Android Version: 5.0App: Cyber Fusion - Idle Merge Defence
Release date: Jul 19, 2021App Rating: 5
Author: Pixel StormCategory: game strategy
Name: Cyber Fusion - Idle Merge DefenceExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Hello Fellow Humans! We stand at the edge of extinction. As you all know our own creation, our once trusted AI went rogue and decided that the only idea to evolve is to exterminate all humans. For the newest couple of years most towns have been fully destroyed by countless armies of robots. JOIN US in this newest battle. rescue us to prepare unbreachable defence and jointly we will surmount our enemy! Cyber Fusion is an exciting lazy defence game. release is set in the near future where the entire world is dominated by evil AI. Same as in films “Matrix” or in “Terminator” robots have decided to fully wipe out all humans. You become humanity's newest hope, a commander whose goal is to initiate unbreakable defence. Humans have created wonderful simulation system that allow you to experiment your defence before an attack really happens. How to surmount the evil AI? run the release and find it for yourself! FEATURES: - Control your castles and concentrate their firepower on the proximate enemy. - The longer you play, the bigger tides of foes will be charging at your defence line. - Merge castles into more mighty softs of destruction. - surmount challenging Bosses. - update castle fields in order to transaction with incoming recent categories of enemies. - Everytime you come back to the game, you can gather money based on your lazy time and the power of your defence line. - initiate your own path in the boost tree to adjust gameplay to your own preference. - gather gratuitous rewards daily. - gather gratuitous rewards from drones. COMING SOON: - recent zones - recent enemies - recent defence types - Crafting PAYMENTS: This release contains adverts and microtransactions. Same as you, we don’t like it but we need money to feed our pets :) and of course, to continue developing and evolving our games. The release is fully gratuitous to run and you can disclose all of the details without spending any veritable money. The release is also attainable to everyone, everywhere no matter of anyone's economical status. We are thankful for any sort of support, no matter if you will take your time and watch an ad or buy something in the release that must boost your fun. ZERO BUG TOLERANCE: We are doing everything we can in order to supply you with a bug gratuitous and enjoyment game. Sometimes it is impossible to find and repair all of them. This is why we are asking you to rescue us and report bugs as soon as you warning them. Please reach us at [email protected] COMPANY: Pixel Storm is a slight group of passionate dependents located in the pretty borough of Wrocław - Poland. If you desire to reach us, aid us or share with us your thoughts we will be thrilled to hear from you. You can either visit our web page or discover us on our community discord channel where other dependents like you are helping us to execute our games. WEB: DISCORD:



Bryan Dunyon  7-28-2021
It is enjoyment


Pete Palmo  7-27-2021
A decent game. extremely grindy and extremely basic. Needs more depth/content


John Gofourth  7-27-2021


Marc Aldridge  7-22-2021
This release is so enjoyment to run


Volodymyr Fortuna  7-22-2021


Dererk Chisolm  7-20-2021
I like the intractable work the release


Patrick Rossol  7-19-2021
10/10 could instruct



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