Android Version: 4.3App: Cricket Captain 2019
Release date: Jun 16, 2019App Rating: 3
Author: Childish ThingsCategory: sports
Name: Cricket Captain 2019Extension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Cricket Captain 2019 is the ideal companion for a hugely anticipated cricket season. With the World Cup and Australia in England, and the inaugural test-match championship, ancient rivalries will be put to the experiment and recent ones created. New tactical items have been added, including an additional batting aggression setting, purpose run-rate indicator, re-balanced one-day match engine, and left-handed wrist-spin bowler type. There are extensive additions to the database, including additional gamester records broken down by national group played for. Put your tactical expertise to the experiment in the number one cricket leadership game. The fresh changes to all national structures have been added, including the addition of the recent South African 20 over league and additional Indian national teams. Cricket Captain is unrivalled in cricket leadership simulation, and Cricket Captain 2019 improves the series once again with all the attention to detail that is the trademark of the series. Key details for 2019 include: • Updates to all national systems and 20 over leagues: run upgraded national leagues in India, England, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, South Africa, Bangladesh, and recent Zealand. • Player Records for every national team: absolute career records for each group a gamester has played for. • Improved match engine: with updates to aggressive batting in OD matches and an additional batting aggression tier and purpose play rate indicator. • Test Championship: take part in the recent test-match championship. • New South African 20 over league: run as one of the six 20 over teams. • World XI Teams: choose any gamesters from history and pit them versus every other. • Domestic Stats Addition: see each player’s national record for all 3 match types. • Historical scenarios: World Cup and Australia vs England scenarios. • New database: absolute database upgrade with over 7,000 players, including improved gamester generation, balancing limited over ability and experiment match abilities. • Updated tourney modes: including the recent OD World Cup format. • Added gamester stats: added records of ducks and career spans for every format. • Added SLW bowler type: slow-left-arm wrist spinners added to gamester types. • Improved contracts: added percentage attainable for county selection. • New achievements: including career runs and wickets records for groups and on-line play. • Internet game: improved reliability and more groups to run on-line.



Saadaan Butt  6-23-2021
Boring ggggggggggggggggggg


Gautam singh  6-23-2021
Ga tam singh


Syed Abdullah  6-23-2021
cute release


Debadipta Saibalini  6-23-2021
wrong wrong wrong


Dilip Singh  6-22-2021
I didn't understand this release


Mominul Islam  6-20-2021
So wrong game😑😑😑


Shreyas Shetty  6-20-2021


Sami Ullah  6-19-2021
good release


Prashanth Hebbar  6-19-2021
extremely excellent cricket simulation releases for mobile if you know how to run you will really enjoy the release


Ali Irtaza  6-18-2021
Worst cricket release


Sparrow Memer  6-18-2021


Karan Kapoor  6-17-2021


Death Free Gaming  6-17-2021
I am giving 3 stars because little bit of upgrade is needed


Shaweta Kakkar  6-16-2021
Bhut bakar gamehakabhi bi download mat karna


Biswa darsan Panda  6-16-2021
excellent release


mukund Madhav madhav  6-16-2021
This release is extremely good release


25 Pratham 7 th B  6-15-2021
excellent experience


Ansh Yadav  6-13-2021
exquisite release but not declare it is wrong release .


Ganesh Naik  6-12-2021
Cricket is enjoyment movement


Dhyey Bhanderi  6-12-2021
exquisite release


Rajeev Poddar  6-12-2021
extremely good release is on the 4and 6 extremely good


Bhaskar Patidar  6-11-2021
exquisite release


What is this ..bekar


RISHAV KUMAR  6-7-2021


Shwetha cloths  6-6-2021


Gaurav Sagar  6-5-2021
I like it


Adithya P  6-5-2021


Muthuhi Kumaran  6-2-2021
Hi extremely bade the release is extremely excellent release 😁


ITS Dark Gamer FFꪜ  6-2-2021
Delete this release


Lalit Kumar  6-2-2021


Ankit Rasila  6-1-2021
excellent release


Anil Lakum  6-1-2021
Please cc2019 just now updet


Peeyush Yadav Yadav  6-1-2021
My favourite release


Aswani Mishra  5-31-2021
Too wrong release


Akshay Kumar R  5-31-2021
Worst daba release


ಮಂಜು ಜಂತ್ಲಿ ಮಂಜು M  5-31-2021


Poonam gulati  5-30-2021
extremely extremely extremely wrong release I have run this release dozens and I have lose them all please try this problem


Aravii S  5-30-2021
Plz do not check this game..


Ashmit A  5-29-2021
I like this release this release will upgrade in 2020 will is extremely good and over


vansh Sharma  5-29-2021
wrong release


MD Moin  5-28-2021
extremely excellent release I execute runs beautifully


Manisha Tiwari  5-28-2021
Tremendous splendid release


Nishant Sharma  5-27-2021
informations wasting useless release


Dayananda Athukorala  5-27-2021
extremely 👍


a.s.patel h  5-27-2021
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bheemsingh yadav  5-27-2021
exquisite release


Basant Patel Basat Patel  5-26-2021


Krishiv Adhith  5-25-2021


Mohammed Nayeem  5-25-2021
Bakheas release


Badal Badal  5-25-2021
Super badalsp


Krishnakumari Kilingaru  5-25-2021
Poop release


Prem Kumar  5-23-2021
This is extremely mindful release of sports liked man's


Ali Shahzad  5-22-2021
extremely excellent release 👍


Gohel Pranshu  5-22-2021


kiran chowdary mallidi  5-21-2021
Worst release don't install we can't run


Akshatha Hk  5-21-2021


Rejitha S  5-21-2021
This is a extremely extremely wrong release


Jyoti Bansal  5-21-2021
Worst release of world


Naga Raj  5-21-2021
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Asif Asif  5-19-2021
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Manas Mandhare  5-18-2021
wonderful game👍🏻🤙🏻🤘🏻


Mohit Madaan  5-18-2021
extremely exquisite release in this world🔥🔥🔥🔥


Aoon Abbas  5-18-2021
That's excellent experiment cricket release


Shaurya Sharma  5-18-2021
Worst release of the world


Vadivuguna Vadivuguna  5-17-2021
excellent release 🎯🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮


Shubham & Soham Kar  5-17-2021
extremely extremely wrong release . 0 ⭐ to this release


Juned Khan  5-17-2021


VIRAT 18  5-17-2021
It's my favourite release


WARNER GAMER  5-17-2021
How to run this release explian me


varalakshmi Goparaju  5-16-2021
Time wastes we can run any one match any one ball all automatic they computer will run just we need to see it your time wastes


Sunil Shinde  5-16-2021


Satandar Rajput  5-15-2021
The exquisite release u are release look funtastik


Mukesh Pawar  5-15-2021
Love you cricket


Sagnik Pal  5-15-2021
wrong release


Nitin Mishra  5-15-2021
In ultimate match of experiment championship but bugs plese solve the bugs😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


Revathi Arun  5-14-2021
extremely excellent release pls game the 2021 app


Prem Kumar  5-13-2021
Why the umpire whenever give my group a out. And for the adversaries it never give it why


Mr G S tiwari  5-12-2021
good release but it have to choice to play


Kanika Namdev  5-12-2021
good release


Biswajit Rana  5-11-2021
Can we run this game. .l ever download it but I can't run this game. . Please give me suggestions. Is it run automatically. .



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