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Release date: Jan 27, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: GeneReCategory: game
Name: Crafting and BuildingExtension: Apk
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Do you like residence games? Crafting and residence is a recent gratuitous residence game. Download now the gratuitous release of 2020! Start residence and exhibit the world your exquisite release and constructions. Crafting and residence is a gratuitous release for the whole family: from kids, boys and girls, to adults. The gameplay: Gameplay: study how to build your home in a turret or in a mine. Decorate your home with your colleagues ' furniture and your own eyes. study more and more, and you will never be able to build gigantic turrets and temples! Exploration: Tired of human beings, huh? run with your dogs, please! Take a dog or a mouse, take a horse! Unlike in other titles, there are no behemoths involved in designing and constructing. Play with your friends: Start exploring! You can visit the world that was built by your friends! Who's got the biggest structure? try if they completed their recent turret and give them a hand, they'll pay you back later! Multiplayer is really a lot of fun! Many block types: There are dozens square sorts extending from grass square to precious rock and even sanctuary stone. You have numerous choices with regards to residence your realm. Crafting and residence is an innovative gratuitous residence release where you can run with pets, start an unbelievable construction and run multiplayer games. Features: * - ideal release for the whole family: boys and girls will love it. * - Cool game: uncover for a hidden cave with your friends, multiplayer style is cool! * - Build anything: home with a room and a kitchen? A castle? * - One of the exquisite simulation games: begin constructing your home and meet your neighbors. * - pick your character: lad or girl? Custom skin ? * - Multiplayer games: you can run online and rescue your buddy to build their house! * - enjoyment game: run with villagers and animals it is so fun! * - Cool graphics: enjoy the exquisite pixel graphics with high fps. * - gratuitous game: run the release for free! * - residence game: Build your own constructions. Who will have the exquisite building?



Heker  4-30-2021


Deanise Dimla  12-8-2020


Ramniwash Gurjar  12-8-2020
Super duper release 😀😊😀😍😍😍 I think you download it


Nha Dao Duy  12-8-2020
minh rat thich release nay .


Kean Adam Geromo  12-7-2020


elisa reodica  12-7-2020
DONT gain THIS ITS A RIPOFF NEVER gain THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Willow rose  12-7-2020
This sucks bc I have the veritable minecraft and I was reviewing this and I deleted the release and it deleted all my minecraft worlds of u dont have minecraft the sure but if u do have minecraft then dont gain it


The lazy girl ._.  12-7-2020
A excellent release can run with my buddies and family.


Gaming all day  12-7-2020
This is the exquisite release ever and its just like minecraft


Linda Gjata  12-7-2020
This release is excellent but I'm having issue with the hunger.It goes to swift so plz repair that.


warganer fight  12-7-2020
its the exquisite release ive ever played


Chris 112  12-7-2020
It is actually excellent for dependents that doesn't have minecraft or can't afford it, it is literally like minecraft so i instruct it


Nourallah Daassi  12-7-2020
wonderful release


Rickayla Allen  12-7-2020
Rickayla. Allen


Ashika Rowe  12-7-2020
It was wonderful i can build mega bas home red rock and run with my buddies


Gamer Galaxy Bowman  12-7-2020
It's actually a beautiful excellent for a knockoff of Minecraft I definitely instruct


Ajla Campara  12-7-2020
This release is ferry good😎


Mariela Duarte  12-7-2020
Omygod exactly like Minecraft you must definitely gain it


Joel Dodd  12-7-2020
It used to be wonderful but now it is laggy I need to uninstall and reinstall to access my worlds. Plz repair this.


mahesh lohar  12-7-2020


Melissa Melendez  12-7-2020
I love it but you need to still work on the multiplayer skins because it's not showing the skin you got it just showing a glitchy skin so you got to repair that


Princess Bailee  12-7-2020
I like this release because it is enjoyment to build diverse things and it maintain your mind occupied residence diverse things. :)


Fred Williams  12-7-2020
I love this release


Piayar Waraich  12-7-2020
It is exactly like minecraft if you switch the settings I love this release so tons 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓


Larence Kerv  12-7-2020
OMG I love I was and Im wealthy tyy


Hunadi Anastacia Bopape  12-7-2020
I didn't start to avail this edition but I know it will be extremely good because it looks sooo fun😜😜😜😜😜


Oxzain Willings  12-7-2020
excellent edition for infants and adults


Judah alexis  12-7-2020
Why is the world that I remove is still coming back and each time the world comes back the hole release start all over and the release takes to long to start I woud'nt gave the release one star because its my fav release


Superb, this release is awesome, and im requesting to the developer to upgrade the 'caves and clifs' in next upgrade please.


Shatakshi Singh  12-7-2020
Exactly like minecraft with some adverts , love it!


saheendra renjith  12-7-2020
It is realy like minecraft but slight problems are there I have no problems thank you


Faiz official channel  12-7-2020
I like this release


Mandeep Sharma  12-7-2020
exquisite release ever I didn't see that tons copy of Minecraft excellence and graphics it's also like MinecraftI love this release I run each day I went to dust storm loan Minecraft but it cause this 500 rupees and I see this this is the exquisite release It is oo


Mohammad Adam  12-7-2020
Hi Fabio my YouTube


Trisha May T. Salva  12-7-2020
It's excellent and I like it it's just like Minecraft but the only problem is can you add mutant eggs plssss


The Royal Bakery  12-7-2020
................this release is so excellent


Reyhan Baello  12-7-2020


Ansh Singh  12-7-2020
This is exquisite release 👍👍👍👍👍👍


Savier Angelo Genetia  12-7-2020
Cool 105 ♥️♥️


Aireen Lim  12-7-2020
I think i gana give three stars


suriani nikmat  12-7-2020
the release is the exquisite


Annu Saini  12-7-2020


Megi Tkebuchava  12-7-2020
We need recent upgrade with christmas tree


Savita Negi  12-7-2020
I love this release as well as its skin it have skin like zombie slime enderman etc wearing Astronaut suit and if we will go some more down so we will see the Among Us suits so that's why I give it 5 stars and its graphic is like the veritable Minecraft this release is absolute of joy this is like the the veritable Minecraft but the thing which I like most that is the suits the skins Thankyou so tons


Aaliyah Ong  12-7-2020


Kiệt Nguyễn  12-7-2020
release HAY LAM


Wong Kenghui  12-7-2020
I have bugs in release which will NOT permit me run pls repair it or the star will not come back


Ooops HMM  12-7-2020
The exquisite release i ever see . It is like minecraft . I love this release so tons


munkhtur oyuntsetseg  12-7-2020
Маш гоё тоглоом шүү гэдгийг хэлмээр байна


• Panda •  12-7-2020
I finally found a idea to download minecraft for gratuitous


Wofford Aiden Kumashie  12-7-2020
You can't design shields so 4 stars still good release


akindustries Motorcycle  12-7-2020


Donelle Wasonga  12-7-2020
The release is outstanding but update the world biomines and blocks


call me rakuuzz  12-7-2020
Super release


Fairban Mashego  12-7-2020
Crafting And residence is the exquisite release for the recent year in which you can


Aron Crasta  12-7-2020
It has some glitches. Sometimes it gain divided into multiple images and I am unable to control it and if I am in survival I end up dying .


MASLIZZA MOHD  12-7-2020
im love release crafting and residence


Jordan Wallis  12-7-2020
each time I go on it ads maintain popping out. Also it takes forever to load up.


Norman Aguilar  12-7-2020
Love. Is. Game. You. The voice of motive


Snigdha Banerjee  12-7-2020


Fausto Olivares  12-7-2020


Felix Abang  12-7-2020
Omg it has cocreate this is cool no meed to sve money its so speedy to download thsnks whoever made this god bless you guys u have to roll down to change ur avatar youll see the dkins eeeekkk wait wait it has shulker box and can u execute a furniture mod pls can u execute thw quartz better pls can u make.......a enfer dragon spawn egg pls


Karabi Paul  12-7-2020
Minecfrt Br egg ft ftu indication hi iz Hz Hb


Viana Emammardokhi  12-7-2020
این بازی خیلی خیلی مزخرفه


the lion guard  12-7-2020
i build the fantastic wall of sean


ronaldo xiao  12-7-2020
This is a fantastic release beacause it is enjoyment to run


Jaya Saravanan  12-7-2020
good but you can do more updates


Edie Flores  12-7-2020


Prince Henry Barnuevo  12-7-2020
good release


vaishnavi v  12-7-2020
Well you like minecraft butt it is not like it but go in settings click on texture pack and primary click on ti click on +button then press primary 4 time and then see


Armina Razzaq  12-7-2020
This release is wonderful just like minecraft but for gratuitous I love it and highly instruct it


sk gamerz kankurte  12-7-2020
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooood release what the upgrade think caves and cliffs in december


Luniva Deshar  12-7-2020
So when I was editing my character skin category and I would not do anything


REZA TYYAR  12-7-2020


Gift Nelson  12-7-2020
gratuitous cool


W hat  12-7-2020
This just minecraft but gratuitous like what?


Hamza Mubashir  12-7-2020
This release is extremely when it dont open and this release dont download this release


Narender Bandi  12-7-2020
Its good release but we can't crawl buy trapdoor and we can't maintain banners it shield it is fantastic but that problems i hope you will repair it


Kajal Chaudhary  12-7-2020
good release


Jasim Uddinjeio  12-7-2020
I like Mincraft creat Craftandbiulldingn Lucky block and some Davil aurmur


Biswanath Ghosh  12-7-2020
Plzz open this release


Jackson Bhawsar  12-7-2020
I liked it extremely extremely tons thank you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


Linda Verville  12-7-2020
I love the foxes and bees.


Ramakrishna reddy  12-7-2020
It is mincraft but gratuitous


Rose Moon  12-7-2020



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