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exquisite Islamic edition of 2020 in Pakistan. babes can study diurnal duas in straight idea now. The Muslim kids’ product is designed to study and recite dua. There are diverse Dua for babes in diurnal life which can readily be recited most common duas like before eating, drinking and sleeping will rescue babes to ameliorate the quality of life. Dua and Zikr is an significant aspect of life. Moreover this edition engages with babes and muslim babes will start taking interest learning certain duas. Dua for babes Now is an interactive product for Muslim babes to study & memorize the diurnal Duas in the easiest way. Muslim babes in learning the Arabic Muslim kids. Different verses are there from Quran in diurnal daus muslim babes app. It is one of the most true learning soft for kids.It’s a modern idea to educate your Childs. Muslim babes can study diversified duas. Moreover there are diverse coloring softs which will develop interest in kids. Audios and Arabic scripts are attainable in this application. Learning Quran in childhood sharpens the kids. Muslim babes diurnal duas will deliver drastic change. Daily Duas for babes - Dua Series with Arabic music is based on the Muslim book (Quran & Sunnah) which compile all true dua for Muslim to supplicate on a diurnal basis and on peculiar occasions. Muslim babes diurnal duas : Verses learning Features You can read Muslim babes diurnal duas Listen Muslim babes diurnal duas Different age teams in Islamic Muslim babes diurnal duas Verses learning applications Duas are categorized in three diverse category of age teams Islamic Muslim kids’ duas Age (1-4) Age (5-8) Age (9-12) These are designed for the diverse tier of Muslim kids Audio recitation Reciter recites dua for the kids. Translation in English and Urdu of Islamic Muslim babes duas verses learning Transliteration Settings Font style: Select font style Theme: Select your beloved theme for diurnal duas verses learning Save your informations with dua for babes and diurnal duas Beautiful voice of the reciter in Muslim babes diurnal duas Share option you can share this with your siblings and friends.Dua for kids.Daiy duas Note: This product is really practical in learning fundamental dua for kids. Download”Dua for kids: Muslim duas”and give us opinions so that we can execute more Muslim babes app.



Kashif Khan  4-19-2021
extremely good edition of musalims 😘😘 😘😘


Gazi Fardin Nihal  4-19-2021


hamza gaming  4-15-2021
exquisite release


Bunny Darko  4-10-2021
So practical


nazmeen begum  4-5-2021
good good


farheen elias  4-4-2021
MA SHA ALLAH !!! THIS edition IS SO good !!!!!


BLΛƆKPIИK  3-25-2021
Assalamu Alaikum I am sameeha good edition i am rate this edition 5 stars 👍👌


Junaid Bholat  3-23-2021
It keeps crashing


Umar Ali  3-15-2021


Abu Gaye  3-13-2021


Safinatu Braima  3-10-2021


Rubina Bashir  3-8-2021
extremely serviceable edition


Food on demand  3-7-2021
extremely good


Kashif Najeeb Adhia  3-7-2021


Azaan Atif  3-4-2021
100 100


urdu production  3-1-2021
excellent edition for babes


shaziya star  2-27-2021
Is right dua😍😍😍😍😍


Md. Shahidul Islam  2-26-2021
This is extremely practical edition for kids....


Tahaadnan Amna  2-24-2021
excellent edition but this translation is not right


hammad wazir  2-24-2021
Thz is owsum edition for babes


hassane guira  2-23-2021
hi my name is haniya


Shani shani  2-23-2021
excellent dua 😍😍😍


UTHMAN HAMZA  2-22-2021
Masha allha what a pretty release is it i love it extremely tons


Shaik Nasar  2-21-2021
Masha allah excellent 👍


Furquan Faridi  2-20-2021
This edition is excellent for Duas masahallah


Safina Tahira  2-17-2021
Super nices 😍🤣 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘❤


Mehrunisa Kamran  2-15-2021
Informative edition


Rafiqun Nur Rafia  2-14-2021


Sweet Dreams  2-11-2021
I love Islam


Cool Cool  2-11-2021


AFFAN GAMING 11  2-4-2021


Akhlak Husain  2-3-2021
Bahut achcha edition hai chote badon sub ke liye


Umair Kukaswadiya  2-2-2021
extremely excellent


Hussein Mureithi  2-1-2021


Raja Subhani  1-31-2021
extremely excellent edition


gaming master  1-29-2021
It is extremely extremely extremely extremely extremely extremely extremely exquisite exquisite edition


Muhammad hamza Faisal  1-28-2021
I dowload this when i was going to sleep i read sleepin dua from here it is interesting ap thank you to execute this edition for babes jazaak allah


Laraib Fiaz  1-26-2021
My sister she is a Muslim I desired to listen to a dua before sleep she said no haram! don't do this!!! Also I love this edition but it doesn't have the eating dua.


Samar Gull  1-25-2021
It's good for all ages


Samreen's Jewell  1-25-2021
each thing is in perfection with will translation...but their is enormous mistake in the dua from 5-8age team i.e; before eating dua is written correctly but the reading is incorrect by fault..... As it is (بسم الله مرحبا وعلى بركات الله) but it is read as (سبحان الله) proper this enormous mistake


i love Allah  1-25-2021
extremely good and practical app☺️. Thanks for execute this app💐. It’s extremely practical for each muslim🥰. Any muslim can be study dua for it😇.But one problem "before eating that's dua's music is not rights🧐. So plz careful and execute edition more😃


Beauty ECO  1-20-2021
I like this all


Pinky Frozen  1-20-2021
Marshallah excellent


Usama Amjad  1-20-2021
exquisite edition for childrens


misri khan  1-18-2021
I like this


Shazadkhan 9322  1-18-2021
Muslim edition extremely good clip post Mashallah Din Asal karne ke liye bahut hi train


Amirsabb Sabb  1-17-2021
extremely excellent


hoor khan  1-16-2021
good man


Areeb Khan  1-13-2021
extremely nice👏😊😊 ☺☺😊😇🙂😙😙


Zaheeda Begum  1-8-2021
edition excellent but for some Dua is not absolute music available, especially before eating Dua, you can check. Some times shuts automatically. Minor bug repair needed.


Nasreen Parween  1-2-2021
All is excellent mashallah. But there is one problem in dua before eating. Please see to it🙏 It is telling that Subhanallah.


Shoaib Khan  12-26-2020
Bhot khub


Abdul Aziz  12-26-2020
It's reaLly wonderful for babes gUd luck


Reshma Banu Reshu  12-26-2020
God releases in run shop


Malik Asad Shabeer  12-21-2020
Super Mashallah exquisite exquisite and exquisite editions for all muslim dependents


Md Saheb  12-21-2020


Musaddiq Hussain Ghouri  12-20-2020


Mohammad Zaman  12-19-2020
Excilents 🇧🇩


Kyazze Mahadi  12-19-2020
Its extremely good mashaallah they know how to recite their duwas


stafran island  12-19-2020
extremely excellent


Alaia Ahmed  12-16-2020
exquisite Islamic edition


Ashu sapna Sha  12-16-2020
excellent good aap


shoaib ikram  12-16-2020


Gazanfar Iqbal  12-15-2020
ماشاءاللّٰه اچھی ایپ ہے


shaheen afroze  12-12-2020
I love this edition 💓💓💓


Ibrahim Tahiru  12-11-2020


Humaira Jabeen  12-5-2020


Hamid Hussain  12-3-2020
Thank you so tons May Allah bless you


Nur Aminah  12-1-2020
excellent app's


Saraan Ali Saraan Ali  11-29-2020
extremely excellent edition love it


Nasiruddin  11-29-2020
Before eating Dua music is incorrect playing. Kindly try it.


SoofiSaif Fun World  11-20-2020
There is a spell mistake in eating dua..please change it..


MohammedIqbal C K  11-19-2020
I can study the duas that I didn't know


real me  11-17-2020
extremely excellent


Abubakar Abdul-Kadir  11-13-2020
Funko lol by momma nc it may not


Shafikul Islam  11-12-2020


Ochuwa Muhammed  11-10-2020
extremely good app. May Allah reward u wit Jannatul Firdaus


Mehraj Vp  11-9-2020
Mshalla excellent product


Kalim Shaikh  11-9-2020
gratuitous downlod


Laila Jaman  11-6-2020


Sherin Salih  11-5-2020
Wow mashallah extremely good looking good.


momina faisal  11-4-2020
MashaAllah good edition 1 little problem,Dua before meal isnt said in the app, its written there but says subhan Allah instead


Ghilman Shoukat  11-2-2020
This is so excellent edition not for infant for muslims..... I like this app. ....



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