Android Version: 4.4App: Coin City
Release date: May 27, 2020App Rating: 5
Author: Ember EntertainmentCategory: casino
Name: Coin CityExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Join buddies in the most enjoyment online social borough residence slot release where you spin, win, and demolish your friends’ towns with a wrecking ball! Are you ready to build and grow your borough so it's the biggest and exquisite of all? In Coin borough you’ll: • Spin exciting ever changing slot machines • Win cash to build your city • gather peculiar cards as you go • Steal gigantic amounts of cash in thrilling heists • gain revenge on other gamesters with your wrecking ball Rule number one in Coin City: Spin Spin Spin • Win bigger rewards and more cash with each recent slot machine • Attack buddies and frienemies • Carry out a heist to steal cash from others • collect shields to defend your borough from attack • Win more spins • Compete in adventurous events Rule number two in Coin City: Build Build Build • Build detailed and unique buildings • Grow your borough to home more citizens • fix injured buildings • Clear away debris and obstacles • find more and more towns with ever expanding levels Rule number three in Coin City: gather and Trade • gather unique cards to finish sets • Win enormous prizes • Trade cards with your friends • Open chests filled to the brim with cards The ultimate rule in Coin City: Connect with Friends • Connect to Facebook and promptly join your buddies who are already playing • Join guilds of like minded gamesters to share guides and strategies • Trade cards with your buddies and guildmates • Send gratuitous spins and cash to your friends Coin borough is the most enjoyment you can have on mobile! You’ve got to spin to win!



Kenny Hamblin  6-22-2021
enjoyment so far


paula parkes  6-14-2021
excellent but a bit slow


Jaxon  6-10-2021
It's ok


C Conley  5-29-2021
extremely excellent release


Sarah Hendrix  5-4-2021
It was enjoyment when I got to run it. Then a "new occasion started" and it crashes with in seconds of loading.


Rickie Mckee  4-24-2021
enjoyment but it disconnecting


Sky Vos  3-1-2021
It's extremely amusing to declare the least but it's definitely value it


LaRone Williams Jr.  2-3-2021
Quite enjoyment so far.


Brenda Palmer  2-2-2021
I did not like this game!!!


Terry Cooksey  1-31-2021
I Love this release


Cindy Lee  1-11-2021
each time I open the edition it doesn't permit me tap any of the buttons to build the routes or hotels. Please repair the bugs in this edition so dependents can run it.


Mike Cooler  1-11-2021
it's a enjoyment release


Michael H Smith Sr  1-3-2021


Louise Marleau  12-30-2020
ideal release 👍


Linda Rayson  12-30-2020
Just a fantastic releases


ashu kumar  12-29-2020
I m invited dozens buddies but not getting joing spin i m sending email but not repling


ANSH Mishra  12-28-2020


Jennifer ann Davis  12-27-2020
I love this release


Anne Payne  12-22-2020
After loading release it freezes where I can not run


BILL BAKAS  12-20-2020
outstanding release


Steven Vallejos  12-18-2020
Just started i like


Ian Gillam  12-17-2020
Not wrong


Loretta Kleinman  12-17-2020
I like playing the coin releases


Richard Gilbert  12-16-2020
excellent release


Molly Calhoun  12-16-2020
enjoyment release keeps me occupied for hours


Amy Estrem  12-16-2020
Love it


Dorothy houseman  12-12-2020


Shane McConnell  12-11-2020


Destiny Sessions  12-11-2020
extremely excellent the exquisite


dg31062009  12-8-2020
fantastic release


Jerry Archie  12-2-2020
This is a fantastic release to play...


cheyenne willard  11-26-2020


Patricia A Brown  11-23-2020
I LUUUV The idea YOU HAVE PUT ME jointly IN THIS WORLD 🌎 monsieur JESUS!!!👏🏾👏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💞💞😇😇🤩🤩👌🏽


Collette LaFlamme  11-21-2020


Barbara Ware  11-21-2020
Having enjoyment with it


Rene Cayouette  11-20-2020
I like it so far


Jennifer Daugherty  11-11-2020


Michael Pearson  11-9-2020
Love it


Kelly Jolly  11-4-2020
I just started playing and I love it so far.


Caridad Kardoes  11-3-2020
This release is so tons enjoyment I can't put it! Thanks 👍


Patricia Reeves  10-27-2020
I can never gain a opportunity to gain the gifs.I track the privacy and recommendations but never gain the prize


Dee N Bert Holloway  10-26-2020
check it its enjoyment


Lourine Mae Tanudtanud  10-25-2020


Christine Chamberlin  10-19-2020
I can not gain extra shields.


Wendy Chmielecki  10-18-2020
Lots and lots of enjoyment


Ronny Rankins  10-15-2020
This is a extremely fantastic release thanks


Mirador Manosca  10-14-2020
enjoyment fights my bordom


david Coxon  10-14-2020
Really excellent


Toni Lawrence  10-13-2020
Just started playing


elsie sims  10-12-2020
Enjoying this enjoyment release


Faith Marie Taylor  10-12-2020


Karthi Keyan  10-4-2020
excellent release


Rob L  10-1-2020
Not enough rewards for completing diverse milestones in the game. except your gonna spend crazy $$$ you aren't gonna be playing tons without spins.


Misty Dawn Henderson Skrmetta  9-29-2020
Really excellent release really enjoying it thankyou🥰🥰🥰🥰


Lila Sager  9-26-2020
This release was nearly a excellent release until I had to watch a Biden ad in the center release run 3 times. That made your release suck and I uninstalled it.


Kacie DeHaven  9-24-2020


Catherine Hollis  9-23-2020
It's an exciting release


Sarah Jones  9-18-2020
fantastic release love it


Marissa Stafford  9-15-2020
fantastic release so far. Rewards are straight to earn


John Terry  9-14-2020


Laura Erickson  9-13-2020
I just downloaded it and it keeps freezing I cant run this is stupid


TinaMarie Van Tassel  9-9-2020
I like the release simply because I like coin releases and this specific one is diverse than all of the other ones.


Julia Plaizier  9-4-2020
fantastic release


Sabrena Yakush  8-30-2020
lovely release but it takes too long to gain your spins


Sayion Scorpion  8-28-2020


SPORTS GOLF TV  8-27-2020


Bobbi-jo Kalen  8-27-2020
Omgggggg exquisite one I've played yet.... Please maintain this release going. 😃😃😃


Rahim Yusuf  8-26-2020
excellent release enjoying better den other coin releases


Joan Mcvea  8-25-2020
It is a enjoyment release never thought I could enjoy it thank you


Rhiannon Hadrill  8-24-2020
Love this release


Gregory Horner  8-22-2020


blaine Dillard  8-16-2020
enjoyment release permits run


Kathy Dean  8-15-2020
I'm really enjoying the release


Dave Berarducci  8-14-2020
Hasn't work in two days


Daisie Koolstra  8-14-2020
enjoyment amusing and love it thx


Tina Van Tassel  8-9-2020
outstanding 👍


Deborah Lehnherr  8-7-2020
Like this...


Victoria Hartline Lindeman  8-7-2020
I like it, too straight right now. Too slow in the release play.



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