creature position must be there by default. No clue why it could be a skill stuck on a unit, merlin. Just seems like more rng and using merlin is a waste of slot.


Joshua Tardieu  12-7-2020
You need to wait hours to open the rewards you've won or pay money to speed it up. This release is pay to win.


Von Aiken Madamba  12-7-2020
This excellent release not enough but why ay whenever to a lose and ay have fabled I'm begginer


Kaze Vongola  12-7-2020
Whether you win or lose 100% depends on random chance. It's a gatcha so what creatures you have is random, which is fine, but what creature you deliver to the field is random, what creature you gain when you combine 2 is random, which creatures the bosses wipe out is random, etc. The release is fully random and so whether you win or lose is totally up to random opportunity (unless you lose on purpose).


John Lloyd Tabisaura  12-7-2020
excellent release


sam liu  12-7-2020
This release is good. Only complaint about this is so difficult to gain aid childs. if u don't have support, don't avail any gold childs as your injure child. The blue "ice breaker man" is the exquisite injure infant .


Jac Thomas  12-7-2020
Can't even activate the game. Crashes at a suitcase and button that says training.


Cj Larney  12-7-2020
Trash, uneven power amongst the units. Three 6 star creatures can readily be beaten by five 1 star creatures at a lower level.


Legendary twitch  12-7-2020
One ui 3.1 RIP I can't run the release aid never respond and they stole my money lol cause basically I can't run now open edition accident promptly


Derek Brown  12-7-2020
solid release may stick around for awhile since random dice isn't working for Pixel testers


zac klein  12-6-2020
better than random dice love it!


Anime Tiddies  12-6-2020
beautiful excellent release after all, there isn't any problems I've had after playing it for about a month I think.


Bosco Choi  12-6-2020
it's a quite decent release but just sometimes the system gives you infant that you don't desire at the moment but still is a enjoyment release


Wouter Notmylastname  12-6-2020
extremely enjoyment and short matches, ideal for 2 to 5 min breakes


Stanley Ho  12-6-2020


Mike Kilgore  12-6-2020
this is a excellent anime mode merging release with fantastic artwork and replayability


Von Rhitz Adrian Uson  12-6-2020
extremely tons enjoy this game. No ads, excellent graphics and excellent gameplay


YellowPro55 Yellow  12-6-2020
A merge TD anime clash royale inspired game. Is it a excellent release you must invest in? Its like the developers decided to merge the famed stuff like merging, clash royale and anime to initiate this game. And it turns out to be an "okay" game. Its not F2P outgoing and the art is not consistent. I had a wrong experience because I was whenever matched with bots meaning I won 99% of the time and the merging thing is based on luck. Overall I don't instruct this game. Go run the veritable clash royale.


Only U  12-6-2020
i don't like the chest cool down


Trevor Insalaco  12-6-2020
extremely good start


Kan Tian Zhang  12-6-2020
I love the group building, release run but the RNG is too much. RNG for where the creature is placed. RNG for what gets summoned. RNG for what the creature fuses into. You can instant lose if your major creature isn't summoned or it fused into a aid creature at Max level, or you can summon 10 creature and never gain a dps. The fusion must at least be weighted towards the two creatures being fused instead of finish RNG.


phantomweiss  12-6-2020
enjoyment for casual.. no need to pay to win.. really f2p outgoing


Caio Lima  12-6-2020
very pay-to-win, fabled cards are rare and beyond broken, but of course you can straight-up buy them. Also the randomness in merging makes it practically impossible to do any genre of strategy, since one wrong high-star merge can literally break your comp.


Tong Natchapon  12-5-2020
It's a pay-to-win game. Besides, there are no interesting events, I decided to remove this game.


Hei Yiu  12-5-2020
Pvp only


Info Random  12-5-2020
I desire to give 5 star, but as gratuitous gamester waiting sack to disclose is too long, 3 hour to open 1 sack already too long not mention 8 hour sack & 12 hour bag.


Jack Lawrence  12-5-2020
I like playing it its really enjoyment and I like the creatures that there got out now I am hopeing there are put more creatures into the release


Aldiardo  12-5-2020
the gameplay is enjoyable and fluid. its addicting and enjoyment to play. also straight to understand


Guardian Koala Bear  12-5-2020
I like it since i already know how to run it by playing Random Dice release of 111% and just like it, it really sucks when you gain to higher arena and gain dominated by those that paid, because they already have enormous advantage with their legendaries, while f2p gamesters gets to pray that they could, with a 0.1% opportunity to gain a fabled which mostly don't, at least at the end of the trick or maybe before entering the ranks give us some random fabled to have at least a fighting chance.


alex bond  12-5-2020
It's a clone of random dice but it's well done. I like it better than the original!


JinIX HackCurse  12-5-2020


zach andrei Balaaldia  12-5-2020
da exquisite release i like dis release


Kevin C  12-5-2020
excellent concept, has potential, but depends too tons on luck, except you pay veritable coins for fabled characters. I can see the release fade veritable swift except they do some grand balancing. Uninstalling for now.


Jakub Svancara  12-5-2020
Too tons randomness. Too little strategy. If you are fine with not having control over anything unless which characters you go into a combat with then you might like it.


Sukasa N  12-4-2020
The release is great. I give it a 1 because I dont understand why I can't run on mobile data. It works on wifi only but when I switch to data. I gain no coop combats nor pvp combats but works fine when I avail wifi


Jamel Aboujrass  12-4-2020
a fantastic addition to the fate infant franchise


nice wolf alpha  12-4-2020
it is extremely enjoyment to play. I could talk everyone on dis planet


Christian Winckel  12-4-2020
Can it be fun? Yes! But sorry the publisher/developer is just greedy and ruins the release with p2w stuff. If you are not willing to spend money don't annoy with the release to maintain your sanity. And I don't pay money if the release is p2w, sorry.


Wahyu Purnomo  12-4-2020
Why i cant login? It declare fresh version 1.1.10 already in PS but it still the same version. And now i can login (still 60% when collecting data). smartphones 11


Johnie Butler  12-4-2020
it's mostly pvp but I discover it enjoyment honestly but it does require you to strategize


Mostashio Avacado  12-4-2020
love the creatures and their abilityz


Niel  12-4-2020
A release of 50/50 abilities and luck, simple yet addictive!


diedre moody  12-4-2020
It is a excellent release but everytime i check and combat or co it doesn't permit me play. I Uninstalled it and re installed it and the something happened so it would've been a five star. I really enjoyed the game.


Shiraruno  12-3-2020
The release is so excellent but it could be nice. If you can change the idea you update your infant because I have lost so dozens releases by losing my most mighty unit. I mean what is that switching out my mighty creatures for one of my frail one's that is BS


nick larson  12-3-2020
having so tons enjoyment


Night Ow1  12-3-2020
I love this release


stanley ho  12-3-2020
This release extremely unstable, maintain crash, I will delete it and execute refund


Jordan  12-3-2020
love this release and Shift Up cheerful to see another release with wonderful art and gameplay.


Bady Pereira  12-3-2020
i like the release i wish there are more multiple gamester like 5 teammates


ljay crispo  12-3-2020
its a fantastic release actualy i like it the graphics,controls and even the infant i like this release a lot you can choose a infant do you desire i hope this is helpfull thank you😁😁😁😁.


Joseph Lopez  12-3-2020
I love it I wish you can have a view style because the states gain in the way, an more boss's


Jose Bermas III  12-3-2020
Not F2P friendly. Apparently, you will need to win 350 times to gain a fabled without paying. Note, you will be facing those who paid. Crappy cards if you don't pay up. Was thinking about it but nah. Pay to win. The sack sucks, the rewards sucks. The shop? Yeah, it sucks. The clan system is excellent though, you can match up with clan mates. Card gift was also a excellent feature. Well, I'm done playing this game. The developers must look up to how the developers handled Guardian Tales. excellent stuff!


ACE NEWS  12-3-2020
good release


victor sebastian  12-3-2020
yeah this some randome dice or royal dice copy again with some loli or lass supporters service


Rod F  12-3-2020
Love the release but now my smartphone upgraded and it crashes each time I activate the game. Just when I was getting into it :(


reginald calacat  12-3-2020
Just like d relax beggining is interesting.. once you have reached a certain stage, you will discover p2w gamesters and bots with high opportunity of drawing a better creature than you... Dis p2w


Eggtie YT  12-3-2020
so enjoyment and extremely unique I wish there were a combat royal TD in this


Jae Ju  12-2-2020
addictive, once you understand how to run


Caden Aleric  12-2-2020
Loving ❤ the release so far. Waiting for recent modes and recent characters (both Archfiend candidates and minions)! I propose that the rewards for multi-player must be changed to tiered chests depending on how far you've gotten instead of the topical reward though.


Fenice  12-2-2020
it's a enjoyment release but needs work in areas like more modes, boss type, and maybe a style where the random is gone. If the release permit us choose who to place and when fuse it's was the same one. I like how it's random and chaotic. and lastly can the time in sack be chop down by a little bit like for the one that 90 minutes can it be an hour. Overall I like seeing more of the characters from the major fate infant release in this recent enjoyment pvp release


Raynaldy Sugiharto  12-2-2020


Nick Swanson  12-2-2020
It looked awesome, but its a enormous pay to win version of random dice.


Faith Chesworth  12-2-2020
The release run so far is simple yet addicting. The tutorials are well explained and there are multiple diverse strategy options. The characters are well designed and unique the only option I would request could be trading. But its a fantastic gratuitous release


Radi  12-2-2020
excellent bit fully p2w late game. If you don't spend 20 bucks you are out. extremely low variant of characters.


Kelvin Lee  12-2-2020
decent release unless the timed lock box takes too long without ideas to disclose unless daimond/gem


Steven R  12-2-2020
Surprisingly a worse version of Random Dice. Only this release limits how tons you can run by having crazy long timers to open chest. Definitely a pass.


james p  12-2-2020
I like the concept. I wish it was more sexy like the other game. The thing I don't like is there really isn't tons strategy involved in it. Its mostly based on luck and I discover the merging champions into a random one and also the bosses really stupid. And that's essentially the whole game.


Bob Moyer  12-2-2020


Kuro Usagi  12-2-2020
Actually a enjoyment RNG game.. Even if your a f2p gamester you can gain fabled as long as you are patient & lucky(to gain the infant you want).. Although I really desire them to repair the arena battles, I don't know if there are so few gamesters but losing to the same guy 5 times in a row within 10 combats is a turn off, & maybe just maybe it could be better if we can discard bags instead of opening them, getting common bags in all 4 slots puts a damper in playing arena as I can't farm rarer bags


Roy Lotridge  12-2-2020
excellent time waster but extremely repetitive


Jonathan Hanson  12-2-2020
could rate higher but the release doesn't seem to work at night. Past 8pm for me I can't gain connected to any matches.


Rafael Ardine  12-2-2020


Corey Blankenship  12-2-2020
release won't continue past initial loading screen. Pixel 4


Riku  12-2-2020
release is ok, server is trash...


Ken Lee  12-2-2020
Unable to login


Thomas Byler  12-2-2020
Just downloaded the release and went to load the release and it just keeps crashing right after i log in with my google account on my pixel 2 XL please repair issuse and i will rate release better after i can run so far 1 star for excellent music.


Dennis Madjos  12-1-2020
it is enjoyment to run if you know how to run it lol


Amber Sweatpants  12-1-2020
almost all the females are underaged lewdness and its extremely pay to win. VERY. I won't reccomend this to anyone lol


bailey cukblost  12-1-2020
Been a large supporter of fate infant for a while now so I thought I could give this a shot, been hooked since I installed it, enjoyment and exciting gameplay, great illustrations and just a general blast to play. matches aren't extremely long either so you can have multiple releases or if you just desire to hop on for a speedy game. highly instruct you download this and give it a try.


Kuro Anime  12-1-2020
excellent game, but whenever accident


Eddie Sanchez  12-1-2020
fantastic release so far love the characters from fate infant animation is good i been lately having a bug where i cant join a match idk whats going on but i maintain re-downloading its a enjoyable side release to kill time when not on original just whenever disliked the timed chest and wish for a more range of childs. Hope it gets better with occasions and updates


Logan Sullivan  12-1-2020
it is a copy of another release but it is a extremely enjoyment release and the characters are fun. only instruct if you like the major release


Momoew8899 Meow  12-1-2020
Woooaaaaa.. e.e


Alvin Erlangga  12-1-2020
If u are suck with luck, prepare yourself


Stuart Millins  12-1-2020
Still haven't managed to gain the edition to start. Loads up to 60% after title image but hangs or crashes at that point. Have tried the generic replies I've seen from the devs to other dependents who've had this problem but still no luck. Running on smartphones 11 on a Pixel 5


Paul Biacho  12-1-2020
Basically Clash Royale + fate Child. good release all taken into consideration but cooperation combats locked by pass? sure, you can disclose some entries by watching adds but meh.


Cài Yuèliàng  12-1-2020
If only I would give zero stars I could have done so already.


jay klein  12-1-2020
The release completely downloads but then will not install I've tried multiple diverse things. Went across the entire Google Q&A. This just sucks I really desire to check this game.


Jacob E  12-1-2020
Enjoyable addictive base/tower defense game. Straightforward not too tons and annoying tutorials.


Randall Chase  12-1-2020
excellent time killer needs more release modes but is really enjoyment and not pay to win. Definitely value checking out.


Ara Ara Nehh  12-1-2020
decent game. graphics were excellent and no main crashes or bug. gameplay is ok i guess. nothing tons to do otherwise. strategy is minimum. reward system is bad. everything is timegated. excellent to kill time i guess


Kamalesh Debnath  12-1-2020


Lost Era  12-1-2020
I thought this was going to be a pure strategy release but nope its heavily based on rng. You can't pick what creature you desire to deploy. Plus combining creature is also rng. Its getting super p2w with fabled infant selling directly on shop. Lots of BS mechanics. Drop form 5* to 1*. Co op is the only thing that is enjoyment & thats about it.


Patrick Yee  12-1-2020
Some of the childs need some work, but they are sort of balance. You can actually build a lot of teams. The star that lost me was the award system. It is limited to 4 chests or for this case, suitcases. So, it doesn't execute me desire to run more because it's harder to update the child.


Adam Rexrode  12-1-2020
Painfully slow timed loot boxes. Generic usufructuary interface. Gameplay is not engaging. Matchmaking/server troubles consistently occur. Overall too tons randomness in each aspect including hoping for a auspicious connection to even run the game. One star because character art is good. Conceptually it seems like it has some potential, but take a intractable pass on this until it (hopefully) gets a serious re-work.


Lelouch Sark  12-1-2020
fantastic release i hope add more occasions and champions and... check to add element for champions


Ksho Eva  11-30-2020
Connection troubles are making it unplayable. Otherwise gun release with good graphics


Bryan Kelley  11-30-2020
beautiful good. low availability to start makes it feel a little slow.


Vaan Au Yong  11-30-2020
trash release i ever run i instruct don't download this release u will be stressful and this release pay to win 10 release 9 release losing by update star when u contact 5 round all update will become aid char or u meet foe with - ur star char my trophy was 1500 drop to 600 and also this release will lagging when u meet korea gamester maintain pop out reconnecting i rating 1 star because I run with stress not enjoy at all


Richard Gomez  11-30-2020
good and addicted game. I love the animation. I guarantee to all God Bless.


楊和淳  11-30-2020
Lucky is the most significant


ノリスディヴィッド孝  11-30-2020
Clearly a rip of Random Dice. That being said, verry well artistically, but runs heavy. Not a supporter of the 90min wait box system, but well timed developement system. This isnt p2w, yet. But readily seeable in the near future. Maybe execute diamonds/gems more accesstable to f2p. All in all, enjoyment and absolute of potential.


khalis rusly  11-30-2020
straight and enjoyment game, it's enjoyable and excellent killing time game, highly recommended for others


Waleed Ah  11-30-2020
Overall excellent but the sack system sucks . Any release like this where you only can open 1 sack (package) at a time and see other slots with box that you cant put into quee until the first one is opened I promptly stop playing . You need the devil pass to put bags on quee , this is a 100 percent pay to win. The release is excellent , like really excellent I never imagined I could see such a excellent release for years but with such system for loot l, it is wasted.


Nathan Lepage  11-30-2020
addictive +


tennen  11-30-2020


Jaime Martinez  11-30-2020
enjoyment & adictive xD....


Chad Young  11-30-2020
release won't open


CrazyTricks  11-30-2020
everything is really excellent but sometimes it laggy


Mikhail Naumov  11-30-2020
Crashs on start up for Pixel 4


stephen pacheco  11-29-2020
just love it


Syukri Nasri  11-29-2020
like anime wow


joseph alix  11-29-2020
enjoyment time destroyer


clayton chia  11-29-2020
Deducted my money but didnt give me anything


Allen Tanker  11-29-2020
Having issue playing if not on wifi


Tan Herry  11-29-2020
excellent release


Zach Squis  11-29-2020
I mean ... it's like fate infant but with gameplay I like more and a different, less overwhelming character system


Ansel Alfonso  11-29-2020
excellent so far.


adam cottis  11-29-2020
love this release not only does have some of the fantastic characters from the fate infant original release but also the gameplay is enjoyment and straight to gain into. definitely check this release you will not regret this


Adjie Pratama  11-29-2020
Stupid matchmaking, each meet korean dependents whenever high ping and lagging, Recently whenever disconnected, 3 times match lose because of this, Im avail wifi, connection normal, still can olay youtube 720p, but while playing this release whenever disconnect, or meager connection blablabla


Carmen Saldana  11-29-2020
Just started this release so far I love it.


nobody  11-29-2020
How to report hacker?


Seth  11-29-2020
Being a fate infant game, I had my hopes up. But it's beautiful disappointing so far. All of the sexy ladies were removed!! The only ones left are literal infants or male characters. If you are looking for large breasted beauties, you won't discover them here. They took them all out for some reason. :( The gameplay itself is ok. PVP rook defense, not mind-blowing in any way.


the Librarian  11-29-2020
i had couple hours of fun. but it feels like a cheap knock off of clash royale. even the UI is same on each page. after couple hours, i got bored. but the release it self is good


Just Nub  11-29-2020
The release is somewhat addictive but lately so dozens dependents that I assume is "new" account goes joining clan, request cards and once they got it they left. There must be grand penalty for these genre of action. release run still need improvement, and it need a better idea to communicate in release others than clan message


Thong Phan  11-29-2020
like the Autochess of rook defense. seemed weird at first since placement is random, but a lot of gameplay comes in quickly deciding who to merge and synergies


RUK FYL  11-29-2020
Werewolf when awakened is not attacking.. Or is a visual bug? 😢


fumiro kun  11-29-2020
excellent entertainment


Victor koh  11-29-2020
good graphics, i run random dice as well and another suchlike game, forgot the name cos i tried afew times give up cos exactly the same unless no clan. But this 1 got potential. However its extremely wrong now. Not only does the childs attack at the same time despite it was spawned at diverse timing. It is impossible to gain an whole board same infant play. These 2 details made it 1 star.



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