Android Version: 4.4App: CS - Counter Strike Terrorist
Release date: Feb 25, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: Game WackyCategory: action
Name: CS - Counter Strike TerroristExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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CS - Counter Strike Terrorist is the fast-paced first-person shooter where you run as a parlous agent on a task to finish all the missions. This final action release will take you to the world of wars, where you’ll be using troops weapons to subdue battles. Take part in the battle and assassinate all the purposes from the top of a helicopter. The challenges in this release will take you to a recent planet of conflicts where you can avail all your specialized abilities to endure deadly missions, attacks and shootings. Intriguing missions Each tier is assigned with a secret challenge and intriguing tasks which should be accomplished carefully in order to encounter your foe and assault your Target. Enter the combat Royale to experience the final combination of action and power as you battle your idea through the battleground. This is a opportunity to ameliorate on your weapon handling skill and gain ready to pull the trigger and experiment your sniper shooting skills. limitless shooting adventure Grab your rifle and shoot out at mighty Panzers and choppers, drones and oil tankers on the deadly battleground in CS - Counter Strike Terrorist . watch out for foe base with the rescue of mini map for survival and completing the mission. As you maintain progressing in the levels, whenever check to equip yourself with Granite and recent weapons which can be purchased using your earned coins. Experience real-time kill shot battlegrounds of FPS Shooting games. It is one of gratuitous online shooting releases so you can compete with veritable sniper shooters around the world. IN - edition PURCHASES AND ADS Stock up rewards and cash from boundless combats to disclose your wanted Rifles. You may also purchase or update to recent conflict weapons to enhance your fighting skills. Epic troops Weapons and Upgrades. You can provide yourself with an insane arsenal of battle weapons and brawl your idea versus savage foes in the deadly warzone. Take part in all sorts of challenges & tasks to increase your power and gather great rewards. Reload, stack up the bullets and fire to eliminate the newest of the enemies. Take Control of the battleground by taking on every adversary and become the monarch of this game. This 3D action release run will deliver you a whole recent tier of gaming experience. What are you waiting for, download this infinite firing and action release in your smartphones mobile for free!! CS - Counter Strike Terrorist release features: Best open world action battleground Arm yourself with 20 mighty assault rifles and snipers 25 ground-breaking levels Mind blowing optimization Thrilling and challenging missions Realistic 3D graphics and straight operation Skill based controls and original Gameplay Amazing FPS controls to be accurate while shooting Arabic city, Snow and Industrial territory



Abhishek Mishra  6-23-2021
This is extremely warst gameq😒😒😒


James Parungo  6-21-2021
Matsura ya


Shanzay Khan  6-20-2021
excellent release


Arun Kumar  6-19-2021


Renz ian Paniza  6-18-2021
Wow good


jhoyce furugganan  6-17-2021
not excellent


mrs.Nazma Shakeel  6-16-2021
good release i like it


Shuvo Biswas  6-16-2021
It is not wrong but tons better release for me because this release opens on my smartphones


Inder Rai  6-15-2021
Its good....but it must be little harder.


kalyan mallick  6-13-2021
Really wrong


Saleel sha Kbk  6-13-2021
splendid release


Abhit Phogat  6-13-2021


PACKMAN JR  6-12-2021
I already installed this release for a minute but now i desire to uninstalled this because this release is no longer enjoyment sorry👎


clan zone  6-12-2021
Plz upgrade recent tier I finish all the level..


Malik kadir  6-11-2021


Akash Akash  6-11-2021


Nino Cornico  6-11-2021
I love this release hmmmm😍😻


Joeven Mangco  6-8-2021
This is a good release I like it I do head shot whenever


Kassia James  6-6-2021
This release doesn't even work


smita smita  6-6-2021
It is a good release i run the release with my dad and mom have unlocked all the gunssometimes i do head shots


Jes cornito  6-4-2021
Sorry for being fired 👆


Anjana Patel  6-1-2021
This amazing🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎💕💞💞💞💞💞💞


FUNN GURU  6-1-2021
Third class release


Mark Sandy Mansanades  5-31-2021
useless release


Reyven Duminguez  5-30-2021
Ilike this release becouse im relaxing cs counter.


Nikki Tetchon  5-29-2021


Jogard Caburnay  5-28-2021


Rey Juviner Sola  5-28-2021


Pallavi Housnoor  5-27-2021


Animesh Raha  5-26-2021
This is outstanding


new student club Sahaspur  5-26-2021
Super release


Pogi marwah Ahmad  5-26-2021
I like at extremely tons 😊😊😊


Xian Zech  5-25-2021
Wow these release is the exquisite I like it and Iove it and cool I Really what to Play. It with my buddy


Oluwadare Solomon  5-24-2021
Love this release


Talat Arbaz  5-24-2021


good experience


विजय आहेर  5-24-2021
Worst gameplay Slow momennt versus control No enjoyment due to advertisement accour


Aliasghar Gndomi  5-23-2021


Ravinder Kumar  5-23-2021
too excellent


neetish malav  5-23-2021


Umee Jan  5-21-2021


Dinesh Kumar  5-21-2021
It is excellent troops release


Vankel Okudzeto  5-19-2021
The releases graphics are extremely boooooooring so i rate it 1


Elsa Zafra  5-18-2021
I like this release


umesh garg  5-17-2021


Barsha joyti  5-17-2021
This is excellent program


sriram.a Arumugam  5-16-2021
I hangs each time it when it gets opened.


Fernalyn Hugasan  5-15-2021
Counter strike


Jamella Pasco  5-15-2021
extremely extremely wonder release


Fahyaz Fahyaz  5-14-2021
Fayyaz 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘


Jm Dañoso  5-14-2021


MD Nasir MD Nasir  5-13-2021
This is one of the exquisite release in CS it is so excellent it because it relex your brean


Arvy Rivera  5-13-2021
Well the movement is really wrong and I whenever miss a head shot!!


Glenmar Canoy  5-10-2021
This is fantastic


Ch Amjada  5-9-2021
excellent release


princessleah delosreyes  5-9-2021
extremely good release


kiester gale sabellano  5-8-2021
Nindot kaayo


tanks Bahadur  5-8-2021


zadziso erimon  5-7-2021
This release is function well


Ahsanul haq  5-7-2021
This is a critical release and excellent release


Badjos Romir  5-6-2021
Wait for me but u wanna go


Marojah Santiago  5-6-2021


Merry Anne  5-6-2021


Mohd Firdaus Md Noraini  5-5-2021
I really love this release this release is the exquisite


Daniella Dela cruz  5-3-2021
excellent release I love it


allocated____ __  5-2-2021
Worst sensitive Need improvement


DEEPESH GAMEING 103 pubg 额的时候就 Jana  5-2-2021
Tatti Mar release


Super release


naman kohli  4-30-2021
The release just starts & gain stuck everytime. Worst experience of CS


Ali Raza  4-29-2021
It is a excellent release but the sensitivity is to high


Ranjit Das  4-29-2021


Dean Bean  4-27-2021


Safi Ullah  4-27-2021
extremely excellent release


Suraj Kamlakar  4-26-2021
Can do better


Muhammad Nur Fadhillah Ramli  4-25-2021


Naveed Khan  4-24-2021
Sensitivity Is over controlled I hope you repair this


Looks extremely good release and extremely excellent world


Aviral jain  4-23-2021


nightmare pog  4-22-2021
The sensitivity is to high man



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