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Release date: Feb 28, 2015App Rating: 5
Author: Copy Me ThatCategory: productivity
Name: Copy Me That - recipe manager, list, plannerExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Copy Me That combines a recipe manager, shopping list, and meal planner into one seamless flow. Quickly copy any recipe from any domain into your own recipe box. avail the in-app browser or add the Copy Me That button to Chrome. You'll gain your own copy of the finish recipe without all the extra stuff. Copy Me That syncs with all your gadgets so you'll have online access anywhere. Edit any part of a recipe to remember your recipe tweaks. Add your own masterpiece pictures - or enjoyment flop photos, as the case may be! Organize your collection with tags or just avail uncover to discover what you're looking for. Plan your meals ahead of time with the meal planner and then head off to the grocery shop with your shopping list. Sort your shopping list by recipe or type (aisle) to readily discover your elements in the store. Looking for inspiration? Then see what others are sharing in the Copy Me That Community. You decide how tons (or little) you desire to share. We've made sure that your smartphones won't go to sleep while you're following a recipe. (We know how annoying it is when that happens!) You can download your recipes at any time, of course. Your recipes belong to you. Note that the recipe detection, when adding recipes from other websites, is currently optimized for English.



Caroline Rios  6-8-2021
I cannot access it for nearly a week now


Kristy Barr  6-6-2021
Love this App! Welcome back!!


Charlyn Woolley  6-5-2021
LOVE this app! Been using it a few years now. Add an extension to your browser as well! Love being able to readily copy and then edit recipes to my tastes. So grateful!


Mara G.  6-2-2021
I love this app. It's usufructuary friendly. I avail it each day.


Hey Sza  6-2-2021
Super convenient idea to gather recipes in a visual recipe box. Thank you!


denise ciecierega-biondo  6-2-2021
I love this edition and avail it constantly for my recipes.


Karen Latham  6-2-2021
Love love love this app!! It's so straight to use! Not having to go back to websites with all the cluttered advertisement is priceless!


TaLina Hoff  6-2-2021
Love your app.


Donna Stratton  6-2-2021
this is the most serviceable edition for picking a recipe right off the web page. Its awesome.


Michelle Cutler  6-1-2021
outstanding edition for saving and organizing recipes and planning meals and shopping trips!


Angela Farrell  6-1-2021
Love this app. It keeps all my favourite recipes in the one place. I avail nothing else, it's unbelievably straight


Melissa Jouett  6-1-2021
I love this app! It allows me to copy recipes, menu plan and initiate a grocery list. It even allows me to take the list to the shop and mark off what I've gotten.


Fred McLeod  6-1-2021
Accurately finds the recipe text in long winded websites and makes a clean copy for your personal collection. Saves your content online for cross gadget access. Keeps your image on to avoid unlocking your smartphone with messy fingers. You can add your own personal recipes. exquisite of all, prevents having to read someone's life story, the smells in her childhood kitchen, or the color of grammas apron, just to finally gain to a recipe. I love this app. I never track a recipe without CopyMeThat.


Sandy Bricker  6-1-2021
Love this to save recipes.


Pam Wasserman  6-1-2021
Deleted this app. would not understand directions for using this edition tried each which way. Did not work on Facebook or Chrome. Don't waste your time


Ron Jacobs  5-31-2021
brilliant recipe edition there is. straight to import recipes. Categorized them based on how you desire to see them. Add whatever pictures you'd like. It's just super and now that it's back in the edition shop if you're reading my review the extremely next thing you must do is download it and have fun.


Emily Johnson  5-31-2021
Love this app, I avail it regularly to save all of my recipes.


Laura Heisey  5-29-2021
Super straight to use.


Linda J  5-25-2021
I absolutely love this app. It's so fantastic to have all your recipes in one place and that they are shareable with your friends. I also love the fact that you can leave notes you can edit the recipe And you can change the servings and it automatically updates the quantities for every ingredient. I wish that it could exhibit your most new saved recipes first rather than having to go into uncover for them.


Amy Fardo  5-24-2021
Fantasic app! Love the chrome extension on I can avail from my pc.


Caron Rothstein  5-18-2021
Can't cook without this!


David Mills  5-1-2021
Awesome! So straight to shop those "have to try" recipes!


Jaqui Ruxton  4-24-2021
I love this app! Simple, straight to avail and stays on while I am using it! I bought the paid version of it, so I can avail it through all my devises. Once I enter a recipe it is there on all my devices. Wouldn't be without it!


Matthew Hirsch  4-11-2021
exquisite recipe edition out there. My family uses it diurnal on multiple phones, gadgets and computers.


Andrew Clement  4-10-2021
A fantastic idea to discover recent recipie ideas.


Norman Yeager  4-7-2021
This edition makes it straight discover and save recipes. This is the exquisite edition for this target i have used


Vitek Doniger  3-31-2021
Love this app. avail it each day!!


Jacob Cress  3-29-2021
The only recipe box I need. The edition itself is basically just a domain wrapper, and it's definitely not the prettiest edition on the market, but is still the most serviceable recipe manager that I've found for my uses (a lot of clipping from google chrome). If it was a bit less clunky to avail on mobile, it could be an straight 5 stars, but either idea it's an incredibly serviceable app.


jamo vich  3-9-2021
I had this edition for sometime until i got my smartphone fixed/reset & everything's already deleted. Just 2 days ago, i received an mail that this edition which is not installed anymore, violated a informations breach and warned me about a potential hack with some identity details. I appreciate the warning, but i could be happier if you would repair this bug/hack issue.thank you.


Ps114  3-7-2021
I have tried dozens recipe apps, but I think this is the exquisite I've come across. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this app. I don't have all the features, but I don't need them at the moment, but I'm still impressed and content with the app, without the extended features.


Robert Sawyer  3-3-2021
informations breach announced in March 2021.


Roisin McMullan  3-3-2021
This is a great app, the exquisite thing is that your gadget won't go to sleep when you in a recipe. So no need for sticky fingers on your device. fantastic keeping them all in one place. Highly recommended


Chris  3-3-2021
So tired of receiving emails from company's that they got hacked and my informations has been stolen. Why is this okay? How is this okay? My informations gets stolen and is now on some server and everything just is okay and everyone's sorry? So fed up with these hacks!


April Emigh  2-25-2021
I paid for the absolute version of this app. It worked fantastic for awhile and it still works fantastic from my desktop. BUT I spend 95% on my smartphone and it no longer recognizes me. It asks me to sign in for again to verify my account and when I do it takes me right back to the sign in page. I have emailed 3 times and have never gotten a response back. Don't pay for the absolute blown version. Its not value the risk. I only give it 1star in hopes that someone from the brand will finally respond.


virginia shea  2-23-2021
Such a fantastic app. I updated just so I would contribute to the team. It's that good.


Tim Elphick  2-23-2021
greatest for cataloguing recipes.


Celia Clement  2-8-2021
Absolutely amazing app. I have dozens recipes collected in 2 blogs and am now consolidating them in one place. What I love: straight to capture a recipe off the internet, the print feature, simple to edit and add notes, being able to add tags to execute uncover easy, how straight it is to import photos. And another fantastic trait is that I can track a recipe on my smartphone and it will remain open on that page. I can't wait to print a cookbook. But the exquisite is the good client service.


Chase Adams  2-7-2021
I hate reading the stories before recipes. This edition is a god-send


Eric S  2-3-2021
You would uncover a recipe from a specific domain or you can Google search, but this domain seems to have the exquisite of dozens recipe sites. Or you can avail to copy a recipe and skip all that BS and just have the ingredients & steps without their life history.


Gari Lawrence  1-30-2021
exquisite recipe edition I've found!


Allison Crilly  1-30-2021
One of my most used apps, I got extended a few years ago, was extremely tons value it. I avail this for meal planning nearly exclusively now. No problems or glitches, just a good, functional, serviceable edition


Kerry D  1-14-2021
I love this app, but sometimes it's frustrating trying to avail functions because they don't whenever work. Right now I'm trying to edit a recipe to add my own photo, but it doesn't work.


Vernon Yule  1-9-2021
Really serviceable idea to capture, amend and share recipes.


Judy Headrick  1-9-2021
I love this app. So straight to avail and the shopping list it generates is outstanding


Jacqueline Hegger  1-9-2021
Love love love this app, I shop my own recipes. Plus I can all the recipes I discover online. Then I can save them all with my own tweaks because I love to execute every recipe my own after I check it out the first time. This is so outstanding for me. Thanks!


Larry Hitchcock  1-6-2021
great app, avail it practicaly everyday.


Alicia McCampbell  1-1-2021
fantastic recipe app. So good to have recipes whenever with me for shopping and sharing. I could definitely instruct this app.


April  12-27-2020
I love this app. I just got the extended because I desire to switch from making meal plans on an Excel calendar to this app, and I desired the monthly view. I also desired to avail the shopping list trait but I've found it fully unwieldy after using the OurGroceries app, so that's quite a bummer and so frustrating. I don't know why it has to be so difficult.


Gretchen Mills  12-23-2020
My full beloved edition hands down...Easy to navigate...All my recipes in one place...It is definitely a release changer!


McKenzie Timp  12-18-2020
I love it, avail it, and discover it convenient for my lifestyle. I can browse recipes on Google and the recipe is formatted and straight to read without adverts or annoying text. Only drawback is not including prep, cook, and total times. I love the browser extension for computer use. You can highlight text to maintain follow of the ingredients. avail the MEAL PLANNING SECTION! All of my beloved recipes in one place. execute a grocery list for your chosen meals all in the palm of your hand. LOVE IT!


Patricia Costello  12-13-2020
I have been using this edition for 3 years. I love it. It's extremely straight to save recipes and discover recipes, initiate a shopping list, and meal planner.


Robyn Hovey  12-8-2020
I never actually saw the app, I couldn't gain past the intro. I found it extremely disconcerting that it desired me to modify my web browser and add a button. It looked and felt sketchy. Other editions just have you share a webpage to the edition using the system "share" function.


Katharine HughesTeixeira  12-7-2020
wonderful a edition that keeps all yre recipes and eats list a weekly meal plan and more.Plus it's gratuitous try this out.


Susan Mallett  11-22-2020
The exquisite edition on my phone.


Tina Moore  11-19-2020
I love this edition to the point that I paid for the absolute version. I can gain recipes readily off of websites, and I can share them with people. Couldn't and wouldn't desire another one. It's GREAT!


Laura Cruthirds  11-17-2020
outstanding app. straight to use, imports recipes perfectly.


Kerin Humes  11-6-2020
outstanding app, fantastic aid from the developer


CPS  11-3-2020
fantastic app! I have hundreds of recipes entered and indexed and I avail it daily. fantastic for adding recipes found online, typing in your own recipes, amending the index ("tags") with personal keywords, planning meals, creating shopping lists, etc.


LJ Millard  11-1-2020
gratuitous version has a lot of functionality. I bought the lifetime subscription and it was well value it. I avail it each day. It is so straight to drop recipes onto the meal planner and have it add recipe ingredients to my shopping list for me. The exquisite trait is how it snags a recipe for you without having to scroll across volumes of filler and adverts like magic!


Melanie Hartman  10-31-2020
This edition is phenomenal. I avail it each day week to plan my meals and quotidian when preparing. I also love the menu planner.


Heather Strom  10-29-2020
fantastic idea to save, edit, organize recipes. Planning to upgrade.


Alina Valea  10-24-2020
exquisite recipe organizer. It makes it extremely straight to grab recipes from English websites. I wish they had an option for other languages as well. Maybe in the future...


Holly Davidson  10-22-2020
LOVE this app. Got my family hooked, and now they can view/share my recipes without having to ask


Magdalena Klima  10-21-2020
fantastic edition


Lee Lindsay  10-11-2020
This has been a enormous rescue as I gather recipes that work for me and modify them with trial and error.


manuj aggarwal  10-10-2020
extremely meager usufructuary experience


Chalice Baker  10-7-2020
I LOVE THIS APP! I could be entirely lost without it! ❤ I was already doing menu planning and lists for diversified shops and now this edition saves me much of time!


Becky McDonald  10-1-2020
I love this app! It makes it so straight to save any recipe I discover on the internet. I love being able to maintain everything in one place and it's straight to uncover across my saved recipes. The meal planner and grocery list are extremely practical with planning what I desire to execute for the week. My only trouble is that I wish it would calculate nutrition info. Add that and this could be perfect.


Camille Adams  9-30-2020
Love this app. I've been using it for years. One motive I switched to smartphones was to be able to avail this app.


Shelley Chedester  9-28-2020


Ken King's Flying Machines  9-27-2020
Frankly, I love this app. I avail the "cmt button" shortcut in my browser and CMT finds the recipe on whatever narcissistic foodie site I happen to be on and spares me infinite scrolling across close-up pictures of hamburger mixed with corn and cream of mushroom soup that somehow earned the title " exquisite Hamburger Casserole in the Known Universe".


Bridget Estes  9-10-2020
outstanding edition for copying recipies. Couldn't live without it!!


Macel B  9-2-2020
today i tried to open the edition but it will not load!! what happened? I really liked this edition for my recipes. Update: working now with my smartphones smartphone and so far in my ipad. Thank you


Nancy May  8-31-2020
I am having issue retrieving my account. I have hundreds of recipes in this edition whic I love. When I put in my AOL account it does not recogniuce it. I desire to chang emy password. Please HELP.


Doreen Nault  8-31-2020
fantastic recipe organizing app. Love it.


Pamela Fox  8-30-2020
Actually Love this edition when it is working... But at the moment it doesn't desire to load it tells me my internet is slow but I am able open other Apps. PLEASE repair THIS! I avail this edition ALL THE TIME .. don't desire to lose all the recipes I saved on here. It could also rescue if our Recipes would be accessed offline!!!!


Juan Rodriguez  8-30-2020
The edition is crashing, doesn't open. Installed it a few times and nothing


Doug Spano  8-29-2020
discover and maintain recipes all in one app. fantastic to avail when shopping for tonight's meal because the ingredients are whenever with you. straight to avail


Minyassa  8-25-2020
This is perfect. Storage, creation, refers back to original page, skips the site stuff, customizable, uncover tags, she's with goes on and that's not even the extended version, which I will be buying asap. I can deliver this into the kitchen and prop it up, after doing all my research and recipe residence on my pc. It's the exquisite and most serviceable of any of my apps, including Google maps. The only thing on my wishlist for this edition is for Amazon to carry it in their edition shop so I can put it in my Kindle Fire. smartphone in kitchen is good, cellphone in kitchen is idea better with the bigger image and the case that permits me prop it up. I could dearly love to have this on my Fire.


christina gaffney  8-22-2020
love this app, but it's a bit confusing to me yet fantastic place to shop recipes so you can refer back to them


MsFrankieD  8-15-2020
I really love this app... until it stops working. Stuck on loading screen. Seems to be an ongoing issue. Will resolve itself, then break later. After going back and forth with developer, I am urged to avail domain if edition locks up. Not ideal, but okay... until the web blog doesn't load... and now I can't access recipes... Having a large disappoint here. It has fantastic potential, but plagued by inconsistencies. Please fix.


A Google user  8-13-2020
works really well, easiest idea is to avail the installed browser, setting up can be a bit of a pain for us non savvy types, overall extremely happy, update, changed cellphones and 3/4 of my recipes disappeared, extremely annoying have deleted the app, was 5 stars now 2 upgrade to the update, Turns out that copy me that still has all my recipes and its me who is a luddite moron, 5 stars well deserved 😁


Orange Moon  8-12-2020
I've had the extended version for a while and it was fine until recently. I'm unable to add pictures of my recipes in EDIT mode. When I check to add a picture the edition just exits out of edit style and returns to the house page. If I can't add pictures I more than likely won't avail the edition or instruct it to anyone. This WAS my beloved recipe edition as I've used and gotten rid of a few. Looks like another one bites the dust....I'm so distraught😢😭😭😭😭. UPDATE: trouble has been resolved. edition is back to normal.


Lynkz Kross  8-11-2020
It permit me shop all my recipes on it then stopped opening. Now it just sits on the utensil image that shows up when you open the app... unresponsive. excellent thing I kept my paper books. Already tried uninstalling and downloading it. Edit: It started working again, but I still feel more secure with my paper notebooks after this incident. The edition had no offline functionality during that period. It was terrifying.


Kerry  8-11-2020
Thanks for fixing the app! Now I can attach my account to the edition on the smartphone and avail it freely with both.


Shamra Shaw  8-11-2020
Love the edition but am now having troubles opening. Keeps declaring to try my internet connection, which isn't the the problem. Hope this glitch is repaired soon


Liz Thompson  8-9-2020
Insanely serviceable and ideal for organizing and tagging recipes!


Anna Watts  8-7-2020
Love it and have been using it for several years now. It allows my husband to go to the shop and let's me add things or see what he's gotten. In addition, i add elements to my shopping list throughout the week as I remember. I have no way how I survived without this app!


Jeanette Kuo  8-2-2020
straight to use. I've added my own recipes in and the editions ability to collect just the necessary news from a recipe domain is fantastic. I love this app!


alice ZW  7-30-2020
I love this edition straight to avail , search, copy and paste💚


Betty Pierce  7-27-2020
I love being able to copy recipes from the internet


Luisa D  7-19-2020
Great!! Wish it could permit us toggle though the uploaded pictures.


Daisy Bentley  7-15-2020
Absolutely LOVE this app!! exquisite for saving, organizing, editing & REALLY USING all your beloved recipes & ones you desire to save & try. Especially when saving from web sites. Can't live without Copy Me That! So simple to use! Love it!!


Peggi Balazsy  7-13-2020
I love this! I cannot even describe how amazing it is to not have to bookmark recipes on blogs or other sites. How straight to share, how straight to edit, how straight to add your own recipes. And that's in the gratuitous section!


Vincent Westberg  7-13-2020
This edition works really well. I didn't continue to avail because you need internet to see your own recipes. I desired to take my recipes to the cabin with me. Where there is no internet.


Linda Howell  7-9-2020
I don't know how I ever got along without this edition


Caryn Scheffer  7-4-2020
No recommendations with recipes. Then sent somewhere else, where I'm requisite to initiate an account and allow cookies. No thanks!


john vos  7-1-2020
Love keeping all my recipes in one place AND making a grocery list from ingredients


Emma Edge  6-29-2020
I live this edition to save recipes. So tons easier than pieces of paper.


Lisa Buchanan  6-28-2020
Perfect, thank you


Jackie H  6-21-2020
This ap is absolutely brilliant. It finds & copies recipes into my recipe library flawlessly. When I discover a excellent recipe on the web , I just click my 'copy me that' button and voila, the ap does all the work. I especially like it when I discover a recipe annoyingly narrated for the next ten pages. I just click my cmt button and the ap finds the recipe and saves it on a clean/clear detailed page. There are other nifty bells and whistles for sharing/meal planning/shopping lists. I can't do without it!



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