Android Version: 4.4App: Dash Quest
Release date: Oct 20, 2015App Rating: 4
Author: Tiny Titan StudiosCategory: game adventure
Name: Dash QuestExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Fantasy action and infinite runner collide with exciting RPG items in this incredibly addictive, retro-inspired adventure game! Dash across hordes of foes to contact epic boss battles! Customize and update your character with Gear, Spells, Skills, elements and Pets! finish diurnal missions for fabled Gear and other rewards! Features: 💥 Addictive action RPG gameplay! 💥 Daily dungeon, missions and rewards! 💥 Epic boss battles! 💥 Incredibly customizable update system! 💥 Prestige system with unique perks and bonuses! 💥 Adventure style featuring a finish World Map and hidden secrets! 💥 Challenges and Mini-Games with dedicated leader boards! 💥 Pets that you can accessorize! 💥 Hero style with epic difficulty... and epic rewards! 💥 Beautiful retro-inspired HD graphics! 💥 Dozens of achievements! Can you save the kingdom from the evil Lich and become a fabled Hero? PLEASE NOTE! Dash Quest is gratuitous to download and play, however, some release elements can also be purchased for veritable money. If you don't desire to avail this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our policy of Service and rules Policy, you should be at least 13 years of age to run or download Dash Quest. Dash Quest can be played offline, but please note that an active internet connection is requisite to upgrade some features. Support: Are you having problems? Visit or reach us in release by navigating to Settings > Support. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter!



Explosive Tree  6-16-2021
This is one of those cases where the original is idea better than the sequels. Also, can you deliver back the chance to gain the adornments that change how your airstream and charge attack look? I desire to be able to gain them, since they haven't been removed from the inventory yet.


Cody Rupp  6-11-2021
beautiful good. Love the pixel graphics


Crafted Ome  5-31-2021


Liz Farrell  5-25-2021


Over AntiMano  5-19-2021
each time i go for a play and acquire the purple chests and watch the adverts for gratuitous loot the release will freeze most of the time resulting in you needing to restart while also not getting that gratuitous loot which in return keeps repeating, the release beautiful tons sabotages your gameplay.


Stevens Lantrellious  5-15-2021


Kylenn Petersen  5-10-2021
lovely and easy. Has more to it than dash releases like temple play cuz you brawl a boss at the end of the levels.


Bernardo Silvan  5-6-2021
It a really excellent release is one of my beloved releases there's no adds if you don't whant to you can run it off line is really excellent


Daylin Playz  4-11-2021
So epic


Les Blackwell  4-9-2021
Can't transfer informations on smartphones 😤🤬


Dinesh Pandey  4-7-2021
I played this release this release 2 years ago it was lag gratuitous but now it's a bit lagging plz repair this is op release I like this release


Prasad Chemburkar  4-4-2021
release needs more content. Seems like it has been abandoned by the developers. Considering how wonderful the release is, it has not been advertised/promoted properly.


Legend Pierce  4-1-2021
excellent release


Dr Rashmit Mishra  3-31-2021
I am a supporter of arcades , but not a enormous supporter of this one , my troubles exist with how repetitive the release feels after a certain point with varying bosses, your weapon upgrades and goons just differing in appearance but not in abilities , and how difficult it is to protect yourself from incoming attacks , especially coz everything gets so muddled up that you can't decipher what actually goes on in the screen. I do like the retro 80s mode visual and music . It just didn't "click" for me


XxxKid SavageXx  3-30-2021
It is the exquisite all the other dependents have not played it long as me they are just being childish


Phoenix Deatherage  3-28-2021
I my your release it is the exquisite release I have ever played


Dan Nott-Bower  3-24-2021
I can't open the release it crashes as soon as I check to open it.


Emelda Soliman  3-20-2021
Sino ang character ninyo


Darren Schmidt  3-13-2021
I really like this release and I got a gamester really far and then a box with words and confirm came on my image and it asked me if I could like to confirm 2 other gamesters that were idea lower from years ago when I had played the release so I did yes because I had two slots still so I would fit them and then then went over my gamester I deleted them to gain my ancient account back but it is gone? What must I do?


Dennis Lang  3-9-2021
I'm changing my review from 5 to 1. I got the VIP pass because there were a lot of ads. After getting the pass, there are no forced ads, but I have to still watch adverts to open chests, revive, etc. I'm canceling my VIP partnership and moving on. If I pay for no ads....I DONT desire ADS!!!!!!! Do you understand this concept 🤔?


your favorite chicken nuggies  3-7-2021
Someone else already said but is there any idea to regain the experience you had before you reinstalled?


Enzo G  3-6-2021
fantastic release with a lot to unlock. Only downside though is that they put a lot of content behind a subscription.


Shawn Brogan  3-1-2021
Its a bit laggy at times, but I'm betting that its my smartphone more then the game. outstanding game, still playing it after a month and that doesn't happen with this genre of game. Edit: original comment was 12/3/16, I still run from time to time, but after losing my progress and starting over I dont run anywhere near as often. Still an wonderful game!


Chicken Nugg  3-1-2021


tiffany Ferguson  2-27-2021
I love this game... Been playing since 2017


Joshua Agopian  2-11-2021
I think this release is going to be amazing.


Landon Washum  2-7-2021
Really enjoyment and addictive


Dark Wolf  2-5-2021
outstanding game! I love it, this release is one of the exquisite running releases I've ever played. Dash Quest 2 and champions kept most of this releases exquisite details and I hope these releases maintain going for a long time. The only downside to Dash Quest 1 is the forced adverts that force you to come back to the shop when the ad is done playing, that gets annoying veritable fast.


D Pineault  2-2-2021
It's a beautiful excellent release to burn time with. Lots of ads! And whenever the same ad, over and over. Since the newest update, now I'm getting 2-3 adverts at a time! Seriously, 1 wasn't enough?! Just ridiculous. Now getting adverts that you can't dismiss and you are stuck, only repair is to close the release completely. Worse and worse. Lost all my animals? Chests don't whenever go to the right side, so they can't be accessed, and then you can't gain any other chests thereafter. Alright to pass time, but not tons more.


Nahiem Blackson  1-27-2021
Its just so excellent bro no hat


Rayshard Hosein  1-19-2021


Mike Hayes  1-17-2021
Yes, this is an outstanding game, but there is a bug that always I complete Gloom Caverns it blacks out and it is unresponsive. I have been playing for a long time and I don't desire to whenever complete my runs at the complete of Gloom Caverns.


Katherine Faure  1-14-2021
It ok Not wrong


Zodiex GT  1-10-2021
Overall, a beautiful decent release if you ask me. The controls are extremely straight to avail and there's not that dozens ads. I have no complaints about this release whatsoever and its still a excellent release even after dozens years.


Dj Knauss  1-9-2021
I remember back when I was absolutely BADASS at this release (easy thing to achieve and absolutely free). I'll have to leave it at "Anybody with a wrong review on this release should have been huffing paint fumes"


Juancho Caballero  1-9-2021


Xander Palsrok  1-8-2021
THE exquisite release EVER I mean it I've played this release over 2 years now yet still the exquisite I've played


jupiter vkybo  1-5-2021
Its crashes when there is a recent upgrade


Revocelo yeah  1-3-2021


velvet Lord  1-3-2021
It's was fantastic


Soulboi Rosoner Ohso  12-30-2020
outstanding will whenever be a classic


Joseph Charles  12-23-2020
Love this release


Alex Villanueva  12-19-2020
I absolutely love this release in my opinion there aren't dozens mobile releases value playing especially since apple killed the infinity blade series but this one is outstanding there's a lot more to this release than you could think 😎👍👌


Crazy Kat  12-8-2020
I've played this release for years and I've never seen anything better as a pixel game. Overall there is one problem. Four years ago I had a buncha progress but when I reinstalled, none of my progress was there. Is there a idea to resolve this issue?


Ling Woo  11-21-2020
meager pixel game. Not my category of game.


Ryan H  11-16-2020
This is still the exquisite DQ game. The others are great, but have been broken with no signs of fixing.


Epic Jinx  11-14-2020
Lost tickets even thought I managed to run 1 release out of 5! I had 5 tickets and it wouldnt work on goblin or archer game. Finally worked. Now I have none due to lose of tickets due to error on your game.


Sadie Clark  11-12-2020
I love this release it's super enjoyment I bet it was how to execute all of those stuff out of pixels anyways I gave the 5 star review because it has excellent graphics It doesn't have adverts It has fighting it has pets And The most significant part it's enjoyment


Illegal Burger  11-6-2020
exquisite release ever


MaJdY 963  10-28-2020
i love this game, i rate it 4 stars because of the pop up ads.


Nihem Bynum  10-21-2020
I love this release and I think this one is better then the other two releases


Darien Mclean  10-19-2020
On god exquisite releases


Flxcy  10-17-2020


Malakysia Wise  10-15-2020
Its ok


Jovannie Leon  10-7-2020
a lot of clear content


Jesse Hernandez  10-6-2020
completed the diurnal dungeon but didnt gain the fabled chest. I assume because my inventory was full. If that's the case it must be saved and I must still be able to retrieve it afterwards from the diurnal quest menu instead of it (falsely) being checked off and declaring I already recieved it. I mean lesson learned, but I think it's a waste of time completing the diurnal dungeon just to not gain the chest in the end. The release is otherwise fun. I just didnt know where to send this complaint


Razzy IA  10-6-2020
Awesomely outstanding so wonderful if your reading this you must download this instead of the dash quest 2


GoldShift  9-28-2020
U can discover a release where u can play and attack and block in same time and it's so straight too and enjoyment


Galaxy Cat  9-27-2020
Rune glitch apparently when a rune is found there is a opportunity it is not added to rune stash this appears to happen to the health runes a lot. Also i played this release about 4 years ago the dev is ripping off recent gamesters experience get was 300% better than it is now they reduced experience get by a lot so you have to grind more and pay money. In fact I used to be tier 110 my first time playing and also skill point pots used to cost 50,000 cash changed to champion cash for more cash.


Jaiden Gaming  9-27-2020
It is AMAZING. It has that classic ALTTP mode graphics and Music. The gameplay is enjoyment and simple.


StepCorn Grumbleteats  9-21-2020
great game, that U can really grind is a Double Plus !!


Sheena Wesley  9-19-2020
Omg i can run all day


NTGNinja •  9-14-2020
I love this game, I never could of thought that running in a easy line could be so fun. This release deserves 5 stars, It's so (ADDICTING)!


Jordan Fuchs  9-13-2020
This is probably one of the exquisite release that I've ever played.


VOID Wlzard  9-4-2020
exquisite dash release other than geometry dash


Matthew Szyperski  8-30-2020
My experience is great, as the release handles well on my phone, is upgraded to repair glitches, and is just a simple release to run for a while.


Jeremy Blake  8-29-2020
I bought the adventurer pack and after going fabled I lost the element I bought and now it desires me to purchase it again, it must stay with you after the reset or at least give it to you for gratuitous sense you already bought it once


Dewayne White  8-28-2020


No Name  8-28-2020
MWA,love it


Mark Zeller  8-27-2020
good ancient school game, and some references to other games, image shot obviously legend of zelda clothing, and extremely addicting. Having troubles with ncp ad taking me into the shop and worse yet they are the adverts not by choice but forced.


Cedric Auld  8-26-2020
There is a glitch that wont permit me procced in the storyline. Plz repair this!


Alex Carter  8-22-2020
Horrid quantity of ads, full mind numbing grind that takes idea too long to gain anywhere, and trying to run the release offline will trap you in the first phase with no idea around. Broken beyond repair, do not spend any money on this!


CC *  8-21-2020
LOVE IT I CAN'T STOP PLAYING IT! ITS SO tons LIKE "The legend of zelda a site to the past"!


Sophia Ayoo  8-16-2020
Such a cool release even the powers and everything


Ty Massacre  8-8-2020


Viviane Cerniquiari  8-2-2020
My tier is 80 😱😱


aelmar Al zebaree  7-30-2020
I love these game🤩😍 but when you die In the release and watch a ad you don't spawn back so please repair these release that's the only problem


Ditto Demo123  7-29-2020
Its an wonderful release been playing for 4 years now, there has been some problems that must be repaired though. When you die or when you comeplete a storymode phase the release doesnt load the next image it just sits there, pausing can rescue because you can just exit but you cant whenever do that. Also execute diurnal dumgeon loot better because the purple chests are giving so dozens legendarys that its not value doing daily, i recomend adding pet orbs and tickets because they are intractable to get. fantastic game! Thx.


Patrick Zirnhelt  7-27-2020
Im sorry, it didn't work, I tried doing what you recommended but it still won't work. check to repair it for 5 stars but you execute fantastic games!


Armando Rivera  7-23-2020


Voidstalker123  7-21-2020
This release is insanely addicting. battle feels really good, especially on bosses. EDIT; 4 years afterwards and all of a sudden i have adverts and lost my double xp from when i bought that one time pass. Just redownloaded this release today on my recent smartphone and while my informations is still there, they now have a recent subscription mode pass? Thats a yeeet my dude.


Bradley De  7-12-2020
The edition wont open , will hire rate once it repaired


allxicudke lol?  7-11-2020
Too repetitive even with the diurnal dungeon


Frosted beans  7-6-2020
I love the release extremely much. It's enjoyment and extremely rewarding, the soundtrack is amazing, and the gameplay is extremely stimulating. But the adverts that you will gain at random intervals after a tier is beaten are brutal. The adverts are so terribly frustrating because the majority of the time after it ends, the release will either tool lock or proceed to crash. It's so annoying and very frustrating to absolutely no end. I really hope this can be repaired or at least further discussed.


yig yasa  7-5-2020
I played each dash quest release but this is still the exquisite one. You can actually grind. It is a masterpiece. I have been playing it for 3 years. Congrats devs.


Hayden G  7-4-2020


eric kaisar  7-2-2020
just like and enjoy


احمد شاموق  6-23-2020


AaronWhyNot  6-18-2020
This release is ao freaking fun! Its a fantastic time killer, oflline and perfect. The slime boss was intractable but the magical sword power up makes it straight


Radio_Silence  6-17-2020
fantastic overall the controls are straight to understand and grasp the mechanics are fantastic to it reminds me of an arcade release and that was what they aimed to achive so tey did it perfectly.


Patrick collinson  6-8-2020
This is 100% my beloved release


MiltonTheLostTraveler  6-6-2020
The release is good,but when i gain an ad It kicks me out. Maybe repair that wee Titan


President Cool  6-5-2020
This is a fantastic release and can be extremely addictive, but theres one problem that is enraging, it's the fact that if you desire no adverts in your game, you have to buy a SUBSCRIPTION, 4$ dollars a week that your asking of me, its absolutely disgusting. I understand if you wanna execute no adverts a purchase but a subscription? Are you kidding me? But besides that excellent game.


Dragon Heart  6-5-2020
fantastic game. I love the gameplay.


Johnny Joestar  6-5-2020
This is a fantastic route journey game.


Jeff Crowley  5-31-2020
I love this game! But I deleted the release because it's so intractable to beat the slime boss really excellent release


Renic Easy  5-29-2020
Its extremely excellent execute this the exquisite release He he😋


A Google user  5-27-2020
probably the exquisite pixel release till now loved its graphics so tons and it has got exquisite GamePlay


pedro ramirez  5-26-2020
I have, sorry about the repost.


Kenneth Walter  5-25-2020
In an earlier version of the game, I purchased two things and adverts were supposed to be removed with any purchase. Since the VIP system was created, adverts are back, invalidating my former purchase's effects. client service is ineffective and has stopped responding to my emails for nearly a week now. Update: now three months after my initial inquiry, I am still going back and forth with client service at a snail's pace. Do not waste your time or money on this edition or any editions from this company.


nato khalishvili  5-20-2020
A question before i start playing is it possible to heal up in the release after taking injure


Jollyven Tan  5-16-2020
Its nice.


PUBG Gaming  5-15-2020
I got the ad shield thing and I still gain adverts after territory finish


K.O. Customs  5-13-2020
Decent release gets boring at times though


MrBigwiggly  5-12-2020
this is one outstanding game! never have i played anything like it


Naeem Noor  5-11-2020
I Love this release what a pro gamester release


Markus Infants  5-9-2020
The insane powers and the behemoths


Kuri Kuri  5-7-2020


Chris Boettcher  5-2-2020
It's a excellent game, but adverts are forced when they shouldn't be. I've beaten the initial tale mode, achieved a high score on endless, made a purchase, and am trying the gratuitous 3-day trial VIP membership. Which says that there will be no forced ads. However, I'm still recieving adverts nearly everytime I complete a level.


Stephanie Jansen  4-27-2020
Love it


The beast *dabs*  4-20-2020
excellent release a like the pets and the speshl stuf😄


Xavien Yiren  4-20-2020
Its extremely enjoyment for dependents that are not serious in gaming cuz this release is really easy. But it doesn't add recent stuff to the game. I have played this release for a extremely long time since its release. Its still enjoyment you must check it out.


JASS EM  4-17-2020
fantastic release for grinding. It's just simple and fun. Problems: -At least for me it's impossible to gain a high score on minigames due to lag, could be good if there was a quality control option. -It's not balanced since you'll discover yourself using only spells late-game, so besides early-game and diurnal dungeon you won't be using a melee build. -Because of how severe the mage builds are, it makes most tackle look useless, especially the epic and fabled ones. -You can't discard common chests


Christer Rains Minguez  4-15-2020
I will check this release and the gamd was cool and by the idea pls call me crystal not Minguez don't judge becausd im lass


Zach Gillmore  4-14-2020
What ever happened to adding more tale events?


Sabir Amin  4-12-2020
addictive bat wonderful


Marnus Pretorius  4-10-2020


Sir Winston  4-2-2020
I enjoyed it back in the day but now its to laggy and the frame rate is wrong


Bruce Manuel  3-28-2020
Hi wee titans studio for some motive I LOVE YOUR releases LIKE DASH QUEST DASH QUEST 2 DASH QUEST champions SO PLEASE execute MORE DASH QUEST releases PLEASE??? OH YEAH I LIKE YOUR releases SWORDS AND SUITS


Amira Alhalaby  3-27-2020


Soler beam Awan Goncalves  3-21-2020
Pure perfection


Brandy Gonzalez  3-21-2020


Sans The Skeleton  3-19-2020
Im kinda mad. My release keeps crashing when I gain to the 10th or beond on the diurnal dungeon. I click on the fountain and it gives me the "you've been blessed" image then crashes my release leaving no traces of before, no acknowledgement of my steps (but let's me maintain the xp and gold)?!?!


Noah Curiel  3-17-2020
release is fun. But when I die and I don't desire to avail cash or watch an ad to revive, I still gain a stupid ad. What's the point in declaring no if I gain one anyways without even reviving. Why put this ad here. It's the worse place to put it. I used to run this release all the time but just the thought of that makes me not run the game.


povilas juškaitis  3-14-2020
The release is fine, but constant adds is killing me


kings Charles  3-9-2020
I have been playing this for years... love it


Watt Boat  3-6-2020
Not as enjoyment as before at all, epic cash still intractable to grind and too dozens adverts. You LITERALLY NEED vip just to gain some epic coins.


Z  3-2-2020
Can't recieve stuff from chests because it says "No adverts available". This is so lame!


Richard Eldridge Sr  3-1-2020
Two stars off for pop-up ads. Two stars off for forced ads. Two stars off for too dozens ads. Add one star for bounty ads. Add one star for what little of the release I can run btween ads. gain rid of all the ads- us veritable gamers don't download releases to be bombarded by stupid ads. If we desire to watch braindead ads, we have TV for that. Also, maybe to replace adverts you would put in events. Bottom line- lose the ads. Everyone hates ads, but developers don't listen so they put in more ads.


Richard Eldridge Sr.  2-27-2020
Describe my experience? ADS! FORCED ADS! POP-UP ADS! adverts THAT WON'T CLOSE! This game, like so dozens other dependents have said, is like all the other releases that suck because of all the ads. And the developers don't listen or there could be NO ADS!!! I DON'T download "games" to be forced to watch adverts or be forced to "pay" to "remove" ads. I think these developers must be charged for ruining games!!! That'll be $9.99 + tax for my review and another $99.99 if you desire a better review.


Janet Branch  2-23-2020
It crashed imeduitley when I opened the edition


Rey Anthony Dela Fuente  2-16-2020
This release is fantastic


John L Ward  2-15-2020
Keeps refusing to permit me upgrade save and won't permit me do diurnal dungeon


Amanda S  2-13-2020
I remember enjoying this release a lot a while back so I decided to reinstall it, but it runs horribly now. At the end of each challenge it asks if I desire to maintain going and fully stops working when I declare no or permit the timer play out. Plus, the quantity of adverts has gotten absolutely insane, it tries to give me an ad at least twice a minute and the VIP package is advertised everywhere. Im not paying for you to give back the release that you took away?


Darren Hughes  2-5-2020
enjoyment release


Sapan Gope  2-5-2020


geordi wilson  2-3-2020
Looks and also reminds me of A site to the past on snes I kinda see where u guys got the inspiration from


william Brzozowski  2-2-2020


Old Schoøl  2-1-2020
exquisite Rpg I played in a while, has fantastic mechanics, outstanding story, and straight understanding to study this release with lots to do. 5 Stars


Landon Laureano  1-25-2020
extremely 2016 2020 Me Wow what a fantastic review 2016 me


Bradley Shelton08  1-23-2020
It ok



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