Android Version: 4.4App: Crypto Treasures
Release date: Feb 15, 2019App Rating: 4
Author: PhoneumCategory: game adventure
Name: Crypto TreasuresExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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What if all the cryptocurrency in the world was locked in a Treasure Chest with one single key? Be a part of Crypto Treasures with challenging quests that leave you on your toes. disclose Treasure Chests with diurnal and Weekly Quests, all while earning and learning about crypto and blockchain. ideal for beginners too. Challenge and entertain yourself with Treasure Chests on the go! Watch Crypto evolve into relevancy while playing fun, interactive, and challenging games. We supply a platform for other editions to tie into our blockchain, thus increasing our ecosystem. Ready for Adventure? The Treasure Chests randomly give a collectible Patch Badge, claim all ten to see what’s in store! Enter the Cave to see your Patch Badge collection & Cryptocurrencies you have earned. A few features: Minigames and Quests embedded in Crypto Treasures as stand-alone releases These blockchain releases tie back into the platform to earn more points Accumulate Treasure Chests, Gold and other elements quickly with our in-app shop Built-in wallet that provides real-time informations



Josh Key  12-8-2020
simple but addictive. and it pays to run


bowie tokes  12-8-2020
simple and addictive game. I really love e the chance to earn diversified categories of crypto in my gratuitous time with little effort.


Yusufali Husaini  12-7-2020


Mohammad Afzal  12-7-2020
excellent release


Baba Communication  12-6-2020
butifull release pht coin thank


Phyoe Maung Maung  12-6-2020
I m really delighted to run this


Albert Vequiso  12-6-2020
good edition


Huy cuong Phan  12-6-2020


thongminh thuongmai  12-6-2020
i like


Saiful Islam  12-6-2020
good edition


navid pakravan  12-5-2020


gogoi deepak  12-5-2020
mind blowing game. Completley addicted.


Nelson Mpumelelo  12-5-2020


Chris Steffey jr  12-5-2020
just started will upgrade when I figure everything out and what's a excellent wallet to avail to deposit pht without losing it I have coinbase and lumi


Ryan Young  12-3-2020
I love gratuitous crypto... it's a part of history 12 years running


Ryan Hnasko  12-3-2020
excellent so far as long as it pays out.


Roselyn Bautista  12-3-2020
good releases I enjoy it


tiimmy639 mufasa  12-2-2020
extremely intresting edition


JbN channel  12-2-2020


Ihasuyi Sandrah  12-2-2020
good release run and earn money


Jhayar Pansuelo  12-1-2020


Ciprian Copos  11-30-2020
extremely excellent release and I hope that the Phm coin to go up. maintain it like that with the release and I hope a little readily to earn coin will be great.👍


Gymanhe Hustle  11-29-2020
The release does what it says. I wander how legit my time in this release two really produce another stream of revenue. The release did not accept "my dig claim". yes glitch bug.


C J  11-29-2020
Was decent. Hadn't played in a few weeks now my account is missing all its PHT...


Zane  11-29-2020
Option to convert/swap other Crypto to Phoneum


Mary jane Alejo  11-28-2020


Sunday Obeten  11-28-2020
Simply great!


mohsen malekmahmoudi  11-28-2020


Frank Rhodes  11-27-2020
good release


London's Box Boxed  11-26-2020


Dim1  11-26-2020
They literally take your crypto out of your wallet and converts them to there wanted coin I wonder what would execute someone that cold hearted


Dane Halvin  11-26-2020
it's excellent so far been on for 7 min and actually got paid. It was a little but still it's the first release that paid 👍


Eduardo Carilimdiliman  11-25-2020
Well played Lvl 2 here newbie


Mr.M For Rap  11-25-2020


Jenn Pisam  11-25-2020
Its good to play,it so excited to gain gold even its just a release its veritable to execute mining


Abul Kashem  11-24-2020


Amir_ satan  11-24-2020
عالیه بازی خوبیه و پرداختی داره پیشنهاد میکنم نصب کنید ممنون از عوامل سایت و برنامه


DR C CONGO  11-22-2020
excellent earning ph


jason harris  11-22-2020
Dont know ww will see what happens when i check to transfer into my wallet


Delia Browne  11-21-2020
Interesting start with dozens side variants I'll reassess my rating once I discover out if the move up is what I hope it is, watch this spot


I don't know this product


Pink OkO  11-21-2020
I don't really like this anymore since the crypto cave is gone


Kelly McNamara  11-21-2020
fantastic crypto release


Yolanda Anthony  11-20-2020
its excellent


Corey Frizzell  11-20-2020
So far so good, im recent


Johnny Whitney  11-20-2020
beautiful enjoyment game. saved up for a couple weeks then used the gold in the store for peculiar crates. seems excellent and I'll maintain trying.


Z S  11-19-2020
it's fantastic 👍


Anthony Fabiano  11-19-2020
all jointly a excellent game!!!!


somasundara ww  11-19-2020




Oppoa37lor52 Lorender  11-18-2020
really excellent to trial, but repaired more your adverts watched.


you me  11-18-2020


Chris Merrick  11-17-2020
excellent luck getting .00003 cents in a crypto and before you can withdraw it's delisted. Edit in response to developer: I've made 6 cents in a week. If I gain VIP I gain at max 3-4 times that a week. Why must anyone pay $120 for at max $13 in a year. Save your money folks or just invest in crypto across an exchange plenty of editions that'll invest $120 for $2 and you can actually execute money. Edit in response to developer again: I know what an investment is. I'm not changing my review.Improveyourscam.


JOHN MICHEL  11-17-2020
please I don't understand how to withdraw


Md Mohidul  11-17-2020


Free Giveaway at 1 million Subscribers!  11-17-2020
extremely flawed.


A A  11-17-2020
so far edition is excellent haven't spent alot of time on it but plan to maintain playing for now


Henk Benade  11-16-2020
Love this edition sofar. excellent job guys


Arik Warner  11-16-2020
This is incredible!


Gaming Nepal SK  11-14-2020


Michael Princ  11-14-2020
Simple idea to gain some crypto.


mohammad shamsipoor  11-14-2020
extremely excellent release


Mohd Shaikh  11-14-2020
talk me the edition where i can send my PHT. Its a little confusion for me to send the pht currencies. Becoz you are telling us to send PHT on supported trc10 and erc20 wallet and then again you are telling us for Klever wallet. Please execute it clear.


Ron MacLaren  11-13-2020
I haven't used this for extremely long, but it's enjoyment and worthwhile if you gather crypto!


Ferdinand Olazo  11-13-2020
I enjoyed playing the release 😊 plus the background music.


Yahweh Gregg  11-13-2020
haven't cashed out yet but it's growing on me, the game's fun.


Pa blo  11-13-2020
Which wallet is this edition using


AUNG AUNG  11-12-2020


XOZ Gaming  11-12-2020
Add more segments and it'll be 5.


Anthony Glenk  11-11-2020
Dont understand it.


FSX FSX  11-11-2020


Reza Gpn  11-10-2020


Tang Don  11-9-2020
TO RECEIVE BITCOIN/ETH/LITECOIN YOU NEED TO PAY £79.99 otherwise a months work gets you less than 10p. These releases must give you an way of the crypto marketplace and once you invest you can uninstall the waste of time they are.


BAROK SKiE  11-8-2020
good release




Richard Khanzadian  11-8-2020
excellent release


Zool decsis_ زول دســيـس  11-7-2020
Under the experiment


Paul Antonio  11-7-2020
good release


Light Yagami  11-7-2020


Empit Fazrillah  11-6-2020
This release is really amazing!!


Maril Baie  11-6-2020
it's simplicity is what makes this edition a victor for me oh and the ability to sync your account through all games/cloud miners from PHONEUM is not a wrong trait so thank you!


Adzhar Sali  11-5-2020


Jason Mayhew  11-5-2020
takes forever to accomplish payouts. So pay you to gain a liwer cashout that akes weeks to gain .06.. That don't sound extremely wise.. Other releases i can execute idea better crypto and thier fre and coins out weekly.


imam hasan  11-4-2020
good edition


Cesar Toscano  11-4-2020
fantastic release


Taiwo Femi  11-4-2020
It is good


Ivan Gagro  11-4-2020
i havent received cash to wallet. And its authorized trc wallet.......and after 30 hours still 0, so please you can review your answer.


Entertainment only  11-4-2020
wow this so fantastic


Abdullah Bolaji  11-3-2020
I can see this release is a peculiar one but not know how to withdraw yet


GT  11-3-2020
I'm not going to pay an arm and a leg for vip to have lower withdrawals of the pennies you've awarded me for years of work in this game.


Daniel Matthews  11-3-2020
Not wrong so far. I've only had this edition for a day though. One problem I'm having is that I can't watch any adverts for the watch adverts quest. I'm still gonna give it a few days to see if I can pump some numbers up. It could be cool to if the other PHT releases could permit you coins them out earlier and see the numbers climb.


Karl Jerome Matulac  11-2-2020
(I withdraw other token like amsk and btt but i havent receive it yet. Is it swift withdrawal or you wait 7 days? I avail your recommended wallet klever edition i will change it to 5 if i receive it) Thanks i finally received it😍


Thirupathaiah Tota  11-2-2020
Is this edition gives veritable cash to coinbase wallet


Shawn Fischer  11-1-2020
Well so far so excellent will give more notification about the edition after I gain further into the on.


Mike Hunt  10-31-2020
so far so excellent


william burg  10-30-2020
I hope everyone held onto their Cryptyk tokens just discovered my wallet balance had jumped over $3000 . I got every one using crypto treasures they don't give them anymore but here's hoping one of the tron tokens do well . Thanks a lot crypto treasures!


Eric Brown  10-30-2020
Its a cool edition i haven't had any problems with it


Adam Galipeaux  10-30-2020
Alluring idea to transfer the concepts of crypto.


Mizanur Rahman Mizan  10-30-2020
excellent releases


Scott Robertson  10-29-2020
actually earn cryptocurrency


Nufh N6tu  10-29-2020


Henry Wojcik  10-29-2020
Just started trying to figure out how to run will upgrade this as soon as I gain the hang of this release


Fran Kyz  10-28-2020
Who doesn't love a release where you can earn gratuitous crypto.


6friends ktw  10-27-2020
excellent Game😁


Tim Bingham  10-27-2020
3 for now till i check n gather anything


Elizabeth Francis  10-27-2020
extremely smart!!!


Mohdnor Mdpiah  10-27-2020
extremely excellent if can earn unlimited


Akem Sampson  10-26-2020
really good trature


Katon Wahyu Amurwo Justiti  10-26-2020
I'm recent in crypto currency. I have withdraw some currency from the game, NoleWater and Wink. every of them transferred to diverse wallet provider. The question is, how long the currency arrive at the destination wallets? I have long waited. And are developer supply a particular wallet app? I read from the procedures that C*inbase and other are no go.


Prakash Kutty  10-25-2020
I dont know how to gain deal hash.. Pls said me how to take it?


majid gz  10-25-2020
extremely good


Smooth Operator  10-25-2020
Waiting to be able to transform eth into pht, when is this happening, 1 star it is then


Michael L  10-25-2020


mosa talavari  10-25-2020


Imie Atabay  10-24-2020
good so far


douglas lima  10-24-2020
All my cash were wiped, Really sordid Job they did.



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