Android Version: 4.0App: Cutie Dolls the game
Release date: Jun 20, 2017App Rating: 4
Author: Murlop GamesCategory: casual
Name: Cutie Dolls the gameExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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The recent Cutie Dolls are gentle colored dolls and have a host of accessories. Have enjoyment adopting a Cutie Doll and customize it to be unique, you can have as dozens as you can take care of, recreate your beloved characters, initiate new, there are dozens possible combinations. Available Activities: -First activity: The Cutie Dolls feel that it is time to take a bath, to refresh themselves and to be shiny. -Second activity: Cutie Dolls are hungry and a excellent diet is necessary for their growth. -Third Activity: You can heal your Cutie Dolls when they feel sick. -Fourth activity: The Cutie Dolls desire to run with their toys, run with them so that they are whenever happy. -Fifth activity: rescue your Cutie Dolls to avail the toilet when they need it. -Six activity: Your Cutie Dolls feel sleepy, rescue them have a well-deserved relax to replenish their energy. -Seventh Activity: Your Cutie Dolls desire to go out to have enjoyment in the park. -Eighth activity: A extremely peculiar day has arrived, celebrating her birthday with a surprise party. Special Activity: rescue decorate the Christmas tree -You can recreate some characters like Chivatita Machincuepa Churro and Atole. They are also called casimeritos - Ksimeritos. -Mini Games: "Memory Card Game", "Capture the Ghosts" New activities and appurtenances will be added progressively.



Cassandra Bowen  5-9-2021
I love the release it is excellent for you and Ronan does love the release and you must love it too


cindy bernales  2-24-2021
This is extremely lovely 🤩🤩🤩🤩


Ronika Salimi  1-2-2021
خیلی بد بود


Megan Vargas  12-12-2020
Me encanto love handsom


Hailey the unicorn and Riley!  11-25-2020
Whats so wrong about it I know there's a veritable toy like that in veritable like but I can't gain the toy and this is outstanding idk why dependents are declaring it's bad..


Cokie  11-23-2020
This release is ripping off a toy company. Destroyer. They're the creators of Nerley. They're chiefly a Mexican company but have franchise is in the US. I'm not judging you for playing the game. But please research the brand. They have so dozens toys Of the characters you see here. I have 2 myself. They're fantastic to deliver always you have to babysit.


Julian Carrasquillo  11-4-2020
I a enjoyment release but is not so cull


Genevieve Lopez  10-23-2020


Ambar  7-24-2020
Es orrible el juego


Avery Avarielle  7-24-2020
initiate recent infant


Rylie Dash  7-19-2020
Didnt even gain to play!when i press the run button it sats its stopped each time! It looked enjoyment too! 😥😤👎💔


Destini Kauble  6-21-2020
The release is okay but some weird resons it keeps on glitching


Cynthia Bobby  5-29-2020
enjoyment and lovely but the boys stuff w/the girls stuff are not even.


Ara hogar de los ksi meritos  5-26-2020


Aaylah Perez  5-22-2020
So so so so lovely I love this release 😍 I am a 6,


young kush  4-11-2020
So lovely and it's super miraculous


ToysWorld  3-7-2020
wrong this was really wrong idk why i played this nearly sounds like a virus there is only god rates from fake accounts do not run this I WARNED YOU


MOM Entrepreneurs  3-5-2020
It's creepy it's spooky and I don't like it!


Annabel Raper  2-10-2020
It is so so lovely and excellent for dozens ages


0 00  2-6-2020
Exelente juego meencanta


Carmen Marshall Marshall  2-2-2020
Aziyah Marshall Love it and you can execute lots of them Ok thanks for letting.


Kayleee Perezz  12-27-2019
Oh I used to have one of those but now I leave them in my ancient


shadow umbreon  11-29-2019


A Google user  10-21-2018


Claudia Garcia  9-28-2018
I love it💜💜💚💚❤❤💙💙💛💛


A Google user  7-31-2018
Me encanta y los ksi-meritos tambien.☺


A Google user  6-18-2018
I live !!


A Google user  6-13-2018
I like it it is cute.


A Google user  6-13-2018
Cool release


A Google user  6-6-2018
I love it


Alexia's World  5-20-2018


Hannahlovely gamer  4-24-2018
It's soo tons lovely


A Google user  4-16-2018
I was so lovely


A Google user  4-14-2018


A Google user  4-13-2018
It is lovely


A Google user  4-10-2018
For an older version.


A Google user  4-9-2018
You execute your own delighted babby


A Google user  3-25-2018
Monday morning my


A Google user  3-11-2018
It is a enjoyment


eko wahyuaji  3-9-2018
Alesha Aqila Azka


Lorena Gonzalez  1-8-2018


LaChina502  1-4-2018


A Google user  1-2-2018
I love it it is so lovely Well they are so lovely


FPJETTA98  12-18-2017
Its wonderful


A Google user  12-15-2017
They are so cute💗❤


A Google user  12-5-2017
Love it


A Google user  12-4-2017
THIS release IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!


Named carved as Haveri  11-28-2017


Ezekiel Sonic  11-26-2017
you can customise your infant


A Google user  11-18-2017
Its fine


A Google user  11-18-2017


A Google user  11-15-2017
It's ok


mary rivera  11-3-2017
It is a lovely release for infants


A Google user  10-25-2017


A Google user  10-24-2017


A Google user  10-22-2017
I have DOLLS kidsmerito,many of them,and i like them and i like this game,its extremely ideal for those who hadint have kidsmerito,nice job


Phoebe Jacob  10-22-2017
lovely app!!! 💜💜💜


A Google user  10-8-2017


Phoebe Jacob  10-3-2017
So cute!!!!! :3 I lovvvvvve it!!!!


A Google user  9-22-2017
Wow aaaaa wow


Carine Gisella  9-15-2017
So fantastic


A Google user  9-8-2017
I have a doll that's a kidsmerito


Starflight cosmwi  8-31-2017
💘💘💘💘💘💘💘🚭🚳🚯 🚱🚷


Brandi Vann  8-30-2017
This release is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooll.but this helps me a lot so cheerful I found it because I really desire one of the Ksi meritos but I can't gain one cause I live in the us


Sihana Fusha  8-30-2017
I i lime it but why its spanish ?!?! 😐😐😐


A Google user  8-29-2017
They are called csimeritos not k asi meritoez


A Google user  8-29-2017


A Google user  8-28-2017
This release is kool but cud u put it in english as well


A Google user  8-25-2017


Melissa Boyd  8-20-2017
I Love It


Maci Carr  8-19-2017
Love it


Crisostomo Aquino Jr  8-18-2017
That is from me is delighted from me


A Google user  8-17-2017
I love it


A Google user  8-8-2017
Wow I didn't know that they have this release


A Google user  8-7-2017
Cool release execute more


A Google user  8-6-2017
I love this release it's so lovely


R.J. T.  8-1-2017
I love this release


A Google user  7-31-2017
I love it


Marni Grace  7-31-2017
I love it♥♥♥


A Google user  7-21-2017


A Google user  7-19-2017
Loved it


Destiny Gomez  7-14-2017
execute more of these releases


Jatara Atkins  7-7-2017
I think that it is a excellent way


Sprinkles Of life  7-7-2017
The lion monarch release plz


A Google user  6-29-2017
Thank you release :-)



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