Android Version: 4.3App: Daily Logic Puzzles & Number Games
Release date: Aug 14, 2018App Rating: 5
Author: AK Puzzle Book: Daily puzzle games and riddlesCategory: word
Name: Daily Logic Puzzles & Number GamesExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Do you like logic puzzles? Then, you will appreciate this interactive Puzzle Book. Thousands of Kakuro, Sudoku Classico of all hardship levels, and dozens other logic releases are just in one app! Forget outdated paper puzzle magazines but take all advantages of training your brains with excellent ancient logic games! Here, you will find: • Sudoku classic, • Sudoku variété, • Codeword puzzles, • Nonogram puzzles, • Match 3 games, It is extremely straight to solve logic puzzles outside the familiar pen-and-paper format! For solving Nonogram puzzles, just tap the wanted sell, and it will gain shaded. For solving codeword puzzles, Sudoku Classico, Sudoku variété, Kakuro, tap the wanted cell, and a image keyboard will appear at your disposal: • type the wanted letter if you are solving codeword puzzles, • type the wanted number if you are solving such logic puzzles as Sudoku Classico, Sudoku variété, Kakuro, and any other of this kind, Then the cursor will automatically step to the next cell so you can proceed further. Definitely, playing Sudoku classic or any other brain release with our edition is organized more perfectly than you can do it with pen and paper in your hands: • Unlimited number of tries, • Easy and tidy corrections, • Compact dimensions and straight attunement, • Always with you, • Always ready to offer you more. And do not forget about a built-in rating system to facilitate your efforts and repair your achievements! Train your brain and become smart like Einstein!



Dianna Elphick  6-22-2021
Will not load books even with stable internet connection. Not value my time to troubleshoot further if the first interactions with this edition is a server malfunction.


Karman Connelly  6-19-2021
Was enjoying but just upgraded now won't load recent releases


Lou loulou  6-6-2021
I downloaded it but there is nothing in the edition to play, just a load of clocks at 7 o clock!


Harsha Goyal  6-5-2021
It is a worst release ever. Really extremely disappointed by this game👎


Brooke Ritchie-Briseno  5-26-2021
Cool release so far


Jazz Little  5-23-2021
Couldn't open anything or watch any ads.


Cao Phong Nguyễn  4-22-2021
The championship would be better if the time a gamester takes in a release were forthwith recorded and stored offline instead of being recorded when a connection is made to the server. I recently suffered a 10-second "penalty" because of my unstable wifi connection (and of my switching to 4G). ----- upgrade Please add a Back button to Four-in-a-Row. It's really hopeless when you have to avail trial-and-error not knowing how you must go back.


John Thompson  4-13-2021
Be good in the championship magazines if you supply release instructions. I have never seen todays release in any other book before. Do not know what to do.


Joyce Gray  4-6-2021
Not sure yet


Rick W  4-3-2021
Update: A month later, developers still haven't changed. adverts each few min, even after paid. I paid for a "magazine" and yet the advertisement interrupts the entire game. First off, adverts must NOT disturb the center of any game, but worse, I paid for this to not happen. Right in the center of concentrating on solving a puzzle part, I gain bombed with a absolute page ad, and then I lose my mind, err, my thoughts on solving this. HIGHLY instruct NOT TO avail THIS!


Carol Douglas  3-23-2021
The edition maintain shuting down.whats the problem. Pls.


Mad Hatter  3-3-2021
Just your standard puzzle / logic book experience. This has become my go-to for night time unwinding. There are a few more adverts than I could like, but you can exit out of them quickly anyway. It hasn't been enough to turn me off. I really like this app.


Bapu Dade  2-10-2021
extremely good


Tracy Wilson  2-6-2021
Biggest puzzle is how to avail app!!


Dawn H.  2-1-2021
A enjoyment variant of puzzles. Several ads, but most are short. Frequent recent releases. Simple graphics but that's ok.


Julia Durr  1-31-2021
The adverts are excessive. Even after you pay for a magazine there will still be ads. Just having the edition open without opening puzzles you gain ads. No idea to be rid of them. Don't download.


Troy  1-23-2021
Love doing the colour picross but its stopped downloading more puzzles on the "buy" option for older issues. I select buy and nothing happens.


Elena Iagunkova  1-23-2021
fantastic resource of diverse puzzle such as sudoku, unequal, photo cross and dozens others.


Russian Federation  1-15-2021
it's not gratuitous


James Caldwell  12-26-2020
Has possibilities but too dozens adverts and interruptions practically execute this unplayable.


Arron Reed  12-11-2020
Really excellent puzzle collection, with frequent addition of recent material, as well as a novel asynchronous competitive aspect. would definitely avail a little UI work. In particular, I think the reset puzzle command must be included on beautiful tons each puzzle, as well as an undo button (especially needed on Link-A-Pic). could also be good to auto-unlock page when puzzle is done.


christine Kelso  12-8-2020
exquisite release I have ever found.


Rikki Thompson  12-5-2020
Love crackback but they don't supply enough of them 😔


Jess Payne  12-2-2020
fantastic idea to kill time.


Cenedra Lynn  11-19-2020
Love the variety, but the spelling is a little off in minesweeper. I still enjoy everything.


Melody Cox  10-25-2020
excellent so far.


Marusagi 2317  10-24-2020
Yes! A fantastic multi-puzzles game!


Becky Lee  10-23-2020
I have lost so tons time to this app. Addicted. 💙


Mark Alan  10-23-2020
Does not work on topical version of Bluestacks, just keeps flashing constantly. excellent thing I don't have seizures.


Leona Kalmakoff  10-22-2020
Love the puzzles. I am so addicted! Bought a book, but adverts still came up. 😧 I am also curious how the scoring works.


Jenny Jackson  10-21-2020
I love these puzzles! They are fantastic and extremely relaxing! my beloved is link-a-pix!


BabyBacardii  10-8-2020
I enjoy the variant of puzzles, and I don't discover the adds to be too overbearing. fantastic idea to past time! If you have one of the packs downloaded you can run offline!


Chris  10-7-2020
Can't even check a release because within seconds of starting a puzzle, before i even gain to look at it, i have an ad. I'd love to gain a subscription, but i need to see some honor by the developer to permit me examine what the edition has to offer.


Beth Ewers  9-19-2020
I love it


jo kois  9-19-2020
Ruge, sens, elin, sng, aning, risa, inin, erina, seeta, siau, ngan, nunca, oder, resit, lade, glori, pulis, apana, idun, arista, panten, barsac, stott, batu, bendel, freind, ists, marcu, leftie, fini, nessa, odisseia, estas, engler tache, eino, sunna, lauri, nado, bassa, neroon, atos, thiis, and dat were all in the SAME PUZZLE. Most of these are not "less common" words. They just aren't English words or even words at all.


Mark Evans  9-18-2020


Nylne Still  9-15-2020
Brain Game!!!


Desiree Sam  9-8-2020
extremely fun. I love this edition


Rocio Segovia  9-7-2020
fantastic edition because you can pick the category of puzzle magazine that you like. The adds are really annoying when pops up in the center of the release when you are trying to resolve them but its okay, I can live with that🤷🏽‍♀️


森elyon  8-28-2020
Had to allow idea more permissions than I have for any other app. It's also quite confusing at first, it took me a while to work out how to actually access the releases and gain diurnal coins. There's adverts in the center of releases too.


Sherry Wooley  8-28-2020
horrible i couldnt execute the puzzle magazines work because i've got 254 release appps on my cellphone .oops i mean 199 editions all from? google and whoever made that uncalled for comment all i got to declare to you is to be v ery careful in which the waters that you tread . Or you may wake up one day like me in a wheelchair wondering damn where life Took a incorrect turn


ELIAS MUMO  8-25-2020
Crossword Puzzles English ancient school, is the exquisite of Multi-puzzle release with the best, of a variant multiple games, such like, Sudoku, crossword, colours site and WordSearch etc. and dozens more.


Tammlee Adams  8-23-2020
I was worried that the developers could be money hungry, but they're not really. The only time I have a problem with the adverts is when the pop up during play. Luckily that doesn't happen often. I love these puzzles! This was so value downloading. This ones a keeper for me. My only wish could be for number uncover and cross. Like a word uncover or crossword puzzle, just with numbers. 😊 Thank you for recent puzzle book! 🤩


Kelly Bridges  8-21-2020
Need to buy stuff


Jenny Chan  8-10-2020
Too dozens permissions


Marie Mulloy  8-8-2020
All I gain is a black image when i.load a puzzle


Amira Farrell  8-8-2020
I love playing the games, they are quite challenging. The problem with this edition is that the adverts maintain popping up right in the center of a game, which is super annoying. Other editions have the adverts in between levels, not interrupting a release in progress. Not sure if I'll maintain it if I'm going to constantly be bombarded with adverts in the center of release play. UPDATE: The developer clearly doesn't know how the adverts work. I will be in the center of making a step in a release when an ad pops up and stops the game.


Diana LKelly  8-4-2020
exquisite App. For Any Cell Phone.


Danny Symington  7-29-2020
Is okay. However, some of the releases are not straight to understand in policy of what to do? Maybe add a description of the objective? Example of this is Crack back. I've googled and I can't discover it anywhere either, so I have no way how to run it. Please advise.


Hugo Happens  7-25-2020
Too pushy on subscription


Kristina Cuthbert  7-25-2020
diverse releases at differing hardship tiers means I'm never bored.


Victoria Parish  7-23-2020
The permissions on this edition are just.. ridiculous. I couldn't even accept.


Jackie Christensen  7-17-2020
A puzzle for everyone. Lots of diverse genres of puzzles with diverse degrees of difficultity. enjoyment for beginners to experts, and everyone in between.


Stephanie Starre  7-12-2020
Had an trouble and it had a response easy away from developer declaring they could repair it. So definitely value five stars, especially when it's such a enjoyment release


Renee Boyko  7-9-2020
Its ok


Shellene Golik  6-27-2020
I enjoy the wordfind but dont understand the other games.


Solitaire Burton  6-20-2020
I like it, lots of variant on the games. I discover the site a photo releases a bit difficult simply b.c. the numbers are slight and difficult to see. And my fingers may be a little fatter than the usual persons. Don't think I can change the hardship level, which can on some suchlike apps.


Andrea Smith  6-18-2020
fantastic variant of uncommon puzzles.


Robin Turner  6-14-2020
I've only tried the picross but it needs work. They mark a space as done when it isn't. Makes it confusing. I've been playing this category of release for a really long time and found these unplayable


Jessica Atkins  6-12-2020
enjoyment app, could love to see some other variant puzzles - cryptogram, rebus. Paid to disclose all and also used cash for tricks but I can't discover tricks on Crack Back or Fit Words. No rescue section to talk me about hints, either. Thank you!


Nick Taylor  6-11-2020
good compiled app. Gateway to lots of puzzles. perfect during quarantine!


Silvia Silvia  6-8-2020
No explanation on how to run crack back puzzle. Please put some trick


Jessie DIab  6-7-2020
Used to run another puzzle game... but this one is excellent too. More difficult... I start to like it


Min Smith  5-28-2020
good time saver and distraction and lots of puzzles and enjoyment diverse things to pick from. So I propose you download and start playing go to the puzzle figure out which one is your cup of coffee and take off


Crystal Rose-Noland  5-22-2020
God edition keeps u busy


James Crawford  5-19-2020
All the puzzles that are famed right now


Tara Donner  5-16-2020
Decent speedy strategy like release with variant mind puzzels to maintain you occupied


Sgooltala Partan  5-16-2020
I love it! So tons enjoyment and a lot of varity games. You never gain bore of it.


Susan Williams  5-11-2020
Are you kidding me Uninstalled


Amanda Best  5-3-2020
I run quotidian chiefly the wordsearch and site a pic havent had a problem with the editions or the release


Suzette Sutton  4-24-2020
Some of the puzzles aren't explained well enough.


Paprika Peppers  4-18-2020
I Love this edition it's the exquisite ever


ArtI Hardyal  4-12-2020
extremely mind challenging


Ira Serge  4-9-2020
edition desires idea too tons of my private data. No.


Wesley E. Clemons Jr.  4-4-2020
Love the release


Lindie Burger  4-1-2020
Need money to run


Chantel Barilla  3-31-2020
The release feels extremely rough and the interface does not work well. More puzzles the restart or hint interface doesn't come up like with the X's and O's game. It's too straight to switch releases by crash and loose the one you were playing


Shelly Blevin  3-5-2020
enjoyment release to play, just wish were gratuitous


Kermi G  3-3-2020
If you love logic and/or number puzzles, this is an edition that I love. It also has word games, and the adverts aren't obnoxious. The only detractor is that if you are broke, you earn one coin a day, which gives you one additional puzzle. Per "book" there are 10 games. I wish the points you accrued would be transferred into coins. The releases are straight to understand so "help" isn't necessary.


Amit Gupta  2-29-2020
Can you please explain how do we gain the prize money in the championships? In what form do we receive the coins? Where can we see them? And how can we avail them? Thanks


Heather Lewis  2-29-2020
Keeps your mind occupied


Lisa Diamond  2-27-2020
Worst edition I've ever tried. Doesn't explain how the edition works. Tried playing for a couple days just to see if it was maybe the specific puzzle magazine I chose first, but no. None of the others I tried explained anything about how to interact with the puzzles. Stumbled upon the fact there was a pull up menu for the pictograms puzzles to switch colors, but then somehow I made it go away and couldn't deliver it back up again. entirely worthless.


Carolyn Schlaile  2-2-2020
extremely relaxing releases


Jaylas2Mom  1-29-2020
I love these! could give 5 stars if there was an respond key. The crack back puzzles look enjoyment but I didn't see recommendations and I can't figure out anything. And they don't have hints?


Jamie Hutchings  1-23-2020
enjoyment game!


Jenny Shotwell  1-18-2020


Mary Man  1-13-2020
This release wouldn't allow me to run any of the puzzles on it, deleted a bunch of informations from my other releases plus had pop up adverts each few mins


LaTonya Nobles  1-5-2020
Won't load going to uninstall


Jen B  1-1-2020
The word uncover was in Russian


Sandra Cole  12-31-2019
Couldn't gain anything to work at all UNINSTALLING


Nancy Khan  12-22-2019
intractable to navigate and figure out how to gain to the next puzzle.


Savannah Allen  12-18-2019
I'm not giving an edition permission to change my google run or to store on my account.


Ana cdp  12-14-2019
Love the variety.


Shauna Tate  12-2-2019
puzzles refuse to open


Akhilesh Reddy  11-26-2019


Dawn Teed  11-24-2019
Why allow for a gratuitous download when you have to buy all the puzzles? Makes no sense. Tge option to run the release by watching the banner ad doesn't work. I won't br installing again.


Jannell Boot  11-23-2019
Right now I cannot watch any clips to be able to gain more puzzles.


Cathy Roach  11-21-2019
I love these puzzles!!


Lacie Lacie  11-15-2019
Cannot run without purchase


The Sharpe Life  11-14-2019
Word uncover words are vulgar or aren't English. If you're going to avail "motherf***" as a word, then you have a extremely limited vocabulary.


Ann Charnley  11-11-2019
Love the mental exercise - especially crack back!!


Jeff Beck  11-2-2019
excellent stuff


alan  10-27-2019
A choice of releases but meager implementation. More time must have been spent on polishing the releases from the usufructuary point of view and adding details to ameliorate the gameplay experience. Perhaps that's the developers intention but they are going to lose dozens testers that just won't check the release again. It has the feel of not being properly beta tested- the users have to be independent to give sincere feedback as testing by dependents who are known means they won't be brutally honest.


Paul Glicklin  10-18-2019
This edition is fantastic. Developers I sent you an mail describing an trouble with FillAPix, where when you fill in a clue that incidentally adds an X in another block with a number, you can't see that number anymore and it interferes with solving the puzzle. Can you please install a visual tweak for this? Otherwise edition is great. I am a paying member and love the releases and style.


Tash  10-18-2019
Lame release


Glenna Baker  10-16-2019
I don't wish to run a release that you can delete my progress. Or access to everything.


Debbie Weese  10-11-2019
extremely nice.


April Aldrich  10-10-2019
Racist puzzles with words like nazi and niggah im deleting this its disgusting. I will happily send you the image shot if youd like. I have sent the mail i could like a apology upon receipt of proof


leanne Arnold  10-8-2019
I'm loving the photo cross release and the fact they are all gratuitous to run but for some motive it wont permit me sign into my google run account :-(


Kate Schwartz  10-7-2019
I like it beautiful well. Still getting used to the controls.


Rebel and Angel Richardson  9-28-2019
It's chalangeing but limited releases


Helen Reardon  9-21-2019
Like that i can pick what magazines i download


susan hawes  9-16-2019
I love having more than one option for the releases in the form of a book-very cool


Sherbear C  9-16-2019
Don't annoy downloading this game, the Developer isn't totally forthcoming. They never said anything about the Word uncover puzzles being in Russian only. I am uninstalling because of the lies & stupid access permissions in the start of this app. Why must I give you access, to delete or change my Google run release Data??? I'd give 0 stars if I could!!! I can't stand downloading a game, just to discover I have been mislead or lied to, when the release really isn't gratuitous to play!!!


Brandy Clifton  9-15-2019
Like the number of options, but when I finish a picture, there is no idea to discover the errors without guessing where to avail the hints. Wasted dozens tricks to attempt to finish a puzzle.


Karen A Hutchins  9-15-2019
Garbage!! No release will play, but while you check to figure it out, it is filling all attainable gadget storage with hundreds of files... Why? Really?


Angie Pangie  9-9-2019
smartphone connected to wifi but somehow I have no connection. Couldn't download a single puzzle. finish waste of time.


Abby Brown  9-5-2019
Dont like that there are no tutorials on how to run the releases


B F  9-2-2019
Makes me think


Keara Tappe  8-18-2019
Can't rate because nothing happens. I either gain a black image after clicking on a puzzle or it tells me it's unable to load so I should have an unstable connection or an internal storage problem. I've tried the usual things - force quit, clear cache & data, uninstall and reinstall but nothing has helped. Not sure what to check next...


Sandy Fika  8-13-2019
Uninstalled because release desired too dozens permissions


Clarissa Johnson  8-11-2019
Love Picross Color, could have rated it 5 stars until a couple days ago when adverts started popping up in the center of the puzzle and not just once per puzzle but multiple times. adverts before and after a puzzle or watching adverts to download extra puzzles is fine but not in the middle. One other comment, sometimes the colors are too close together. I run on my Note8 and yet, because of the idea the release zooms, you can't gain close enough to readily distinguish between the colors sometimes.


Kellie Hobbs  8-10-2019
I'm enjoying the releases and I like that it is really challenging, but it can be too intractable eg, crack-back puzzles. I don't know what to do with the cash or what they are for. Maybe have the option of tricks and have a rescue section or forum. Otherwise, fantastic release


Honor Scoops  8-10-2019
I was excited to run this game. I opened the extremely first magazine, read about half of the long-winded recommendations on how to run it.... and got a clip advertising before I even got to check to run the game..............really? I expected adverts but not in the center of the recommendation screen.


Dorothy Howa  8-10-2019
It was to intractable to play.


Wendy Pursel  8-2-2019
It doesn't even rate one star, but to post and permit you know the truth I had to give it one star. It takes over 15 minutes to set up and then when you actually gain to the puzzles, they charge you. There is nothing about having to pay.


Jenn Hale  7-30-2019
I absolutely love this app. The puzzle variant is fantastic! I did pay for magazine access b/c I love these games. newest night I began having problems, the edition wouldn't exhibit any magazines. I reached out, by email, this morning to the developer. I got a response back forthwith from the developer. Thru mail they worked w/me to a auspicious resolution. Turns out that a setting inside the edition was changed. So I picked the other setting the edition started working, & I have the access I paid for.


Katelyn Mann  7-28-2019
This is a nice, cool, enjoyment edition with enjoyment numbers and words genres of puzzle magazines on it to solve the puzzles and the ones that you have to fill in a certain quantity of squares to see what the screen is, and all other genres of numbers and words puzzle magazines to solve and gain the answers and all to, you're also able to gain tricks on them and if you don't know what do or how to solve the puzzle or any other things it'll rescue you by showing you the instructions.


Cynthia Gardner  7-27-2019
It is a enjoyment and relaxing release


Sierra Demechko  7-24-2019
Absolutely maddening quantity of ads. Counted them in my first puzzle I got 12 ads... IN ONE GAME. horrible gameplay where you overdrag and it just disappears. Skips to next puzzle when you check to drag to recent numbers too. No respond checker. I was done with this edition by the end of my first puzzle.


Emma Surf  7-19-2019
too slight and kludgy for slight image


Wendy Baker  7-17-2019
does not permit me download puzzles says i have no connection when im on wifi



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