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Cows About Cambridge is a spectacular public art occasion that weaves its idea through the borough from 28th June – 4th September 2021. There will be over 40 cow sculptures, every one individually designed by an artist and sponsored by a business, forming a free, fun, family-friendly trail of discovery for regional dependents to examine and enjoy. During the trail as well as the big cows, you can also space a further 45 mini moos, dotted around the borough created by schools, colleges and community groups. There will be a ultimate ‘legend-dairy’ farewell occasion at The Grafton for your newest opportunity to see your favourite sculptures. After this occasion the mini moos will return to their creators. This legacy of Cows about Cambridge will continue as the big sculptures will be auctioned to raise vital funds for regional children’s charity, Break. To discover out where the sculptures will be located download the edition or choose up a trail map from a range of locations around the city. We hope you enjoy the trail and we could like to encourage you to share your screens on the app, or via social media using the #cowsaboutcambridge. Good Luck!



Ruth Longhurst  7-3-2021
This edition unfortunately doesn't like my phone, I jotted down 21 cow numbers as the edition kept freezing, and when I category them in it says this sculpture is already unlocked, although it says I have 0/89?



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