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The exquisite idea to initiate and manage your dice readily and fast. - Without ADS, adverts Free! FEATURES D20 Dice Roller is a simple edition to manage dice for your release attainable for smartphones phone and tablet. You can roll single dice, multiple dice or blend them. If you desire you can add a bounty or malus value. You can initiate customized dice with a variable number of faces and rename them to creare your own dice. Add peculiar functionality to your dice like "Re-roll if...", "Advantage/Disadvantage" or "Drop highest" and more other. You can also save your beloved or more frequent dice with name to recognize them later. Graphics interface was developed to execute the usufructuary experience as excellent as possible. List of features: - straight and minimal interface; - Rollable dices: d2 d4 d6 d8 d10 d12 d20 d100; - Roll single, multiple, mixed dice without any limits; - Bonus/Malus management; - Save, upgrade and remove dice at any time; - NO ADS - Dice with custom faces; - Dice with peculiar functionality (drop, advantage, reroll...) Example of dice rollable: 2d20 + 5 2d4 + d6 - 1 d100 4d6 + 1d4 + 2d2 CONTACTS Powered by AvocadoDev Studio, visit our official domain at Contact us at [email protected] Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:



Gravespringer Clan  7-4-2020
love this edition for my ttrpg releases but it is missing a few details a lot of my releases use. Exploding dice (if roll is_ then add _ more dice of _size), and a simple (if _ then _) for the times when if you roll under _ on the dice, avail this number instead. could also like six things to be per die as an option. bit I understand if these are niche cases


James Champion  5-24-2019
The edition is alright, but I'd like the ability to long-press to add multiple dice at once.


Lars Tollefsen  1-17-2019
exquisite dice roller edition I've ever owned. Can save as dozens configurations as you want.



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