Android Version: 5.1App: Cookie Clicker
Release date: Oct 5, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: DashNetCategory: game simulation
Name: Cookie ClickerExtension: Apk
Downloads: 500,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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The original lazy release where you bake cookies to rule the universe! This is the official Cookie Clicker edition by Orteil & Opti. Accept no substitutes! • Tap to execute cookies, then buy things that execute cookies for you. Then tap some more! • Hundreds of upgrades and achievements to unlock. • The release continues while your smartphone is closed, so you can set up your perfect bakery and resume afterwards to reap the yummy profits! • Lovingly-crafted pixel art and flavor text! • Ascend to get permanent transcendental upgrades! • Beware the grandmas!



lian  8-29-2021

Silver the heghoge  1-28-2021
Funniest release ever love getting cookies five stars


viper2048  1-28-2021
I love the release but please can it also have a tale like the pc version thank u


Kayla Smith  1-28-2021
Its the actual cookie clicker for Android! As someone who used to run the original web version of the release for awhile, I was extremely delighted when I found this. Overall, its beautiful good, my only trouble being that it can gain a little laggy sometimes, but it isn't a large problem.


L0ve sasuke Messick  1-28-2021


Alex WhoNeedsALastName  1-27-2021
Love your game, could really appreciate a save/exportSave -Button, can rescue with implementing it, if you don't have the time right now, I am a programmer myself and could love to rescue with this project, also could do it for free, hope to hear from you ✌️😇


Jehan Britania  1-27-2021


Easton Friend  1-26-2021
Same thing gets boring I gave it four stars for the start of the release but once you progress its ao boring


Aaliyah Al-Unufi  1-26-2021
I think the 'child labour' update is insensitive and inappropiate


Koplopbop The Catsikune  1-26-2021
fantastic release but found a nasty bug, and I ain't talking about the wrinkles, well technically I am. Basically for some odd motive when Blueberry milk is your topical milk the wrinkles decide to grow as large as the cookie and all team up in the top left corner yet their Tap box is still in the original place.


Quianeisha Fraser  1-26-2021
A classic


Jim S  1-26-2021
excellent cookies


Saray Stakemann  1-25-2021
From the bottom of my heart ❤💙💜💖💗 Birthday 🎂🥳🎉🎈🎁🎊🎂🥳


Jose Medina  1-25-2021


The Reaper  1-25-2021
Sjikam hera girre


Hyperverse  1-25-2021
so addicting


Jeremiah Ashley-keller  1-25-2021


gabriel gutierrez  1-24-2021
Feels like a virus and you can just run on PC. No sus download for PC players.


Andrew Hardman  1-24-2021
5 days in and it's fun, straight to run and low on ads. So far only trouble is a visual glitch that won't go away, but it's not release breaking.


Jalen Brotnov  1-24-2021


Ruqqaya Bibi  1-24-2021
exquisite clicker release out there ! It's super enjoyment to run


Anthony Hall  1-23-2021


Nylodale  1-23-2021
Far behind the PC version, but still fantastic to run nonetheless.


Bneuje3  1-23-2021


Tobalodon  1-23-2021
It's cookie clicker, on the phone, unless it is the ACTUAL cookie clicking game. One ad at the bottom, not that bad, but it lacks a truckload of PC details at the moment, which is respectable, considering how long it has been released for and the size of the dev team, but would do with those extra additions sooner or later. This release was meant to be played on the phone, props to you for getting it done.


Damien O'donnell  1-23-2021


Ryan Casey  1-23-2021


Sean Mobile Gaming  1-23-2021
Its a excellent game, but its also kinda laggy. also, when I check to wipe my save, delete, then re-install it, it whenever gives me my cookies back. I dont desire them back. Thats why I wiped the save then deleted it. Also, the release doesnt permit you change or pick a name, so maybe a name option must be added in. Other than that, it's a fantastic game.


Nxtro Orlando Yt  1-23-2021
Takes a long time to be excellent at the release and gets boring quickly.


Hannah Hansen  1-22-2021
I lost about 20 days value of progress and I have no way why. I closed the release and checked back and everything reset. It's a beautiful enjoyment release but I don't wanna check spending all that time trying to gain back to where I was


Amman Horic  1-22-2021


Thomas Connelly  1-21-2021


Brandon Payne  1-21-2021
extremely enjoyment release I 100% recommend.


Big-boned Pikachu  1-21-2021
I really enjoyed playing this. But I'm into Oc tier of cookies and gameplay has slowed to a crawl. One thing I've noticed is that wrinklers do not accumulate cookies properly when I am not actively playing. Leading to my progress slowing to a halt as I need 400,000 prestige to continue getting upgrades. release lasted me around 90 days. Overall fun, just needs more updates!


angelica balais  1-20-2021
you gain bored after a while


mbo intensefies  1-20-2021
This release cured my cancer got me a wife and 3 infants i live the part where you click the cookie


John Hillis  1-19-2021
Just as enjoyment as PC version!


Cameron Jenkins  1-19-2021
where is the update? y no updates


Donal Barrett  1-18-2021
beautiful addictive family broken because of it excellent release


Chris Hedger  1-18-2021
extremely addictive and enjoyment


PixelDude 82  1-18-2021
Its so laggy that i cant even run the release


Kyle Lowry  1-17-2021


Isaac Slavnik  1-17-2021
This is a really adicting I love it soooooooooooooooooooo tons


phil cook  1-17-2021
Very. excellent release gain it NOW


grezzly minecraft  1-17-2021
I hate it so Im incurring not to run this release


Blake Perrot  1-16-2021
Asian release


lauren Chavez  1-15-2021
well on laptop it has a glitch that will not permit you run and im on laptop. so can you repair it please.


Grayvs TC  1-15-2021
Original/Best version of cookie clicker.


Anthony k  1-15-2021
Phenomenal release run but you must execute a cake clicker release ps...


Brody Gordon  1-15-2021
Probably not as excellent as Clicker champion (from my memories from years ago), but a decent mobile version of the PC Cookie Clicker. Has excellent quality of life changes though, like ideal passive progression from the start.


Milan  1-14-2021
Seems weird at first look vut extremely enjoyment and addictive!


Ryan Catlett  1-14-2021


JORD4N WINS  1-14-2021


Co Bean  1-14-2021
The release is fantastic but I have a extremely main problem where a gigantic audible ad pops up at the bottom of the image and it js impossible to gain rid of and it is impossible to run the game. If that was not a problem, then 5 stars all around.


Zepic Zombie  1-13-2021


lil_acm_09 gamer  1-13-2021
I loveeee this release its so wonderful


Jackson Blouin  1-13-2021


legendary gooseboy  1-13-2021


YumYumPancakes  1-13-2021
A classic but gets boring after a while :)


God2H  1-12-2021
I desire cookie


coolspring  1-12-2021
extremely enjoyment I used to run the web version all the time


Aiden Cross  1-12-2021
exquisite release ever I love how it eqeuls out the release run like the ingredients of a cookie cookies Cookies COOKIES COOOOKIES!


Alondra Zermeno  1-11-2021
Its excellent i love it


J.Epstein  1-11-2021


Melv Deleon  1-11-2021
I'd give it four stars because it's enjoyment no adverts unless that one on the bottom but I dont mind. Ita nothing compared to the browser release but still it's nice. I wish they would put the residences but its ok.


Jessica Salmonson  1-11-2021
It's hilarious but super laggy.


MARIA ANGELICA Oliveros  1-10-2021


Timmy James  1-10-2021


June Morcom  1-10-2021
So enjoyment ⁵55555$cookie cutter


Karl Cajipe  1-10-2021
I love this release and draco played dis


Jon Parks  1-10-2021
I love it. I didn't give it a five star because, let's be sincere nothing ever really deserves a five star. This release is so tons fun, it's SOO adicding, and I am very cheerful that I downloaded it. You must gain this release ASAP. There arent really any downsides that I can think of, so you must not listen to those wrong reviews and gain THE GAME!!!!


Rose Sparks  1-9-2021


Mohamed Niaaz  1-9-2021
Merge with you and the kids, I will have the ability for you, I will have the ability for you, I will have the ability to execute a fantastic way. If I would be used in this mail is the best. I have to do you have a few weeks. We 8th grade and


Classic track  1-9-2021
I got so far, and when I amended there was no button to gain back and I wiped all my data, I HATE THIS release


Joseph Kielty  1-9-2021
wonderful 😀😀😀😀😀


Eru Rōraito  1-9-2021
Kinda littlebitworstthanpcgameplaybutokish but it's beautiful cool


SNIPAZ  1-9-2021


the crappy gamer  1-9-2021
finish plis


volty_plays  1-8-2021
In so excellent I have 200 and 10 billion cookies!!!


Aiden Jarvis  1-8-2021
this release is great and still the exquisite clicker release on mobile


Kenneth Wheaton  1-8-2021
I like this release so mach


Geeky Gamer  1-8-2021
It's a fantastic release that's been remastered into mobile. But it still needs all the pc peculiar features. It needs spells, prisims, and the ability to dunk the cookie. Also the cookie texture looks wierd and 3D, but it's fine. You also need to have every of the residences displayed like it is on pc. (With the grandma's being in their own little box, same for the rest) Thanks, I like your game.


eli dabs  1-8-2021
It tires my finger when I click so tons but I like it


Gregory Crawforth  1-7-2021
The release is enjoyment but the progression after your first ascension is abnormal slow. I feels like each additional ascension will take at least a week


wildfire2458  1-7-2021
excellent release


Windows 7 Ultimate  1-6-2021
Sorry. I could rate 100 if i could. It is too addicting.


oussama kaibi  1-5-2021
excellent release 👍👏👏


Major Void  1-5-2021
Giving it 3 stars, release is wonderful but you cant remove the ad on the bottom. extremely wrong transaction


• wafferu's wonderland•  1-5-2021



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