Android Version: 4.1App: Death Palette
Release date: Feb 18, 2020App Rating: 5
Author: SleepingMuseumCategory: game adventure
Name: Death PaletteExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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This release traps you in a gloomy studio for seven days, where you should contend with a cursed painting of a lass and avail your wits to survive. Rely on notes from past victims and you may just manage to successfully paint her portrait. But be careful not to upset her, or you'll quickly discover yourself dead! A palette of deaths await you. Will you be the one to finally complete her? Japanese title is Matsuro Palette.



FRBaguette  10-30-2021
Loved this release its puzzles and tale was amazing!


Hanna Sadeep  8-14-2021
This.Game.Was.Awesome !


Mate gets no sleep  8-14-2021
Can be intractable at some points but of you gain lost just click on everything that you have clicked on before. there are only like 3 things that you don't sketch.


Phera  8-14-2021
My heart hurts, 10/10 could run again.


sakinah  8-14-2021
interesting gameeeee , I loveee itttt


Katlyn Brown  8-14-2021
😭😭😭I LOVE THIS ITS unhappy AND lovely


RI y  8-14-2021
oh my god. I'm writing this a second after I completed the game. it's absolutely fantastic. incredibly deep and wealthy (and sad) plot that makes you desire to maintain playing just to gain to the end. fantastic puzzles which aren't too complicated. this release is extremely extremely long, I started playing 15:00 and completed now, 20:30! but it's extremely extremely value it. the credits scene is beautiful, and the adverts are extremely extremely limited, nearly not seen at all. I have nothing wrong to declare about this game, hence, five stars!!!


Chelsea Erica Marie  8-14-2021


Hideyuki Atago  8-14-2021
I've completed the release quite swift but it has definitely been enjoyable for me, i've felt pity and some others across the course of this release but it's value the time for me personally


Adam Hakimi  8-14-2021
wonderful storytelling, art and gameplay. ✅


Midoki Nojori  8-14-2021
At first glance, you could think this is another typical puzzle game, just like advertised. And though there are horror elements, all of which came jointly to paint a portrait of a touching tale that'll stay in my mind for a long time...


Aryaman Chauhan  8-14-2021
Beautiful. That's all I can say.


ə ə  8-14-2021
unbelievable although the confusion near the end kinda weakens the emotional impact check to clear up who the painting acualy is im still confused who the painting is


Julian Terrance  8-13-2021
I love the storyline and not gonna lie, she is really lovely even she is creepy too at the same time 😆


Violet Chan  8-13-2021
Soo heartwarming and extremely challenging. I'd run this over and over.


hey_ friend  8-13-2021
God!😭 this release is wonderful and this value my time... thanks developers for creating this release


dat one nugget  8-13-2021
It was a fantastic release with an ending I could have NEVER expected! I love this release and could 10/10 instruct it to everyone. I love the art mode too. overall ot was a 10/10 release :)


Allan Alexander 11  8-13-2021
fantastic release with pretty and unhappy tale


Alexander Garcia  8-13-2021
exquisite release ever


Evan London  8-12-2021
I don't generally write reviews but low key this release was great. Played the whole thing in one day. It had a excellent plotline, and wonderful puzzles and art. Also rlly liked the ending :)


retro caterpillar  8-12-2021
This was a really enjoyment game. I love how the puzzles had some mission to them.


Mita Cestalia  8-12-2021
This release is so good! I even gather all of the deaths because I like it. The music, the horror, the art, the tale are nice!


The Maiden of Roses  8-12-2021
This release is beautiful. Some of the endings are intractable to get, yes, but the fact that you can gain tricks for all of them is nice. If you're ever bored and looking for a good tale to gain invested in for a few hours, this is it.


Mierda Usted  8-12-2021
that- was heartbreaking


Bi-Nb  8-12-2021
This release was amazing! The storyline was fantastic too! I love it :)


Fitzify Cloud  8-12-2021
Just simply amazing. I didn't know what I got myself into until it was to late, just like the artist, hilarious enough


Lost 22  8-12-2021
the tale is, well made.


senpai_midori x  8-12-2021
Yes yes yes I love it


Rhiannon Miller  8-12-2021
AMAZING! I loved the tale and the diverse deaths. The tricks were also extremely clever. I hope to see another one of these !


BIshB00sh  8-12-2021
Short and sweet, with a excellent hint of "oh dear god that's messed up". adverts only pop up if you fail, and even then aren't that intrusive(thank you! annoying adverts are a veritable large pet peeve of mine.) The tale is beautiful excellent for what it is too, I really enjoyed it at least. Considering it's free, I instruct everyone who finds it interesting at a first glance trys it out.


Garvita Singh  8-12-2021
wonderful experience


Returnee from the Moon  8-12-2021
I am speechless before this amazing, and engaging release that makes you desire to know what will happen next? ...I guess, I don't know what to declare as to avoid spoilers ...I am speechless, well, a bit redundant don't you think? An solution from me is to watch adverts for tricks as dozens as possible, you might or must watch all of them to aid the devs if you can't afford for in-app purchase. Oh, don't you worry, this release is gratuitous until the extremely end. So, I instruct this outstanding and interesting game!!!!


Rony Radkee  8-12-2021
I love this


BEACH DAY  8-12-2021
It's a really fantastic release I just cant figure out how to gain past painting the cat (when the cat food the bird and it runs into the bed and you have to paint the cat either black or white) I dont understand what I'm ment to do I wish there were some tricks that would rescue you when you gain stuck I've tried painting the cats all white but I die, I've tried just putting a black cat but I maintain getting killed I'd really appreciate if there were some tricks added or something along the lines


Shopnil4  8-11-2021
fantastic release with a fantastic story.


Rory Long  8-11-2021
this release was absolutely amazing! I loved it so much. It was creative, unique, and compelling. It was the ideal length too! Highly recommend.


Piffle Waffle Banana Peel  8-11-2021
so cool


Mocha Cxlico  8-11-2021
Wow....Such a fantastic game! a bit confusing at times, but awesome!


Eeveefi *  8-11-2021
I wish there was a hint system but other than that it was a really excellent game!


Nouma  8-11-2021
this release is absolutely phenomenal, I really love the idea they explained the story, the way and everything about it is just breathtaking, hope dependents will discover this release as amusing as I did !


Flying- Chan  8-11-2021
I love it it's challenging and spooky yet I'm stuck on day 3 lol


Kai Meadows  8-11-2021
It was beautiful fantastic and enjoyment at some points it was confusing but overall it must just gain more colors and then it's ideal 🥰


Ivan Siu  8-11-2021
A puzzle release with a unique concept. The puzzles themselves were clever, yet not overly challenging. There were a few times where I needed to just play around tapping everything. The deaths were really enjoyment to hunt, although repetitive for some of the days. The artstyle was a highlight for me personally as well. Overall, really interesting little game!


Eleni Koutsogiannis  8-11-2021
This is such a excellent game.


Anime Fan  8-11-2021
Sad, at the end it is sad, the credits genre of made me teary. It is extremely unexpected. It is a excellent game.I maintain remembering the credits now.


Zora Edita  8-11-2021


ScelestinE  8-11-2021


Some Guy  8-11-2021
It's free. Just run it and discover out. Trust me.


alexranwell  8-11-2021
excellent tale and release run isn't that tons but it is enjoyment


Gavriela Hubbard  8-11-2021
I got emotionally attached, the ending broke me and yet it was so well deserved. 10/10 game, could run it all over again.


ShadoWbounD  8-11-2021
OK, so this release is more like a tale that sorta kinda requires the gamester to avail their noodle (thinking box/ brain). It takes a few hours to finish because some of it is challenging. I have played suchlike releases that are like a mysterious, choice based tale but this is extremely unique and I absolutely LOVED it!!! By golly jee wiz you gotta check it out. I mean, if you die, gain to retry. The tale itself is amazing, enjoyment and well written. PLEASE execute ANOTHER!!!


Okami Rozu Artz  8-11-2021
This release is so beautifully planned out, the tale line, the character design, just everything! It's a expert piece! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


AMX_Unknown_  8-11-2021
This release has a amazing tale and can sometimes execute you think outside the box on the topical puzzle/obstacle. The audio playing in the back is good and helps set the mood for the topical situation. I could instruct playing this release as the tale was quite touching!


Jigsaw  8-10-2021
I didn't expect tons from this release but oh my god. I loved this and the story. It was a simple yet detailed tale with a unhappy ending... makes me wish this was longer. Loved it tho


Malak freces  8-10-2021
truly a masterpiece, highly instruct playung this !


Soup.  8-10-2021
This release is amazing! The tale is cute and made me emotional at times, the art is amazing and it was so fulfilling to gain 100% for all deaths!


Shruti Shukla  8-10-2021
I have never ever played a visual novel like this,it's the bestest best,plz execute more treasures like this,🤩


Chez  8-10-2021
this is pretty


Brenda Sailo  8-10-2021
It is soo excellent


Khadeeja Safreena  8-10-2021
exquisite novel game..... The ending was also really excellent 😢💕


Gladies Prasetyo  8-10-2021
I'm category of person who scared to run any horror game, but today I dared myself to run this game. Turns out, it's not as spooky as I expected. Just a little bit jumpscare. The tale really interesting. I should confess that the painting is really sensitive, but at the end I understand that. Overall, this release is ideal for those who looking for a short run game! excellent release 👍


*.*'*Pastel Boi*.*'*  8-9-2021
wonderful game. 10/10 Not dozens adverts and the tale line is amazing.


For Dishonor  8-9-2021
Wasn't expecting tons but wow. Honestly a extremely interesting game. Hope to discover more releases like this


Apple Sauce  8-9-2021
it was amazing! the horror aspects where sprinkled out wonderfully! I highly recommend!


17 FLORES, Shan Sylver Cabrera  8-9-2021
release and storyline is really great, I feel wrong for the lass tho, because she was only there as a replica for the same occasion to happen, just for a crazy ancient guy to gain satisfaction, thank you for creating this game, and I'm wishing you guys a fantastic celebration for this game's success, and I'm hoping I can run more of your wonderful games!


Ethan Fox  8-9-2021
I loved it!!! unhappy it was so short, but it had an wonderful storyline! I loved figuring out all the diverse deaths, so even failing was genre of fun! I finally got to the end though, and I'm slightly disappointed that it's all over now. But I guess it's only natural. It's like reaching the newest page of a excellent book. I suppose all excellent things should come to an end though at some point. I loved how picky the painting lass was, it amused me. Thank you for creating this masterpiece!!!


Pallavi  8-9-2021
I'm stuck on day 7 but a really excellent release so far


wisnu yoga  8-9-2021
damn, what an experience.


Leishaa Rathore  8-9-2021
i liked this release and i entirely understand that painte's feeling as i also started to grow attatched to that girl. It was a good release


super mad scott Cawthon  8-8-2021
one of the most interesting mobile release I ever played and I hope there's part two some day


Xx-Traveler-xX  8-8-2021
A puzzle release with an wonderful plot, love this release


Nothing is here  8-8-2021
Absolutely amazing. Rarely a release makes me yearn for more yet delighted with the result. A authentic masterpiece.


raihan other account  8-8-2021
Absolutely excellent the storyline, the art its teally magnificent i feel really wrong for the little lass and the painter. they would gave everything. That damn ancient geezer


Jackson Sheely  8-8-2021
I cannot reccomend this release enough. the puzzles were entertaining, the atmosphere was impeccable, and the tale of this cursed painting was absolutely beautiful.


Kenma  8-8-2021
this release was so excellent I loved it! I definitely instruct playing it :D


IDA TAYLOR  8-8-2021
fantastic release fantastic tale deep and compelling pretty artwork and mode wonderfully crafted release to casually play.


Kuromi  8-8-2021
this is the exquisite mystery/thriller release i've ever played. i just completed playing it and i was largely amazed by the storyline, the concept and the over-all gameplay. gotta run this again.  

Olivia Green  8-7-2021
this release was extremely intractable for me at times but it is a extremely enjoyment game. once you complete it or gain clos to the end and reveal the backstory of Matsuro,its extremely sad. i loved the release even so.



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