Android Version: 4.4App: Combo Blocks - Classic Block Puzzle Game
Release date: Jan 11, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: SeverexCategory: puzzle
Name: Combo Blocks - Classic Block Puzzle GameExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Are you ready for the challenge? 👉 Meet the classic block puzzle release Combo Blocks! Challenging and addictive, it will remind you of the time playing ancient releases like tetris classic, brick breaker or block puzzle jewel. Match blocks to finish lines and fill up squares. maintain the board clean and execute combos to accomplish more points. Combo Blocks trains your brain and brings lots of enjoyment for addictive puzzle players.👍 The goal of the release is to drag and drop cubes in order to initiate and demolish absolute lines or 3x3 squares on the grid table both vertically and horizontally. If there is no spot for the given item on the screen, the release will be over. You have to think carefully before you drop each block. Place the figure according to its shape into the most suitable position. Spend your gratuitous time and rest by keeping the board clean with the most addictive gratuitous puzzle release Combo Blocks. 💡 How to spend fantastic time with Combo Blocks - simple brick breaker: * Open Combo Blocks app. * Drop the blocks to finish the lines and fill up the squares. * Rotate the figure if you need it. * demolish the bricks and maintain the board clean. * Don't forget to execute Combo blast to accomplish more points - demolish several lines or squares at the same time. * run diverse color modes - pick what background appeals to you more! * follow your scores and set recent high scores in the Leader Board mission - talk your buddies about this edition and compete with every other! 🌟 Combo Blocks Features🌟 ✔Classic block puzzle release (like tetris, block puzzle jewel, block puzzle plus, wood block puzzle, drop cubes, block mania, match 3 games). ✔Brick brain puzzle - ideal brain teaser game. ✔Customize the release with diverse color themes. ✔Stunning and varicoloured graphics, soothing sound effects. ✔No Wi-Fi needed - run gratuitous Combo Blocks without internet. ✔As the score increases, you will see more recent figures and the release becomes more challenging. Drop and rotate the blocks, maintain the board clean and exercise your mind. Combo Blocks trains your brain and leaves behind your diurnal fuss. Clean as dozens blocks as possible, mission yourself, have enjoyment with this addictive board release and relieve stress! Just have a check and you will definitely love this simple brain teaser game! 💛🧡💚💙💜



Lawrence Barrios  3-25-2021
excellent stress reiever


diane Telling  11-17-2020
greatest release really destress you thank you so


Manu Mata  11-12-2020


Kibirango Ali Sr.  9-26-2020
Well built graphically, good twist to Block Puzzle and Tetris


Radhakrishna N Mohanty  9-18-2020
I liked it initially... Got bored after few days.


Sithobekile Phiri  8-7-2020


Diane Garrison  6-3-2020
Love this release


Debbie Wagers  5-31-2020


Kevin Revesz  5-29-2020


Sonya Brach  5-29-2020


Donna Knight  5-28-2020
extremely leisurely to play. I like it.


Lady Leann  5-16-2020
enjoyment and challenging


Nudroid A  5-10-2020
Annoying adds.


Lisa  4-20-2020


Spencer K  4-20-2020
Enjoyable idea to kill some time


Sherry Schario  4-20-2020
Adictive and works the brains Functional use. Thank you ...


Ben R  4-19-2020
extremely challenging


Gary McKillip  4-19-2020
missions and makes you think but enjoyable


Patricia Edwards  4-18-2020


Kingsley Elisa  4-16-2020
Used to be my beloved block puzzle release but ever since the newest update, everything changed and now it's unplayable. Went from exquisite to absolutely garbage.


Roscoe Thomas  4-12-2020
extremely excellent


Richard Hansen  4-9-2020
Had more time to run it's exquisite


Sylvia Freeman  3-21-2020
Lots of enjoyment


Mario Perez  3-21-2020
fantastic release


Tana Elizabeth Symes  3-18-2020
Like you can turn the pieces round so thats excellent but ads stay on for so long I have to turn off the release to stop them. Thinking of uninstalling because them.


Jenna Blythe  3-17-2020
Enjoy the release but don't care for the long adverts


Daryl Shockey  3-16-2020
excellent time consumer. intractable to beat but once you gain on a roll.


Adelia Leclaire  3-15-2020


Chaquetta Taylor  3-14-2020
Now this is fun, and wonderful really did combination more.


Cynthia Gonzalez  3-14-2020
Love combo blocks..


Cathy Smith  3-13-2020
So far it's great. Just started it.


Gloria Gaytan  3-13-2020


Kathryn Nichols  3-11-2020


zaheer bhana  3-3-2020
Goog absolute on time pass


Fr Peter Gnoinski  2-27-2020
extremely excellent


Chana Rinkoff  2-26-2020
Good. But the playing period is too short, without an option to continue.


Marli Delgado Gomes  2-26-2020
It's extremely straight


Donna Hawkins  2-26-2020


beverly mclean  2-25-2020
pretty release


Offbrand Hypebeast  2-25-2020
Just started like it so l desire to see how hi of a score l can gain by the idea lm 73 years of age.


Laurence Wachs  2-25-2020
enjoyment and challenging


Frank Russo  2-24-2020
Works well.


Suds Bein  2-24-2020
It's an addiction


Apex _ Prowler  2-24-2020


Bernice Lewis  2-23-2020
beautiful excellent


Cheri  2-22-2020
I love this release because I can turn the blocks and because the territory clears out to give you placement creativity. REALLY enjoyable!!!


Debbie Ptak  2-22-2020
God bless you love this release


Lawana Lawing  2-21-2020
It makes my brains work better.


Fanny Reinoso  2-21-2020


Nathan Alston  2-21-2020
Dang it. Initially, THIS was the exquisite blocks release that I'd ever had. In fact, right after first play, with it, I uninstalled each other blocks release that I had. Now, however, the release won't even start up. I've uninstalled, and reinstalled it. But, all to no avail. Such a shame, because I REALLY like this game. Oh well, the uncover is on for another.


sherri johnson  2-21-2020
I like this release but, I suck at it. I am uninstalling...


Faith Mcghee  2-20-2020
Exciting and addictive


Charles Kaalekahi  2-20-2020
recent Mind release " outstanding "


Isabel Kiss  2-20-2020
extremely challenging


Ben Bower Jr  2-20-2020
extremely enjoyment


Pauline Calcado  2-19-2020


Bertha Estrada  2-17-2020
Great,just stared playing it so I'm not to sure


Rosemary Bowman  2-17-2020
I really like it because you can run and turn them


Ritesh Shetty  2-14-2020
splendid release


S Samyuktha  2-2-2020
I like the idea you can turn the piece to fit!


Sy Ri  1-22-2020
good brain release


Wee Nessy  1-20-2020
To dozens adz makes it to laggy wouldnt pay for it.


Barbara Bentley  1-16-2020


arien thapa  1-15-2020


William Godwin  1-14-2020
excellent release


Beatrice Graydon  1-13-2020
amazing keeps me being delighted time alone with myself.


Janet Brown  1-13-2020


Bernie Sheridan  1-13-2020
Love it



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